10 Strict Rules McLaren Owners Must Follow (And 10 The Employees Must Abide By)

To get an idea of what matters most to McLaren Automotive, and how it views its role in the auto industry, look no further than its motto: "There is no finish line.” Not only is this tagline used in advertising, as Jalopnik points out, but it drives McLaren to make the kind of automobiles they’ve introduced to the world.

Based in Britain, the company has a long and storied history that’s rooted in Formula 1 and high-performance road cars. Their cars not only excel in power—case in point, their 675LT is capable of doing 675 hp, as per My Drift Fun—but also for bearing a signature exterior styling as well. With signs of McLaren teasing a grand tourer, they continue to be ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to their hypercars.

In order to achieve the level of engineering and success McLaren has achieved, it requires that its workers follow a stringent set of rules. There are high expectations placed on its employees, who ought to achieve nothing less than perfection.

On the other side of the tracks, there are just as many rules that even owners have to follow. Buying a new McLaren and presiding over it as owner entails an enormous amount of responsibility. Although it offers a rewarding driving experience, it demands more out of the owner, often exceeding what they expected.

We’re going to look at all the rules owners have to follow starting on the day they pick up a McLaren. The workers have even stricter rules, which we also cover. Be sure to also check out who won when a McLaren 600LT went up against a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in a drag race.

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20 Owners: Wait Patiently For The Car To Arrive

via O'Gara Coach La Jolla

Living in a culture where there are fast food and priority shipping, it’s hard to practice delayed gratification. When someone puts their money down, they want whatever they’re paying for right away, especially when it's a high-performance car. When a new McLaren comes out, often the demand is higher than how many are available at the outset. It stands as a testament to the brand’s that preorders sell out so fast.

Top Speed reports that the McLaren 720S sold out quickly in 2018, forcing prospective buyers to wait another year at the earliest. McLaren owners—or would be owners, to be exact—have to accept this.

19 Owners: Hit Up Exotic Car Events

via dimmitt.com

Buying a McLaren automatically inducts its owner into a world of exclusivity and style. A purchase like this can make one rethink their wardrobe, where they live, even their swagger—it can have an influence in small areas and large. It’s important though to recognize that the McLaren isn’t a car everyone has the money for, so it’s only fair to bring the car to show and tell.

An exotic car event is the perfect setting for McLaren owners to show off their car without looking like a total schmuck. Plus it’s a great way to connect with other McLaren owners.

18 Owners: Store Key Inside A Signal Blocking Case

via eurocarnews.com

There are those who’ll look for a shortcut to owning a McLaren. According to McLaren’s website, they’ve identified a security risk: thieves are somehow able to scan the key when it's near the vehicle and actually drive off with it. To combat this, they recommend their owners put the key in a case that will protect against scanning when it's not in the ignition.

This should be an easy rule to follow for owners since they certainly don’t want to lose their car. The site even notes that thieves can only drive away with the car but aren’t able to start it up again without the key.

17 Owners: Replace The Brake Fluid Every Few Years

via Hemmings Motor News

This next rule is the kind of advice someone in a McLaren club is sure to teach newbies. They’ll be grateful for receiving nuggets like this, as it keeps their car in better shape for longer. The brake fluid ought to get flushed out every couple of years, even if it doesn’t move an inch.

According to PFAFF Auto, brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it fades over time and can affect braking power over time. Even if McLaren owners only take their car out every once in a while and feel there’s enough brake fluid in there, they should still make sure to change it out regularly.

16 Owners: Join A McLaren Club

via YouTube user e Hely

There’s no shortage of car owners clubs these days. If there’s a popular car, chances are there’s a dedicated following behind it and lots of venues for them to connect. For McLaren owners, it’s essential they get connected with a club—there are no excuses. There’s only upside to joining one, from meeting fellow McLaren owners to finding out more about their car to—best of all—potential discounts.

Whether it’s parts, apparel or other fun goodies, a McLaren club offers tons of perks that no one should pass up on. It provides a way for McLaren owners to get the most out of their favorite ride.

