12 Cars In Eminem's Garage You'll Never Afford (And 3 In Dr. Dre's)

Eminem apparently has a net worth of nearly $200 million. He stepped into the rap game with every disadvantage and ended up becoming one of the most successful and richest rappers ever. He is one of the greatest rappers to enter the game; he changed the whole genre forever. As he discusses in his music, the rapper grew up poor in Detroit. Marshall Mathers has come a long way since then, and he has chosen to celebrate his success by using his millions of earnings to splurge on fancy cars most of us can only dream of owning.

Eminem’s friend and legendary producer Dr. Dre also happens to have a stunning car collection. He is also one of the richest people in the recording industry, with a reported net worth of over $700 million. After selling his popular Beats brand to Apple for $3 billion, Dre made history by becoming one of the most well-paid musicians ever.

In this list, we will take a look at what rap royalty car collections look like. Both Eminem and Dr. Dre have used their fortunes to purchase the best cars in the world. You might not be surprised to learn about the cars they have chosen over the years because they almost fit perfectly with their personalities: Eminem seems to prefer faster sports cars, while Dr. Dre goes for vehicles that are known less for their speed and more for their classic luxury and reliability.

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15 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

via quadis.es

The Aston Martin brand comes with a great reputation that James Bond helped to popularize (the character has always loved the car, but it was most recently seen in the film Spectre). The V8 Vantage is no different: it is an absolutely beautiful car that is worth around $150,000. When we think of what a sports car should look like, this new offering from Aston Martin is exactly what comes to mind.

It’s got a twin-turbo V8 engine, and it is actually capable of reaching 100 km/h in a matter of just over three seconds.

This car is a beast that's built for speed. For a man capable of rapping incredibly fast without compromising on the quality of what he is saying, the V8 Vantage is the perfect car for him. It is obviously an impressive car that can perform really fast driving, but it also looks less like a race car and more of a classy vehicle. The latest model of this car has been called a worthy rival to other high-performance sports cars such as the Porsche 911 (another vehicle Eminem happens to have in his collection).

14 Ferrari 575

via pistonheads.com

This is the first vehicle by Ferrari that we will explore on this list, but it will not be the last. That’s because Eminem seems to be quite the fan of Italian engineering: the man actually has three cars by the manufacturer. The Ferrari 575 is another great offering from the company, and it was only in production for a total of four years. That tidbit makes the car a little rarer; in fact, there were only just over 2000 units ever produced (and even rarer: only 177 of those were with manual transmission). This is not a car you will get the chance to see every day.

The 575 has the classic sleek sports car look, with an angular hood designed to maximize fast driving and aerodynamics. The Ferrari 575 also has a 5.7-litre 12-cylinder engine, making it a powerful machine. It can go from 0 to 100 km/hr in just over four seconds, which means it’s a little slower than Eminem’s Aston Martin. However, you really cannot go wrong with a Ferrari: unless you are a professional racer, the speed the difference in the two sports cars may not even be that noticeable. More on Eminem’s Ferraris later!

13 Porsche Carrera GT

via carandclassic.co.uk

Earlier in his career, on his song “If I Had” from the Slim Shady EP, the rapper discusses all the things in life that bother him. At one point he says, “Tired of havin' to borrow a dollar for gas to start my Monte Carlo.” Luckily for Eminem, his career has guaranteed he’ll not only never have to deal with being able to afford gas, he’ll also never have to deal with the Chevy Monte Carlo ever again if doesn’t want to.

Instead, the rapper has clearly turned his attention to cars like the Porsche Carrera GT. This is another great sports car in Eminem’s collection. We can now see a pattern emerging; the rapper has an appreciation for really fast sports cars, perhaps to make up for the vehicles he was forced to drive in the past. The Porsche Carrera GT is a great choice for a sports car enthusiast: it had earned various accolades for being one of the best sports cars of all time (or at least by 2003 standards).

It was only in production for about four years, and there were only ever 1270 of the vehicles produced.

