10 Of The Coolest Custom Street Rods Ever Made

Custom street rods bring both mechanical skill and creativity to the forefront with cars that look, sound, and feel like the height of cool.

The Hot Rod culture came about in the 1920s. It started in southern California where lakes that had dried up became wide-open raceways where racers could test out how fast their Hot Rod could go. Young men that knew a little bit about mechanics would get parts to make their car faster.

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After World War II, those men that had served came back after using their mechanic skills on jeeps and fighter planes. They used their skills on their Hot Rods. It started a whole culture of racing in the streets. Today, Hot Rods are still popular and an attractive sight at car shows. Here are 10 cool Hot Rods.

10 ‘C1RS’ 1962 Corvette

This car won the 2009 Street Machine of the year award. It was created by Roadster shop. The engine is a Turnkey Engine LS7. It has 618 horsepower. The car had the best time in the mandatory three-lap Autocross course. In 1962 this Corvette was introduced and was the end of an era for the American sports car. It brought forth the 327 V-8 engine which carried on to other newer designs. The car was an improved version of other previous sports cars. The 1962 Corvette was already a powerful car but this car is a souped-up version of the car.

9 1968 Mustang Fastback

This car had interior design done to it. They used 100 percent black leather interior with blue perforated leather accent and German square weave carpet. They also put in custom speaker grilles that draws inspiration from the exterior vents of the vehicle. It has a cream color with blue stripes on the outside of the car. The original 1968 mustang packed a punch. The V-8 engine had 195-250 horsepower. This car was a typical strong Ford muscle car. This car takes the Mustang to a whole new level with the added additions to the car and the new paint job.

8 1962 Mercury Monterey

This car has been seen on the cover of several magazines and inside several magazines. It has won plenty of awards in shows across the country. The engine is a 4.6 liter DOHC from a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII.

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It has a gold and green paint job that draws inspiration from a 2001 VW Passat. The Mercury is just a cool car. Iconic Mercurys like the ones from the 1950s come to mind because they brought in a rebellious culture. This car is a gorgeous car and has deserved win the awards and accolades that it has achieved.

7 1927 Ford "Dick Williams Roadster"

The "Dick Williams" Roadster was a land speed racer before it started doing shows. It took home the American Most Beautiful Roadster award in 1953. The car had a Ford flathead V-8 with aluminum heads.  The Ford Model T was one of the first cars ever invented and it is thought of as one of the most significant cars ever built. It was first used as a touring car but then there were other uses though of for the car. This Dick Williams version has a sparkling red paint finish and the engine snarls back at you. This car defines power.

6 1927 California Star

One of these will set you back $100,000-$150,000. This car took the inspiration from the Track T and the red aluminum on the outside of the car was done by the great Ron Covell. The Track T had the long snout and it defined speed in the early days of Hot Rods. This car took it to a whole other level and was able to win the 1984 AMBR award. This car looks like an 80's car when you look at it. The 80s culture was obsessed with the future and the long striped front mirror looks like something out of the future.

5 1970 Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod

The Hot Rod is one of the best inventions in terms of street racing in the early years when America was establishing itself as a power in the world. The Lamborghini is one of the leaders in luxury and turns heads on any street in the world.

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A person combined both of these together and created the 1970 Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod. After a conversation with the owner of the car and a shop founder these two decided to celebrate the Lambos 50th anniversary and put this car together. Two powers were forged together to create this generation entwining gigantic force.

4 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda

This is another beautiful custom made car. It started out as a regular old 318 Barracuda but the genius Mike Staveski built this car into a monster. The car is a front-mid-engine car and has an Arrington-supercharged 6.4L Gen III Hemi built into it. It has a 2001 Viper ACR chassis inside which is a specialty of Staveski. Back in 1971, the Plymouth Barracuda was part of the maker's third-generation ponycar line. The car was performance-oriented and toted a standard 375-horsepower 383. These cars were never in high demand and they are rare to see today. Another reason that this is an unbelievable accomplishment by Staveski.

3 2016 Hellcat

This is the first car on this list that is from this decade. This car was souped up by David Salvaggio. This tricked out the car has bumpers, fenders, doors, quarter panels, roof, a-pillars, rear deck lid, and spoilers made of carbon fiber. The effort that was taken in this car is breathtaking. All that carbon saves 670 pounds of weight off the car. The noncustom made version of this car had 707 horsepower. It was the most potent piece of machinery ever sold to regular customers for road use on American soil. More than 90 percent of the car parts were new.

2 Lego Hot Rod

Playing with Legos is a pastime that all kids should experience. The Lego Company is known for blocks that people can play with and build things that they could only imagine to have.

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Lego has went and took this to a whole different level and went on to build their own contraptions like a full-sized functional home, Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings, a lego version of the Taj Mahal and a life-sized Batarang from Batman. The Lego crew went on to build an air-powered functional Hot Rod. Truly a remarkable feat by Lego and amazing what could be done with blocks.

1 Carbon Fiber Hot Rod

Carbon Fiber is a polymer. It is a very strong material that is very light in terms of weight also. The Fiber is twice as strong as steel and twice as stiff. It can be thinner than human hair and it is stronger when twisted together. One could see why this would be ideal to make a car out of. Cars have to be known for their strength and ability to handle all obstacles that are presented to them in a day. This car was made out of completely all carbon fiber and looks like a tank. This is an ideal car for somebody that wants to wreak some havoc on the roads.

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