10 EV Startups You Should Keep An Eye On

EV startups could end up revolutionizing the way we buy cars, and here are the EV startups to keep a watch for.

EV startups are popping up left and right during this electric car revolution that has begun to change the world as we know it. It is a new age that involves the implementation of environmentally friendly features that allows customers to keep more cash in their wallet well after their purchase. People have seen the success of Tesla as an all-electric company and hope to hop on the bandwagon with their own ideas for this new class of cars.

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We have compiled a list of some of these new EV companies that might be worth watching due to their ingenious ideas and designs. They might not be market-ready just yet, but they have the potential to change the industry forever. Keep reading to learn about ten EV startups you should keep an eye on!

10 Rimac

Rimac's primary focus is on creating EV supercars with something they like to call hypercar technology. They're responsible for the C_Two, which claims to reach speeds of 412 mph and was created with aerodynamics in mind. It is comprised of an aluminum and carbon fiber frame to ensure maximum safety for its occupants.

They want this vehicle to be user-friendly and added six different screens to its interior for the driver and passengers to view as they speed down the roadway. If you have a passion for supercars than this is definitely a company to watch out for because if they follow through on their promises, then you won't want to miss out.

9 Byton

Byton is currently working on the release of its first vehicle called the M-Byte. This thing is filled with a ton of technology and there are interfaces scattered throughout the vehicle. It is basically a giant computer as it has a central touchpad that controls the seven-wide tablet heads-up display on the windshield of the vehicle.

Their car will travel 325 miles on complete electric and fully charge in the same amount of time it takes lower range electric vehicles to reach full capacity. This Chinese company wants the roads to be filled with autonomous cars and they hope to achieve that in the near future with the release of their vehicle.

8 Faraday Future

Faraday Future has come up with the FF 91 that they hope will blast the competition out of the water. This electric futuristic beauty houses three batteries that give the vehicle 1050 horsepower and over 300 miles of travel. They also hope to reduce the time it takes to charge your vehicle to make your purchase more worthwhile.

This company used NASA's research when creating their seats, which allow its passengers to recline into the neutral body posture for maximum comfort. You can currently reserve your very own FF 91 by creating a priority reservation for the low price of $5,000.

7 Seres (SF Motors)

Seres, also known as SF Motors, has created the SF5 and the SF7 as its staple models for its start-up. These vehicles were invented in Silicon Valley and seek to provide 360-degree coverage while in autonomous driving modes.  They hope to create an easy-to-use interface that any driver can handle and they hope to market their cars in the states and China. They may not have a lot of information out about their coming cars yet, but what we can see for now looks promising enough for us to want to keep tabs on their progress.

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6 Elextra

Elextra is another EV supercar creator and people are already drooling once they see the expected design. It is four-wheel drive and even has four seats and four doors to make it extremely accessible. This car can sprint to 60 mph in less than 2.3 seconds with its expert electric ingenuity by the Swiss and German engineers who came up with the idea.

This is an exclusive project with only 150 cars expected to go to market in the first year, but its range is impressive at around 370 miles. They understand the need for speed without losing sight of the environment, and we hope to see them achieve it after they release this outstanding vehicle.


NIO has recently been in the news after selling its Formula E racing team, but that is only so they could pour more money into the creation of their product. They have three different cars they hope to put into production including the ES6, ES8, and ES9. These vehicles are in the forms of SUVs and a sports car to appeal to all tastes within the industry.

The range of their ES6 is phenomenal with around 316 miles per charge and as of right now they are on the market for less than $5,000, but only in China. The most notable, yet odd, feature is the intelligent fragrance system so you never have to worry about your car smelling anything but clean ever again.

4 Rivian

You may have already heard of Rivian because back in April of 2019 Ford invested $500 million into their company. They have created a truck, which costs $69,000, and SUV, priced at $72,500 which are both on preorder. These vehicles may be expensive, but it is because they were created to do the impossible. They have ranges of around 400 miles and it only takes three seconds for them to reach 60 mph.

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They can also wade into three-foot water without any issues and the truck is able to tow 11,000 pounds. The lights on the vehicles act as a charge indicator and the goal of this company is to get people to take more adventures.

3 Canoo

Canoo was created after three BMW employees and one Faraday Future employee decided to create their own EV startup company. They were formerly known as EVelozcity before they rebranded, but they claim that their vehicles will be priced between $35,000 and $50,000. There is not much information on the vehicles themselves, but it is the way they plan to sell the cars that grabs our attention.

They want to create an electric car subscription service where people pay one monthly price without any longterm commitment. This idea will reshape the way we purchase cars and we can't wait for their official release in 2021.

2 Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors has put an emphasis on the creation of luxury electric cars. It was created with a sleek style and our bodies melt into the luxurious seats. It will have a range of over 400 miles and the ride will be smoother than ever with the calibrated air springs and damper technology.

These cars were made to be autonomous, and they hope in the future to make it capable of picking up your kids and your groceries without you even inside of it. You can currently reserve your place in line for $2,500 on their international waiting list and we can tell you that you won't be disappointed.

1 Uniti

Uniti is a Swedish company that has created the two-seater Uniti One. The driver will feel like they are in an airplane cockpit with the advanced steering wheel technology and they are being marketed toward business and car-sharing services. It may only be able to travel 150 miles, but that is truly all their targeted audience needs to get from place to place. You can follow their journey on several social media sites or subscribe to emails in order to stay up to date on everything this company plans to offer.

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