10 Of The Sickest Modded Cadillacs (And 10 That Defy All Logic)

Cadillacs being a symbol of wealth and success, lead people to modify them visually to be more striking and more glamorous.

The Cadillac is the epitome of the American luxury car. Founded in 1902, the luxury manufacturer was considered the benchmark of success for decades. Cadillac parked in your driveway? Well, then you were doing just fine. They used to be simply just luxury cars—long, wide sedans with posh leather interiors and gleaming paint that caught the eyes of American workers and celebrities alike. Cadillac has transformed from making cars that are simply spiffy and large into a manufacturer that makes refined luxury vehicles alongside a strong lineup of sporty options.

Cadillac’s foray into the sports car segment with their V Series vehicles has caught the eye of car enthusiasts everywhere. Contenders like the ATS-V and larger, more powerful CTS-Vs provide substantial competition to longstanding German sport sedans like the 3 Series and the A4. As with any desirable car, Cadillacs of all types, be they SUVs or sedans, are commonly modified. The performance cars that Cadillac makes are often subject to mechanical modifications that greatly increase their power and speed, and end up looking very aggressive in the process. These are our favorites—Cadillacs that are modified tastefully and with purpose, and these ones often perform the best on the road.

On the other hand, Cadillacs being a symbol of wealth and success, lead people to modify them visually to be more striking and more glamorous. These modifications often look awful and completely ruin the otherwise nice Cadillac. These mods include ritzy, over-the-top paint jobs, tacky rims, and ugly body mods. They come together to create something truly awful, contrasting with the great examples on this list.

20 Amazing: Sleek CTS-V

via CTSVOwners.com

This first great-looking Cadillac is a modified CTS-V Coupe, one of Cadillac's most unique cars in the lineup. The striking body lines are highlighted by chrome accents, and the owner very smartly matched this design by gettings rims that are bordered by chrome. They tie all elements of the car together neatly and look quite stunning. This coupe is also lowered, tastefully so. It's low enough to improve the look of the car but not low enough to impair the function of driving and have you grit your teeth every time you go over a gutter in anticipation of scrapes.

19 Amazing: Lowered Beauty

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This second CTS-V Coupe looks even better than the first. The stance borders on being a bit too much, but it still looks as though the car has some usable ground clearance. The rims are striking, and the gunmetal spokes contribute to the aggressive look of the car. The front splitter does this, too, letting us know that this car is modified and built for speed.

The hood bulge would suggest that the engine has been modified as well and likely is packing some serious power.

This CTS-V has all the right components that tie the car together nicely and make for a tastefully modded and speedy package.

18 Amazing: Who Wouldn't Love This CTS-V Wagon?

via Pinthiscars.com

Sadly, this beauty is no longer in production. Cadillac's 550-horsepower CTS-V wagon was nixed some years ago, but it was highly desirable during its production and long after. The owner of this brilliant example has done a great job modifying it. The custom dark-blue paint job is handsome and gleaming in true Cadillac fashion. The gunmetal rims are aggressive and stylish, and they also match well with the gunmetal coloring on the grille. The wagon is stanced well and is low enough to look stunning yet high enough to be useful. This CTS-V wagon is a perfect amalgamation of what makes a good modified Cadillac.

17 Amazing: Mauve Is 'Mazin

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This CTS V has been put together quite well. The matte mauve wrap is unique and stylish and fits well with the Cadillac persona. It goes well with the flashy red brake calipers, and these tie the design of the car together. The bronze rims look upscale and work well with the wrap. The stance adds the finishing touches on this CTS, and the wheels are perfectly flush with the body of the car. It's hard to make a wrap, custom rims, and a lowering kit work well together, as they're easy to make appear tacky. However, this owner has done a great job of making these pieces work well together.

16 Amazing: Is This A Car Or A Mirror?

via GM Authority

This ATS V has been modified quite nicely. The angular front bumper piece looks aggressive, sleek, and practical. The front of the car isn't dropped excessively, so driving it into driveways and parking lots won't be much of a struggle.

The new rims fit the modern styling of the ATS, and the black metal works quite well with the glossy dark-gray paint.

Additionally, the stance of this Cadillac is nearly perfect. It's sporty, pulls the car closer to the ground for better looks and aerodynamics, and isn't too low as to make the poor ATS scrape everywhere it goes.

