10 Highest Lifted Trucks (And 9 Of The Sickest Lowered Cars)

Stock suspension just doesn't cut it anymore, plain and simple—at least for a pretty big portion of the auto community now, anyway. It either needs to be lowered or lifted now. And we gotta admit, it's produced some pretty interesting builds. Now, of course, suspension adjustment has been done for a while now, but it was always for a purpose, like, for instance, in NASCAR. Those cars are very low to the ground for better aerodynamics and better control of the car. And in the monster truck world, the reason for raising such vehicles is obvious. A stock height truck could never do the things those beasts do. But it's gone so far beyond that now. It's to the point that people sacrifice drivability—as in their ability to enter any kind of parking lot or cross any uneven ground on their cars—just to be low. And then people sacrifice gas mileage on those trucks when they lift them. The gas mileage probably wasn't amazing to start with, but that makes it even crazier. But the look that they pull off is almost always pretty appealing. So, how low is too low, and how high can they go before the truck isn't street legal anymore? Well, we're going to see as we look at ten of the absolutely lowest rides out there. Then, we're going to look at ten of the biggest and baddest trucks out there.

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19 Lowest Cars: Casual Mazda

via madafitment.com

Here, we see one of the most popular trends in lowered cars today: a camber. Most sports cars have a slight camber in the wheels, at least the rear ones. It's interesting and hard to pull off without breaking something. But it gives the ride just that much more room to scoot on down to the ground. And this Mazda is as close as you can get. The ride quality probably isn't all that great, but it does look good and even has some pretty clean fitment. And it definitely lives up to the license plate.

18 Lowest Cars: Low And Slow

via hypebeast.com

The first thought that comes to mind is that this has got to be bagged. This cannot possibly be on static suspension. Either way, this is one of the lowest rides we've seen. It looks like you'd scrape on a leaf with this thing. Whatever is going on with it, it's impressive. To get it that low and have that great fitment on it really takes a long time and a lot of hard work. And whether you're a fan of slammed cars or not, you have to admit that's pretty impressive.

17 Lowest Cars: Slammed Lambo

via reddit.com

Now, of course, this slammed trend doesn't end with just tuner cars. People are even slamming their expensive supercars, and we have to say, it looks pretty awesome. The fitment that this Lamborghini has is so clean, and the whole car just has this low and incredibly fast and loud vibe to it. I mean, look at the front diffuser on this car. It's basically on the ground. This has got to be on air bag suspension; otherwise, it isn't going to make it far on any public streets. Overall, this is one of the cleanest and lowest Lambos we've seen to date.

16 Lowest Cars: Scraper Lexus

via youtube.com

Now, this is certainly not the product of something being broken—well, at least not accidentally. They're almost bottoming out in this picture, which is something you just have to risk if you want to live the low life. That fitment is crazy, and there has to be some pretty stiff suspension on there to keep those tires from rubbing the wheel well—unless they just cut the wheel well out. Either way, this is one low Lexus, and even though it may be beyond impractical, it does look pretty neat and is, for sure, one of the lowest rides out there.

15 Lowest Cars: Low BMW

via m3post.com

So, here we can see that the owner didn't want to sacrifice the drivability of this car, which is respectable. Sure, they probably have to go slow over any bumps and avoid speed bumps like the plague, but at least they can drive without scraping on a pebble. It also has some very clean fitment with the wheels, and they chose not to camber, which goes along with the whole scheme of the ride, the scheme being that they want to be low but still be able to dart off of that starting line.

14 Lowest Cars: Fitted Ferrari

via clip2art.com

Another slammed supercar—what else is new? Well, this is no normal supercar; it's one of the most iconic Ferraris ever made, and someone slammed it to the ground. And we're frankly so glad that they did because it looks amazing. It manages to capture the old-school style, and it blends it together with new trends. And the fitment on it is absolutely perfect. This car is a work of art and, without a doubt, one of the lowest rides out there. The camber may make some people lose interest, but at least it's done well.

13 Lowest Cars: Crazy Low

via superstreetonline.com

This looks like something straight out of a video game, and that just makes it so much cooler. The hood delete is great, the widebody is awesome, and the ride height is insane. That fitment is once again on point, and it just ties the whole ride together. This is one of the more extreme builds, holding nothing back.

The wide body and slamming trends tend to go hand in hand, and it makes for some really insane builds.

If this car is half as fast as it looks, then anyone racing against it's in trouble—unless the driver of this car runs over a bump and bottoms out.

12 Lowest Cars: Classy Miata

via forum.miata.net

Miata owners have been on the slammed trend ever from the beginning since they couldn't really turn them into race cars. But this is just insane.

This Miata is so low to the ground and most likely on static suspension, which means this person drives around that far from the ground.

Now, Miatas are pretty low from the factory, but this is probably sitting about an inch to an inch and a half from the stock height. Whoever is brave enough to drive that around town has got to get some kind of respect.

11 Lowest Cars: Crazy Classic

via cartype.com

Scraping in at the end is one crazy build. It really looks like someone found a shell of an old car and created this crazy beast. Besides having one of the most blown-out engines ever, even though there isn't a hood to blow out of, it's also incredibly low—like so low that we may have to reconsider the lowest ride on the list. The back of the car is practically sitting on the ground. Judging by the little bit of the engine and exhaust we can see, this ride is probably no joke on the track—if it isn't too low to make it onto the track.

