10 Cars Vince McMahon And Eric Bischoff Took Too Far (10 That Were Epic)

Here are 10 Cars Vince McMahon And Eric Bischoff Took Too Far (10 That Were Epic)

During the wrestling boom period, in the mid to the late '90s, both Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff experimented with cars in the world of pro wrestling. As you’ll see in this article, at times, it worked pretty darn well. Who can forget Stone Cold Steve Austin running over The Rock’s Lincoln with his 3:16 monster truck? What a moment that was and still is. However, not all monster truck involvement is remembered or met positively by the fans. Eric Bischoff experimenting with trucks is a clear example of that. Some of them were so bad that wrestling fans likely forget they existed altogether.

We’ll also take a look at other rides, both of the stud and the dud variety. Vince McMahon isn’t exactly right on when it comes to cars on WWE programming either. What if we told you that McMahon once approved an Undertaker drag racer type car? Yeah, pretty awful... But Eric himself also came up with several WCW stock car racing rides. The '90s were pretty wacky. Although wrestling fans love to glorify the era, it also came with a lot of bad as you’ll see with these wasted investments from cars to motorcycles to even ATVs!

Enjoy the article, folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, let’s look at rides both Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff took a little too far, both then and now. We’ll also feature 10 rides that were surprisingly good and belong in a wrestling museum if WWE ever decides to create one. Let’s get started! Ring the bell—or should we say—start your engines!

20 Good - Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck

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Back in the summer of 2001, Kurt Angle took things to another level. He drove to the ring with a milk truck, if you can believe. This turned into one of the most memorable segments in WWE history.

Angle drove the ride to the ring, pulled out the hose, and out came milk.

Angle sprayed the milk into the ring, soaking the wrestlers.

What an unforgettable moment. It was a great twist, given Angle’s love for milk. Adding the milk truck gave the fans a moment they’ll never forget. This one was very well done by Vince and company.

19 Too Far - Bischoff’s nWo Motorcycle

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As we said earlier in the article, Bischoff loved to sprinkle in some of his personal favorites into WCW Nitro telecasts. One of those things included a motorcycle. Bischoff appeared on the ride multiple times. However, in both instances, the act was completely random without any direct purpose or anything—just Eric bringing in one of his fancy bikes.

Fun fact: one of the times he drove his bike to the ring was to issue a challenge to Vince McMahon following the DX invasion angle. That specific angle took place with a Jeep army-style truck. Speaking of that Jeep ride...

18 Good - Degeneration-X Jeep Tank

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If WWE decides to make a museum, without a doubt, this ride needs to be included. The DX tank, which was simply a Jeep, in reality, turned the Monday night wars on their head. WWE gained huge momentum because of the angle, and it led to WCW’s slow demise.

Losing in the ratings, Vince McMahon decided to send his DX stable to invade the other program, WCW. This wasn't a scripted move between the two companies–instead, totally spontaneous and quite risky. It’ll be remembered forever as one of the most iconic moments from the '90s.

17 Good - Sasha Enters WrestleMania In Style

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The theme for WrestleMania 33 was, “the ultimate thrill ride.” Sasha conformed to the theme by entering the event in style with her own personal chauffeur. It was a rare entrance with a rare ride wrestling fans really haven’t seen throughout the years.

It was considered one of the best entrances of the night and perhaps among the very top in terms of the recent WrestleMania events.

Banks stood in the back of the ride and saluted the fans during the entrance. It was an old-school ride and an old-school tactic, making it a great entrance.

16 Too Far - Stone Cold’s ATV

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When you’re Stone Cold Steve Austin, you can ride to the ring in just about anything. He once drove a Zamboni to the ring back in the days of the Joe Louis Arena. Heck, Steve also flew down the ramp on the wheels of a chair at one point. The former WWE star really has no limits.

During his run as the RAW GM, this was another ride Austin introduced to the fans: an ATV. He’s got more than one of them, along with various pickups, back on his ranch. Nonetheless, although he had a blast driving his ATV, it’s less remembered in comparison to his other WWE rides.

