10 Best Diesel Brothers Builds (And 10 Of The Worst)

Here are 10 trucks that are perhaps among the worst of the Diesel Brothers builds overall, and 10 trucks that are among the very best of their work.

The Diesel Brothers. One might think that there is an awful lot to say here about these interesting characters but there really is not all that much in the grand scheme of things. I mean...they only really work with vehicles that like to pump out the black exhaust of a diesel engine. That is pretty much where they get their name from. And beyond that...they mostly just work with trucks. Otherwise, there's not much to say...not about the men anyway.

About the trucks themselves though, there is plenty that can be said, make no mistake. There is a lot of good and a lot of bad that could be said about these always interesting machines that the Diesel Brothers pump out on each and every episode. And given that it's almost something slightly new, I guess that's how they landed on the Discovery Channel. Otherwise, I have no idea how they landed a show there.

Either way, below are 20 builds by the Diesel Brothers. There are 10 trucks that are perhaps among the worst of the builds overall, and 10 trucks that are among the very best of their work. I'm sure there will be plenty of debate over what is good here and what isn't and that is absolutely personal preference...but I'm the one writing this article so...here we go!

20 Best: The Workhorse


I figure we should start off the article with a good one. Why not? It makes sense to bring people in with a beauty of a truck. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are issues that could be found with this guy too, but there is something about a jacked pickup that is meant to be used to hauling and working that can actually do that job that is just perfect in terms of build and name and design. This truck is built to do what the name "Workhorse" suggests. And that's much more than some of these trucks can say.

19 Best: The Reaper

via dieselsellerz blog

Just the name alone is pretty awesome when it comes to this truck. I sort of wish I could find a better quality photo of The Reaper in action. It's pretty astounding.

I can't imagine it's any good for the environment, but this truck just charges forward with the columns of the blackest exhaust anyone has ever seen.

Which would likely obscure the driver's view since the exhaust comes out the hood, but that's beside the point. And how about those two giant intake pipes right up front as part of the grille?

18 Best: The Brodozer


Alright, alright, I know. This has the most ridiculous name of any truck in this whole article...and maybe of any truck ever built. Anything that has a name like "Brodozer" has got to be just an awful piece of machinery, right? Not wholly true. Sure, it really does sadden me that this truck has that name. But, that being said, this is a pretty wicked truck. This was once a Ford F-250 that was clearly jacked up and then given military-grade tires with a special chassis with awesome clearance so that this now buggy-like Ford can drive on and around pretty much terrain.

17 Best: U.S. Duramax


Sure, it's not like me to get all patriotic, but this is a solid truck. This truck was once a Chevy Silverado, and it trots along with the power of 700 horses. That's not too bad for any vehicle.

Of course, when the truck gets jacked like this one, there is a sense that 700 horses just might not cut it the same but that doesn't stop the simple design (which includes pieces from an actual army trailer) from being effective. These guys should learn that less is definitely more.

16 Best: Truck Norris

via trucknorris.com

This...this is just ridiculous. First of all, I've been tired of Chuck Norris for a long time. The jokes used to be funny, his shows and movies were always kind of silly (though he really could kick some serious butt), and he just sort of faded away after his big burst in the early 2000s. That being said, he's finding new life on second-rate shows working alongside the likes of the Diesel Brothers. And that has led to the Truck Norris, designed in part by Chuck himself. All star-spangled awesome and ready to show some patriotic pride.

15 Best: Marshawn's General


Here's the thing...this is not a diesel-powered vehicle at all. But this was still built by the Diesel Brothers.

It was built for Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks (for those of you who pay attention to or care about football).

The entire back end of this little buggy is fitted with speakers so that Marshawn can roll around to his favorite tunes and disturb every single person in a 2-mile radius of where he is driving. I'm sure this is a fun toy to rip down on the beach with though at full tilt and at full blast.

14 Best: Jeep Willys Truck


There is really only one ultimate reason as to why this truck is so awesome. It has to do with the fact that this is actually originally a 1948 Jeep Willys. Hands down original Jeep complete with all the rust of decades and decades of doing nothing at all. Well, throw that on a new base, jack up the suspension, throw on some gigantic tires and now there is a pretty awesome Jeep that the U.S. army probably wished they could drive through the desert way back in the day. I bet it's a pretty fun ride with all the new gear.

13 Best: Hercules


Yes, this is a Chevy on tractor tires. Look at the suspension on this truck. It's no wonder that it's called Hercules. It's giant and jacked and looks pretty darn strong to me.

The interesting thing about the build on this truck is that the Hercules was actually found in a scrapyard because the truck that eventually became Hercules was in some sort of collision.

But the Diesel Brothers just nabbed it, rebuilt it, and then added all sorts of fun to it. This is a monster I would love to drive around. If only this could take a roll downtown.

12 Best: Fire Tow Truck


This is a wicked-looking truck. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that this truck build was thanks to the Diesel Brothers ripping apart a fire truck. This epic truck didn't need to be jacked up too much and didn't need the giant tractor tires that so many of the Diesel Brother builds seem to have.

A fire truck is used to handling a decent amount of work, so turning something like this into an epic tow truck is actually a pretty solid idea.

And this new tow truck that the brothers built can handle every single other truck they have ever built. That's a monster of a tow truck, for sure.

