10 Cars In Conor McGregor's Garage No One Can Afford (And 10 In Manny Pacquiao's)

Here's a list of 10 cars in Conor McGreggor's garage that a normal person can't afford and 10 in Manny Pacquiao's.

The lifestyle of celebrities is a grand one. They usually tend to enjoy all the fancy and exotic stuff simply because they can afford it. This is even more true in the case of people involved in sports, after all, they make very handsome sums of money not only from their respective sport but also from a bunch of sponsor deals. This brings us to the world of mixed martial arts or MMA for short. It has become a huge deal in the past decade or so and while it is very competitive, the sport has turned out some excellent fighters, pushing them all the way to stardom.

One of these is Conor McGreggor, an Irish MMA fighter and boxer who has remained the UFC featherweight and lightweight champion and is also notorious for getting very aggressive with his opponents during press conferences. His fame has allowed him to make a lot of money which is why one of his hobbies is collecting expensive cars. He owns not one but three different models of Rolls Royce cars with one that has been customized for him.

On the other hand, we have Manny Pacquiao, a professional boxer from the Philippines who is currently ranked 4th on the list of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all times. Similar to McGreggor, Pacquiao has his own collection of automobiles. So, we did some research and put together a list of 10 cars in McGreggor's garage that a normal person can't afford and 10 in Pacquiao's.

20 McGregor: Lamborghini Aventador

Via lamborghini.com

The famous lime colored Aventador from the famous Italian brand is a part of his garage and it is nicknamed “The Mutant” by him. Out of his fleet of cars this is one of the three Lamborghinis he owns, and he plans on expanding the collection of exotic cars.

After gaining a lot of fame through his career he was able to afford this beast for a massive $260,000.

The price is worth it firstly for the Lamborghini tag, and it can reach up to 220 mph. The 6.2-liter V12 engine gets the car from 0-60 mph in mere 2.9 seconds. Although he won’t be driving the car at top speed, the statistics are still something to show off about for such a celebrity.

19 McGregor: Cadillac Escalade

Via thetruthaboutcras.com

This may be the vehicle in his garage which suits his personality the most. The SUV is as huge as his ego, and it is strong but has style as does Conor McGregor who loves clothing as much as he likes owning some cool rides. The luxurious SUV can seat up to 8 passengers which is kind of extra for the superstar, and it has one of the best speaker systems. It has 16 speakers which use Centerpoint technology to give the passengers clarity in sound. It is also the quietest Escalade ever as it has acoustic front glass, Bose Active Noise Cancellation and triple-sealed doors which help enhance the driving experience.

18 McGregor: Rolls Royce Ghost

Via blackdiamondmafia.com

This is one of the three Rolls Royces he owns and it is the most well-known one from his Fleet of cars. Reason being, the outlook of the car. The Ghost is custom made for him and is has an all-black exterior with a decal that reads “Notorious” and has a picture of himself on it too.

The expensive car was gifted to him by the Rolls Royce Motors Cars North America before he made an entrance into UFC.

This Rolls Royce is one that represents his nickname through the design as he goes by “The Notorious.” The Drophead Coupe Rolls-Royce was the second car from the brand that he had added to his collection, and it is a very good one.

17 McGregor: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Via thesun.com

The Rolls Royce brand actually does branding in a way that suits Conor McGregor a lot. The Phantom is a convertible and it is worth a staggering $300,000. Rolls Royce is known for their luxury productions, but this one goes up to 240 mph which is a lot. This purchase was made a fight where he knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds and won the featherweight title at UFC 194. The interior in the car is really great, and Conor McGregor was seen driving in it doing Christmas shopping after the purchase, he looked happy as any man would while driving this work of art.

16 McGregor: Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Via lowkickmma.com

So what is so special about this car from his collection? The most unique ability out of all his cars is in this one, and it spits fireballs like a dragon from its exhaust pipes.

The car is basically a flamethrower which is what the UFC fighter has nicknamed it, and also kept the title of a video uploaded on his Instagram while showing off the fire out of its exhausts.

The Roadster is an open top car which the manufacturer had been looking to create for a long time. It combines style and monstrosity in one package which suits the fighter just like most of his cars in the collection.

