10 Cars In Cristiano Ronaldo's Garage (And 10 In Messi's Garage)

Forever rivals, these two seem to be neck and neck in just about every category. Cristiano Ronaldo finally had the chance to pass Lionel Messi on the pitch but it was not meant to be as the Portuguese star was also eliminated during the World Cup round of 16. It was a tough way to see these two leave the tournament in what is likely their final appearance on the global stage.

We decided to take this rivalry a step further. In this article we go off the pitch and provide a unique clash of car preferences between the two. After compiling this list it is once again too close to call. You can argue that Ronaldo has by far the better overall garage that includes Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis. However one particular purchase from Messi might have set him apart. Just to give you an idea he bought this rare piece of history at an auction outbidding a certain someone. That's right, he actually outbid Ronaldo to purchase the car. The price tag, $25 million! Get ready to be blown away by the vintage Ferrari ride.

Make sure to let us know which of these two mega soccer stars has the better car collection. Of course personal preference plays a big role. If you love Audis, then Messi is likely the choice for you. However if you appreciate Mercedes then you might opt for Ronaldo’s collection. Let us know! Without further ado let’s get started, here is Ronaldo versus Messi: who has the better car collection? Start your engines!

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20 Ronaldo: Ferrari F12

via motortrend.com

We start the article off with a battle of the Ferraris. Both star players have owned the Italian sports car. As you’ll see in this battle they have distinct preferences on Ferrari types. Messi is more of an old school guy while Cristiano is all about modern day trends. Purchased in summer of 2017 the Ferrari F12 is an example of that.

The car is absolutely stunning and said to be worth close to $500,000.

The F12 has 770 bhp along with a 6.3 litre engine. The car isn’t given to just anyone as Ferrari is quite selective with who gets this particular model. Ronaldo posted the photo to his IG simply writing “Arrived.”

19 Messi: Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti

via goal.com

We promised a vintage Ferrari and Messi does not disappoint. The car originated back in the 1950s. According to the Daily Mail this purchase did not come cheap. Messi was a mystery bidder winning the car at an auction for a whopping price tag of $25 million! Believe it or not Ronaldo was among the popular faces Messi outbid to purchase the vintage automobile.

The car was previously owned by a French collector heading into the auction. The price tag broke a record shattering the previous mark of $22.8 million that was paid for a stunning 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. So who do you think has the better Ferrari?

18 Ronaldo: Ferrari 599 GTO

via instagram.com

We close out the Ferrari battle with a part two. Messi likely won part one due to the rareness and speed of the vintage buy. However Ronaldo responds with another jaw-dropping Ferrari purchase from his past, the 599 GTO.

With a 6.0 L/V12 engine, the car can unleash 661 horsepower.

However the true hero might be the exterior of the Ferrari. A beautiful combination of white exterior along with black on the interior the car has a perfect combination. For what it is worth the initials CR7 are also engraved on the car. Just imagine having your initials on a Ferrari... That’s a life most of us would want to live.

17 Messi: Ferrari F430 Spider

via gvelondon.com

A next generation Ferrari to follow the Ferrari 360, the F430 Spider is another sleek ride. It was first unveiled during the Paris Motor Show back in 2004. Shortly after Messi began to enjoy a large boom in his professional career. At that point he started to make some big purchases and the F430 Spider was one of them. By 2005 he was already playing with Barcelona’s starting 11 and labelled as a massive star. Over a decade later it is safe to say a lot has changed. Like Ronaldo, Messi stayed away from the classic red colour purchasing the Ferrari Spider with a grey exterior. The car is stunning however we might give this point to Cristiano.

16 Ronaldo: Bugatti Chiron

via dupontregistry.com

It was a classic battle of the Ferraris to start. However Ronaldo might start to pull away in the next couple of clashes depending on one’s distinctive tastes. He makes quite the statement early on with one of his newest rides a Bugatti Chiron. We can hear Floyd Mayweather laughing somewhere in the background...

A car with a value of $3 million, Ronaldo couldn’t help himself but to post several shots of the new purchase via Instagram. Seriously can you blame him? Not only is the car breathtaking to look at but it can also reach a top speed of 260/mph. As if that wasn’t enough he also customized the interior with a sleek white CR7 logo on top of the seats.