It’s another exclusive vehicle you won’t see very often.

12 Ford GT

via mecum.com

Eminem and Ford have a bit of a rocky relationship. The rapper is clearly a big fan of the company (as evidenced by the fact that he owns this vehicle, and other cars on this list like the Aston Martin are affiliated with the Ford Motor Company). However, they don’t always seem to share the same sense of humor. In 2005, Ford apparently had an agreement with the rapper to provide a Ford Fusion for a music video. When the rapper included comedic references to Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears in the song the video was supposed to be for, the company retracted their offer. Years later, Eminem and Ford would put their differences aside for a Super Bowl ad that featured Eminem’s hit “Lose Yourself” prominently to promote the Ford Chrysler 200.

Eminem would also go on to acquire a Ford GT for his collection. As you can see from this picture, it is another car that fits with his other cars perfectly. It’s got the good looks of a race car, and the speed to back it up. The Ford GT can reach 100 km/hr in just over three seconds, making it a fair comparison to some of Eminem’s other sports cars.

11 Audi R8 Spyder

via contiteh.ru

What sports car collection would be complete without at least one mention of a car produced by Audi? Because it's Eminem, of course, the model he’s going for is the Audi R8 Spyder, possibly one of the most revered sports cars ever.

This is another company Eminem has a strange history with: in 2011, the rapper actually sued Audi because they used “Lose Yourself” without his permission (and boldly stealing from Ford’s already successful commercial).

For someone who loves to drive fast, the Spyder is a must-have car. It ranks along the same lines as Eminem’s other sports cars. Audi’s approach to the car is fascinating: they were inspired by race cars for the interior design. They tried to make it as close to a race car as possible while also having far more luxury than the average race car would. For example, the interior of the Audi R8 has some great options for the seats. One model you can get has red leather seats that look gorgeous. The vehicle retails at over $200,000, and with the amount of work and detail that has gone into making it that is a fair price. Even the steering wheel on the R8 is amazing to look at.

10 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

via andoniscars.blogspot.com

Porsche is a brand Eminem really seems to love. He has four cars built by Porsche in total in his collection, the only other brand he has multiple cars from is Ferrari. On the song “Love Me,” the rapper makes a reference to this car with the line, “911 Porsche same color as cranberry sauce.”

Porsche is a brand with an epic history in races, and it has won in various areas over the years. Like some of his other choices, this is a car that has an authentic role in racing culture. This model of the Porsche 911 is a really great car; the GT3 is another well-built addition to Porsche’s lineup. Although the GT2 is a faster car, the GT3 is the next best thing. Eminem’s Audi R8 shares a similarity with this car: the GT3 is a car that was mainly inspired by high-performance vehicles, and both were mainly designed for racing. All of the other cool things that come with this car are just a bonus, but the engineers were really going for a fast car that could compete in tough races. For a performer known for his quickness, the GT3 couldn’t ask for a better owner than Eminem.

9 Porsche 911 GT2 RS

via wallpapersite.com

Who could resist buying another Porsche? Eminem loved the GT3 so much he went with what is apparently the faster model of the 911, the GT2.

It is valued at over $330,000 (making it the most expensive 911 offered by Porsche), but when you’re one of the most successful rap stars to ever touch the profession what’s the harm in getting another Porsche?

On their website, Porsche has gone to the length of calling the GT2, “The most powerful 911 ever built by Porsche - with the performance level of a super sports car.” They also go on to refer to the car as “a pure athlete.” In addition to the obvious things like speed (the GT2 is powered by an almost 4-litre twin-turbo engine with six cylinders), one of the important examples of Porsche taking a racing car like this one very seriously: their attention to the vehicle’s ability to take sharp turns, ensuring safety for those drivers that are not professional racers. And of course, the vehicle is equipped with the latest technology. With Bluetooth and a gorgeous interior, it really does feel like a supercar something out of a work of fiction.