15 McGregor: Lamborghini Huracan

Via mmafury.com

The Huracan Avio is one of the three Lamborghinis in his collection and it cost him a massive $200,000 but it was worth every penny. The Huracan is a one of a kind and may be the only one to be seen around in Ireland according to him. It can do 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds thanks to the V10 5.2 Liter engine it is equipped with while maxing out at 202 mph. The car was towed away in March 2017 but thinking about the kind of money the UFC superstar makes, he would have already gotten it back from the impound.

14 McGregor: Rolls Royce Dawn

Via twitter.com

This Rolls Royce from his fleet is valued close to $350,000. When asked why he needs two Rolls Royce worth $400,000 he posted on his Instagram showing off both cars and the title read “One is for business, the other one is for more business.”

When he purchased the Dawn, he put up a really stylish picture of the luxurious car and titled it as “A Rolls Royce Dawn, for the Rolls Royce Don” which perfectly displays the ego the famous superstar has.

The Dawn is a convertible and it as stylish as most Rolls Royce gets and McGregor is surely a lucky man to own one of these and be able to drive it around.

13 McGregor: Mclaren 650s

Via hearstapps.com

The orange colored beast is worth an amount close to $200,000 and it one of the fastest cars from his fleet. He has a bit of a habit of nicknaming his vehicles and he has named the 650s as “The Hamilton.” The 650s was styled similar to the Mclaren P1, but it was a sister to the 12C and it did a good job replacing it. It has a V8 engine that provides 600 bhp and 500 lb ft of torque which is massive and matches expectations from the supercar producer. A Mclaren was sure to be included in the superstars’ collection, and the 650s may be one of the best ones to own.

12 McGregor: BMW i8

Via azureedge.com

This BMW sets apart from any other car, and it causes some serious head turning when you drive it on the road; which is perfect for the superstar.

This is the car which suits his choice of style the best out of all the cars he owns.

It has a three-cylinder gas engine and a battery assisted all wheel drive hybrid system which makes it sound great, and the drive is one of the best too. An electric car was always going to be a part of his garage and what could be better than the stylish and energy saving BMW i8.

11 McGregor: Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe

Via motor1.com

Mercedes have always produced top-notch luxury sedans, and they are a brand anyone would love to own a luxury car from; so Conor McGregor went ahead and got himself a wide bodied luxury car. The S class from the Mercedes is known as SonderKlasse which when translated from German means Special class. The S-class is a must purchase for most superstars as it is ranked as the world’s best selling luxury saloon car. The one which Conor McGregor owns is black and the interior is stylish as ever, which is why he has invested heavily to purchase this luxury car.

10 Manny: Lincoln Navigator

Via cnet.com

This is one of Manny’s go to rides. He uses it to go to the gym very often and also for long distance rides. Other than daily commutes Manny even prefers the Navigator instead of interstate flights which just shows the level of comfort the SUV provides.

Strangely he uses the car during fight preparations rather than his other amazing cars from his fleet.

The manufacturer Lincoln is a brand of Ford Motor Company, and it is really comfortable having leather trimmed seats on the inside and it can seat up to 8 passengers. The Navigator is simple and yet offers so much which is why Manny owns it and uses it more than most of his other cars.

9 Manny: Mercedes SL550

Via carhopper.com

Manny Pacquaio owns the 2006 model and this one is one of the best among top celebrities around the world for the luxury it provides. The SL550 provides safety features, a powerful driving experience, and many enhanced technologies that make it a great car. It has several intakes which makes it a great car, especially one on the front bumper which keeps the engine cool and provides air passage around the body enhancing the balance all round. The S class from the Mercedes brand is a great range of cars which most celebrities love to own because it is an all-rounder.

8 Manny: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Via duponregistry.com

Manny purchased this SUV after beating Erik Morales in a rematch. The SUV is mid-sized and a crossover between luxury and sport, which is Porsche’s first off road sports car which is being produced since 2002.

This vehicle is the perfect fit if you want lots of space with great looks.

