10 Wicked Pics Of Modded Jettas (And 10 That Make No Sense)

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the most quintessential commuter cars that there are. It has all the perfect components of something you'd want to drive to work in. It's comfortable, especially with the optional leather interior. It's fuel efficient, saving you money at the pump. It can be pretty peppy, as most of the variations have a turbocharged engine. And although it's an FWD, it still handles nicely in corners. The classic boxy style of past Jettas has blended nicely into modern times, with newer Jettas retaining handsome straight lines while adopting the sleeker looks of most modern cars.

Older Jettas, as with many old boxy cars, are the darling of many tuners, especially stance culture. Most tuners do a great job with their cars and end up creating sleek masterpieces that make onlookers desire these older cars over newer ones. Modern Jettas are equally prone to modification, and it's truly special to see someone take a potentially run-of-the-mill commuter car and turn it into a striking and desirable ride.

However, with this popularity in modding culture, the Jetta is going to be appealing to a large group of people. This increases the likelihood that those with poor taste will get their hands on this car and, therefore, raises the chances that your eyes will be scarred with some sort of ugly Jetta. These ugly examples are entertaining in their own way and at least give you something to laugh at while you cringe. Read on to see the best (and worst) of modified Jettas.

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20 Best: Red Fury

via Reddit

This older Jetta is actually quite a looker. There's something special about an older car that's maintained to look current and stylish, and this is something that the owner has done a great job of here. This is, as most of us would agree, perhaps the ugliest generation of Jettas, but with some extra care, the owner has made something we'd choose over newer Jettas.

A brilliant red paint job coupled with an aggressive tint and slick rims make for a standout ride.

This Jetta may appear too low to be functional, but it's actually equipped with an air suspension that can raise the ride height up to something usable.

19 Best: Ready For Action

via Flickr

This Jetta is one of the older ones shown in this article, but it's no slouch. It's aged gracefully, thanks to the help of its owner. A shiny black paint job keeps the car looking fresh, and blacked-out headlights contribute to an aggressive look. A lowered suspension and a set of fresh rims improve the driving experience of the car, as they lower the center of gravity. They also make the Jetta look right at home at a stance show or on a race track. Lastly, the roof rack allows the driver to strap all sorts of gear to the roof, making the Jetta ready for adventure any time.

18 Best: Let's Stance

via Fast Car

This sleek, newer Jetta is a solid player on our list. Its stance is what makes it good.

Usually, this much stance looks off, but the owner has done a great job of keeping everything in proportion.

The rims are modern, match the design of the car, and will draw plenty of attention from bystanders. The stance adds a unique touch to a common commuter car, and the strong lines of the Jetta work well with the stanced look. It's hard to take such a plain car and transform it, but the owner has succeeded here. Gleaming paint and nifty rims take this Jetta to the next level.

17 Best: Haul The Kids In Style

via 101modifiedcars.com

This Jetta Wagon is absolutely amazing. It's practical, nimble, and very stylish. The dark-gray paint works well with the tinted windows, the black rims, and the blacked-out grille, making for an aggressive-looking car. The wagon is lowered just a bit, making it useful and comfortable in terms of drivability and definitely succeeds in making the Jetta look a bit more sporty. The roof rack gives the wagon a sense of adventure; you and your friends could throw some gear in there and blast off on a fun trip at a moment's notice. This is an excellent all-rounder.

16 Best: Import This Immediately

via Car Blog India

This is something we'd love to import. This basic Jetta has been dressed up quite well, and it looks pretty damn sleek to us.

The yellow accents on the headlights set this apart from the crowd and make for an exciting front of the car when coupled with the red on the grille.

The gunmetal rims look sleek, and the color works well with the silver of the car. While this Jetta may not have any mechanical modifications, it's still quite the looker, and this sleek ride is one that's quite desirable.