8 Lamborghini Aventador

via vfe1.com

The Lamborghini Aventador is another great sports car that makes total sense when you look at Eminem’s collection. The Aventador is a powerful vehicle that is built for racing and luxury; it’s no surprise that Eminem is a fan. The Lamborghini Aventador is also a car that seems to be a favorite with rappers; it appears in music videos from time to time, and top-billing performers like Drake and Kanye West have been seen in the costly sports car. It values in the ballpark of around $400,000, with potential options and modifications that can reach as high as $700,000 (Kim Kardashian reportedly spent that much for a customized Aventador at one point for Kanye West).

The Aventador might be one of the fastest vehicles Eminem owns: it can reach 100 km/h within just a couple of seconds, and it can reach a top speed of 350 km/h.

The Aventador is considered one of the fastest cars in the world (in terms of sheer acceleration ability), with contemporaries such as the Porsche 918, the Tesla Model S, the Bugatti Chiron, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, and of course another offering from Lamborghini, the renowned Huracan.

7 Porsche 911 Turbo

This is the fourth Porsche in Eminem’s collection; the brand might be the rapper’s favorite indulgence. The difference between the 911 Turbo, and the other models we have explored so far that Eminem owns (the 911 GT2 RS, GT3 RS 4.0, and Porsche Carrera GT respectively) is the fact that the 911 Turbo is commonly considered to be one of the best models Porsche has produced.

The differences between all the models Porsche has in the 911 lineup may be confusing at first. It’s important to remember they’re all quality vehicles, but the distinctions really come down to things like horsepower, overall weight, and how suitable the particular model is for racing specifically (and of course that reflects on the price range for each vehicle). There are even differences between models of the 911 Turbo; for example, the Turbo can reach 198 mph, while the Turbo S can achieve 7 more at 205 mph. The price range for the Porsche 911 Turbo models can vary from $160,000 to as high as $200,000. On his song “W.T.P,” Eminem pokes fun of his former unlucky status in life with the lines, “Pull up to the club in a Pinto likes it's a Porsche. Garbage bag on one of the windows, spray painted doors.” The rapper has come a long way from driving Pinto Hatchbacks.

6 McLaren MP4-12C

via evo.co.uk

What better way to announce your success to the world than with a McLaren? The entertainer has clearly established a love for cars with a foot in the door of racing culture, and the McLaren is an absolute must for the wealthy car collector. McLaren also happens to be the common favorite brand of choice for other rappers (Tory Lanez, Swizz Beats, and Tyler the Creator to name a few who have fallen in love with the manufacturer).

And it is no real surprise: the name McLaren comes with a big reputation to live up to.

The MP4-12C does not disappoint at all, as it features a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

What is truly amazing about McLaren is they are constantly working on improving their vehicles: the MP4-12C continues to be developed even though it’s already quite the success (it has earned top ranking awards in various car publications such as “Car of the Year” and “Best Supercar”, as well as actually competing in motorsports). As if the MP4-12C needed anything else to win a collector over, the famous watch brand Tag Heuer produced an extremely exclusive wristwatch inspired specifically by this car. Only 1000 watches were made, which is much less than the amount of MP4-12C cars produced.

5 Ferrari 599 GTO

The Ferrari 599 GTO is not just a sports car, it is breathtakingly beautiful. When we think of high-performance vehicles intended for hitting the racetrack, they often have a sporty look that has too much going on with the design. The 599 GTO is a great example of making a car that can go fast, but also looks good while doing so.

Like the Audi R8, the mechanics of how the car runs is one thing, but the interior is a whole new world of cool. It has leather seats that look amazing, and have the potential to be customized however you see fit. In addition, the Ferrari 599 GTO also happens to be surprisingly more spacious than you would expect from a car so sporty. There is ample space allocated to ensure the right comfort level while being able to fit all of its cool features (like a push start button that is perfectly located on the steering wheel). This car was only in production for a couple of years, but it is another unforgettable vehicle from Ferrari. The “599” in the car’s moniker literally means only 599 were made, and only just over one hundred made it to North America.