15 Messi: Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale

via autogespot.com

In terms of market value alone this car doesn’t come close to Ronaldo’s Bugatti Chiron. However take nothing away from the beautiful white ride. It doesn’t ride as quick as the Bugatti but still can hold its own with a top speed of 188/mph.

The car has 460 hp along with a 4.7 liter V-8 engine.

If you really like the car it can be yours. Well that’s unless the car has sold buy now which is most likely. Messi put the car up for sale last summer. The rumoured cost was a modest price tag of $125,000. It would have been something had Ronaldo purchased the car. However as you’ll see throughout this article he’s got lots of other sick rides that top this Maserati.

14 Ronaldo: Bugatti Veyron

via autoseredin.com

Just imagine putting in 5 hours of work and being able to pay off a stunning Bugatti Veyron. According to the Daily Mail that is a reality for the mega soccer star. The Veyron as you know isn’t cheap with a price tag of 1.8 million Euros. Making a wage of 365,000 Euros a week, it takes him exactly 5 hours and 15 minutes to pay off the car! As for Messi he needs only 31 minutes and 32 seconds to pay off his Ferrari F430. Yes it is a bit of a gut punch knowing how easy it is for these players to purchase such rides. In truth it takes most of us a lifetime to earn those types of wages!

13 Messi: Blue Audi R8

via twitter.com

Once again it is hard to compare a Bugatti Veyron against an Audi R8. However fans of the Audi would make the claim that this car is no slouch. It is also said that this is Messi’s favourite ride and the one he chooses regularly as opposed to his other rides. He has been seen riding into the Camp Nou with the blue Audi R8 regularly in the past. For an everyday car we can all agree that isn’t too shabby of a ride.

Like various other soccer players Messi has a strong connection with the Audi car company.

The likes of Neymar and Pogba are other top of the line names that purchased a car from the company. As for Ronaldo he isn’t an Audi type of guy these days.

12 Ronaldo: Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63S

via instagram.com

Ronaldo might not be an Audi type of guy these days but it should be noted that his first ride during the days with Manchester United was an Audi A3 Coupe. He made the buy more than a decade ago in 2004. According to The Sun the car recently sold at an auction.

He may have replaced the Audi with Mercedes these days. The sizzling AMG GLE isn’t his own only Mercedes purchase however you can argue that it's his best. According to The Sun, CR7 bought the car as a Christmas gift for himself. Not a cheap gift that’s for sure as base models start at just under $100,000.

11 Messi: White Audi R8

via wordpress.com

Messi answers back with another Audi R8. This is a purchase made prior to his every day rider – the blue Audi R8 previously featured. With a white exterior this car is a true beauty. This particular clash is hard to call. Personal preference is the decider here. What car would you rather have a Mercedes or Audi? Quite the tossup isn’t it?

Made back in 2006, the R8 model continues on today. The fact that Messi bought two versions of car is quite telling. Who knows maybe he’ll upgrade following the recent World Cup disappointment and opt for the stunning second generation Type 4S.

10 Ronaldo: Chevrolet Camaro SS

via instagram.com

Here is a clash you likely didn’t see coming. It features a battle of muscle cars. It isn’t just about European sports cars and this specific clash is an example of that. Ronaldo has mentioned this ride as being among his personal favourites. The Chevrolet Camaro SS has a retractable roof.

You can ride in it with the top down or up, whatever mood you’re in.

Cristiano showed off the car to his Instagram followers. It was a special moment for the player as his mom and son rode with him in the car. He was also spotted in the ride two summer ago attending a training camp.

9 Messi: Dodge Charger SRT8

via gta5-mods.com

Messi answers with a car few would have predicted he owns. The Dodge Charger SRT8 is an unlikely American made automobile purchased by the mega soccer star. Perhaps Messi’s appreciation for the North American lifestyle had something to do with this particular buy? Heck Messi even hinted at possibly moving to America during an IG post. He mentioned a possibility of joining Beckham’s Miami team one day. If he does, Messi already has to car suitable for the area. But the question remains which muscle car would you rather have the Camaro or Charger? Yup, this is another close one but Ronaldo might have the edge.

8 Ronaldo: Porsche 911 Turbo S

via instagram.com

Missing out on the Ballon d’Or trophy given to the world’s top soccer player of the year, Ronaldo decided to spoil himself following the snub. The result was another tremendous purchase – a 911 Turbo S! The car is a fast moving vehicle typical to Ronaldo's collection. According to Car Scoops it goes 0 to 100 km/h in just under three seconds. Still not impressed? It can also hit a top speed of 330 km/h. Yea it truly is no slouch when it comes to that quick sprint - similar to the owner of the car.

