10 Classless Cars Tiger Drives (And 10 Classy Rides In Michael Jordan's Collection)

We take a closer look at both the car collections of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

While Tiger Woods holds the oft-disputed crown as the golf king, Michael Jordan spends most of his post-NBA career puffing a cigar and swinging clubs on the fairway. It must've been hard for Obama to play third fiddle on the golf course to both the Masters/Open/PGA and NBA champions.

The accomplishments of both Jordan and Woods—played out on the court and on the course respectively—have left these titanic heroes with extraordinary fortunes. They've set themselves apart from other athletes in becoming global household names. In reaching that kind of status, it's important for both Jordan and Woods to maintain their class and image even well after their professional peaks. Amassing an extravagant and exotic car collection is one way of doing this. Not only are cars signs of a figure's wealth, but they're also symbols of style. It's a way of saying "Look at me!" without saying a word. The car speaks for itself on behalf of the celebrity—or in this case—the cars speak for Jordan and Woods.

It's not enough for a wealthy celebrity to buy a rare or expensive car. All car enthusiasts know that make and model reveal something about the figure. While Jordan used his wealth to buy exotic cars that elevated his stature as an NBA legend, Woods arguably drives lesser cars. While Woods might be fooling the general public, car enthusiasts see right through his charade and the fact that the cars he drives are a detriment to his image.

20 Jordan: Mercedes-Benz SL55

via German Cars For Sale Blog

Jordan's car collection isn't perfect—the Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG is proof of such. He's the last person to need a defense, however, for the cars he buys. He's already proven his mettle over the course of his NBA career, so he can pretty much buy whatever he wants and not get judged for it. Still, a defense could be made for this stylish convertible. Mercedes put their heads and efforts together to produce a solid, all-around vehicle. Consumer Guide reports that its 5.4-liter V8 can provide a decent output while touting a "SpeedShift" feature that'll intrigue sports car fans. He could be found in something a lot less.

19 Woods: Buick Enclave

via Motor1

If there's a car brand Woods is most associated with, it's got to be Buick. He had a long-term deal with the automaker, although it's no longer in effect. As a perk of this allegiance, he owned a Buick Enclave according to Michigan Automotive News, which had to be one of the bonus kickbacks involved in the deal. Michigan Automotive News astutely wonders why the frontman for Buick drove around in his Cadillac Escalade at the time of their deal. One would think that Woods would honor the agreement by driving in Buicks exclusively, or maybe it's naive to think a deal worth millions would stipulate such a perimeter.

18 Jordan: Aston Martin DB7 Volante

via AutoEvolution

The Aston Martin DB7 Volante's story has some parallels with that of Jordan.

According to Aston Martin's official website, the DB7 Volante came at a time when the automaker wasn't doing its best.

Similarly, Jordan turned his back on basketball and left the NBA to fulfill his late father's wish of playing in the MLB. Like Aston Martin struggling in the '90s, Jordan's baseball skills in 1994 didn't appear sustainable. Aston Martin produced the DB7, which went on to be a success for the company; in turn, Jordan went back to the NBA to win three more Championships with the Chicago Bulls.

17 Woods: Buick Bengal

via bornrich.com

Whenever a famous figure or personality gets behind a product, it can do wonders. For one, it garners attention, with the public associating that certain product with the figure, and thereby, quality. Near the start of Buick's long-term relationship with Woods, they made a car that Woods would be proud of. Car Styling reports the makers took inspiration from the golf legend himself when they produced the Buick Bengal from 2001, which is amazing, considering that Jordan may not have had an automobile based on him or his career. On the other hand, car enthusiasts wonder if Woods really has an affinity for Buick, or if it's just a shameless cash grab.

16 Jordan: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

via Seasons of Yorkville

Like the basketball phenom, Mercedes-Benz pulled out all the stops with the SLR McLaren 722 to produce a car that would stand out. Jordan must've recognized this in the SLR McLaren and recognized a familiar supremacy when he added it to his car collection.

Where it shines is in its performance, which Yahoo declares can go 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

It makes sense, considering the engine is capable of 650 hp. While the car certainly shows Jordan has good taste in automobiles, one has to wonder why he ever put it up for sale eight years ago when—according to Jalopnik—it had only racked up 962 miles.