4 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Via hemmings.com

This is the last Ferrari in Eminem’s collection. It is another great car you can’t go wrong with. Ferrari really took pride in building another fantastic high-performance beast of a car that is heavily inspired by racing, specifically by working with German racer Michael Schumacher. On their website, Ferrari writes, “Michael Schumacher spent a lot of time testing the 430 Scuderia when it was being developed, carefully applying the method that made him unique on the racetrack for many years.”

The result is the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, a car tailor-made for racing.

It has been very successful, and the car has actually been a model that other car manufacturers look at for inspiration. On their website they go on to mention, “Schumacher’s suggestions have also had a profound influence in the development of Ferrari Formula 1 steering wheels in recent years.”

Although Ferrari is a brand that has been embraced with open arms by rappers, Eminem might be one of the few rappers to actually own a 430 Scuderia; most rappers tend to go for other cars the company has available, like the 575 (another vehicle Eminem owns). Regardless, Ferrari is a reliable brand that consistently produces great work.

3 Hummer H2 - in Dr. Dre’s Collection

via infotel.ca

The Hummer H2 is a massive SUV that is actually built to be driven on much tougher terrain than it usually is. From the appearance alone we can see this is a heavy-duty SUV that is incredibly durable; the intention behind the engineering of this vehicle is for serious off-road driving. The retail value of this SUV ranges from $50,000 to $68,000. Another celebrity that famously enjoys the Hummer brand is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was one of the first people to take a chance on purchasing the vehicle. It is easy to see the appeal in this vehicle it is a high-powered machine being propelled by an intense amount of power; the last model that went into production boasted an engine of just over 6-litres, and 8-cylinders. As heavy as this thing looks, it just isn’t as fast as Eminem’s sports cars, but it is incredibly powerful in its own way.

The sales for the Hummer H2 did not translate to the vehicle being kept in production. However, the company has mentioned that they sold the brand to another company and we may see more Hummer H2s being built again in the near future.

2 Chrysler 300 - in Dr. Dre’s Collection

via delandcjdr.com

The Chrysler 300 has been described as a “premium sedan.” This is another case where Dr. Dre’s preference in vehicles is a little different than Eminem’s: it is a four-door car. On Dr. Dre’s song “The Watcher” from his album 2001, he refers to himself as a “family man.” This translates to a more laid-back approach to vehicles than Eminem, who seems to favour speed over comfort.

However, even though Dr. Dre’s Chrysler 300 may not have some of the immediate coolness as a sporty two-seater, the car is very luxurious for a sedan. If you are buying a four-door car, the Chrysler 300 is a great choice. It has been in production since 2004, and it is a staple in Chrysler’s lineup to this day. It is not a car that is constantly being evolved and improved like Eminem’s McLaren, but it is a reliable car that does not really need much changing. The last change they made to this vehicle was in 2015, but it has sold over a million units since its release (and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon), so they must be doing something right with this car.

1 Bentley Continental GT - in Dr. Dre’s Collection

via bentley.com

The Bentley Continental GT is one of the more sporty vehicles in Dr. Dre’s collection. It does not have the bulkiness of his Hummer H2, and it is not a four-door like his Chrysler 300. The Bentley Continental GT is more of a vehicle Eminem might own, but a little less race car-esque in terms of aesthetics. The vehicle is a serious indulgence: it retails at well over $250,000.

The Continental GT also comes with Bentley’s world-class reputation. The vehicle has been in production for over 15 years now, and it is still being manufactured. The Bentley brand is a favorite for rappers; other performers that enjoy the company include Meek Mill, 50 Cent, and Drake. It has been rumored that the white Bentley Dr. Dre drives was actually a present from Eminem. The makes sense: it is clearly the type of vehicle Eminem enjoys, but would not personally drive due to its more subdued appearance.

Sources: caranddriver.com, edmunds.com

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