7 Messi: Mini Cooper S Cabriolet

via alphacoders.com

We can safely say that Ronaldo won this particular clash. Messi’s extensive garage will start to take a little bit of a hit in the upcoming battles. There is nothing wrong with a Mini Cooper but you just can’t compare it to that beast Porsche 911 we just discussed.

We can see Shaq smiling somewhere in the background - though somehow Messi has a more spacious ride to O’Neal’s Mercedes Smart Car. Nonetheless Lionel owned the vehicle back in his earlier days. The car featured a white exterior along with a retractable roof. It is safe to say his Mini Cooper days are in the rear-view mirror.

6 Ronaldo: Range Rover Sport SVR

via instagram.com

We narrow down the field to a battle of SUVs. Unlike North American stars such as The Rock or Shaq, both Ronaldo and Messi don’t have an extensive list of bigger rides. None have owned an Escalade or F-150 type of trucks. Instead they opted for sleek types of looks. Starting with Ronaldo he uses the Range Rover Sport SVR as an everyday rider. That’s definitely a fine choice if you ask us.

He likes fast cars so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this particular Range Rover is among the fastest they produce.

According to Auto Evolution the car can hit 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. The exterior of the car is just as stunning highlighted by those sparkling black mags.

5 Messi: Audi Q7

via eurosport.fr

Once again this one depends on personal preference. Way back in 2011 Messi got spotted in the Audi truck heading into the Camp Nou. He took part in a promotional event most recently and was featured side-by-side with the new Audi SUV. The updated Q7 is a fine looking car and one most of us would take in an instant.

However the true question related to the article is which would you prefer? The Q7 or the Range Rover Sport? If you have a need for speed it might be another victory for Ronaldo. However if Audi is your thing then Messi might have another point on the board.

4 Ronaldo: Mercedes S65 AMG

via instagram.com

Following a mega transfer to Real Madrid Ronaldo started to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. For the most part we’re talking about sick new rides. This particular purchase was made back in 2015. In truth it is a car we would take with open arms to this very day. According to the Mercedes Blog the automobile has 630 horsepower along with a 6.2 liter V12 biturbo engine.

The car did not come cheap with a price tag of 244,000 Euros which is the equivalent of just under $300,000 American today. In terms of dollars spent on a car Ronaldo might have the edge based off the volume of his purchases. However when it comes to the grand total Messi set himself apart with that Ferrari buy earlier in the article.

3 Messi: Range Rover

via yallamotor.com

Aside from a common interest with the Ferrari company Messi and Ronaldo also share a similar taste when it comes to the Range Rover SUV. According to The Mirror, Messi’s wife and long-time partner Antonella Roccuzzo waited for the mega star at the airport most recently following the disastrous World Cup exit.

She was spotted in the couple’s Range Rover.

Messi looked none too pleased and still quite overwhelmed by the heartbreak of exiting the tournament so quickly. It was a major blow especially due to the fact that it was likely his final World Cup. We hope he at least got a fine ride in the luxury Range Rover.

2 Ronaldo: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

via twitter.com

Perhaps his finest purchase is the mesmerizing black Lamborghini Aventador. It is hard to find any other car that rivals this stunning beauty. According to The Drive, the car is a V-12 with 690 horsepower. It also has 508 lbs of torque. Yes, it is no slouch. Ronaldo posted a photo with the car to his IG account. He was also spotted signing autographs in the car. Not a bad place to get an autograph by the world’s top soccer star huh? Sadly Ronaldo sold the car last summer for just under $400,000. The car purchase was made by Nana Kwame, a Ghanaian who is the CEO of Wonda Estates and Petronia City Development.

1 Messi: Toyota Prius

via ilpallonaro.com

If you search for Messi’s car history it seems laughable that he’s at a $25 million Ferrari but started off with a darn Toyota Prius and one that he didn’t even buy!

This took place early on in his Barcelona career.

We have seen this more times than not. An athlete given the keys to a car that he likely has no interest in. Even Alex Ovechkin instantly gave up his All Star weekend car. We believe Messi likely did the same with the Toyota Prius. Man would it ever be something if the car is still in his garage right next to the Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti.

Sources: celebritycarsblog.com, goal.com

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