10 Most Stolen Cars Of 2018 (And 10 That Are Never Touched)

Car manufacturers strive annually to improve the security features of its car. The automobile companies know that the best sports cars in the world have no value if thieves can steal it. In the 90's, most car manufacturers failed to provide the adequate security features to prevent theft; hence, drivers bought steering-wheel and gear-leaver locks to protect their precious vehicles. Yet, thieves found a way to jigger the protection mechanisms and absconded with the car. With the car theft epidemic spiraling out of control, car manufacturers took drastic measures to fit its vehicles with state of the art anti-theft features. Some manufacturers were successful in combating theft while other companies failed, as thieves found a way to circumvent the subpar anti-theft features. Thieves used to target only old models due to the car's scant security features, but with the advent of technology, criminals are also targeting the new models. While any car is prone to theft, certain models are more likely to be targeted than other vehicles.

The motivation for the theft varies. Some cars on our list target are new while others are old and their parts are valuable. Whatever the reason for your tears, our list contains the cars that thieves have stolen the most, and the cars that no thief would touch.

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20 Stolen: Jeep Cherokee

via Youtube

The American manufacturer has made many brilliant SUVs for decades and thieves have noticed. A Cherokee is comfortable and can handle most terrains; hence why many drivers opt for that SUV. If you own a 2000 model, thieves are most likely to target your vehicle.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) reported that more than 9000 Cherokees were stolen in 2016.

Owners of the older Cherokee models should consider selling their vehicle and choose a newer model since it is equipped with better anti-theft protection. The newer models have proven to give thieves a difficult time since not as many are stolen.

19 Stolen: Chevrolet Impala

via Drive & Go Vegas Cars

The Impala has an anti-theft system, but it does not deter criminals. Instead, they seem to love the conservative car that Chevrolet has manufactured. Which model do they target the most? The 2008 model seems to be their priority. NCIB stated that almost 10000 Impalas were stolen in a year.

With average annual sales of 150000 units, 1 out of 15 Impalas will be stolen. To avoid being a statistic while driving an Impala, you should buy a newer model. After all, it is best to follow the philosophy 'Out with the old and in with the new.'

18 Stolen: Toyota Corolla

via Capitol Honda

The Japanese manufacturer has proved that it makes one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, performance wise. In 2016, Toyota bought back a car from its customer who drove the vehicle for 1 million miles. Nobody doubts the engine of a Toyota, but its anti-theft features have not given criminals a tough time.

When the annual report was released, NCIB stated that almost 12000 Corollas were stolen in 2016.

Thieves target the vehicle since it is easy to sell one of the most reliable cars on the road. Maybe the Japanese manufacturer should allocate additional time for installing better anti-theft devices.

17 Stolen: RAM Pickup

via Consumer Guide

The RAM trucks have been a favorite among American pickup drivers for decades, and we cannot blame them. The RAM trucks have been named Motor Trend magazine's Truck of the Year for five years. The RAM 1500 has won several awards, and American drivers love it, as do thieves.

The bad news for RAM owners is that thieves do not target a particular model; instead, they target any of the RAM trucks they can get their hands on, which is evident by more than 12000 RAM's stolen in a year. Although thieves targeted all models, they had an affinity for the 2001 model.

16 Stolen: Nissan Altima

via Gastonia Nissan

Japanese and American manufacturers dominate the list. Nissan has done well with its fleet of pickups such as the Titan and the Pathfinder, but thieves like the Altima. Although the Japanese manufacturer markets the vehicle as 'fun meets frugal,' having your car stolen is not fun or frugal.

How many Altimas were stolen in a year? Just over 12000 cars.

The Altima's fuel consumption is 39 mpg on the highway, which helps drivers to save money on fuel, but what good is that when you don't have a car to drive?

15 Stolen: Toyota Camry

via Youtube

This Japanese manufacturer seems to be a hit not only amongst drivers but also thieves. The Camry has been in production since the early 80's, and it gets better every year, at least with performance. The Camry, like the Corolla, is reliable on the road but is a risk when parked.

