Would You Pay $100,000 For A Pickup? GM Is Considering Ultra-Luxury Trim Silverado

Chevrolet engineers are toying with the idea of a $100,000 pickup truck as demand for luxury keeps increasing price.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado High Country

General Motors is considering a super-expensive pickup truck that will cost over $100,000, according to a new report.

Trucks are expensive. This is a statement that will surprise absolutely no one, judging by recent surveys that mirror the sentiment. Pickup trucks have far outpaced inflation in terms of rising prices, and today they’re a significant share of any North American carmaker’s profits.

Part of the reason for that profitability is surging demand. According to Chevrolet marketing director Sandor Piszar in an interview with The Detroit Bureau, much of that demand is coming from a pickup truck’s “core audience”--those being pickups intended for work that require lots of towing and cargo capacity.

But there’s also another audience that’s growing even faster than those looking for a reliable work vehicle, and those are the people that see pickup trucks as a luxury item. Those customers increasingly demand luxury features in their pickups and are willing to pay for it.

As such, Piszar revealed that Chevy is considering an ultra-luxury Silverado that’s priced over the $100,000 mark. That would put it over the priciest North American pickup currently on the market, the Ford F-250 Limited, which can reach a grand total of $97,000 if one were to tick off all the boxes for every package and option.

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2019 Chevrolet Silverado High Country
via Chevrolet

Piszar didn’t confirm that such a pickup was already in the works, but he did say that “Chevy wants to provide what customers are asking for,” and people are asking for bigger, better pickups.

And General Motors is only too happy to provide. The Bureau also quoted AutoTrends Consulting analyst Joe Phillippi as saying GM makes an average $10,000 profit on every Silverado sold. That profit only increases the higher up the trims you go. A Silverado priced in the six figures would mean big bucks for GM.

Even without such a super-luxury pickup, GM is still happy to sell lesser pickups as they represent a “major contributor” to their bottom line.

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