20Lemon: Poorly Written Ads

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An ad typically only has one job. To sell a product or service successfully to its intended customer. There are a lot of times though when an ad fails. Perhaps, it’s not appealing enough. Perhaps, it doesn’t speak the market’s language. In the case of a car, however, an ad

is considered a failure and even a warning sign when it appears very poorly written.

Remember, a car ad, just like any other ad, should look and sound respectable. More importantly, it should display all the important information that you initially need to know about the car. That includes the make, model and year. At the same time, the seller may also choose to include all the features that are available in the unit.

Meanwhile, it would also be great if the seller can state the reason for selling the car in the ad. That way, it is possible to know if the car has suffered any major damage recently.

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