The Camry is such a risk that more than 16700 were stolen in 2016. Coincidentally, thieves targeted the 2016 model. It seems that even the new models do not slip through the hands of thieves. With such an exponential number of vehicles stolen, Toyota should hire a thief to install an anti-theft system.

14 Stolen: Chevrolet Silverado Pickup

via Autoweek

The Silverado is another popular pickup that Americans flee to buy. The American manufacturer markets the full-size pickup, as the most dependable and long-lasting truck. Dependable and long-lasting in what way? Mechanically, yes but not physically.

The NCIB reported that more than 31000 were stolen in 2016.

Pickup trucks are the most sold vehicles in the U.S. and targeted by criminals. They loved the 2004 model and regarded it as an easy target. The newer models are equipped with better anti-theft protection and would be the wise choice of drivers wanting to buy this elegant pickup.

13 Stolen: Ford F-Series Pickup

via Wikimedia

When a vehicle is the best seller in the country, it is bound to get the attention of buyers and thieves. Ford sold almost 900000 units of its popular F-series pickup in 2017, and it is not difficult to understand why that is the case. The Raptor is an all-package vehicle that drivers have praised. Thieves seem to like it, as well, since they stole almost 33000 Ford-series pickups in a year.

With truck sales increasing in the states annually, theft is likely to correlate. To remain the best selling vehicle, Ford will have to invest in better anti-theft features. Thieves preferred the 2006 F-series.

12 Stolen: Honda Civic

via Wikipedia

Thieves love American and Japanese cars. Honda, same as Toyota, has proven to manufacture reliable cars. The car's engine can endure high mileage, and Consumer Reports ranked it the most reliable car on the road. While in transit, drivers of the Civic do not have to worry but should be concerned, as soon as they step away from their vehicle.

When NCIB released its annual report of the most stolen cars, the Civic ranked second since 49500 were stolen.

The average sales of the newer models of the Civic are 350000 units annually. Fortunately for drivers of the newer models, thieves had an eye for the 98 model.

11 Stolen: Honda Accord

via Youtube

Be afraid, be very afraid if you own a Honda Accord. The number one and two spots belong to the Japanese manufacturer. Back in the 90's when Honda was manufacturing cars, it was preoccupied with designing the best car engine on the market. Spending so much time under the bonnet, the Japanese manufacturer forgot the security of the car.

More than 50000 Accords were stolen in 2016. Thieves mostly stole the 1997 model, which I have heard has a high resale value of its parts on the black market. At least Honda acted and installed better anti-theft protection in the newer models.

10 Safe: Mini Cooper Clubman

via Austin Mini

Mr. Bean may have popularised the Mini in the 90's, but it was the car manufacturer who reinvented the style and managed to capture a large portion of the market. The name Clubman was originally given to the 1970's facelift of the classic Mini.

Apart from focusing on the aesthetics of the vehicle, Mini decided to install an anti-theft protection system that thieves could not circumvent.

The result was a car that is one of the most secure to drive. Since the Mini is marketed for the female market, ladies will be pleased to know that thieves are not likely to step close to this vehicle.

9 Safe: BMW 5-series

via BMW of Austin

The German manufacturer is a specialist in manufacturing luxury family sedans. The 3-series proved to be a success, and BMW decided to add the 5-series to its fleet. The 5-series is not as popular as the 3-series, and that may be due to its bulkier frame and higher purchase price, but the 5-series is worth the purchase.

BMW has installed the latest anti-theft technology in its new models, and it is evident in the 5-series. The German manufacturer has not ensured that only the mechanical parts deliver a top performance, but the security features keep the thieves away.

8 Safe: Chevrolet Aveo

via Sentra Motors

The Aveo is not the most appealing car to look at but neither is the Accord, yet thieves steal it. Some drivers of the Aveo have complained about the car's alarm system blaring while in transit. I guess Chevrolet programmed it to go off as a measure to scare off all the thieves. Whatever the manufacturer did, it worked.

