10 Cars In Jay Leno's Garage Anyone Can Afford (And 10 Even He Can't Anymore)

Everyone in this world has different hobbies but the most common one is to collect things. It could be old DVDs you don't even need anymore, or maybe even shells picked up from trips to the beach. These are though, collections of common people, the folks with very deep pockets tend to collect really differently. For example, there's Jay Leno who is a fan of collecting automobiles, and has a long list of cars from multiple generations parked in his garage. Some of those cars are just show pieces and he actually only drives a few of them. What's amazing is that some of those cars cost over a million dollars, so it's for sure that the whole collection must have cost him a fortune.

Jay Leno has a habit of collecting unique cars and he has said it himself that he does it for the oddity of most cars while some of the other ones are just the best ones around. Before his car collection, he was a comedian and had his own show which he ran for 20 years and then began a web series known as Jay Leno's Garage which featured cars from his garage and a few from other celebrities. The series displayed some really great cars, and some which a common person would never even dream of owning, and so we have listed 10 of the expensive cars, however, we have also listed 10 which most people would be able to afford.

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20 Anyone Can: Chevrolet Vega

Via classiccars.com

Jay Leno has a huge collection of automobiles in his garage, precisely 226 and this car is the worst car he has owned according to himself. The funny story attached to this car is that Jay Leno’s wife took the Vega out for a drive and the bumper fell off as.

Along with the Ford Pinto, the Chevrolet Vega is considered one of the worst productions from the American automobile industry.

The car was so bad that it led to GM going bankrupt after they were already in decline, and Jay Leno got his Vega for just $135 which is quite affordable for anyone with an average wage job.

19 Anyone Can: 1937 Fiat Topolino

Via classiccarratings.com

One of the few cars from Jay Leno’s garage that he did not have to get restored as it was already in excellent condition. The reason behind is the unique story of how Jay Leno purchased this one. The “tiny mouse” was stored in the living room of the previous owner, and it was bought after the owner was deceased. All in all, the car is really basic, it barely reaches a top speed of 53 mph and it is not that comfortable in terms of space either. The car was only produced in 1937 and up to 1955 so the price will certainly not be an issue, provided you can actually find one of these around.

18 Anyone Can: 1962 Volga GAZ-21

via pinterest

This car was the real deal back in day, the shape may not have been too futuristic but the features were. The GAZ-21 had reclining seats, a radio, a heater and it was rust proof which was not too common in the cars in those days.

The car is obviously very old and outdated compared to car requirements nowadays.

It had a 4 cylinder engine and so it was slow and it would not be able to keep up on the road today as even motorbikes could go quicker than the GAZ-21. The car is available around $2000 and honestly anyone who would be interested in buying it would be only doing it to collect a classic car just as Jay Leno has done.

17 Anyone Can: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8

The 2008 Challenger was designed due to the inspiration from the iconic Challenger from the 1970s. This car has it all including a stunning design and mind blowing performance. 6400 units of the cars were produced specially to pre-sell to car collectors, out of which of course Jay Leno had to have one, and he got his own in a stylish black color. However he has already auctioned this beast of a ride to the United Service Organization for a massive $565,625. The auction was made to help support military families and wounded warriors and so Jay Leno did not decline. Depending on the condition of the car a used one could be bought for close to $50,000 which for this beast of a car amounts to nothing.

16 Anyone Can: 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth

Via autoweek.com

Jay Leno has a soft spot for Italian cars, and so he has many Fiats in his collection even though most of their cars are not as special as those in his garage. Jay Leno found the car really fun drive to drive and he even pulled off a handbrake turn and drifted really well.

The Abarth looks like the Fiat 500 but under the hood it packs a 1.4 liter MultiAir turbo providing 160 horsepower which makes it the kind of car that Jay Leno loves to drive.

The car is valued at just $20,000 and that is not a bad price for this car and can be owned by the common man too.