The Cayenne packs a lot of punch thanks to its 4.8 Liter twin turbo V8 which 550 BHP and it does 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds which is great for a car of this size. The one Manny owns is extra stylish and the paint job makes it look even better.

7 Manny: Hummer H2

Via wikimedia.org

Manny Pacquaio has gone from an 8 divisions boxing champion to being a Senator back at home, so now he needs extra protection for himself and his family. The Hummer H2 he owns is bulletproof for the sole purpose of security and it serves the purpose well. Tom Fleenor, the Vice President of International Armouring Phillipines said: “We built a vehicle for him, for his protection, not necessarily for Manny himself, but for the protection of his family, for his wife and his children.” The Hummer H2 is the perfect car for a famous personality as they require both style and security, and so it is a great addition to his fleet.

6 Manny: Ferrari 458 Italia Grey Edition

Via imgur.com

The Ferrari 458 Italia is Manny’s favorite car from his collection, and of course, it would be for anyone who owns his. Matching Manny’s boxing style which is really quick paced the Ferrari also goes up to 200 mph which matches his traits.

He purchased it in 2011 and drives it often. This car is a favorite to many celebrities including the artist Justin Bieber who owns this.

Manny got his Ferrari for $255,000 in a metal color and hence it is the Grey edition, and it looks really great. The car has a V8 engine packing 570 horsepower and providing 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars from his collection.

5 Manny: Ford Expedition

Via carmudi.com

It seems like Manny is a fan of spacious and big cars as this is one of his 7 cars that fall under the SUV category. The Ford Expedition was launched into the market in the year 1997, and since then it has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable vehicles around. The FoExpeditionion is least susceptible to fatigue on the road and is comfortable at the same time which is perfect for Pacquaio and his family as it can seat up to 8 passengers easily. The Expedition is one of the best SUVs around and so it had to be a part of his list.

4 Manny: Cadillac Escalade (Armoured)

Via armoredcarssale.com

Pac-man purchased the Escalade along with the Hummer H2 and for the same purpose which was solely security. Both of the vehicles were purchased from the International Armoring and they were improved by including some of the company’s highest protection levels.

The SUVs have been equipped with Ballistic materials such as 42 mm Ballistic glass which can stop fire from some of the most powerful rifles.

The Escalade is perfect for superstars as they look classy and are really luxurious, at the same time they can be used for being protected. The Escalade has been used by many celebrities and Manny Pacquaio owns it for the same reason which is looking like a true VIP while on the road and being secure.

3 Manny: BYD F5 Suri

via inquirer.net

Manny Pacquaio owns this car for one specific reason, and that is that it is a remote controlled car. The F5 Suri is a Chinese car which can be controlled from 10 meters close. The F5 can be started and then controlled at a speed of 0.7 km/h. The F5 Suri is also equipped with cameras under the side view mirror with lights which help the driver during parking especially in low light conditions. BYD has become common in Manila and so Pacquaio ended up owning one, because none of the other cars available there had the remote controlled feature which Manny loved.

2 Manny: Honda CRV

Via caranddriver.com

The Honda CRV is smaller compared to the other SUVs Manny owns. The CR-V means Comfortable Runabout Vehicle and it seems like what Manny usually wants to buy. The CR-V has seven seats which are all leather trimmed and provide enough space for his family too.

Although the size is smaller as compared to other SUVs the CRV is still spacious and comfortable from the inside, while keeping it stylish and sporty on the outside.

Fuel economy on this vehicle is another plus, along with safety features provided by the sensors in the car. This one is another great addition to the family of cars he owns and a very simple but excellent one.

1 Manny: Chevrolet Suburban

Via hearstapps.com

The Suburban has been in the market ever since 1935 and it started out as the Carryall Suburban making it the longest continuous use automobile nameplate. It has been one of General Motor’s bestselling cars.

The design is very much like the Lincoln Navigator and the Cadillac Escalade Manny owns and it falls under the same SUV category as the other two.

It has space for 8 passengers and most other features which come with new model cars. Although the Suburban is huge, it is very fuel economical. Overall, it is the kind of vehicle Manny likes to own and it is a great one for anyone to buy if they can afford it.

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