Thieves are not likely to go near your Aveo, which helps to keep your insurance premium to a minimum.

The Aveo is not the most elegant car on the road, but at least drivers of the vehicle will have a peace of mind knowing that they will find the car in the parking spot upon their return.

7 Safe: Saturn Vue Midsize SUV

via Wikimedia

When the Highway Loss Data Institute released the report on the least stolen vehicles in the U.S., the Saturn Vue was featured. Let's be honest here, the Vue's production in the States halted in 2009, meaning thieves would not get a high re-sell value. Then, there is the matter of the vehicle's aesthetics.

Let's say there is a reason why the car is no longer in production. Whatever the reason may be for thieves staying away from this vehicle, Vue drivers can rest at night knowing the midsize SUV will be in the garage when they wake up in the morning.

6 Safe: Lexus RX 350

via Car Gurus

Lexus is ranked as one of the most luxurious vehicles on the road. Automobile experts are impressed with its safety features and interior. The design of the vehicle is not too bad, either.

Besides dedicating time to the interior and safety features, Lexus ensured that thieves could not break into this luxury SUV by installing an anti-theft system that is impenetrable.

The 2010 RX 350 was one of the least stolen vehicles. The Guard Car Alarm and Keyless Entry System that Lexus installed make this one of the most secure vehicles. Nice to know you can drive a luxury car without worrying that it will be stolen.

5 Safe: Chevrolet Equinox

via Youtube

Maybe Chevrolet has the winning formula. Not only is the Aveo on the list, but the Highway Loss Data Institute report ranked Equinox the 5th least stolen vehicle in the U.S. The new Equinox model has 252 horsepower and goes from 0-60 in 6.6 seconds.

Chevrolet stated that the new model is the complete package. It is equipped with the latest technology and has a stylish design. Apart from that, the car is also secure. Thieves do not go near it, especially the 2010 model. The car is a sassy SUV that has a stylish design.

4 Safe: Volkswagen CC

via Motor Trend

The CC was originally marketed as the Passat CC. The CC debuted in 2008 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and was discontinued in 2017. Now everything about the car's entry on to the list makes sense. Why would thieves steal a car that is discontinued? After all, the discontinuation means nobody wanted it. If you are one of the few who still owns the CC, you do not have to worry about your ride leaving your side, as the Highway Loss Data Institute stated that this is one of the least stolen vehicles in the U.S.

3 Safe: Tesla Model S

via Sportline

Tesla advertised the Model S as the safest and quickest vehicle on the road. The car received a five-star rating for safety and can reach 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Perhaps, Tesla is right. Now, they can add another achievement badge. The car is one of the least stolen vehicles on U.S. roads.

The security system that Musk and his team installed has thieves scratching their heads. The security system is one of the best that had been installed in a car.

The safety, security, and performance do not come cheap. A Tesla Model S has a base price of $72000.

2 Safe: Mercury Mariner

via Wikimedia

The Mercury Mariner is a compact crossover SUV introduced in 2005. The Mariner's production line halted in 2010 and never resumed, not a surprise considering the car's design. It was offered in the U.S., Mexico, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., and Kuwait. Drivers had an option of a 4-speed or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Since they did not want either, Mercury stopped making it. Does it have any positive attributes, Well, the car is ranked as the second least stolen vehicle in the U.S. Could that be because it has an atrocious design and is no longer in production?

1 Safe: Audi A6

via Motor Trend

The no. 1 spot for the least stolen car in the U.S. belongs to a German manufacturer. The best part of this entrant is that the car is still in production and has a decent exterior. Audi has released numerous quality vehicles since it was established in 1909, but its pride possession must be the A6.

The Highway Loss Data Institute stated that the A6 was the least stolen car, and it must be because of its security features.

The German manufacturer did not build the vehicle only to perform but ensured it was secure. Drivers of the A6 will smile knowing that thieves do not even think of jiggering the door of this vehicle.

Sources: Forbes, Business Insider, Car And Driver

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