10 Accessories That Cost More Than A Porsche (And 9 Under $30)

Let’s check out 9 accessories that anyone can afford and 10 that put most people in the poorhouse.

When you buy a new car, be it a second-hand or a brand-new car, you already have some idea of what you want. You go to the dealer with a pretty good idea of what you're going to buy. You know your own limit and your own margin of haggle. You go ahead and get the price that you want, and you’re all happy. That’s the story of average cars and buyers. Sure, you’ll find some cars offering you this stripe color, that wheelset, etc., for a few hundred more dollars, but besides that, you really don’t need accessories. Most of the random decoration happens outside the dealership, when you’re driving the car and start seeing the need for one thing or another, such as a larger rear-view mirror or a drop stop.

But you also know high-end cars exist. It’s a world of its own, with various types of people in that world that do various types of things. While you might not necessarily be a part of that world, it exists. And it offers an experience of its own. Let’s look at Rolls-Royce, for instance. When RR sells a car, the CEO expects the customer to spend another $100K on customizations. In other words, the CEO expects people to buy an RR and while they are at it, a Nissan GT-R too.

Let’s check 10 accessories that anyone can afford and 10 that put most people in the poorhouse.


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Ooh, a Rolls-Royce. This right here is the epitome of a luxury vehicle. There’s nothing that you’re going to lack in an RR. It’s filled with literally anything that you need.

Of course, it also has things that a regular car has, but those things are always covered in a thick layer of luxury.

So it’s the same function, but with a different way of achieving the goal. And then there are some things that are not necessarily function related. Take the “starry sky,” for instance. The makers literally poke thousands of holes in the car’s headliner leather to give you the celestial experience of a good night for about $14.5K.


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I checked the price of this on Amazon. Five bucks for a pair, which is like the equivalent of two cups of coffee. It’s a nice little thing that’s easy to install and then easy to adjust for use. The best part about these things is that they could save you from getting into an accident. That convex mirror allows all the objects in front of it to appear small, clean and crisp. The word “appear” is the key, as it doesn’t leave room for a blind spot. Be careful when removing it though, as sometimes it’s difficult to get this thing unstuck from the OEM mirror.


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Different people have different opinions about the exterior of this car. Some think it got the futuristic concept perfectly, while others would say it was trying too hard. I think the rear part of the car looks good, but it’s the front that’s a bit unfitting.

Anyway, while the exterior styling is mute, the fact that the car lacks luggage space is not. But somehow BMW had a business venture with Louis Vuitton that led to the creation of Louis Vuitton bags that fit perfectly inside the little trunk. So what’s the price of a business case, a garment bag and two travel bags? $20,000.


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This one here is neat. Unlike so many other air fresheners you see every day that exude a specific aroma, this one actually soaks up the nasty stuff. It’s made from natural bamboo-charcoal and is activated by sunlight to capture nasty odors, allergens and moisture, thereby eliminating that funky smell that you have been dealing with for some years now.

It has a clip, so you can hang it anywhere you’d like. As efficient as the charcoal is, the bag looks pretty rugged and natural too. Of course, it’s not a car-only item. The price of this lifesaver? Ten bucks.


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Ah, the beloved Tesla Model S. The car looks beautiful and a little mean from the front; the rest of the design is fabulous through and through.

The interior of this car is pretty posh, although not as futuristic as that of the Model 3. However, Tesla made the Model S with practicality in mind, and that’s why you can easily get additional rear seats.

And the way they are facing the rear is extremely safe, although I’d be little nauseous facing the car backward. However, some people might nauseate at the $3K price-tag for those seats.


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Whereas a high-end car will provide you some of the poshest seats, you can still manage to do relatively well with some cheap accessories for your not-so-high-end car. While this one is especially helpful if you have some coccyx pain, it can nonetheless provide great support for your lower back, coccyx and sciatic regions.

This thing is made of memory foam and gel, which remember your seating position and keep your ride as comfortable as possible.

I don’t know the exact mechanism of how this thing works, but one thing is for sure: Despite costing $27, it’s definitely more useful than some of the more expensive items.


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As good as Range Rovers usually look, the SVAutobiography takes matters to a whole different level. It’s a hand-finished car by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. Considering the starting price of $88,000, they made this a reality in only extended wheelbase form to give maximum comfort.

While the entire inside of the vehicle looks good, the second row is just mind boggling. There’s hot massage, 3.9 feet of legroom and heated calf and foot rests. Not only does it carry you in style, but also your luggage. You can get this sliding load-floor for somewhere around the price of a 1985 Mercedes-Benz S-Class—$5K.


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In an age and world where “text neck” has emerged, it’s not difficult to see why a neck pillow might help you. Text neck essentially develops from sustained strain to the neck muscles from having to constantly look down at your phone.

The best way to avoid developing text neck is to reduce the number of hours spent on looking down and doing regular stretches and having proper neck support.

The memory-foam neck pillow is one of those things. Whether it’s long excursions or a short trip to the gas station, this thing is another cheap accessory to have in your car.


