10 Oldest Car Companies In The World

Most of these automotive companies are over a hundred years old, and their legacies continue even to this day and age.

For those of us who spend all the free moments of our lives contemplating the complexities of the automobile, the companies that manufacture our favored steeds are just as important to us as the cars themselves.

Some of us out there consider ourselves Ford aficionados and all we ever talk about are Fords and how great they are. The same goes for Dodge, Chevrolet and the plethora of other manufacturers out there; they've all got their own dedicated fans.

But have we ever thought of how old these iconic companies are? I’m sure some of us have thought about that, so we decided to go ahead and dedicate a whole article to it. As it turns out, there are indeed many car companies that are surprisingly old. Join us on a journey through time, as we take a look at some of the oldest car companies around.

10. Cadillac

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Cadillac was founded in Detroit Michigan back in 1902. That makes the company 116 years old. In terms of longevity ... that's definitely a long time. And the company has churned out quite a few amazing vehicles in that time. To name a few: The Escalade, the ATS, the XT4, and many others.

It was founded by William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen, and Henry M. Leland. But actually, it was started by Henry Ford himself, who left after financial disputes and good thing, because he went on to launch Ford.

9. Fiat

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The Fiat car company has been churning out their own brand of vehicles since 1899, when it was founded by Giovanni Agnelli. Now that's pretty old! They haven't always had the best reputation either, and motorists used to joke that the name stood for 'Fix It Again, Tony'. But year to year, they have improved their product and brought it to the attention of motorists who needed a trustworthy car. In recent years, the company has even enjoyed widespread success around the globe, as they have brought their product overseas and the North American public has definitely taken to their cars.

8. Renault

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This company was also founded in 1899. It was founded by a trio of brothers: Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault.

The company was focused on building cars, but as the years went on, they shifted a bit of their focus to building engines and other vehicular parts for military aircraft as well as military vehicles during World War 1, however never relinquishing their interest in the automobile. And that proved to be a good thing as they currently are one of the world's largest providers; especially to Europe.

7. Land Rover

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A tad younger than the cars on this list thus far, the Land Rover Company was established in 1948. Still quite a long time ago, the company rose to prominence and their vehicles are definitely a trusted brand, particularly in the realm of the Sports Utility Vehicle.

The company hails from the United Kingdom. It has since been sold to Jaguar Land Rover --a division of Jaguar whose dealerships sell the Land Rover as well as other vehicles under that brand. Some of their most popular vehicles are the Defender, the Discovery and the Range Rover.

6. Ford

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"Built Ford Tough"

Reputations like this don't just get thrown around haphazardly. They're earned after years. A tagline like this is given to a company that keeps giving no matter what it's been through and no matter how many times it's been around the block. Ford definitely nestles in at one of the top spots for motor vehicle companies with a great rep, and that's for a very good reason. They have a quality vehicle and if nothing else, they gave the world The Mustang, which is perfection on wheels.

They've been in business since 1903.

5. Harley Davidson Motor Company

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For so many of us vehicle aficionados out there, sometimes there's a very fine line between the cars we love and the motorcycles we love. For a lot of us gear heads and motor heads, the two go hand in hand, and it's impossible to consider one without the other.

That's why we had to include the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company on this list, as they have been churning out epic bikes since 1903, which definitely puts them on the list of one of the oldest companies out there -- no matter if their specialty is bikes and not cars.

4. Skoda Auto

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Founded in 1895 in the Czech Republic, this car company has been making automobiles for many decades, although they are much better known in Europe than in North America. Their parent company is none other than Volkswagen.

Although their reputation hasn't always been the best, Skoda have made strides in the past decade to remind people that they make a great car, and in 2017 they reported their best sales year ever! They surely can't be considered one of the small boys in the group with that sum and such a great story.

3. Mercedes Benz

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Few luxury vehicles have the kind of reputation that this logo does. The sight of it instills in anyone who sees it confidence that the vehicle being driven is classy, stylish and well made. That symbol is perhaps one of the most trusted symbols in all the world when it comes to cars, and the company and the vehicle behind it stands as one of the greatest car manufacturers in the world.

Mercedes Benz was founded in 1926 and was previously founded under the name Benz And Cie way back in 1883 making it one of the oldest around.

2. Dodge

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This symbol carries its own history and reputation, as this company has been around since 1900 and what a 118-year journey it's been thus far. The company has brought forth many incredible vehicles ... vehicles that are no doubt some of the best in the business. Ranging from incredible trucks, muscle cars, and luxury vehicles, this is definitely the brand that keeps on giving.

Perhaps the only one on the list to give competition to the Ford Motor Company for creating one of the greatest muscle cars in history ... the Dodge Charger.

1. Ferrari

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79 years ago on the 13th of September, 1939, the Ferrari Motor Company was founded in Modena, Italy by none other than Enzo Ferrari himself.

The first "Ferrari-badged" car was only completed in 1947, officially making that date the beginning of its life as a top seller of luxury cars. And we'll say that 3.417 billion in revenues definitely puts them in the top seller category.

Fewer cars have the sleek style and handling that Ferrari vehicles posses and we can definitely understand why the company has had such success among motorists.

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