10 Cars That Are Junk Without Mods (And 10 Others That Are Better Without Them)

Some mods are a waste of money, but some cars just need them. Here are 10 examples on both sides.

It’s really amazing to see the diversity that exists on so many levels. There are people who drive Corollas from one place to another and haven’t done anything with them in their entire lifespan. And there are people who buy a car with so many features and luxuries that it’s hard to imagine anything better. Yet, they still make some mods to their cars to make them look and ride even nicer. Just some touch here and there, and voila, you get a car that beats the average car.

However, much like with a lot of other things, mods can sometimes get out of control. And it’s kind of difficult because you can’t exactly know what you’re doing wrong or right. The mod should look good, but shouldn’t come across as “overcompensating for something,” if you subscribe to that school of thought. The best thing you can do is to slap a turbo/supercharger and surprise others on the road. It’s better than ridiculously wrapping your car and getting sport exhaust.

While palatable mods are good, it’s not necessary that every car get some sort of a mod. I mean, some cars are just so good that mods become a waste of money. And these don’t have to be ultra expensive cars either. Just take a look at the Dodge Viper, Mustang and Camaro. Sure, some people mod them, but they aren’t needed. They look good as stock.



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Here's an oddly shaped car, the Monte Carlo. A lot of people don’t seem to be big fans of this car. It is only from very few angles that this car doesn’t look bad—and it’s hard to get those angles. But if you look at the car on the road or check out a photo of it, you’ll find a car that looks weird. The design is just out of this world, and not in a good way. The thing with this one is that you can’t necessarily hide those uncomely proportions with wrapping. You’d really need to get wheels, rims, and interior upgraded to make a dent in the looks department.


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There was a time when the Civic carried its duties responsibly, and people liked it. And while it had been doing that for the most part, over time, the fire settled down. And then in the first half of this decade, people seemed to run away from the car.

But then came out the dashing upscale models, the Type R and Si. And that’s called changing reality.

Not only did Honda change its own sales and image, but also endowed thousands of drivers with a piece of art that looks dashing from the front and daunting from the back. This one doesn’t need any mod, but people seem to mod their Type Rs anyway.


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I’m sure there are a few people who have this car and have no problem with it. That’s their reality, and a good one at that. But the average person can’t help but look at the car and get an experience that something is amiss. It just seems a bit off, like that painting on a wall which doesn’t make much sense, no matter how hard you stare at it. You have to be able to look at it from a different perspective to be able to see it. But unless you plan on doing that with this car, I’m sure you’d like to see it with mods here and there.


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Check out that hatchback RS3. It’s one tantalizing and mean grocery getter. But sadly, it’s not available to us. But that’s okay, for we can be satisfied with the sedan, as both are the same thing, mechanically speaking.

It’s one great car if we are being candid here—not that we weren’t elsewhere. The grille looks a little compact, but that does not diminish its superb qualities and nobility.

The interior of this car looks pretty neat and not too cluttered. The 400 horses and $55K price tag might make you think it’s a dream, but I’d urge you to work for it to make it your reality.


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I guess the designers were trying to create something that they had never created before. After all, you have to do something that you have never done before to have something that you never had before. They were happy, but the public was not exactly running out to dealerships to buy this car. If you cover the windows and give it blue and red stripes after painting it white, you might be unofficially allowed to deliver mails. In all seriousness though, this car can benefit from a heavy-duty makeover, whether that’s the wheels, rims, or some modification of the frame.


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If you look at this car, you might think it’s just a fashionable thing. While you might associate it with the riches, you might want to start associating it with car aficionados, as this is not just a posh car.

The looks are there sure—just check out that sleek styling and tantalizing front grille. But the interior is even more pleasing.

It has one long display screen and one posh cabin, with tech goodies that can still excite your electrons to a yet higher orbital. The dramatic coupe doesn’t need your pity. Save the mods for the Ford Taurus.


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It’s not as much about failure as much as what you do after the failure. Lincoln took a while to realize that the grille wasn’t exactly doing the car any favors and finally got rid of it. While the new one isn’t at the Mercedes-Benz level, it’s still a lot better than what the MKT had looked before. Because the previous MKT really had some animal spirit—not horse or jaguar, but a whale. It should be noted, however, that besides the grille, there wasn’t much wrong with the car. Nonetheless, it’d be difficult to rectify the shocking appearance of the grille. Murdering out the car might be one way to start.


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I didn’t want to fill this article with supercars, but this is just one amazing beast. I mean, check it out. The rear looks like it has actually got some elements of a private jet, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have totally fallen for that.

It’s just one majestically styled sports car. And while the exterior floors most of us, the powerplant guiding the car is no less with 887 horses and 944 lb-ft of torque.

The price of these brand new cars is in the horsepower range, and when that happens, you can be sure getting spikier rims does not exactly suit the car.


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While the elements comprise our world, the Element comprises very few people’s worlds. Those who own it probably think different about this car, but the majority likely doesn’t have an increased heartbeat upon seeing this car. It was meant to show power, but the truncated hood displays authority about as much as a fully grown-up man dressed as a clown. However, the interior of the car was pretty flexible, which made it a decent choice. The skewed exterior can be fixed with contrasting body paint (black and red, for instance) with color matching wheels and rims. I actually looked at a modded one, and it looks pretty nice.


