10 Awesome Tesla Mods Diehard Fans Will Appreciate

Some of these upgrades are DIY hacks you can do with a little bit of confidence and a wrench, and some are done by seriously niche services.

Sure, the Tesla is a dream car for most but that doesn’t mean they can’t come with some upgrades. The point of a dream is that it’s personalized to you, right? Some of these upgrades are DIY hacks you can do with a little bit of confidence and a wrench, and some are done by seriously niche services that cater to a special group of Tesla lovers. The point is, with a little digging there’s an entire world of Tesla modifications as innovative as the car itself and a lot of really reliable advice. But, obviously, some of these modifications are cooler than others--these next ones sure are.

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10. Go Ahead, Get It Bulletproofed

Armormax is an international company that deals entirely with armoring things. It’s in the name. Anything you want can be armored--it’s pretty scary when you check out their list of achievements. So, want to build a bomb shelter? Or how about converting your car into a bomb shelter on wheels? That actually sounds way more useful. Armormax is more than happy to provide the ultimate level of protection to your Tesla--the metal parts as well as glass parts. Specifically, they’ll sell you the Tesla S with this reinforced exterior. It’s not as flashy as a new paint job, but it’s way cooler when you know it’s there.

9. Special AC For The Third Row

Tesla Tap is a complete treasure trove of every possible Tesla modification you could ever imagine and a whole bunch you wouldn’t. Whoever is behind Tesla Tap may well just be the most helpful person for a Tesla/tech enthusiast, ever. So, are the kids complaining about the air conditioning not reaching them in the third row, which is more or less a renovated trunk? Meet a new console being marketed with a variable speed fan, USB chargers, and a Phone/LED mount. Obviously, this one isn’t a project for the at-home mechanic to handle, but buying the product isn’t as expensive as an all-over treatment for the car.

8. Dustless Brakes To Stay Clean

Other modifications were for the inside of the car or general functionality, but this one is to keep your Tesla looking as pretty as can be. Despite the longevity of the Tesla brakes, many owners can’t stand the appearance of the black brake grime that accumulates around the rims. However, several third-party vendors sell dustless brakes that totally prevent this sludge from dirtying a single inch of your gorgeous car. Sure, most people wouldn’t notice the grime even if it hit them in the face, but obviously, this modification isn’t meant for most people. It’s meant for some pretty hardcore perfectionists who mean serious business.

7. A Logo Light On The Puddle Lights

This one is pretty intense--it’s like a bat signal for your Tesla when you open the door. So, you know the puddle lights installed beneath the car doors? Well, one company takes an approach to mods that doesn’t trim any wires or drill any holes. They customize the puddle lights to project the Tesla logo. That’s seriously awesome. Will they do other logos? What’s the limit that the projector can do? Can it display my vacation pictures or should I just keep those to myself? It’s a crazy affordable procedure that can be done easily and quickly with really cool results.

6. The Future Of Charging, Which Is Wireless

How does science work? Who cares when you have such an awesome toy to play with first? Worry about the "how" later. Third-party vendors will sell wireless port chargers. Tesla doesn’t include them because of the significant power loss so this isn’t a sustainable idea or upgrade, but it definitely works in an emergency. It’s just incredible this even exists. It’s such a futuristic idea that an electric car could receive power remotely or just… from its surroundings. The Jetsons would be seriously floored if they ever heard of that--the future is way cooler than we ever imagined.

5. Or Wireless Phone Charging

The Qi wireless phone charger is a doable installed product to add to your car and now… the future is at your fingertips. It works regardless of most phone types and can be installed by an amateur. The biggest flaw with wireless charging is the energy lost in the process, but because a phone requires so much less energy than say, a car or a house, this is a way better fit for the technology. It’s just an amazing addition to make your car the coolest little environment ever. Your own little futuristic bubble where wires are a thing of the past, at least in some ways.

4. An Indicator To Confirm The Car Is Charging (With Other Bonuses)

Tesla Tap is like the inspiration central hub for Tesla enthusiasts--it is for Tesla nerds what Pinterest boards of flower arrangements and mason jars are to party planners. Pure gold. Take this how-to to create a console that alerts you to your Tesla’s charging progress from inside your home. It’s not just a post flaunting an awesome idea and successful execution, it’s also a step-by-step guide on how to do make one for your home. And the console was even given the nifty little feature of telling the viewer what position the garage door is at.

3. Special Effect Lighting In General

When the only limitation to your interior and exterior lighting is state law, you know there’s some serious room for creativity. That means LED or neon lights for your interior which can be totally personalized down to the choice of bulb, and even the brightness. But there’s also wheel and undercarriage lights of any color- -your favorite color, changing colors, whatever. Put on a spectacle on the road if you want. Many people love the muted colors Teslas come in and prefer understated matte looks, but the effect of a neon light show is totally unique. This is for people who are seriously crazy about their cars and want everything right, down to the smallest detail.

2. Change Your Horn

Who would have thought that replacing your car’s horn could be more similar to changing your ringtone? And yet, here we are. You can listen to sound clips or even bring in an old favorite you always dreamed of using. You can even just switch out the sound of your horn for another horn sound you happen to prefer. Tesla Motors provides advice as to whether a proposed sound effect, air horn or even full-on song will overload the system if used to replace the horn. That said, you can add a PA system to your car’s horn if that’s what you feel like doing-- it’s totally bonkers.

Improve All The Air You Breathe

Tell me one modification that sounds more intense than a Bioweapon Defense Filter. I’ll wait. Think of anything and unless you know how to outfit a Tesla with fully functional wings or make it the most elegant Duck Boat ever, you’re not going to win. Let’s break down this Bioweapon Defense--it’s a premier air quality package that’s only available in North America. It’s a $750 splurge offered through Tesla before signing and after owning your car. Congratulations, your Tesla is that much closer to a utopian BioDome that happens to have luxurious seating and a great sound system.

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