10 Exciting New Cars To Look Out For In 2019

It's now 2019 and one of the most exciting things about going into a new year is new advances and releases of technology and products. It is thrilling to learn about things to come and the suspense of waiting for the day they are available creates little pockets of anticipation throughout the year. Companies are very aware of this and take great pains to create exciting advertising and showcases to build hype for upcoming products. One market that is certainly involved in this is the automotive industry. With cars becoming more and more advanced, there's always something new to be excited about! So, here are 10 cars to keep your eye out for in 2019.

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10 2019 Ford Ranger

Pickup trucks are one of those things that you can’t help but associate with America; tailgating parties, hauling supplies for your do-it-yourself project or just tearing up the countryside with some off-roading. While of course there are plenty of pickups out there, Ford (who makes fan-favorite trucks) has not thrown its hat in the ring for a while. However, in 2019, Ford reenters the pickup truck scene in a big way with the new Ford Ranger. It's a good quality truck for just about anyone, with enough power to get your job done but nothing over the top. The price is certainly accessible at under $25,000.

9 2019 Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 is a new luxury sedan that is classy inside and out. Many luxury cars use six-cylinder engines to try and be sporty and refined but the G70 has only four cylinders and packs just as much speed and fun into your ride. It is cozy, responsive, and dependable. What might surprise you is the manufacturer: Hyundai! The company we have to thank for giving us great cars priced for the average consumer decided to dip their toes into the luxury pool and try their hand at making vehicles for the upper crust. This success will cost you just under $35,000.

8 2019 Subaru Ascent

Are you coming into 2019 with a big family or is your family getting bigger? Then the Subaru Ascent will be the SUV for you. It has three comfortable rows of seating for all of your little ones and plenty of cup holders for everyone; even in the back! Going on a trip? Load up the spacious cargo area with everything you need, the turbo-charged engine can easily handle whatever you throw at it and wherever you take it. At a moderate price of under $32,000, you can easily see yourself and family riding in comfort and safety with the safety EyeSight features that come standard.

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7 2019 Audi A7

If you’re looking to upgrade this year then perhaps you should have a look at the redesigned Audi A7. This car has been brought from 2012 into the future with several updates and facelifts. First, the front of the car has been tweaked a bit to emulate the other models being released this year and next so there's more cohesiveness within the line. Second, say goodbye to dials as they are a thing of the past. Now, the A7 sports not one, but two touchscreens to control everything inside the car: from the radio, air conditioning, navigation, and everything in between. On top of all this, the A7 can be bought as hybrid as well; thus the price of $68,000 sounds like quite the deal.

6 2019 BMW 3 Series

The 2019 version of the 3 Series brings some fantastic and futuristic modifications. Naturally, the exterior and the interior are the top-notch quality you’d expect of BMW, but they’ve included some truly wonderful bits of tech. For starters, there's a touch screen dash (pretty standard nowadays) but included in the system is a personal AI! Much like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, the AI in the new 3 Series can be spoken to and will help you with navigation and simple tasks. Then in a more unusual addition, there is a program called Reversing Assistant that will track your movement and then, take the car through it in reverse! This interesting vehicle will cost you a little over $41,000.

5 2019 Chevrolet Blazer

Sometimes life and responsibilities get in the way of the great sportscar we really want. But, if you find yourself longing for a Camero but have to get something more family-friendly, try turning to the sporty Chevrolet Blazer. The 2019 incarnation’s design is heavily influenced by the Camero with its sweeping curves and sporty outline. The Blazer is a mid-sized SUV with five seats so there is plenty of room for the kiddies and the spacious cargo area will accomodate all of their gear. And if you’re looking for more power, you can upgrade the new Blazer to have six cylinders instead of four. The base version is quite affordable at under $29,000.

4 2019 Honda Insight

The Honda Civic, including the hybrid version, has a stunning reputation for being one of the best beginner cars (or just a good running around the car in general) for its durability, easy maintenance, and quality. Well, the Honda Insight is looking to claim this coveted crown in 2019. It's a hybrid with two electric motors, one in the front and one in the back and it gets stunning gas mileage. In addition, the car is operating Honda’s new infotainment system with all the bugs fixed and several safety features. With a price of under $23,000, the Insight is well on its way to being the new Civic.

3 2019 Hyundai Veloster

Looking for something different this year but still want to play it safe a bit? The oddity that is the Hyundai Veloster has you covered. The exterior is quite eye-catching, the two-tone being two colors instead of one color and black. The really interesting thing about the car is the number of doors that it has. It has the capacity of a four-door, yet it doesn’t have the titular four doors. It doesn’t have just two doors either. No, the Veloster has three doors; one large door is on the driver’s side of the car and two other doors are on the opposite side. This wild ride that's sure to confuse all of your passengers will only run you a bit over $18,000.

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2 2019 Mazda 3

Even tried and true designs and vehicles need to innovate and change if they want to stay relevant and interesting. This is a lesson the Mazda 3 took to heart. In 2019, the Mazda 3 decided it was high time to go bold and beautiful with its design. The car itself is lower to the ground and is longer than its predecessors; stoically waiting to be noticed and appreciated. The interior is updated as well. Not just in terms of quality but in tech as well. There is a touchscreen, but a nice touch they’ve added is a small joystick in the center console to assist navigating the system. The new and improved Mazda 3 will be a modest $21,000.

1 Aston Martin Valkyrie

This last entry in our list is the epitome of the excitement that's generated by the anticipation of new advances and releases. Enter the Aston Martin Valkyrie. This is a car that was built for speed, speed, a fun ride, and even more speed! Aston Martin worked hand-in-hand with Red Bull to design the Valkyrie in the image of Formula 1 race cars with a luxury flair. The doors swoop open gull-style and the two seats are equipped with a four-point racing harness in place of a seat belt. The rest of the car is designed to be as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible for maximum usage of the 1,130 bph created by the 12-cylinder engine and its hybrid motors. Surprisingly enough, this speed machine is street-legal but very few will be taking it out for a spin with a price tag of $3,136,031.

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