15 Amazing: What A Powerful Racecar

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At first glance, this heavily modified CTS-V coupe may appear a bit excessive. What makes this car great is that it's actually used for the purpose that it's built for. The aero kit and low stance are both functional, keeping the coupe pinned to the track. The large wing looks good with this aero setup and provides real downforce, helping to keep the Cadillac steady and planted at speed. It's likely that this one also has some serious engine modifications and pumps out quite a bit of power, making it highly desirable in our eyes.

14 Amazing: Rare XLR

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This is a great example of an older, out-of-style car that's been rescued and brought back to life. The Cadillac XLR is a lesser-known sports coupe that Cadillac produced in the early 2000s and that has sadly fallen from production. However, every now and again, you'll see one on the road, and hopefully, it'll look as good as this example does.

The owner has done an excellent job of making this XLR look sleek and sporty.

The all-black look is amazing, and the style of the rims works well with the style of the car. The lowering kit puts the already low-slung sports car close to the ground, creating an eye-catching and attractive look.

13 Amazing: This Isn't Your Grandpa's Coupe DeVille

via Reddit

Here, we have a great-looking 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. It looks absolutely stunning, and the owner has done a great job of restoring this blast from the past and turning it into something that looks perfectly at home amongst modern cars. The new rims fit the design language of the long coupe perfectly. The lowering kit isn't at all practical; however, it looks great on this car, as it's primarily for show and not for practicality. The hood bulge would suggest that there's a large engine fitted under the hood and perfectly completes the look of this car.

12 Amazing: Intimidating Hennessey Escalade

via Hennessy

This is famous tuner Hennessey's mark on a Cadillac Escalade, and this thing is just plain crazy. It makes a whopping 805 horsepower and about 810 pound-feet of torque. It jumps to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds, which is fast by any standards, not just SUV ones. It's unusual to see an Escalade modded so aggressively and tastefully, so this example nearly tops our list. Hennessey's visual modifications look great as well, with simple coloring making the Escalade look more aggressive. The new rims add to that well, creating a solid look that's sleek yet intimidating.

11 Amazing: Hennessy Does It Again

via Bhakti Club

This CTS-V Sedan tops our list as the most impressive modified Cadillac and for good reason. It's modified by Hennessey, the same company that tuned the previous Escalade. They gave it an incredible power upgrade, and now, the sedan makes about 1,000 horsepower and 966 pound-feet of torque.

These power upgrades give the CTS-V enough oomph to get up to 60 miles per hour in a scant 2.9 seconds, which is quicker than most other cars on the road.

Their visual modifications look great, too. The Cadillac remains sleek and stately but looks even more aggressive without going completely over the top. It would be hard to find a nicer Cadillac than this one.

And now for the 10 modded Cadillacs that defy all logic...

10 Not So Pretty In Pink

via Motor1.com

While this example isn't too bad, it's not particularly pleasant either. The one saving grace is that, although this Escalade is bad, it has no body modifications besides the coloring. It could be much worse with a tacky hood scoop or oversized rims. However, the color ruins it. Pink isn't a color that looks good on cars, and as a result, this Escalade looks incredibly tacky. The matching pink rims look awful, too. Rims that match body color often don't work unless the colors are black, white, or gray. This Escalade had potential, but unfortunately, the owner dropped the ball.

9 Straight Outta Fast And Furious

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This CTS V has mods that could make it useful on the track, but as it looks like a poser for the street, it's no longer any good to use.

The lowered body kit and front splitter bring the bottom of the car dangerously close to the ground, leaving just an inch or two of ground clearance.

The expensive car will easily be scraped or potentially damaged, making this modification impractical. The huge rear wing isn't necessary either, and as the rear of the CTS-V coupe already sits high, a spoiler that nears or exceeds the roofline of the car looks absolutely awful. This is a car that not even a mother could love.

8 Too. Much. Stance.

via Mind Over Motor

This poor Cadillac has two saving graces: firstly, the wheels. The bronze metal and the aggressive spoke design actually look quite nice, and it's a shame that the rest of the car is ruined. The only thing that keeps this CTS towards the top of our list is the paint—the gleaming blue paint fits the Cadillac quite well. Unfortunately, the stance and the body kit ruin this car. It's absolutely undrivable—even a pebble in the road could cause you to scrape your car. Modified cars really do look great, especially lowered, but not so much so that they become basically unusable.