15 Best: The Low Life

via Flickr

The owner of this Jetta has done a great job keeping this older car sleek and current. The lowered suspension and stance look great on this car. The front splitter and side skirts are subtle, yet they add a nice touch to the car and complete the stanced look. The German license plate adds to the unique appearance of this car, and it makes us want this even more. The roof rack completes the look, and while it may not be much good for snow travel, the rack looks adventurous and adds flair to the ride.

14 Best: Simplicity Is Key

via forums.vwvortex.com

Simplicity is key in almost all respects. It applies to cars, especially in the case of this Jetta.

While this car may look similar to the stock version, it has subtle differences that keep the design simple while at the same time adding a unique look to the car, especially if the onlooker knows what to look for.

To start off, the strong tint on the windows looks great contrasted with the white paint on the Jetta. The aftermarket rims are stylish and fit with the geometric design of the car, and the black metal matches the grille and the tinted windows.

13 Best: Sleek And Shiny

via hrewheels.com

This Jetta is quite good-looking, and it's set apart from the crowd quite easily with strong design characteristics. To start, the rims look excellent. The thin metal spokes refine the appearance of this car and dress it up a bit, making it look at home parked in front of a nice restaurant right next to BMWs and Audis. The thin tires would suggest that the Jetta has been geared toward sportiness, as they make for an uncomfortable ride but improve performance. The lowered suspension looks slick and improves performance by lowering the center of gravity, keeping the Jetta planted around corners.

12 Best: Urban Low Life

via rmpvision.com

This lowered Jetta looks similar to those previously mentioned in the article, but that doesn't detract from how good it looks. The blue paint creates a ride that's more unique than black or grey or white and is rather eye-catching. The stance looks excellent and sets this Jetta apart. The side skirts and front splitter add a unique element to this car.

Stance looks great on these older Jettas and is a great way to repurpose old rust buckets that are destined for the junkyard.

The rims, which fit stanced cars well, look great tucked away under the lowered fenders.

11 Best: SEMA's Racer

via Reddit

This Jetta was modified by Volkswagen for the SEMA auto show. This ride is geared more towards performance than towards looks, and it looks similar to a stock Jetta. It does have a nice-looking front splitter, a panoramic sunroof, and a lowered suspension that keeps it stable around corners as well as at high speeds. This Jetta has been modified for power and for speed, hence its place on the racetrack. This is likely the Jetta we'd all like to drive home in due to its combination of sleek looks and dazzling performance from this German sleeper.

10 Worst: At Least You Tried

via YouTube

This Jetta is no good even though the owner tried to make it great. And to be fair, he tried really hard. This Jetta has components that should work well, such as custom rims, a front splitter, and a wrap job. It's a shame that this car didn't come together well.

These mods should work on all rides; however, it just doesn't on this Jetta.

The red rims don't look good, and red isn't a color that should appear on any set of rims, ever. The yellow headlights look dorky because they shouldn't be accentuated. If anything, the fog lights should be made yellow. The owner should've directed his energy toward a different car.

9 Worst: Tiny Wheels, Big Mistake

via Flickr

This little Jetta has been done a disservice. The old body has nice paint, which keeps it looking decent and raises its potential. However, the owner has unfortunately upset the balance of this geometrically designed car with small and spindly rims that don't fit the style or proportions of this car. The rims look comically small and make this Jetta look rather off-putting, which is a shame because these cars are easily dressed up. On the bright side, the exhaust is designed well and adds a bit of flair to the Jetta. If only the rims were fixed, this car would've been complete.

8 Worst: Rust Bucket

via devianart.com

This Jetta is a jumble of problems. First of all, it's simply too low to function. The rims look tacky and are more like large mirrors than anything else. The purposely rusted front panels look awful.

The trend of purposely making a car look worn out is just as dumb as the fashion trend of dressing in distressed clothing.

Additionally, the putty and what looks like duct tape surrounding the door handles, the gas cap, and the mirrors are ridiculous. This car is just a mess that looks like it was thrown together by someone who doesn't know how to work even a can of spray paint.