15 Woods: Buick Velite

via Car Revs Daily

There's such a thing as pure delight that comes from automobiles themselves. Something tells us that's not why Woods is smiling while standing next to the Buick Velite Concept. Instead, he's thinking of all the money he'll get for his deal with Buick. Less intrigued by Woods' relationship with Buick, car enthusiasts might find interest in the actual car Buick is dreaming up though has yet to materialize. According to Car and Driver, back when the vehicle first attracted attention in the mid-2000s, there was talk of it being the first Buick with RWD. It presents an interesting opportunity for Buick to do something different from what's come before.

14 Woods: Porsche Carrera GT

via The Drive

Some cars get a bad rap. The Porsche Carrera GT got attention a few years back but for all the wrong reasons.

It's the car Paul Walker drove and subsequently died in, which according to Road and Track, led his daughter to sue Porsche.

That didn't help the car's image and that shouldn't be held against Woods, who owns one of these high-performing rides. Some report on it being a tricky car to drive. Jalopnik reports a supposed story that Woods took it back to the dealership after a wild driving incident where he lost control. This supercar has garnered some bad attention, making it better left out of a car collection.

13 Jordan: Porsche 911

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Jordan ostensibly had an affinity for Porsches as well, which we can't find any fault with. According to Carsoid, Jordan owned not one but four Porsches during his storied reign on the Chicago Bulls. Apparently, he owned the red 911 that's pictured here, which Carsoid reports also influenced the look of a pair Air Jordans in Nike's popular shoe brand. Something tells us Jordan had a voice in that inspiration coming to fruition. The outlet also notes that he owned a Porsche 930, 964, and 993 at one time, which makes this a popular and classy car brand for the NBA player to prefer.

12 Woods: Buick Lacrosse

via Autoblopnik

Powerful and affordable, the Buick Lacrosse offers owners a car with decent gas mileage while delivering performance. More than likely, Woods owns one, especially since he and Buick renewed their vows.

In 2012, according to Autoblopnik, Buick decided to make Woods the face of their brand again; ads ran with Woods alongside some of Buick's cars, including the Lacrosse.

Is Woods' garage full of Buicks? It's doubtful though likely he at least has a few as part of his deal. In any case, he's certainly driven the Lacrosse as part of the deal to promote the cars. Some car enthusiasts think he's sold himself selling cars they don't care for, while the rest can't blame him.

11 Jordan: Ferrari 512TR

via Coys of Kensington

What's a lavish car collector's garage with0ut a Ferrari? Many argue that a Ferrari represents the pinnacle of wealth and opulence. Ferrari also prides itself on the high-performance qualities of its cars. Jordan has a couple Ferraris, including this 512TR. According to Cool Rides Online, this model arrived late in the Testarossa lineup, stirring up belief in some that Ferrari saved the best for last. Not so different from Jordan's speed and quickness exemplified on the court, the 512TR has a reputation for being agile. Costing over $200,000 back in the day, Jordan made a fashionable purchase when he scored a 512TR.

10 Woods: Tailor-Made Golf Cart

via The Big Lead

It's no surprise Woods would have his own specialized golf cart. When it's not enough to have a golf cart that's a class above others, Woods had to go the extra mile. According to Business Insider, he even possessed a tricked-out one that—according to Hank Haney, one of Woods' coaches—had "spinner wheels" and a stereo to play music on. The story goes that Woods showed him the souped-up cart at his pad. It could even go faster than conventional golf cars, as it's capable of accelerating to a top speed of 28 mph, which Business Insider notes. Although no photos appear to exist online of this supposed ride, we'll take Haney and Business Insider's word for it.

9 Jordan: Aston Martin DB9 Volante

via Autoform

Jordan certainly cements his love for Aston Martins, as well as his exceptional taste in cars, with the DB9 Volante. Known for providing a luxury driving experience, the DB9 Volante doesn't skimp on high-quality features.

Autotrader notes that they come with heated seats and automatic climate control fit for an NBA champ like Jordan.

It doesn't come cheap either. With a car that starts at $185K, Jordan wasn't going the subtle route. Does anyone doubt that he got one without all the extra add-ons, too? At least he knows where to spend his money, which is in a fine collection of rides.

8 Jordan: Ferrari 599 GTB

via Automotive World Club

The cars in Michael Jordan's car collection have aged like wine. In a report by Automotive World Club, Ferrari stopped making the 599 GTB back in 2012. More and more people realize the significance of this special vehicle and are clamoring to get a hold of one. We also realized an uncanny relationship between this car, Jordan, and the number 12. The last year the car was available in was '12; the motor—as Automotive World Club notes—came with a V12 engine; Jordan once even played on the Bulls garbed in the number 12, according to Sports Illustrated. It may be a matter of coincidence, but it's one we couldn't resist noting.