15 Owners: Don’t Change Your Oil On Your Own

via McLaren Life

This next rule is twofold: first off, there’s no reason McLaren owners should change the oil on their own. They probably don’t have time and should avoid small hassles like this that a dealership can easily take care of.

According to Autoblog, they have 80 dealers across the globe, including Boston, Houston, and Palm Beach. It makes the most sense if owners take their cars to a dealership to have their oil changed. Secondly, there’s always the chance owners could do something wrong. They are better off leaving the car’s maintenance to the experts, who will be able to take this simple task off their hands and do it right.

14 Owners: Connect With Other McLaren Owners

via eurokarsgroup.com

As mentioned earlier, exotic car events provide an opportunity to network with other McLaren owners. If car shows aren’t really the owner’s thing though, there are plenty of other methods to find peers. The web is full of message boards where diehard McLaren fans and owners post daily.

Having a McLaren is, in turn, recognizing there are only so many owners in the world, so it’s best to stick together. Chances are if someone else has a McLaren, they’re bound to share at least a few commonalities between the two of them. They might even be able to pass on helpful advice about maintaining the car.

13 Owners: Get A Tire Plug Kit (They Don’t Have Spare Tires)

via SpeedSociety.com

When a driver switches over to a supercar for the first time, they realize some of the things they took for granted in a conventional car. This is bound to happen with new owners of a McLaren, especially if they haven’t had a supercar before. For one, there’s no spare tire. It isn’t very likely owners will take their McLaren on a long distance trip, though a flat tire could strike at any moment.

For these instances, it’s best to have a tire plug kit handy for when things get dicey. That way they can patch it up as a temporary fix until they get to the nearest mechanic.

12 Owners: Buy New Parts To Upgrade The Car

via Tech Parts

This next rule should be easy for owners to follow. Once they actually get the car, that’s when the fun really begins. We’re not just referring to driving it but making it their own car. How does one do this? By getting unique parts that not only enhance the car but makes it more personalized to their preferences.

Whether it’s getting a new exhaust system, a tow hook or carbon fiber accents, there’s no shortage of parts available to outfit a McLaren. While it costs lots for some of the individual parts, it’s a rule they ought to follow regardless.

11 Owners: Read The Handbook Or Resources Online

via AllFlavors TV - AllFlavors.net

No one wants to read after they get a car. They just want to drive in it all day, especially if it’s a supercar like a McLaren. Owners ought to reconsider this notion though if they want to get the fullest out of driving it.

According to McLaren’s official website, the handbook exists to help owners know everything there is to the vehicle, which is a far cry from most conventional ones. If someone doesn’t want the handbook, they can always do some digging online. Either way, they need to learn about their car, or they aren’t following the rules.

10 Employees: Have To Put Car Parts Through A Rigorous Process

via Hemmings Motor News

Finding out the details of what workers go through to make McLaren cars only elevates one’s appreciation for them. The amount of care and attention to detail is astounding. McLaren’s website reports that every single part of the car goes through a comprehensive process.

First, it starts with the design, then they go into testing the part and then make final touches in order to trim off weight. The lighter the car, the better the performance. This is what McLaren owners value in their cars without even knowing it. When they drive it, they’re blown away by its power, which is all possible through McLaren’s rigorous process.

9 Employees: Accept And Support All Partnerships

via PlanetF1

McLaren teams up with other companies all the time, especially in the Formula One world. Workers have to accept whoever they group up with, regardless of whether they support the other company or not. Just this year, a British company announced they’re sponsoring McLaren’s Formula One team, as per Motorsport, “It gives us a truly global platform with which to drive greater resonance of our potentially reduced risk products, including our Vype, Vuse and global brands," said Kingsley Wheaton.

Some McLaren employees may be fine with the partnership, others not as much, but all have to accept it.

8 Employees: Be Willing To Test Parts For Up To 700 Total Hours

via Hemmings Motor News

We already touched on how McLaren spends time testing their parts. How long exactly? Well, more than we can imagine. Their website reports that the alternator went through 700 hours of testing. Breaking it down, 600 of those hours were due to the validation program, while the remaining 100 was how long it took to test it over 826 simulated laps around a track.

