10 Hennessey Mods That Have Way Too Much Power

Hennessey Performance produces modifications for your street car that will give it power beyond F1 and NASCAR race cars, but can the car handle it?

Power is a good thing for all car lovers, and all car owners for that matter. It provides acceleration and the ability to remain at a constant speed while driving down the road and up hills. More power allows car enthusiasts to enjoy fast weekend drives and track nights. With an enthusiasm for (safe) speeds, car lovers can overcome the monotony of the morning and evening commutes, but in some cases, It's possible for a car to have a little too much power.

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Hennessey Performance is one company that produces modifications for your street car that will give it power beyond F1 and NASCAR race cars, but it will leave you with a vehicle that is not equipped to put that power to use. Below are the top ten Hennessey Mods that have way too much power.

10. GMC Yukon HPE500 Supercharger Mod

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Hennessy Performance's HPE500 Supercharger Mod will allow you to launch your family to a high rate of speed in a short amount of time, but does not provide upgrades for brakes to improve stopping distance or suspension upgrades for handling. The supercharger upgrade does include a Hennessey badge and supercharged door badges to let the world know you have too much power under the hood, though. Priorities.

9. Cadillac Escalade HPE800 Supercharger Mod

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The 2015 to 2018 Cadillac Escalade HPE800 Supercharger Mod provides the luxury truck with 805 horsepower and 812 lb-ft of torque. This mod gives you an SUV that will outrun a number of luxury GTs, claiming 0 to 60 times at 3.7 seconds, and quarter-mile times below 12 seconds. Stopping and handling will again be an issue, though, providing the buyer with an unsafe SUV that will be unable to test its strengths against cars with the same power due to restrictions on Track nights and SCCA events.

8. Ford Mustang HPE800 Supercharger Mod

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The 2018 to 2019 Ford Mustang has large amounts of power sitting on the showroom floor. When Dodge released the 705 horsepower Challenger Hellcat the internet came alive with stories of customers sliding their new rides into ditches and curbs. The HPE 800 Hennessey modification boosts the Ford Mustang, a shorter, lighter, car to a whopping 808 horsepower. Hennessey offers additional upgrades to the brakes and wheels for this one but does not offer the things that a car with 808 horsepower needs: drag slicks and a roll cage.

7. Ford F-150HPE750 Supercharger Mod

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You could argue that any amount of horsepower is justifiable in a truck. More tow capacity and power to pull is all the ads talk about; after all, that is why people purchase pick-up trucks in the first place. The problem with that justification is that 757 horsepower could momentarily increase the truck's payload until the transmission or rear end is torn to bits because it's not being rated to deal with that type of power. Without an increase in the drivetrain's strength you are left with a truck that can spin its tires faster than any truck in its class.

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6. Cadillac CTS-V HPE1000 Supercharger Mod

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A 1000-horsepower luxury car that is capable of doing 0 to 60 in under three seconds and will run a 10.5 quarter mile ending at speeds around 135 miles per hour... is what every suburban family needs. While it might seem great, your luxury race car will be unable to prove those speeds to anyone unless you get your wallet back out and equip your CTS-V with a roll cage with altered floor pans, aftermarket axle, and retainers, and other safety requirements to allow you on a track at those speeds (because the NHRA requires safety improvements to a vehicle to safely compete on their tracks).

5. Chevy Camaro HPE750 Supercharger Mod

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The Camaro's HPE750 modification may seem tame compared to the earlier 1000 horsepower Cadillac on this list, but the power to weight ratio makes all the difference in this 750 horsepower upgrade. With all of the same problems that come along with the Cadillac, Hennessey claims a 210 mile per hour top speed in this Camero upgrade... which is just wildly impractical. Even NASCAR limits their cars to avoid hitting speeds of 200 miles per hour - and that's on tracks that were made for high speeds, in cars that have downforce and proper safety equipment. Camaros do not come with those options.

4. Jeep Trackhawk HPE1200 Supercharger Mod

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If you are looking for a Jeep that was not built for off-roading, and enjoy driving fast in a topheavy SUV with the power of a Formula One car (without the safety features), the HPE1200 modification is for you. Hennessey advertises the Jeep at above 1000 horsepower and a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. Jeeps are already known for their roll over tendency, so adding more speed and power is just not a great idea (if you want to stay upright). While this may be a little sportier than your average Jeep it is not a Formula One car. That power in a vehicle with this design provides nothing more than bragging rights over the engine.

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3. Chevrolet Corvette HPE1000 Supercharger Mod

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The Hennessey HPE1000 launches the Corvette to speeds it has not even seen competing in professional race series around the world. At 1000 horsepower and 966 lb-ft of torque, this classic two-seater will reach speeds that will not allow it to compete safely at any track without the purchase of major upgrades and performance additions. Like so many other mods on this list, it's simply not something that makes any sense on its own - and you'd need to spend a lot of time upgrading other elements of the car to get any real benefit.

2. Dodge Demon HPE1000 Supercharger Mod

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Whoever bought a Dodge Demon, stock from the factory at 840 horsepower, and felt that a 9.6 quarter mile was too slow and needed a power upgrade... should probably have just looked into buying a race car for the track rather than more power for their Demon. Hennessey claims their HPE1000 modification produced a 9.14 quarter mile, which is a noticeable improvement, but it is still adding power to a vehicle that would be better fitted with performance upgrades in the handling department.

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1. Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Engine Mod for the Dodge Viper

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Being one of the biggest, baddest, cars on the road already, this Hennessey modification takes the Viper to a whole new level of power while leaving the high-performance exotic stock in all other areas. An advertised 1120 horsepower launches the Viper from zero to sixty in 2.7 seconds, but a side note in the acceleration times admit the times were achieved with drag slicks on a prepped drag strip. This shows once again that the Hennessey modifications provide nothing more than an increased tire bill due to the inability to put the power to the ground.

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