10 Cheap Car Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

From cleaning to maintenance, organization to emergencies, these are the best tips, tricks, and hacks for car owners.

Most of us have vehicles that we use to commute to work, to bus our kids around or to just get from place to place. That being said, most of us could stand to hear these 10 hacks! From how to clean parts of our cars to things to keep in our cars for emergencies, these are great tips for all drivers.

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The best part is that they are all easy and affordable, which is always nice, and they can help people save time, money and energy going forward. Yes, by utilizing the following tricks, drivers can get organized, perform vehicle maintenance and be more efficient while on the road.

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10 Get Organized

Getting organized is always key, and there are many ways to do this within a vehicle. There are products made for this task, such as the one pictured here that can store cups, toys and even an iPad (so kids stay busy and happy). But a more affordable option would be to use a shoe organizer to hold even more trinkets or to stash baskets (cheap ones from the dollar store or extra ones around the house) in the trunk, which can hold groceries, carry necessities and keep things all in one place (and not rolling around on the floor while the car is moving).

9 Keep Kids Occupied

Speaking of keeping kids occupied... We suggest storing items on the seat in front of them, for easy access. We recommended buying a box that will fit under their seat, which can hold more goodies and serve as a tray (for drawing on, for playing on and for eating on). And we love this idea that involves a shower caddy! Shower caddies can easily be purchased, and while they can hold even more toys for kids, they also work perfectly during meals; snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and desserts can all be carried and held here...instead of ending up under the seat, in between cushions or all over children!

8 Put In A Trash Can...

While playing and eating in the car, trash will accumulate - whether someone is enjoying their daily commute and taking part in a cross-country road trip. That being said, a trash can is a must when it comes to car hacks. Drivers can buy an actual auto trash can, which straps in and can be reached by all. A plastic cereal container is also a great option, since it is slim and has a lid. Or, for a more eco-friendly option, just always have a paper bag handy, which can be passed around so that everyone can throw trash away and which can be dumped out when drivers get to where they are going.

7 ...And An Emergency Kit

A professional could get hungry while driving home from work. A kid could have an accident while in the car on vacation. A young adult could run out of gas while driving at night. A couple may need to pull over and switch drivers at some point. Many circumstances pop up while driving, so add an emergency kit to all vehicles! It can store protein bars and other non-perishable snacks, extra sets of clothes, a mini gas can, a flashlight and other tools that can help while hungry, traveling, out of gas or in the dark.

6 Use Toothpaste To Clean Dim Headlights

Got a case of dim headlights? Use a toothbrush and some toothpaste! This hack may sound strange, but toothpaste is great for this task, and a toothbrush is the perfect tool (a small and cheap tool, too) for getting right to it; toothpaste removes unwanted particles from teeth and, similarly, can remove stains from headlights. Why? Toothpaste contains a mild abrasive that buffs out the surface. Now, that is quite the hack - one that will save everyone here from having to go through a car wash for a little bit of time.

5 Clean Bugs Off With Dryer Sheets

On a similar note, clean bugs off the car with a dryer sheet. Just spray a little water on the trouble spots, then use this common household item in order to get a vehicle looking spiffy again. See, dryer sheets are fibrous, and all these little intertwining strands of fabric are great for scraping away all the flies, gnats and other insects that seem to always get stuck to our front windshields, bumpers, headlights, and grills. Eventually, yes, a driver will want to deep clean his/her car. But in the meantime, just use these hacks!

4 Clean Wiper Blades With Alcohol

Okay, folks, here is one other cleaning trick for cars, and it is another one that involves a cheap and common thing that is found in many households: rubbing alcohol. Wiper blades dirty over time, since they work to clean windows, and this starts leaving streaks. Therefore, car owners can put rubbing alcohol on a towel and wipe it along the edge of wiper blades. This quick and easy technique cuts through the dirt and grime that has built up, and when a driver is done, his/her blades are ready to get back to streak-free wiping!

3 Take A Photo Of Rentals

At times, people have to turn to rentals. They may be in new places, while traveling for work, or they may be getting their own vehicles worked on, which can cause a vehicle to have to stay at an auto body shop or a dealership for an extended time. So, when renting a car, we highly suggest taking a photo of it as soon as it is seen. Accidents happen, and some are not our fault. In fact, some may happen after we have even given the car back! That being said, try to avoid any problems by showing the car rental company, the insurance company and anyone else involved in a potential accident exactly what the rental looked like when it was delivered.

2 Get A Car-Finding App

Besides accidents, drivers can often find themselves losing their cars. It can seem sad, but we all know the feeling: We walk out of the mall, and nothing looks familiar. We have no idea where we left our vehicle! Avoid this confusion and sadness by downloading a car-finding app. There are several out there, so shop around, depending on needs. These simple and affordable tools can definitely save us all time and energy (and, man...We wish we had one all those times before, when we walked around parking lots aimlessly…).

1 Know Which Side The Gas Tank Is On

This last hack may also sound like a weird one, and many of us may know where our gas tanks are. However, when those rental cars are rented, when we are driving for someone else or when we purchase new vehicles, we can keep this little hint in mind...Look at this photo. See that arrow by the gas tank symbol, pointing to the right? That means that the gas tank for this particular car is located on its right side. Who knew?! Many of us have seen this trick around the internet, but feel free to share it with others who had no idea this was a thing.

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