A 1,000-HP Hybrid Lamborghini Could Be Unveiled At Frankfurt Motor Show

Lamborghini could reveal a novel hypercar in September.

Autocar is reporting that Lamborghini could introduce a limited production hypercar featuring a hybrid powertrain and a V12 ICE engine at the Frankfurt Motor show.

Said show begins on September 10 - yeah it's still a bit of a wait especially when you find out a hyper Lambo could possibly be on display - and fans could be treated to something quite special if the above publication is to be believed.

Not much is known about the car at this point but Autocar says it's codenamed LB48H and will rid buyers of $2.5 million if they decide to go for it. It's also said that the car was shown to prospective customers last year so it's very likely to be sold out by the time it debuts in Frankfurt.

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via etfm.com

(The above photo, as well as the one at the very top,  is of the Terzo Millennio concept and not the rumored hypercar.)

Of course, there's no official word out as yet but the show's press conference schedule notes that Lamborghini is poised to host an event on the first day at 11:00 am local time.

The rumored hyper car is expected to assist the preview of the Aventador's successor. The two models will be styled differently but they're both set to have hybrid powertrains and the LB48H could be used as a demonstrative as it relates to the positives of going green.

Company officials have already discussed hybridization plans and previous reports claim the Aventador successor will be inspired by the Terzo Millennio concept. The upcoming model is also thought to have a plug-in hybrid powertrain that couples a naturally aspirated V12 engine and as many as three electric motors.

The potential setup could make it so that the car has an output of a whopping 1,000 horsepower, a huge step up from the Aventador SVJ's 759 hp.

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