7 Worst: Spindly Mess

via fitmentindustries.com

This Jetta is a mess. It's a newer GLI, and honestly, it would look much better if it was just left alone. The black rims and silver paint are an excellent color combo, but other design flaws let the car down. The rims are the main culprit and ruin this poor Jetta. They're thin and spindly and don't work with the solid design of the Jetta. They appear fragile, almost as if the weight of the car would be enough to crush their thin spokes. It's unfortunate to see, yet again, a car that has a lot of potential being ruined by a careless owner.

6 Worst: Not With A 10-Foot Pole

via ModifiedConcepts.com

Here, we have a rather "interesting-looking" Jetta. It's the newer body style and actually looks great with this gray paint.

However, the poor choice in rims and tires upset the balance that the color combo draws.

The rims aren't attractive at all — unfortunately, they look rather clunky, and if it weren't for them, the Jetta would look quite sleek. Additionally, the tires are far too thin and likely make the ride harsh and bumpy. The combination of small rims and thin tires creates lots of extra space in the wheel well, making the fenders and side skirts look fragile and weak.

5 Worst: Wobbly Knees

via happystance.net

This poor Jetta looks a little unsteady. The stance contributes to this problem - the offset position of the wheels makes them stick out too far from the body of the car. The fenders accentuate this by widening the body of the car. The camber on the wheels makes the Jetta look wobbly and unsure of itself, not inspiring much confidence when you're driving. Besides that, the car actually looks pretty solid. While looks aren't everything, the stance and camber on this car look like they mess up the driving experience, which matters a lot when it comes to any automobile.

4 Worst: Big 'Ol Mess

via AutoBlog

This Jetta is such a mess, we don't know where to start. It's the newest-generation Jetta and is the top-of-the-line R-Line trim, signified by the yellow "R" on the grille.

The yellow accents are the start of the problems — they look tacky and juvenile.

They don't belong on the grille, on the rims, on the mirrors, or on the windshield banner. In addition, rims should never be white. Ever. White belongs on paint, T-shirts, and ice cream. The poor choice of color-matching here ruined this Jetta, which really is a shame because it was such a nice ride before all of these modifications.

3 Worst: Houston, We've Gone Too Low

via JettaJunkie.com

This Jetta has been a victim of stance culture. First of all, the body kit does the sleek and refined shape of the German sedan a disservice. The rear piece makes the back of the car look chunky and heavy and not very much fun to drive. The side skirts overextend the height of the sides, making for an odd look. The rims are tacky and look frail due to their thin spokes. This look doesn't mesh well with the bulkier body of the Jetta. The owner had the right intention with stance and new rims, but unfortunately, the execution was quite poor, and the ride was ruined.

2 Worst: Warning!

via Reddit

Uh oh. Just uh oh. This Jetta is a complete mess, and there's so much wrong here. To start, the colors are just awful. If even just one of these colors were on a car, we'd take a big step back. However, since EVERY single body panel is a different color, we're definitely staying away from this car.

It looks like a child's toy made of LEGOs, not a drivable car.

The headlights are a big mistake, too. They're blacked out, which makes no sense since that'll limit visibility. But if the driver ended up crashing this car, it would at least get this atrocity off the road.

1 Worst: You All Know This One...

via Reddit

For most of you, this Jetta will need no introduction. This is Jesse's Jetta from Fast and Furious, and although it may be iconic, it's certainly flawed. Sadly, it's slow, as evidenced by the drag race that it famously lost in the movies. The white rims look awful, and the colored streak on the side looks like it's off of a soda bottle. Lastly, as shown in this screengrab above, the Jetta has no brakes! What likely was a mistake on set has turned into a famous blooper, and although it wasn't intentional, the design flaw would render this Jetta undrivable. Because of this, it earns the worst spot on our list. Better luck next time!

Sources: Reddit, VWVortex

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