10 Things You Didn't Know About The Delorean

The Delorean is a classic car and an iconic staple in the United States since its release back in the eighties. It played a major role in Back to the Future and since then people have been hooked. This car was futuristic in face and design and well ahead of its time which might have been one of the reasons behind its major failure on the market.

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Read on for 10 things you might not have known about this cultural vehicle. A few of the facts might surprise or shock you, but it should be expected when dealing with this kind of vehicle.

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10 The best way to clean it was with gasoline

This car was made with food-grade stainless steel, and the only way to clean it was with gasoline. If you have ever tried to clean your fridge made of this material then you can understand how difficult it can be to get out all of the smudges.

It is a next to impossible task, but the Delorean decided to use it in its design despite this minor flaw. It might be more resistant to acids or other harmful chemicals, but having to clean a vehicle with its own fuel just doesn't seem right.

9 The doors were developed by a defense agency that created items for NASA

A company called Grumman Aerospace created the futuristic doors that lifted up instead of out, but they were known for their NASA creations. Their portfolio is endless when it comes to their advancements in space-age technology with things such as propulsion systems and launch structures.

They also helped create items for the military and their aircraft as well. The Delorean was literally created with space in mind, and this company gave it the pop it needed to appear in Back to the Future.

8 It has a Volvo engine

The engine used in the Delorean is actually from a Volvo, and the engine's official name is the PRV fuel-injected V6. It was created in an alliance between Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo as they created a V6 engine.

The original engine for the Delorean was supposed to be a Wankel rotary, but their plans changed at the last second and it gave it a major upgrade. The second change that happened was that the engine was moved from the front of the vehicle to the back.

7 Big Lots bought all of the cars that were not sold

The cars went out of production after John Delorean, the owner of the company was arrested for drug trafficking. The company never made a comeback after he was found guilty, so Big Lots bought all of the cars off of the production line.

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The company transported the remaining cars and parts out of Ireland where they were being manufactured and brought them back to the states. The owner of the company continued to sell the cars and parts until his death in 1994.

6 There were five plated in gold

You might find it interesting that four of the Deloreans were plated in 24-karat gold as part of an ad in the American Express Christmas catalog. They were offering to sell 100 of them, but only two ever made it off of the lot.

They were priced at $85,000 and two of the now gold-plated Deloreans were actually done by the owners themselves. The whereabouts of two of the vehicles are unknown, but the others reside in museum or personal collections.

5 Only sixteen had steering wheels on the right-hand side

It might interest you to know that only sixteen Deloreans were made that had the ability to be driven outside of the states. The majority of the vehicles were made with the steering wheel on the left side as they were marketed for the states, but sixteen of them managed to make it to the European market.

These cars usually sell for twice their worth due to their rarity, but more exist today as some customers have built their own right-hand versions.

4 It took 8.8 seconds for it to reach 60 mph

This car was fast and it could reach 60 mph in only 8.8 seconds. The Delorean might not have been the fastest car on the market, but at the time the speedometer topped out at 85 mph for any vehicle. Back to the Future actually had to make its own speedometer in order to hit the 88 mph speed limit they needed to time travel.

These cars could reach speeds over 100 mph, but the drivers never actually knew because the vehicle physically was incapable of telling them.

3 They were four-wheel-drive

You might not think this when you look at it, but it was actually made with four-wheel drive capabilities. People might question why this futuristic car needed that sort of power, but they decided it deserved it.

We don't know why they decided against making it rear-wheel drive or front-wheel-drive, but the fact that it was made like this truly blows our minds. There are people who have actually lifted their Deloreans and beefed them up even further to use in off-roading adventures.

2 The last car was made on Christmas Eve in 1982

It was a sad Christmas day when the fate of the Delorean had come to light in 1982. The final Delorean was manufactured on Christmas Eve and then the factory was officially shut down.

People had to find new jobs and spend the holiday with their families worrying about their next source of income. It was a devastating fate for this car, but we have all begun to repair the hole in our souls where it used to live inside of us all.

1 The molds used to shape the doors are used to hold down nets in Northern Ireland

It was stated earlier that the factory where the Delorean was made was located in Ireland. The thing most people don't know is the fate of the molds that were used to make the doors for the Delorean.

They were actually thrown into the ocean and used to hold down fishing nets, which many people had not realized until pictures surfaced years later. It is nice to know that at least the pieces went to good use, and are not wasting away in a landfill like everything else.

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