10 Dream Cars Which Are now Affordable

Buying your dream car can seem financially impossible at times. But if you're patient enough you can get it at a reasonable price.

We all have the ideal car in mind when we set out to buy a vehicle for ourselves. However, more often than not, our dream car is often out of our reach for one reason and one reason only: Price. A car with all the bells and whistles, and all the features we desire never comes at a cheap price, so most buyers end up settling for less. Instead of spending our hard-earned dollars on our perfect car, we begrudgingly put it towards a vehicle that simply meets our needs. However, as time passes, cars decrease in value as newer models are released. So here are ten cars that are the stuff of dreams and are also fairly affordable at under $30,000.

10 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata

For starters, this car is a convertible. So, it instantly has a feature that many deem too pricey for their small budgets. Nothing says class like putting the roof down and going for a drive. The MX-5 certainly wouldn’t be a family car; it only has two seats. However, this isn’t a ride you’d want the kiddos in anyways with the options for a nice touchscreen, leather steering wheel, and even a keyless ignition. Sporting a four-cylinder engine that gives out 155 horsepower, this car won't break the bank at less than $19,000 and is perfect to fulfill your dreams of driving down coastal roads with the top down with the wind in your hair.

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9 2018 Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Cooper Countryman is a more family-friendly dream car in the sense that it offers the best of both worlds. It has four doors for piling up to three passengers in the back, an actual trunk space, and a rear-view camera to ensure safety. Yet, it also has a sunroof and a powerful little engine that has a great purr and rumble. While it's not the greatest idea to go drag-racing while the kids and groceries are in the back, the sporty nature of the Countryman makes it a tempting proposition with a price of just under $19,500.

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8 2014 Hyundai Elantra

This car may be older, but that doesn’t mean the dream has faded away from this vehicle. Able to carry five people, in a roomy, cozy interior with a high-class feel, the Elantra also could be outfitted with an upgraded sound system, electric controls for the various seats and windows, and large, shiny wheels. It has all the appeal of a flashy sports car with plenty of fancy features to show off to your passengers. One of the best parts is that this car is fuel efficient as well! Getting 35-miles per gallon (highway speeds) the Hyundai Elantra will only cost you around $15,000.

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7 2018 Dodge Challenger SXT

Dodge has been popular and sought after brand for many people’s dream car. Often featured in movies, television shows, and video games, Dodge is known for its sporty look and reputation for being classic American muscle. The Challenger SXT continues this legacy nicely with a 6-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, and responsive breaks. This car can be taken out for a ‘Fast N’ Furious’ style romp and still accommodate a normal life with a large backseat (however there are only two doors) and trunk. Having the best of both worlds will only cost you around $27,000, and if you so wish, you can pay extra to upgrade the engine and change the gear shift from automatic to standard.

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6 2018 Subaru WRX

This is a unique vehicle as far as sports cars go. Many dream-worthy cars can be almost fragile in the sense that you would keep it on the city streets. The idea of taking it anywhere that doesn’t have paved roads would sound insane for fear of damaging your expensive new ride. Well, for starters, this ride isn’t quite so expensive with a price tag of under $27,000. Secondly, the WRX isn’t a delicate flower; it can go where you want and need it to with its all-wheel-drive. This one feature makes it stand out above the rest of the pack by making it able to go more places and be more versatile.

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5 2018 Chevrolet Camaro 2.0T

Much like the Dodge Challenger, the Camaro is also quite well known and desired. Having been heavily featured throughout the ‘Transformers’ series in the form of Bumblebee (one of the main heroes), the Camaro is more popular than ever before. This iteration includes incredible fuel economy, a tiny but mighty 4-cylinder engine, 275 horsepower, and rear-wheel drive. Fast, punchy, quick on its wheels and easy to control, this car will set you back less than $26,000. Besides, give this car the same paint job as Bumblebee and pretending to drive your very own Transformer is a pretty good bonus as well.

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4 2018 Ford Focus ST

Sometimes power isn’t everything. People’s thoughts are often drawn to how much horsepower a car has and lean towards the mentality, “the more horsepower the better.” If that's what you’re looking for, that's fine and dandy but it's probably also more expensive. The Ford Focus ST offers a different approach. This car excels in cornering, it’s light, handles excellently, thus allowing it to take winding roads and tight turns with ease. While it's definitely not recommended to go and find a twisty road and take the turns at high speeds, you’ll save plenty of gas trying to get to such a place. The Focus ST gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway and at just over $25,000, it has a great price too.

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3 2018 Fiat 124 Spider Classica

Italy and cars have a special association. We think of names like Ferrari and Lamborghini, but we also think of the hefty price tag attached to them. So for many, their dream of owning a classy Italian car seems to be dead in the water. However, the Fiat 124 Spider Classica is here to save the day. It brings all of the quality you’d want and expect of an Italian made car but not the price. Ringing up at under $25,000, this vehicle is still within reach for the common consumer. It has superior handling, fuel economy, and just overall looks and class.

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2 2018 Honda Civic Si

The Honda Civic has a highly positive reputation as a good car to choose for almost any occasion. Its a starter car, a family car, affordable, dependable, and sturdy. With parts widely available everywhere and maintenance being fairly easy, any breakdowns or mechanical issues are not as big of a headache as it might be with other more exotic cars. Naturally, this version of the Honda Civic has all of these things and yet ventures into the more sporty side of things. Getting the best of both worlds is easy with the Honda Civic Si as it has a powerful engine, great handling, amazing stopping power, all while still meeting the needs of the average driver at a little over $24,000.

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1 2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec

This last and newest entry on the list is making a comeback this year. This particular model has been completely overhauled and made into a dream car for the here and now. It comes with fantastic brakes for quick, hard stops, great handling on corners and a choice of different modes for driving. Something that sets this car apart from the other Hyundais on this list, is a unique feature of the engine called turbo-lag. The car still accelerates nicely when you push down the gas pedal, but hang on tight, because once the turbo-lag kicks in, it’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of a race car. It's certainly cheaper than one at a stunningly low price of under $23,000.

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