10 Modded Corvettes That Make No Sense (And 8 That Are Epic)

The Chevrolet Corvette is an incredible sports car that has entered full-fledged supercar territory. What started off as a simple, stylish cruiser meant for straight-line speed has morphed into a true driver’s car that can easily beat imported sports cars (and supercars). The Corvette has been in production for seven generations, truly standing the test of time and sticking around as a car that enthusiasts are definitely wanting to drive. First introduced in 1953, the Corvette was beautifully styled and is still regarded as such, drawing quite the following both as fans and on the used-car market.

The new Corvette is nothing like its predecessors. It can still be had with the classic removable roof panel. It still comes equipped with a roaring V8 engine that generates tons of power, even on the base model, with performance variations making even more power. The Corvette starts at around $55,000 and can be had with anywhere from 455 horsepower to a whopping 755 horsepower. This is not just brute force, however. Chevrolet has engineered a composed suspension and powertrain that calmly and confidently put down power, making for a ride that's in control and confidence inspiring.

Theoretically, buyers of this age have wealth and therefore can build extravagant and ugly rides or restrained and beautiful ones. The used-car market has produced some ugly rides, but the good examples here redeem the poor ones.

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18 Beautiful

via StingrayForums.com

Starting off, we have a very well-put-together Corvette. As you might imagine, there's a certain beauty in subtlety. This ride may not be flashy or have crazy performance under the hood, but that doesn't mean it isn't pleasing to the eye. On the contrary, it looks much better than other Corvettes that owners take to crazy extremes. A solid color combo of black and yellow mixes vibrant sportiness with aggressive composure, making for an eye-catching look. Subtle yet dynamic, aero kit pieces make this Corvette look dialed in and ready for speed. It's hard to go wrong with a look like this.

17 Beautiful

via Vengeance Racing

This Corvette is both pleasing to drive and pleasing to the eye. Blacked-out sports cars are a classic look, and this owner has pulled that off beautifully. Sleek black rims paired with shiny black paint make for an aggressive-looking ride, which also benefits from a black spoiler and black taillights.

Bright-red calipers look great with the black paint, adding a dash of color to this otherwise dark ride.

This Corvette is modded, too, packing an impressive 730 horsepower and 760 lb/ft of torque. A variety of engine mods coupled with an ECU tune make for a thrilling ride, and this Corvette is the envy of all around it.

16 Beautiful

via CorvetteVideos.TV

One of the worst things about modded cars is that their owners often let them sit idle, gathering likes on Instagram or nods at a car meet. Sure, these are all part of car culture, but that can't be the main focus of your ride.

Cars with power, especially these Corvettes, are meant to be driven hard and fast.

Luckily, this owner follows that principle and takes his crazy engine tunes to the track. This Corvette has so much power that it completes the quarter mile run in just 10 seconds, which is quite a fast time by any standard. Visually, this car is mellow, but it's what's under that hood that's truly impressive.

15 Beautiful

via Corvette Forum

Another unfortunate aspect of modding culture is that it takes perfectly fine older cars off the road and turns them from machines that are made to drive into machines that are made to sit idle. This previous-generation Corvette is an exception to this rule, which is refreshing to see. It's been saved from the car shows and has been modified to produce 592 horsepower from its strong V8 engine. A fresh paint job adds to its appeal, making this Corvette look nearly fresh off the showroom floor. Red brake calipers, slick black rims, and a subtle splitter make for an aggressive look that sets it apart from others.

14 Beautiful

via Envision Auto

This stunning Corvette is a great combination of many features that we all love. Firstly, it's the previous generation, which we like to see kept on the street and out of the garage.

The Corvette was made to race and drive, not to sit in, and it's good to see this sweet ride out and about.

Additionally, the beautiful blacked-out styling makes for a beautiful and aggressive look. Thin black rims pair well with a simple front splitter. Black paint, blacked-out headlights, and a redone paint job come together to create an intimidating collection of features.

13 Beautiful

via Corvette Online

The classic styling of old Corvettes sets them apart from modern cars, and this one is put together much better than many cars on the road today. A beautiful blue paint job brings this car into the modern era. The exposed stainless-steel exhaust looks aggressive, unique, and most likely sounds amazing. It pairs well with sleek and shiny rims whose delicate spokes fit the other linear design elements of this car. This Corvette ZR1 is from 1994 and has been beautifully restored both externally and internally. Likely making enough power to breeze past most cars, this Corvette is the whole package.

12 Beautiful

via CorvetteBlogger.com

Older Corvettes are in high demand, and this one is one of the earliest. In particular, this split-window model year is quite desirable. However, the price may be unappealing... this example was found on eBay for the low, low price of $115,000. A huge blown supercharger and a plethora of engine mods make this an appealing ride that collectors with money to blow would happily add to their garage. Massive rear wheels indicate that this Corvette puts down insane amounts of power that can only be harnessed by this large amount of rubber. It's refreshing to see this nice of a ride still on the road.

11 Beautiful

via Mecum Auctions

Keeping with the theme of old Corvettes, this absolutely beautiful example is hard to pass up. With the classic convertible top, you'll be able to ride down the street in style with everyone's eyes on you.

This Corvette is from 1961 and has been restored by Mecum Auctions, which produces some incredible restorations of classic U.S. cars.

The lowering kit is a bit extreme but fits well with the linear design of the car. Beautiful chrome accents paired with period-fitting chrome wheels gracefully complete this ride, making for a desirable package with immense curb appeal.