15 Good - Austin 3:16 Monster Truck

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It wasn’t all bad when it came to the rides created for Stone Cold. Austin became a massive success in the '90s and arguably the greatest draw in WWE history. What that meant is Vince McMahon was more than willing to invest as much money as possible into his golden boy.

One of those investments came in the form of an awesome monster truck ride and one of the most memorable ones in WWE’s history.

Not only was it used on dirt tracks, but it was also utilized onscreen during WWE television. Austin himself used the monster truck against rival The Rock. What a segment that was.

14 Too Far - nWo Stock Car Racer

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There's no doubting the NWO’s success during Bischoff’s run with WCW. However, Eric did take his personal tastes a little too far at times. Basically, he'd sprinkle in things he loved in real life onto his wrestling program. It didn’t always work such as failures with bringing in a KISS-related character. That’s a more well-known failure.

However, what fans tend to forget is Bischoff also tried to make a connection between wrestling and fast cars.

This was one of the many WCW-related stock cars that were created back in the day. Given that barely any fans remember, we’ll deem it as a failure and an idea Eric took too far.

13 Good - Batista’s Eddie Guerrero Tribute Car

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Who can forget all those terrific low-riders used by Eddie Guerrero back in the day? Man, was that ever great to watch.

Batista was close to Eddie back in their days together over on SmackDown. Being that Dave Batista is a bit of gearhead, he decided to customize his 1964 Chevy Impala by including a painted tribute to Eddie Guerrero on the hood of the ride. The result is a sparkling ride and one that belongs in a Hall Of Fame somewhere. This was a great gesture and a brilliant homage to one of the best to lace up the boots.

12 Too Far - Undertaker Race Car

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Vince McMahon entered the racing business as well. Similar to WCW, the WWE also created some custom themed cars whether they be for drag racing or stock cars. The Undertaker ride above was a cool one but another ride wrestling fans barely remember, especially those that grew up in the '90s. It was cool and all but barely had any type of impact.

It was another reminder that the world of pro wrestling mixing things up with auto racing wasn’t the best idea–even if the cars looked pretty darn cool.

11 Too Far - More WCW Monster Trucks

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Monster trucks and pro wrestling didn’t always work out for the best. Just ask Eric Bischoff who used the puzzling scenario of having Hogan and Giant’s monster trucks compete against one another. The match was called a Sumo Monster Struck Match.

Why anyone wanted to see that is truly beyond wrestling or car fans' understanding. The idea was a bad one, and very few wrestling fans even recall this ever happening. On top of that, The Giant wasn’t a big enough star to get his own monster truck in comparison to someone like Hulk Hogan. Now, Goldberg, on the other hand, was a decent draw, though again, this truck is barely remembered.

10 Too Far - Chuck Palumbo’s Motorcycle

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Car and motorcycle enthusiasts might be familiar with Chuck Palumbo, who has his own custom shop these days. Back in his final run with the WWE, Chuck tried to use his personal passion onscreen by riding his customized bike during his entrance. The bike was cool and all; however, the character itself is one wrestling fans barely remember.

In truth, the bike did hardly anything to enhance his image, unlike The Undertaker who managed to change his character.

For that reason, Chuck lands on this side of the list, while The Undertaker is next up on the good side.

9 Good - Undertaker’s Bike

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Switching characters seemed impossible for The Undertaker, given how well he portrayed the Deadman gimmick. However, the Undertaker endured a decent run as a biker at one point in time. The WWE Superstar also used a variety of bikes as well. Similar to Palumbo, Taker has a passion for bikes.

The gimmick was a decent success, and fans began to speculate that Taker might bring back the motorcycle rides for one more run. He didn’t, though, and we likely won’t see the rides again. However, like the DX Jeep tank, this ride belongs in a museum if the WWE ever decides to open one. We hope the ride is resting in a safe storage unit somewhere in Stamford (the home of WWE’s HQ).