15 Anyone Can: 1966 NSU Spider

Via baurspotting.blogspot.com

The NSU Wankel Spider was unfortunately a failure in its time as only 2,400 units were built during years 1964-1967. It offered nothing special, except that it had a rotary engine which ran it. Unfortunately, these rotary engines were very prone to failure and so any car having them ended up not being the best of sellers. The car was not that special in the compartment region either as it was not spacious especially for bigger people such as Jay Leno himself. A really cared for and clean unit may cost close to $30,000 however they are so old you may not be able to find one.

14 Anyone Can: Ford F-150

Via jalopnik.com

Jay Leno owned a special variant of this pickup truck which is known as the Harley-Davidson Edition that appeared in the year 2000. He has already auctioned it off for $200,000 to a nonprofit organization known as National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The special variant of the car which Ford made especially for Jay Leno had 360 horsepower thanks to its supercharged 5.4 liter Triton V8 engine.

Low mileage units of the truck are cheap though, and they only cost close to $25,000 which is a pretty good price for a pick up like the F-150. All in all great truck even without the unique specifications the Harley Davidson Edition has and it is still affordable for most people.

13 Anyone Can: Ford Focus RS

via youtube

The Ford Focus, in the beginning, had two variants, one of them was very lame which unfortunately the U.S. got. Eventually, The U.S. got the same variant as the rest of the world. They did, however, miss out on one of the best performance variant known as the Focus RS that has 300 horsepower in the standard trim. Not many people in the U.S. experienced how good the Focus RS was, but Jay Leno got his hands on one and it was modified to produce 420 horsepower which was even better. The 2018 variant of the car is for $35,000 which is honestly really cheap for a car that packs so much punch and belongs to one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

12 Anyone Can: 1970 Mazda Cosmo

Via bestcarmag.com

This legendary car is the predecessor to the now famous Mazda RX-7 & RX-8. According to Jay Leno, there are only three units of this Japanese-made car in the U.S. It is mainly famous for having a Wankel engine.

The car is beautifully designed as well, especially if you get a chance to see it in person although the rotary engine may not let it keep up with the advanced cars of the present time.

Since Jay Leno has been always looking for the odd ones in mechanics he went ahead and got one of these for his collection.

11 Anyone Can: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

via youtube

This car is one of the most iconic American Sports car ever built and the one which Jay Leno owns has been carefully restored having the split rear windows. The amazing part about this purchase was that he bought the car unseen because it is such an amazing car. He was amazed by the car when he was just 13 as it had fuel injection, unlike other cars at those times which were carbureted. Even in those times the car offered 360 horsepower which is still a standard in present times, and amazing for the past. The price of this car varies according to the sellers demand, some even ask for as low as $39,000 and some ask for more than $100,000.

10 Even He Can't: 1994 Mclaren F1

Via supercars.net

The Mclaren F1 is the car which Jay Leno finds most precious, as he has said it would be the first car he would want to save in case of a disaster. Out of only a mere 106 units, Jay Leno owns one of these, and rightly so as anyone would want to get their hands on one of these.

Mclaren F1 was a record setter in the Guinness book world of records as it set a record of attaining 240.1 mph.

From the precious collection of Jay Leno, this one is priced the highest at a massive $12 million.

9 Even He Can't: Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Via zero2turbo.com

This beauty of a car is even faster than the Mclaren F1, it has a top speed of 254 mph, and it can do 0-60 mph in just under 3 seconds which is mind-blowing and it’ll make you feel like it just warped time. Not only is the car fast, the design and outlook of the car are just perfect, just like a super fast car should look. It is one of the two units produced in the world, and Leno had it personally delivered to himself from builder Christian von Koenigsegg. The car is valued at $4.8 million and it is worth every penny.

8 Even He Can't: 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400

Via girado.com

A supercar from its’ own times, the Miura P400 had a sleek design and the yellow color which most Lamborghini productions still wear and look as awesome as their predecessor cars used to look.

The Miura had only 741 units produced, and production was short lived however this car helped steer the industry towards better supercars.

The design was really sleek, and the performance was great and made a great impact on the industry. The one which Jay Leno owns is valued at $3.5 million and is the fourth most expensive car on his list.