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Here’s the dream of an average American. It’s a pretty robust car in terms of garnering interest. It looks nice. It has the archetypical front grille that has been long present on the Mustang and has those wide rear haunches. Overall the car looks pleasing to the eyes.

The price is slowly creeping up, but it’s still within an acceptable range.

Now, some of you might be thinking that these get modded a lot. True, you see a lot of mods on the Mustang, But that’s to enhance its beauty instead of trying to make it look reasonable.


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I’m sure there are people who are just in love with this car. I’m definitely not one of them, but I get it. The thing is, some people like it for the very reason others don’t. It has the boxy style that’s part Mini Cooper and part cardboard box. It’s like an elongated Scion xB, which is another oddly designed car. Talking about the design, the head designer of this car was fired because of the design of this car. Learn and live. While there’s no magic formula that’d allow this car to become more alluring, beefier rims and a good paint scheme can alleviate the symptoms.


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Ah, a Nissan. This one here doesn’t get that much love. Last time I checked, it was at the bottom of the list of the most selling sports cars in the US. Some people say that the cabin is rather loud, while others have an issue with some other stuff.

However, I think we can all agree that the exterior styling of this car is unique and sharp.

It doesn’t blend in with some of the others that are somewhat shaped like this, but neither does it fall to the level of the BMW M Coupe. No mods needed here, folks. It’s a beautiful car.


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It’s kind of easy to berate this car. But look at the bright side; someone wanted to create a convertible that had characteristics of a crossover, including all-wheel drive. That’s pretty impressive. How many of us have gone out of our daily routine to do something new? Every other designer was producing the same bland vehicle, but Nissan tried to do something different. Kudos!

Nonetheless, this car didn’t exactly get things right. A glance at the car tells you something is off, and the word “asymmetry” might be it. It looks a little donk like, and I’m not sure which/what mods will invigorate it, but it can definitely use some mods.


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There aren’t many cars out there that are as manly and as magnificent as this right here. It’s the Raptor. Back in the mid ‘90s, the Taurus was the household item. Well, that title has been awarded to the Raptor now.

Just look at the car. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s Ford. While you may use this truck for hauling and towing, you’re supposed to use it for dumb fun.

But the reality is, most people own it “just because” and don’t do much with it. It’s an amazing truck. Besides the reasonable lift kit, this truck needs no mods.


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I kind of chuckled at this car when I saw the ¾ rear view picture. Yep, it definitely needs some mods, although even then, the car might not be salvageable. It’s just one of those cars that never got it right—kind of like the BMW M Coupe. There are some people who go bananas after the styling, but the majority hopes it doesn’t bump into this car—especially from the rear. You can change the wheels, the engine, the interior, and hope that’ll make the exterior a bit more palatable. The car could also use a moderately fancy wrapping.


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I saw a new one behind me while on the road recently. It’s a happy looking car. I mean, there’s not much you could ask from a Miata. It’s the answer to everything in the car world.

What’s the best car? The Miata. What’s the safest car? The Miata. What’s the cutest car? The Miata. Does any of this make sense? The Miata.

There aren’t a lot of sports cars out there that are cheap, fun and reliable. Take the American cars. Some aren’t reliable, some aren’t cheap, and some aren’t exactly enjoyable. And as good as the car drives, the exterior has remained evergreen too. So no need for any mods.


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Here’s a car that started out good, but people got tired of it over time. Some people will swear their life that the interior is pretty comfortable and that overall the car is pretty good. And then there are others who just can’t take the exterior styling of the car. It’s just way too out of style now, they say. I have to agree with that. And, indeed, a lot of Cruisers that you see on the streets are modded, with the exterior getting wraps in an attempt to make the cars look a little more hot rod like. Good, because these cars really needed that.


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Here’s another pretty good one. The car looks dashing. Seriously, I mean, this is a car that shows the world what it means to be a sleeper car. The exterior looks pretty friendly, but all that fades in the horizon once you step on the gas.

At that point, the car knows only its rhyme and rhythm. It’s unbeatable—not necessarily in speed, but just in the way it drives and handles.

It’s one beast of a car. The interior is pretty comfy, and the hot hatch styling makes it one of the hottest cars. It doesn’t need your pity; no mods needed.


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Well, here we go. If this car was a human, it’d have a tremendous, tremendous potential to improve. And when you have tremendous potential to improve, you know that you’re not standing in a good place. While the manufacturers aren’t about to do anything about this car anymore, if you own it or know someone who owns it, tell them to stop berating the car and change it. With some beefy tires and a good wrap, this car could become better. It’s not going to look like an Audi, but it will look a little more tolerable than before. The world will thank the owner.


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Is it just me or does the Accord pull off that sloping roofline so majestically that you can’t help but think of a high end car? At a price tag of $24K, it’s just a magnificent, magnificent sedan. And it’s not just the rear that steals the show. The car looks amazing from the front, looking somewhat low slung. The headlamps look really nice too. And then you get inside the car, and that’s where you’ll find a comfortable interior with classy cabin and center console. The beauty of this car goes a little deeper though. Dive into the engine bay, and you’ll find a powerful and sensible engine. Mods? What mods?

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