8 Too Far - Dungeon Of Doom Monster Truck

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This ride was another monster truck that did very little aside from using Hogan’s monster truck to advance the storyline on television. Believe it or not, the truck is still being used today, according to WCW Worldwide. However, it has a different purpose, as it's been redesigned into an entirely different monster truck these days.

“The Dungeon of Doom truck is currently on tour with Monster X as SKELETOR! Not only did Straight Up Racing give the vehicle a whole new look, but the beast has been reintroduced as an actual… in-ring competitor once more (not sure what the proper nomenclature is regarding monster trucks).” (Source WCW Worldwide)

7 Good - Hulk Hogan Monster Truck

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The Hogan monster truck is a different story. Hulk joining WCW was a huge deal back in the day. Thus, marketing his return as much as possible made a lot of sense.

The truck itself was so darn cool with a giant bicep flexing on the side of it.

It was a memorable ride and arguably WCW’s best creation.

Like the Dungeon of Doom ride, according to WCW Worldwide, the monster truck remains active these days. The truck is now painted a different color; however, the bicep is still on the ride. Rightfully so, the ride is known as “American Muscle” these days.

6 Too Far - WCW Monte Carlo NASCAR

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This special WCW ride was actually used in NASCAR. Driver Steve Grissom used the WCW Monte Carlo NASCAR ride. It was a cool concept; however, it was one that came with very limited rewards. These days, fans can buy replica items via websites such as eBay.

The items are selling for dirt cheap, which really goes to show the minimal impact this car had in the grand scheme of things. It became another failed WCW concept and one that cost them lots of dollar bills, a common theme for the company during its final days.

5 Good - Finn Balor Demon Van

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‪”If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The Demon-Team” (Source Instagram)

Finn posted this photo to his Instagram account to show off the awesome Demon-themed van. It isn’t one we’ve seen on WWE television, though it's a ride fans wouldn’t mind seeing.

It's unclear who made this and if it was, in fact, a fan that created the art on the van.

Nonetheless, it’s a great concept, and the art replicated on the truck is a truly brilliant effort. We’ve seen some lackluster fan wraps and paint jobs in the past, but this one ranks up there with the best.

4 Too Far - JBL Limousine

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Credit to JBL for completely changing his character during the early 2000s, as the shift turned him into one of the biggest villains in the WWE. One of the ways he would get heat from the audience was during his entrance. JBL came out with a limousine, basically as a way to flex his wealth.

The ride really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary; nor did it have any specialness to it. The only addition was a horn on the front end of the limo. It also had the causal US flag hanging out of it from time to time. All in all, it was a pretty forgettable ride.

3 Good - Sting Chevy Stock Car

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Sting was another popular face during WCW’s rise to the top. He was arguably the greatest hero-like character in the company’s history. Now, the ride really didn’t have much of an impact per se, especially in terms of storylines.

However, just looking at the design of the car alone, it definitely deserves a lot of praise as one of the most stunning WCW stock cars out there.

Made by Chevy, the ride stands alone in terms of its aesthetically pleasing look. It was a big-time hit, one of the few WCW rides to have been so.

2 Too Far - Braun & The Semi Truck

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The most recent example of a car appearing on WWE television took place with Superstar Braun Strowman. No, he didn’t drive these rides to the ring, but instead, he flipped them over.

When WWE invests in a character, they’ll take some drastic measures—and costly ones at that. One of them saw Strowman flip over a production truck. He did the same with an ambulance during a feud with Roman Reigns. Although it was cool and all, both moments are forgettable and nothing related to the likes of Austin’s beer truck or Angle’s milk truck.

1 Good - Triple H’s Customized WrestleMania Motorcycle

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Once WrestleMania hits, it's almost a guarantee that Triple H is hitting the ring with something special for his entrance. During WrestleMania 33, that something special was a motorcycle ride—one that also fit Stephanie on the back. It's now deemed as one of Triple H’s most memorable entrances, and the beauty of his ride just solidified the greatness of it all.

Once again, Hunter stole the show with this epic entrance, though some fans would've loved to have seen The Undertaker ride in with that ride instead of Triple H.

Sources: Monstertruckswiki, WWE, Pinterest

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