7 Even He Can't: 1939 Lagonda V12

Via rmsothesbys

The Lagonda V12 is a pure classic and it just amazing how well Jay Leno has maintained his unit. It looks brand new just like most of the cars from his car collection, and that adds to the prestige of the Lagonda. The Lagonda v12 which Jay Leno owns is actually a replica which makes it look so new and it is still undoubtedly an achievement to maintain even a replica. It sure has been rewarding though, for him, the Lagonda is valued at $2.56 million which is a lot more than most new cars in his collection. Having such a classic car surely is one of the goals for a car collector, and having a replica of a Lagonda V12 is something to be proud of for any car enthusiast, so Jay Leno is a really lucky man.

6 Even He Can't: 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe

Via gtspirit.com

The Gullwing nickname comes from the stylish and sleek doors which swing upwards when you want to get in or get out of the car, the doors are one of the reasons why this car looks so stylish.

The 300SL is one of the best cars ever made, and to be honest, there may not be another car like this made anymore; that is how good this car just is.

The rest of the design is classic, but it still looks futuristic in some way; it has the right amount of class and sport in it that makes it so good. The one in Jay Leno’s collection is valued at $1.8 million and even this may be considered less for this work of art.

5 Even He Can't: 2014 Mclaren P1

Via wikimedia.org

One of the supercars which Jay Leno enjoys driving around town instead of treating it like his other toys in the garage and keeping them as his showpieces. It is the first hybrid supercar, and so it was the highest point the supercar industry has reached thus far. The supercar is valued close to $1.15 million as other than the cool design it has; it can do 0-60 mph in 3 seconds while being an electric car. Jay Leno loves this car because he says it can do both things at once, which are being a road car and a race car. This duality makes it one of the best sports car around and one that anyone would love to get their hands on.

4 Even He Can't: Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren

Via mecum.com

Mercedes and Mclaren are names in the car industry that need no introduction, and together these giants came together to produce one of the best cars in the industry.

The SLR Mclaren can reach 200 mph thanks to the 617 horsepower its engine produces, and it does it really fast as it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds.

Jay Leno personally loves the build quality and the interior, as it can be seen every part and even the smallest of details are very carefully designed to be placed just like pieces of a puzzle. The perfection of the exterior and a well-sewn interior along with the sports car attributes helps this car be valued at $497,750 which is a fair price for this beauty.

3 Even He Can't: 2017 Ford GT

Via hearstapps.com

The Ford GT which was produced in 2005 was a great success, and the 2017 redesigned version was again as expected a huge hit. Having a top speed of 211 mph the Ford GT is great at what it does, and it looks good while doing it too.

The one Jay Leno owns is valued at $453,750 and it has a black paint with orange stripes down the middle of the car which makes the already fast car even more terrorizing on the road. There are only 500 units of one of America’s finest productions and so Jay Leno was certain to have one of these in his precious car collection.

2 Even He Can't: 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

Via youtube.com

This is one of the most unique cars of all times and it is revolutionary. The Chrysler Turbine was used as a motivation for creating Jay Leno’s own 2006 Ecojet which runs on Bio-diesel.

The Chrysler Turbine was able to run on anything, salad dressing or anything which could be used for combustion.

This was all because Chrysler aimed to eliminate pistons and the usage of regular gas which they succeeded at, however eventually they had to stop these experiments because the cars were inefficient. Jay Leno owns one having a value of $415,000 and his unit is one of the few ones still out in the market.

1 Even He Can't: 2006 Ecojet

Via youtube.com

The Ecojet tops the list, and rightly so because there is only one unit produced in the world and Jay Leno himself owns it. The car is priceless; literally, it has no monetary value attached to it yet.

The special thing about this car is that Jay Leno and GM together created this work of art.

It is unique from every other car as it runs on Bio-diesel which is actually a leap towards a revolution of the automobile industry. This design may be, and definitely should be the way car manufacturers should go towards as it will solve most fuel problems that mankind has been facing over so many years.

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