7 Looks Like There Was A Sale On Lowering Springs

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For this owner to have the opportunity to acquire a sleek CTS-V wagon and then to ruin it like this is unforgivable. The way that the front wheels are tucked would suggest that this Cadillac is on air suspension, but the owner ought to keep it raised to a normal ride height. If the wagon had more subtle side skirts, it wouldn't look odd, but the continuous chunky line running all the way along the bottom of the car overextends the body and makes it look ungainly. Unfortunately, the new rims and painted brake calipers look great, and this ride has a lot of lost potential.

6 Cringe-worthy Body Kit

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This is just bad. The older Cadillac sedans look decent and handsome, but this owner decided to step it up and make his into a race car. Starting with the spoiler, the rear of the car has been ruined. It's tacky and makes the stately tide look cheap.

The cheap feel is extended by the body kit, which looks like something out of an early Fast and Furious movie.

The rims ruin the car, too—chrome rarely makes a cheap car look fancy, and these ugly rims don't do the Cadillac any favors. The owner would've been better off leaving the car untouched.

5 Not Quite A Blast From The Past

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Speaking of tacky, how's this for a shot? Nothing looks worse than trying to over-glam a ride that's already fancy and expensive—think diamond-studded Mercedes. Older Cadillacs had a bolted-on soft-top roof look, and it looks as though that old design language has been translated to this example. The top looks as though it'll be ruined with any moisture. The impossibly skinny tires don't look great either and likely make the Cadillac incredibly uncomfortable to drive. White walls on the tires are a classic look, but with the tires being so skinny, the rubber just looks white. The older design language is just that—old—and should be left to older Cadillacs, as it doesn't translate well to the newer models.

4 Wonder What Kind Of Car This Is?

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The tackiness is stepped up a notch here. This car is the equivalent of those Ralph Lauren polo shirts with huge logos on them, letting others know exactly what kind of shirt you're wearing.

This ugly Cadillac has a huge logo where the grille should be, and the respected shield has been blown up to cartoonish proportions.

Not only is the body of the car ruined, but so are the wheels. The large chrome... things are also emblazoned with the oversized logo, making sure that you can tell this is a Cadillac from all angles. It's hard to believe that someone would have the guts to be seen in this in public.

3 Ri-donk-ulous

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If you thought these couldn't get any worse, then you're in for a ride now. Let's start with the technicolor paint. This poor sedan has been turned into a tie-dye shirt of a car, and these colors don't look good at all. Next, the wheels. Surely, no one can find this Cadillac attractive at all. The gigantic gold saucers look almost as tall as the car itself, if not taller. They raise the car to an uncomfortable and unsafe ride height. The CTS has lost all of its sporting capabilities and no longer can be called a sport sedan. It's unusual to see these ugly rims on sedans, and we wish we could wash this image from our memories.

2 Still Not Pretty In Pink

via Car Throttle

Here, we have a Cadillac SRX that's been absolutely ruined. The skinny tires wreck the ride quality of the SRX, which is otherwise comfortable. One of the hallmarks of this American luxury brand is that it's extraordinarily comfortable to ride in, but these skinny tires don't absorb shock well, and neither do the huge rims. Speaking of the rims, they look like huge plates and not rims that belong on an upscale car. As ugly as this SRX is, it's made all the worse by the hot-pink chrome coloring. It basically guarantees that all in the vicinity of this car will see it, doing an immense disservice to their eyes.

1 Blindingly Ugly SRX

via crossoverplus.info

This is perhaps the worst modified Cadillac of all. The spiderweb rims are obnoxiously large and throw the proportions of the car off immensely.

The poor SRX has been ruined with the silver chrome wrap, which looks even flashier and perhaps uglier than the previous pink one.

The only good thing about this wrap is that sunlight glinting off of it will probably make you go blind for a minute, saving your eyes from this atrocity. It's astounding to think that someone thinks this looks good and that a mechanic was willing to carry out the work necessary to complete this project.

Sources: Reddit

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