Not only do they want to ensure safety, but they want their car to exceed all others in performance and quality. If there’s one way to do it, such as McLaren proves, it’s to test parts, test them again and then start all over again.

7 Employees: Take Tea Breaks And Measure The Factory’s Floor Tiles

via CNET; Motor1

Just joking. Covered previously in our times automakers played April Fools' jokes, McLaren once came out with a startling report reports Motor1. They were so orderly and systematic, their workers took tea breaks, sipping their cups in unison and measured the factory's floor tiles every day to make sure they were the right dimensions. They even released photos showing it all.

Thankfully, it was all a joke. It even showed that McLaren is largely aware of their reputation for tidiness and was able to poke fun of themselves. Deep down though, it’s a trait the automaker is probably swelling up with pride over.

6 Employees: Work With Other Companies To Develop New Parts

via McLaren Scottsdale

Sometimes it can be hard enough working alongside coworkers. Imagine having to cross the aisle to work with another company where philosophies vary. That, however, is part of being a McLaren employee. According to their official website, the design team works directly with Pirelli technicians in making new parts. They’re best known for their tires. It may complicate workers’ days to partner up with other corporations, but it’s necessary in order to make some of the best supercars out there.

For that to happen, they need to assemble the best parts available, even if they outsource the tires or other components.

5 Employees: Be Organized, Deliver Perfection

via McLaren

Nothing less than perfection will do for a McLaren employee. McLaren’s former CEO, Ron Dennis, as per the site Job in F1, largely molded the auto company into what it is today. Organization was important, from the way the business looked to the way employees managed their work areas. Dennis was even particular about the way the factory’s floor tiles looked. If he was picky about the floor, one can bet he felt that way about employees’ appearance.

As a reflection of the company, employees must look the part and even more, play the part. Not only does their work style need to be orderly, but they must deliver perfection.

4 Employees: Have To Be A Techie

via ProjectCarsGame.com

Technology is changing cars forever. Many automakers are embracing new advancements and computing. Those that don't will likely get left in the dust. McLaren is ahead of the curve, with its former CEO Ron Dennis even saying, “Technology drives everything we do” (The Verge). With computers used to ensure cars are accurately built, it’s imperative for workers to learn the software.

The Verge reports that McLaren has 3,000 employees. Many of the tasks they work on require knowledge of computing and using analytics software. Before prospective applicants pursue a job at McLaren, they ought to consider how good they are with technology first.

3 Employees: Have To Apply Paint Manually, Can’t Use Machines

via Piston Heads

There are some things a machine just can’t do yet. More goes into the paint than it would seem on the surface. McLaren doesn’t leave it up to the machines to do a man’s job, even if it’s a major pain for those involved.

According to Engadget, workers put on the paint themselves due to the car’s shape and curvature. There are certain corners and crevices too difficult for a machine to navigate around. It’s a lot more laborious though to have someone actually spend all that time covering every surface instead of kicking back while a machine does it.

2 Employees: Achieve Innovations Before Ferrari And Porsche

via Drive

McLaren sets high goals for its employees. They still produce cars like they’ve got something to prove. Even after all their awards, the company doesn’t seem content. It’s important to them to come up with new developments that end up influencing others, instead of the other way around.

For example, as Engadget points out, McLaren found a way to crack a hybrid engine system, which could go on to influence their competition, such as Ferrari and Porsche. They don’t take their competitors lightly and know they have to look to the future if they want to stay ahead of their rivals.

1 Employees: Give Input To Owners About Their Cars

via McLaren

Few deny McLarens lacks excellence. For the brand to succeed, employees have to reflect that same level of quality that its products do. According to McLaren’s official website, owners can expect to receive guidance from its employees that's "first class.” That means when an owner strolls into a retailer, workers need to go above and beyond.

Once workers have addressed what owners are in the dealer for in the first place, they can start to recommend other parts or give them tips on maintaining the car. In anticipating owners’ needs, they’re following a critical rule as a worker for McLaren.

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