10 Beautiful

via Hennessey

The Hennessey-tuned Corvette Stingray HPE1000 is perhaps unsurprisingly near the top of our list. This insane Corvette makes 1,008 horsepower and 918 lb/ft of torque, getting from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. With a 10-speed automatic transmission, this Corvette has a top speed of 210 miles per hour, which is staggering. A 2-year warranty and superb styling make for a wonderful example, which pretty much all of us would love to drive. Hennessey makes incredible versions of U.S. sports cars, and the Corvette is no exception. It's hard to ask for much more out of this package, and the tuned Stingray doesn't disappoint.

9 Makes No Sense

via MuscleVehicles.com

Unfortunately, with so many drivers attracted to the Corvette, there's bound to be a selection of people who get their hands on this ride that have a serious lack of taste. This car has been modified by its owner to look tacky, tasteless, and just too far over the top. While it has general design elements that are appealing (black paint, gunmetal rims, and an aero kit), they come together poorly. The organic spiraled rims don't mesh well with the angular and sloping style of the Corvette, distracting from the beauty of the original lines. The aero kit is a nice touch but looks cheap and borders on excessive, pushing this poor Corvette over the edge.

8 Makes No Sense

via CorvetteForum.com

This Corvette had so much potential, but unfortunately, its owner has messed that up drastically. Tron is a depiction of the future, and therefore, styling cues taken from it should stay in the future, not on this car.

The thin white lines along the wheels, the aero parts, and the splitters look bad and detract from the aggressive red of the car.

White and red often don't go together, and they would've gone much better if the white accents had been replaced with black ones. Lastly, the red rims look terrible and absolutely don't look good. They should be silver or black, but this owner has botched that easy decision.

7 Makes No Sense

via LegendarySpeed.com

This Corvette was added to this list with a level of reservation. It makes an impressive 740 horsepower, which blows us away. However, unsightly visual modifications make this car far less appealing. Too many finicky aero bits detract from the appearance of this Corvette, making it look as though it's covered in mosquitoes. While they're functional, they don't go well with the Corvette's styling. The gaping bumper may suck in a lot of air for more power but looks absolutely awful. The mean Corvette looks like a meandering catfish with this addition and is certainly not something that we want to see.

6 Makes No Sense

via AutoEvolution.com

Ah. This is just plain awful. The rest of this Corvette might be done well, but this ugly grille just ruins it. Fangs and angry teeth may look okay on fighter jets, but they certainly don't belong on cars. These aren't even paint—perhaps, if they were, we could cut this Corvette some slack. However, they're actual physical additions to the car.

In addition to looking hideous, they block airflow to the engine, making for a modification that reduces attractiveness and performance, which is as bad as it gets.

This Corvette should turn right around, relieving our eyes and driving far away.

5 Makes No Sense

via pinterest

The disrespect shown to older Corvettes is just appalling! This car had serious potential, but it was taken way too far and just looks like a cheap and tacky mess. For starters, the absurdly high spoiler looks like a shopping cart that's been poorly assembled. Thin golden accents trail the lines of the car, which look unsightly and detract from the subtlety of the original design. The owner has not one but two Chevrolet and Corvette badges on the trunk, just so that you're absolutely sure that this is a Corvette. He was probably better off taking the badges off of the car so that he didn't tarnish the good name of Chevrolet.

4 Makes No Sense

via Dorkly

The Corvette may not be the most practical car in the world, but that's well known to drivers. No one buys a Corvette to transport cargo, and those who can afford this sports car can likely afford a second, more practical car for their daily needs.

Seeing the Corvette turned into a hatchback/shooting brake abomination is too much.

The sleek body lines of the car are ruined, and the poorly constructed rear body panels look like they're about to fall off of the car. This look may be passable on some cars, like the Ferrari FF, but unfortunately, it doesn't work well with the design of the Corvette at all.

3 Makes No Sense

via YouTube

This Corvette puts down a crazy amount of power, but that doesn't stop it from looking awful. The Lingenfelter and Hennessey Corvettes have incredible top-speed and 0-to-60 numbers, and they look just like any other Corvette. This one, however, looks atrocious. It doesn't even bother to integrate its wide rear wheels or huge supercharger into the body of the car, instead opting to clumsily lump the design elements without any regard for how this ride looks. Extreme performance and sleek looks often don't go together, but there's certainly a balance. Clearly, that balance has been brutally eroded here.

2 Makes No Sense

via Corvette Forums

Just exactly what the purpose of this modification is is unknown, but if its purpose is to ruin the look of this Corvette, then it's achieved its job quite well.

It looks more like a ghastly picnic table than a piece of aerodynamic engineering and is quite ugly.

The side skirts look like they're made of plastic and aren't befitting of the style of the Corvette. The entire rear setup, much like the silver abomination before it, looks absolutely awful. This car is more likely to attract hungry campers than it's awed onlookers and intrigued photographers.

1 Makes No Sense

via Pinterest

There always seems to be someone who thinks that raising the ride height and lowering the traction of high-performance sports cars is a good idea just like the driver of this Corvette clearly does. The huge rims are made all the more awful by the fact that they're a hideous electric green that matches the body and stands out much more than they should. The Corvette is known for speed, cornering ability, and being fun to drive. All of those wonderful qualities are ruined by the ride height, which looks to be on par with soft and mushy SUVs. The only good thing about this hideous ride is that it's the last atrocity you have to look at.

Sources: Chevrolet, Wikipedia, Corvette Forum

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