7 Woods: Cadillac Escalade

via CarStatement

Woods has a reputation for being a repeat offender when it comes to crashing his expensive cars. That's at least one area where Jordan's cars are classier than Woods'—which are still intact and drivable as far as we know.

Back in December 2009, according to Autoblog, Woods' Cadillac Escalade suffered major damage to its fender after smashing into a fire hydrant.

Thankfully, the golf superstar survived the incident and came out of it still intact. While the star continues to thrive and build his wealth, he'll undoubtedly buy more cars. It wouldn't hurt for him to drop another couple hundred extra and have a bull bar installed going forward.

6 Jordan: Land Rover Range Rover

via 6SpeedOnline

It says something about Jordan's car collection that his cheaper, less-exotic ones are still high-end compared to the average car buyers'. A Land Rover Range Rover is a luxury SUV that'd be above and beyond most people's means. According to a YouTube upload by Top TV, Jordan's Range Rover lists for about $72,000, which is chump change to someone of Jordan's stature. If one were to look at the Range Rover objectively, however, one would admit that a Range Rover is full of frills in its own right and worthy of an NBA legend. It just might pale in comparison with Jordan's other cars.

5 Woods: Lamborghini Murciélago

via luxatic

Based on Woods' purchase history—in referring chiefly to the Porsche Carrera GT—it's no surprise he got a Lamborghini Murciélago. In a profile by Esquire, it's noted that Woods owned a Lamborghini Murciélago. This proves not everything Woods drives is a dud even if they all don't match up to what Jordan owns himself. According to Top Speed, the Lamborghini Murciélago is an impressive, high-performing machine that can go from 0 to 60 mph in a staggering 3.5 seconds, thanks to its V12 engine. That outlet also puts the price just shy of $280K, which must seem paltry to the world's richest athletes.

4 Jordan: Mercedes-Benz CL65

via German Cars For Sale Blog

Ferraris, Aston Martins, and plentiful Mercedes-Benzes make up the coveted car collection of NBA's brightest star. This time, it's the CL65 that rounds out the list of Jordan's Mercedes, which is another pricey addition. As the German Cars For Sale Blog reports, a prospective buyer always has to consider the potential costs to service and maintain the vehicle. On the other hand, if you're Michael Jordan, we doubt he really thought long and hard about mechanical costs. Then again, Jordan isn't an average car owner. If there's one thing that's likely, it's that Jordan will hold on to his CL65, considering their low resale value, notes the same outlet.

3 Woods: Mercedes-Benz S65

via YouTube user Saabkyle04

Woods got himself a Mercedes-Benz not to imitate a great athlete before him but because they're high-class luxury cars. The only mark against his choice was going with the S-class. For one thing, as Autotrader points out, the resale value is notably better for CL-Class owners, often a difference between a few grand. It's unlikely Woods really cares about the Mercedes' resale value, though. It's a moot point in retrospect, considering what happened in May 2017, as Jalopnik reports, when police arrested Woods and impounded his damaged S65. It's not exactly clear what happened to the car; what's certain is that his S65 was worth over $200K.

2 Jordan: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

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Jordan's car collection was bound to have some very special cars. Jordan himself is a one-in-a-million-level kind of talent, so isn't it only fair he fills his garage with cars that reflect the same? The Chevy Corvette ZR1 40th Anniversary Edition may not be "one in a million," but at least Jordan's is one of only 220 units ever made, reports Yahoo. A car this exclusive also delivers on performance, boasting 450 hp that's more than the NBA star needs. Though no one can really argue that this level of performance shouldn't at least be available to the NBA legend, the champ's earned it.

1 Woods: Lexus LS460

via AutoTalk

While Jordan opted for more Mercedes-Benzes in his garage, Woods preferred to mix it up, adding a Lexus LS460 to his treasure room. This one's a bigger sedan that comes with plenty of tech and comfort fit for a king. According to Hitberry, Woods' Lexus LS460 is valued at around $72K. Comparable to Jordan's Range Rover or "lesser" vehicles, Woods didn't break the bank to add to his collection. Although there's nothing wrong with the LS460, there are plenty of other luxury sedans we'd rather be caught driving in—like an Audi S8. Granted, Woods owns a Mercedes-Benz S65, which, in our books, offers more than the LS460.

Sources: Consumer Guide, Jalopnik, Yahoo, Autotrader, Autoblog

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