10 Highest Lifted Trucks: Predator

via ebaumsworld.com

Straight off of the bat, we see a pseudo-monster truck. This big boy is almost there but still seems street legal. The nickname of the truck on the side is a pretty cool addition to the whole build, and so are those big smokestacks. That's another one of the auto trends, obviously more common with trucks than anything else. It seems a bit excessive, but look at the truck. This whole thing gives 'excessive' a new name. This is one tall lift, and it's pretty impressive—and probably pretty pricey as well.

9 Highest Lifted Trucks: Monster Truck To The Rescue

via chron.com

During some flooding due to hurricanes, there were a couple of people in the town that happened to have their very own monster trucks. And finally, those lift kits were able to be put to a good use. They towed cars out of flooding, rescued people from rooftops, and much more. The story that goes along with this truck is just as impressive as the truck itself, with a gigantic lift and clean work. It just seems like it may be a little hard getting in and out, but at least it looks cool and is apparently useful as well.

8 Highest Lifted Trucks: Offroad Yukon

via CARiD.com

The whole lift-kit thing isn't just for big trucks. You can take a family SUV like this Yukon and jack it up and throw some huge tires on it and roll with the big boys.

This honestly looks really cool, like maybe something the bad guys would drive in a superhero movie.

The wrap is also really nice, and it's definitely not something you see every day. And from the traces of dirt on the tires, the owners have actually been driving this thing the way it's meant to be driven: off-road.

7 Highest Lifted Trucks: Giant Tundra

via tundras.com

This Toyota Tundra is, for sure, one of the craziest we've seen. Most people lift F-150s or Silverados, but the Tundra actually looks really good with those wide fender flares and a pretty tall lift. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without some red halo headlights that are probably illegal. There are so many weird car laws that vary from state to state that most people just do what they want and deal with the tickets, which we don't recommend. Anyway, this Tundra is definitely a head turner and is pretty tall, especially for that parking garage it's in.

6 Highest Lifted Trucks: Giant Ram

via liftdtrucks.com

This Ram is certainly tall enough to make it onto our list, but there's so much more cool stuff to it as well, like the under glow, which is probably a hit or miss for most people. It also has a rack to carry a side by side in the bed of the truck. They don't need a trailer, although it has to be interesting getting it on and off of the truck. Between the decals, the lights, and the insane lift, this truck is a lifted-truck enthusiast's dream, and it's all done very cleanly, which is always appreciated.

5 Highest Lifted Trucks: Rapture

via liftdtrucks.com

Right away, attention is drawn to the front grille where it would usually say Raptor. But instead, this one has a custom grille plate that says 'Rapture,' and that's pretty awesome. They didn't want to just get some decal or anything, and it's one of the most unique things about the truck—well, that and the crazy lift it has on it. The Raptor is a tall truck, to begin with, but of course, stock is never good enough for auto enthusiasts. This Raptor is one for the books and personally our favorite build today.

4 Highest Lifted Trucks: Ultimate 4x4

via trucktrend.com

Now, do you ever find yourself driving off-road in your 4x4 and realize that you're stuck in 4 feet of mud? Well, the owner of this probably doesn't even know what it feels like to get stuck with this big monster, except maybe in a parking lot. And you know that if you own a sports car, this big truck will want to park right next to you; big trucks always do. This truck didn't play around at all. With giant tires to match the giant lift it has, it's really ready for anything you throw at it, except for any kind of good gas mileage, that is.

3 Highest Lifted Trucks: Street-Style Lift

via ekstensive.com

Some people go with small rims and huge tires when they lift, which usually means they intend to drive it off road and use it for its purpose. Then, there are people who lift it on giant rims with low-profile tires, and they usually don't leave the city. Now, of course, we aren't saying it looks bad at all—actually, quite the opposite. It's just a different style, but we still get that crazy tall lift that we love to see. The wide stance on this truck is almost as crazy as the height.

2 Highest Lifted Trucks: Little Tires Big Lift

via aksatek.com

This truck pretty much has the ride height of a small monster truck but doesn't have the tires to match. Sure, those tires are better for fuel efficiency, relatively speaking, of course, but if you're gonna go hard, then go hard.

That aside, this lift is insane and looks too expensive to even sneeze around.

Even the other lifted vehicles around the truck don't compare to it, and it looks like they're at a meet. Kudos to whoever is brave enough to drive this thing on the street. But it probably is easier when you can just drive over any traffic.

1 Highest Lifted Trucks: Lifted Tahoe

via Car Autos Gallery

We have yet another family SUV turned into a sweet off-road monster. This time, it's the Yukon's cousin, the Tahoe. This one has more of an off-road vibe to it than the Yukon did but still looks a bit like something an evil villain would roll around in. However, judging by the tires, it doesn't look like it sees much action, except maybe on the street. Even so, it does look really cool and would, for sure, grab attention at a car show or meet. Or anywhere. It's really hard to miss lifted trucks.

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