10 Supercars Owned By The Dubai Police

Dubai splurged on these world-class sports cars thinking it would make tourists more at home in their nation.

There’s a ton to see in Dubai and that includes the inside of a police officer's car. Sure, being arrested in a foreign country sounds like a complete nightmare, but Dubai’s fleet of luxury cop cars isn’t actually meant to intimidate. Unlike visiting that one super rich friend whose parent's home feels like a museum, Dubai splurged on these beauties thinking it would make tourists more at home in their nation. Or at least make tourists feel very, very awed. According to Dubai police lieutenant Saif Sultan Rashed Al Shasmi, “These police cars don’t see duty at traffic accidents or engage in high-speed pursuits”. These cars are definitely for ogling, so let’s ogle away.

10. Bugatti Veyron

Many non-car enthusiast folks out there wouldn’t even know to include the Bugatti Veyron in their dream garage. But the name carries a lot of weight. There’s a lot of cars in Dubai that are resigned to some sad fates, but this is not one of them. The Veyron is a car that’s defied objections since day one- critics said that no one could build a car with a W16 engine, or two V8's combined. And then Bugatti did it. Anyway, this record-smashing car is just one of many in the Dubai police force’s arsenal of luxury super cars.

9. Ferrari FF

American police cars are engineered with the straight forward logic of blue sirens that even color blind folks can see and the warning red light signifying the need to stop. But that’s not how Dubai’s police cars roll- the engine is 6.3 liters and a V12 with a 651 horsepower. This car is technically a mini-van among its other police-operated supercars, since it’s a four-seater. Yup, it’s rare in Dubai to find a police car with a backseat (like- for criminals) because that’s just not the purpose of these cars. It’s the literal opposite of the function of American police cars.

8. Lamborghini Aventador

Unlike in America, the Dubai police force’s cars never go out of style. This Lambo just screams speed--it’s almost more confusing that the car is painted in the colors of any federal department than it is weird that tax payer money was spent on police cars. Fine, that’s making a lot of assumptions about the economy in Dubai when I don’t know anything but someone’s money was spent on this car and someone got the custom paint job of the Dubai police force. And obviously that’s not the most flattering paint job on this amazing car- it’s like seeing a cheetah wearing a suit.

7. Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin’s are a notoriously exclusive brand- the Aston Martin Taraf wasn’t even intended to ever be sold in the US. Why? Because these luxury cars regularly retail around one million dollars. Yeah, not nine hundred and ninety nine thousand and ninety nine cents, even. Because if you’re this rich, you don’t need that little trick to sell you on this beauty. Well, either you’re a millionaire with refined taste in cars or a common servant of the state in Dubai. One or the other- more or less the same. This car just oozes style and really makes you wonder what it’s like at some common intersection in Dubai.

6. Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Plenty of Porsche’s in Dubai have had less fortunate fates- notably, being dumped in the desert- because Dubai is the kind of place where Porsche's can be dumped (like, at all and anywhere- that’s just ridiculous) and also the cops drive Porsche’s (also ridiculous, but here we are). Now, this addition to the Dubai law enforcement family may not be a gas guzzler like some of its brothers and sisters, but this hybrid electric car is just as luxurious as anything else. Or else it wouldn’t be driven by the Dubai police force. Would the Dubai police force be okay with driving the car you drive? Ugh, that’s a bummer of a thought experiment.

5. BMW M6

The BMW is a classic for Americans to ogle- it’s one of the more common luxury cars you’ll run into in America. It’s pretty impressive and worth a second look, even in Dubai where cars are commonly made of solid gold. Or silver, if you’re on a budget. You know how when you’re trying to cut costs you only make your custom made luxury sports car out of the second most precious metal? Well, this BMW cop car is like that times a million. I guess the cops in Dubai are perceived similarly to American cops… just by Dubai standards.

4. Audi R8

The Audi R8 is a gorgeous, low-slung V10-powered monster that inspired Lamborghini to borrow the mechanics behind its mid-mounted engine. You’re doing something right when Lambo borrows your design. This absolute beast of a car hits speeds your typical Crown Victoria couldn’t dream of--it’ll hit zero to sixty-miles per hour in under four seconds. Oh right- because it’s the cream of the crop of luxury sports cars and a total masterpiece. This model has been around a decade and is only getting perfected as it patrols the streets of Dubai, keeping those same roads safe… and very glamorous.

3. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Brabus

It’s not the most luxurious Mercedes in all of Dubai, but that’s a ridiculously high bar anyway. It’s still a huge luxury car owned by a federal department which is just… mind-boggling from this side of the ocean. Yeah, if you’re driving around in Dubai and pull up to a red light next to this amazing Mercedes wagon, and it’s not even being driven by some up and coming Spotify rapper. It’s just the cops. Wow, what an ego blow when the cops look cooler than you on the road- aren’t cops supposed to be stuffy? This is a big change.

2. Nissan GT-R

This is one of the highest end Nissan's you can find--it’s definitely not the ride your standard Uber driver is wheeling around in. This bad boy runs on a twin-turbo, 3.8 liter V6 engine and hits zero to sixty mines in 3.2 seconds. This isn’t the most powerful engine Nissan offers, but it definitely holds its own while also looking gorgeous. It may just be a standard cop car in Dubai, but it’s still a beauty and an amazing ride. You may not want to see the inside of a cop car, but the rides in Dubai are enough to change our minds.

1. McLaren MP4-12C

Police cars in America have cornered the market on some perks- they may flaunt cutting edge computer networks and drool-worthy paint jobs to inspire interest (that may lead to a future career in law enforcement) but Dubai cops are much more interested in what’s under the hood of their cars. Sure, American cop cars have mechanics that make it harder to take a joyride in their vehicles but in Dubai they have… wait, what do they have? It must be super dangerous to steal one of these bad boys since it’s a McLaren. They aren’t messing around even one bit.

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