10 SUVs That Are Only SUVs In Looks

These SUVs are cramped and are not meant to be used off-road. Find out which SUVs made the list.

When making a car purchase, car buyers always look for comfort, performance, mileage and the latest in-car tech. SUVs in particular, are a mixture of a great sports car and a truck—they come with everything we need in a vehicle. These cars are a package deal we can’t refuse; they’re speedy, great on gas and probably one of the most desirable features in an SUV is their ability to tackle any ground surface.

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Though we shouldn’t believe everything these car companies say. While there are some great SUVs out there, some just fall short of our expectations. Here are 10 of the most useless SUVs that just aren’t meant for the off-road experiences . . . or any on-road experiences, for that matter.

10. The 2018 Toyota C-HR

When it comes to car buying, basic survival instincts are at play and safety is at the top of the list. Japanese manufacturer Toyota prides itself on being number one in the car biz when it comes to providing safe driving. However, their 2018 C-HR SUV model had way too many defects. According to U.S News Cars, the 2018 model has little to no acceleration, cramped back seats, and no smartphone tech. Not to mention the interior of the vehicle is full of heavy-plastic material that makes us wonder if the model was even finished before its public unveiling. Safety is a big plus but if a car doesn’t even have Bluetooth calling then it doesn’t belong on or off the road.

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9. The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi brand has a long warranty and offers affordable pricing for car buyers looking to save a few extra dollars. Despite these benefits, the 2019 Eclipse Cross scored low enough that it came in second to last place in the SUV compact car class. While it may have a ready-to-go attitude and offers a smooth ride on the inner-city roads, this SUV is not meant for the highway. Which also probably means it’s not an off-road vehicle, either. The Eclipse Cross, unfortunately, has inconsistent steering, a noisy infotainment system, and limited cargo space. Don’t expect to do any big home renovations with this SUV, it’s obviously not DIY friendly.

8. The Mazda CX-9

As we’ve said before, some SUVs are made for the off-road and live up to our expectations. When it comes to Mazda cars, we expect high quality and reliable vehicles. At least, for the most part. While Mazda has enjoyed its time spent in the high ranks of car dependability tests, this model fell short. Actually, that’s an understatement. It fell so far behind that it was voted as one of the worst car models in its class! Car buyers complained of issues with in-car tech, the poor craftsmanship of the body, and a terrible brake system. This was not a great start for Mazda for the new 2018 model year.

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7. The GMC Acadia

While some people purchase a car that fulfills all their car needs, the rest of us, unfortunately, get stuck with a vehicle that we just can’t stand. The moment we’re done paying off the car note, we kick it to the curb and vow never to buy from that manufacturer again. General Motors has been known to produce some seriously faulty cars, just check out this car buyers complaint about three of the worst cars produced by GMC. This next car unfortunately suffered a tough year in 2017, coming in nearly last place in a reliability test, and ultimately losing its place in one of the top 15 best cars. We’re surprised a General Motors car even made it into the top spot of any survey. The major issues with the GMC Acadia were blank screens and a navigation system that kept crashing. Come on GM, give us we car we can finally be proud of!

6. The Fiat 500x

This next subcompact SUV may make for a cute Christmas gift but trust us when we say stay away! Spend a year driving this car and the cute factor will decrease rapidly. It has a long list of issues that can’t go unnoticed by car buyers. Some of the defects are so bad that we’re wondering what the car engineers were even thinking. According to Consumer Reports, it has a stiff ride, a noisy cabin, vibrations when idling, limited visibility and uncomfortable seating. If the brief overview of the ratings aren’t enough to convince our readers that this SUV is useless, just look at the facts. The Fiat 500x may have style but it is definitely just for show.

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5. The Tesla Model X

An SUV with a futuristic look and a flair for the dramatic will certainly turn heads at any auto show. When Tesla first made its debut in the US, we didn’t know what to think. We do know that its Model X didn’t make a good first impression. The only points this SUV wins are for its all-electric system, its falcon-winged doors, and its massive windshield that makes drivers feel as though they’re in a spaceship. Given the car manufacturer’s bravado over the SUV, this car did not live up to all the hype and press. Its doors take forever when opening and closing, which can add an extra five to ten minutes to your driving time if you’re running late to work. The ride is also rocky and noise isolation isn’t nearly as good as the S version. This SUV is definitely a show car.

4. The Jaguar F-Pace

It’s okay for a new company to make a few mistakes but when car manufacturer like Jaguar has been around for a while, there’s no excuse. The Jaguar F-Pace wasn’t just a new model, it was also the car manufacturer’s first SUV ever. While we should’ve been rooting for its debut, we were left feeling disappointed in Jaguar. According to Consumer Reports, this SUV suffered some serious issues, a few which included a fussy touch screen and a rocky ride. We’re not sure what Jaguar’s engineers were thinking but they should’ve built a better model... like five years ago.

3. The Mercedes-Benz GLC

With the coming of the new 2018 model year also came the arrival of new compact SUVs, which unfortunately did poorly on dependability scores. While several SUVs in 2018 took a big hit, including the ones mentioned on this list, the car to take first place among the slew of dysfunctional Sports Utility Vehicles was the Mercedes-Benz GLC. The automakers were called out by car buyers for a faulty brake system, suspension, and power controls. The car was eventually deemed one of the 10 worst of the year. That’s pretty bad, even by “bad” standards. These types of defects aren’t good for any car manufacturer.

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2. The Volvo XC90

If the Mercedes-Benz GLC thought it had a tough year in 2018, the Volvo XC90 had it even worst. Proclaimed to the have the best safety scores out of any vehicle in its class, this SUV did very little to live up to car buyers' expectations. There were reported issues with the electrical system, power equipment and probably the most shocking was a faulty brake system. For a car that packs a lot of style and has a praiseworthy powertrain, those issues alone are sure to make any car buyer turn away. Not only is this SUV not meant for the “road less traveled” experience but it doesn’t belong on the road at all. Did we mention this car brand has had five recalls?

1. Land Rover Discovery

Unfortunately for some car brands, they just can’t seem to get it right. This car manufacturer suffered several losses, three of which include the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Yet the car company refused to close its doors and decided to produce a Land Rover Discovery SUV. While they tried to crawl their way out of the hole they buried themselves in, this SUV ultimately made things worse for the car manufacturer. It had issues with its headlights, transmission and emergency handling, which makes us imagine all the issues the previous models suffered. Keep in mind, the Land Rover Discovery SUV was the fourth tested model that scored below average on the Consumer Reports. That should tell the car manufacturer something.

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