11 Best: The Hell Camino


Alright, just the name of this truck is pretty awesome, let's be honest. Obviously, this is a build using the famous El Camino.

Now, with a great red paint job (with flashes of yellow and orange to give the illusion of fire), giant tires, jacked suspension, and a whole lot of extra lighting, here is the Hell Camino.

This is a pretty simple built that is easily understandable and I think would be easily enjoyable. I mean, it's a classic car with a monster build. That's got to be fun, for sure.

10 Worst: The Ultimate Hunt Rig


First and foremost...this is absolutely not the "Ultimate Hunt Rig." I'm not a hunter myself, but I have to say that I do know a thing or two about hunting having practically grown up in the wilderness.

The big issue here is that this truck is certainly not built to handle ripping up and down a trail. It's just too big.

Maybe this is the Ultimate "Post-Hunt" Rig, but even then, there are no pulleys or ramps to get a catch up on the flatbed...that's pretty useless. Just like the camo wrap on the cab.

9 Worst: Somersault Stunt Truck


I just have one question when it comes to the Somersault Stunt Truck. That question is: "why?" I honestly mean that question. Sure, I bet it's pretty fun to sit in that truck, drive around, and then suddenly do a flip (and hope that the stretch was completely straight so that the truck doesn't turn too far right or left while rolling). Anyway, I've seen plenty of trucks roll and flip in films and tv...they look a whole lot more realistic when there isn't a roll bar attached to the thing.

8 Worst: Mega Ram Runner


There is just no need for something like this. Aside from the fact that the center of this thing better be heavily reinforced so that it doesn't break in half given how far spread the tires are...the three-door cab is just a bit much.

Use that backdoor area to hold the spare tire so that there is more space in the flatbed!

Then it could be an actually useful truck for hauling and moving. It would be a wicked moving business, running in a truck like this...though I would never want the gas bill, that's for sure.

7 Worst: MC Hummer


Ok, here's the thing...Hummers are just awful from the start, so it's hard to really imagine how the Diesel Brothers could have made this thing any better. And this is a Hummer H1 too. So it's already the lowest end of the Hummer family.

But the Diesel Brothers love their Hummers and instead of possibly improving this thing, they decided to do as little as possible.

They put a wrap on it and added a sound system, essentially. That is not really an improvement. It's just an awful truck with a better sound.

6 Worst: Huntin' Fool Camper


I don't know what it is with the Diesel Brothers and hunting and camping. I guess they like to pretend that they like hunting and camping but let me tell you that there are not many places where a good hunt camp could be found that this truck could fit into. Imagine trying to drive this giant 6x6 complete with eight doors and an extra wide trailer down a game trail or down a dirt road towards a hunt camp deep in the woods. I can't picture it at all. Maybe the Diesel Brothers hunt from the road?

5 Worst: Ford Bronco Trailer


This is just silly. I thought people stopped driving the Ford Bronco after the whole O.J. thing. I guess I was wrong (Ford is coming out with a new Bronco soon actually, which is an interesting side note). Either way, that doesn't stop this from being just properly silly.

It wasn't enough to trick out and jack up a Ford Bronco from the days of old, but they also just cut the flatbed out of another truck and built it into a trailer for the Bronco.

I mean...when a man is shorter than where the hood of the truck is...and that truck is a Ford Bronco...there is a problem.

4 Worst: F650 Super Truck


There really is something wrong with the Diesel Brothers and their love of six-door pickup trucks. Especially since that's an extended truck with only four wheels and adding a bit too much weight in there could lead to some serious problems, so far as I could see. I'm not sure just how reinforced the chassis of this truck is, but I'd still be skeptical of hopping in there if it was already pretty fully loaded. This might be an AWD truck but I would be pretty terrified to take something this lengthy off-roading.

3 Worst: Fail Of The Year


This vehicle might look a lot like another one in this article. There was a similar vehicle built for Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks. It is actually a pretty likely story. Lynch saw a shot of this gas-powered (no diesel) dune buggy on Instagram and he decided that he just had to have one. Of course, this one isn't fitted with the intense sound system that is in the back of Lynch's. Either way though, I bet it would be pretty fun to run this buggy up and down the sand dunes of a desert...at least until it ends up flipping because of what is probably a pretty loose suspension.

2 Worst: Abominable Snow Ram


This is just ridiculous. As the name might very well suggest, this very...interesting machine was built with the body of a Dodge Ram. It can certainly drive over winter terrain all the day long.

However, with those tracks fixed to it for every day going, it's got to be a slug on the road. Even if that road is closed due to snowfall.

And it's kind of sad because I expect something called the Abominable Snow Ram to have something on the front end that would give at least the illusion that it could have ramming capabilities. Oh, well.

1 Worst: The 6x6x6 Monster


There is a love affair between the Diesel Brothers and these six-door trucks. Well, this six-door truck is a 6x6x6. Six tires as well? This one might be a little overboard. Go figure, the pipes on this truck are specially built, like so many other Diesel Brother builds so that they spew black smoke when the engine really revs. Built from a Ford F-550, this monster truck has got a sizeable flatbed that could really haul plenty and it at least has the stability of that extra set of wheels. But that third set of doors? Just get rid of that and make more room for the flatbed!

Sources: GreenCarReports.com, DieselSellerz.com, Discovery.com

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