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While the exterior of this car looks good, it doesn’t look that sporty. That’s the problem that ends up happening with any SUV that’s built on an extended wheelbase. There’s no way to get that sporty look when the car is elongated, as sports cars that endorse that athletic look are always short and low to the ground. Plus, the styling ends up being a little flat.

All said though, Range Rover knows how to make the exterior livelier with a better livery. To that end, if you’re bored with the premium paint job that costs $1.8K, don’t hesitate to get the DuoTone color scheme for $14.5K.


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This one might be also helpful, depending on how much you drive. It’s essentially an aftermarket rear-view mirror that’s bigger and better. Get one that’s high-quality, high-resolution as that’ll make your driving experience better. Some are also equipped to reduce glare. There are various ways you can mount this. One way is to take the OEM out and place this bad boy. Another option is to put this on top of the current mirror, so should something happen to this, you’ll still have the original part. It might be worth the while to check these out; they cost around $20.


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When the Apple Watch came out in 2015, people thought it was a good invention. After all, it could do a lot of things, including being able to read text messages and stream music. With more advancements in technology, the newer versions are able to lock and unlock cars and check the condition of the car.

But Jaguar already had the ability to do that well before the Apple Watch came out.

You could lock and unlock your car from this lovely watch that costs about the price of a base Mustang ($25K). The watch is pretty nice and high-end, hence the aristocratic price-tag.


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This one is also neat. You essentially put the thing in and inflate the tire with this product, and it will seal the tread area that has been punctured within seconds. You can use it on any reasonable passenger tires, and it’ll do the job fairly well. There’s one caveat though. You of course need to have it with you all the time, unless you know ahead of time that you’ll have a flat. And while the manufacturer claims you can store it anywhere, the fine print says it can explode at temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. So, be careful with this accessory.


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This is one exotic-looking supercar. The front fascia is tantalizing, the sides have the curves in the appropriate places, and the rear looks neat too. It is, however, the top of the car that looks all radical, with the exhaust coming out of the upper half of the rear rather than at the bottom. The beast has 700 horses and lb-ft of torque north of that number.

While the car has its own random options that dance around the $10K-20K line, the real shocker comes when you can have a fully exposed carbon-fiber bodywork for a whopping—and I mean an insane—$153K! The carbon-fiber touch looks good though.


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This is a perfect device for those of us who are messy. It’s essentially a Bluetooth-tracking device that you can put on your key ring and then connect the device to your cell phone. And there you have it.

Anytime you’re not sure where your keys are, it will go ahead and tell you the exact location.

It sounds an alarm, flashes an LED light and shows the exact GPS location. Now that I’m starting to think about this, I think this might be a great idea not just for keys, but cell phones and wallets—or anything that’s important to you.


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I was reading somewhere online about which car companies are notorious for accessories, and the name Porsche was ranked all the way up at the top. It does produce some solid cars, whether that’s in the sports or SUV department, as either way the car is bound to have some of the poshest luxuries.

One of the best things to do with your car is to fill it with leather. Porsche helps you with that, but at a price. You can have leather sun-visors for about $740 and door sill guards for about $2,920. And if you really want to get creative, get the air-vent slats for $2,505.


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“Lets things cling to your dash,” says the seller. I’m sure this can be of help to more than just me. The idea is simple; throw the gel pad on top of the dashboard, and it will cling. And then you can throw whatever objects you want to stick on to the gel pad, and it will stick too. When the car is moving, it won’t be swayed by the momentum of the car. When you need the objects back, simply pick them up. If you need to transfer the gel pads, simply pick them up too. No residues left.


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This is a pretty nice car, honestly. The front end looks like a classic Porsche, the sides look awesome, and the rear looks like it’s inspired from a fighter jet.

The car is a beast internally. It boasts a whopping 887 horses, meaning 0-60 is done in 2.4 seconds.

Some folks wanted a lighter version of it, so Porsche offered what’s called the Weissach package, which reduces the weight by 99 lbs. While the magnesium wheels come in the Weissach package, when you buy them independently, you'd better be ready to pay a total of $58K for four of them.


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Here’s another under-$10 accessory. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s any less useful. How many times have you had to reach for the gap between the seat and the center console to find something decently valuable that you dropped? It’s not that it gets lost, just that it’s annoying when it gets stuck in that position and your fingers touch it, but can’t move it. This one can save you from all that. All you have to do is place this in the seat gap, and then watch it catch all your falling items.


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While all clocks and watches will tell you the same time—whatever that happens to be—the context matters, as not every single context is the same. So the context for some Bentayga drivers is a little different. Bentley offers this 18-carat gold clock for an astounding price of $170K. There are 12 diamonds on the clock.

Turns out, about four of these are made a year. The mechanic who makes them has a pace of about one clock every three months, which means only four get made. He’s the only mechanic who makes these types of clocks. All hail Bentley.

Sources: luxurylaunches.com

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