12 Of The Sickest Custom Paint Jobs (And 12 Of The Worst)

It's the very first thing that people see when they look at a car for the first time, obviously. The vehicle’s exterior is the part that's instantly on display for all the world to see—to either admire or gawp at in horror. The outside of an automobile needs nearly the same amount of love and attention as the interior, save for the engine, of course. Being the front line of protection for the driver, it's prone to receiving knocks and scrapes that damage the bodywork. Barring a crash that'll totally destroy the framework of a car, general wear and tear over time will end up making a car’s appearance deteriorate.

The forces of nature gradually and slowly pick away at the once pristine beauty of a car, causing it to slowly dim. A brush against something can cause a scuff, leaving a permanent mark or an animal of some sort marking its territory, things like water gradually chipping away at the bodywork until the paint or the metal begins to rust away—or the paint dries and causes paint to flake off. So often, cars may need a paint job to keep their outer appearance looking sharp or even to give the exterior a well-needed makeover. But some people give their rides such an over-the-top spray that they're either epic or an epic fail!

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24 Sick - A Savage Spray! 


A beast of a car needs a monstrous spray job to let everyone on the road know that if they mess with this driver, they'll be bitten! What better way to broadcast this warning than with a motif of a deadly crocodile lurking underneath water on your hood? However, considering the car this design is painted on, it's rather out of place but still awesome!

The  Lexus marries the elegance of a sedan with the uncompromising skill of Japanese engineering.

Usually, such a vehicle prefers the understated look of muted, sophisticated tones, but the owner of this particular Lexus was having none of that. He opted for a ferocious force of nature to match his force of engineering instead, a lurking monster of the waters for a monster of the road that Ranker.com assumes is a Florida car.

23 Weird - This Driver Won’t Pick Up No 'Smurfettes'

Via Pinterest

To be fair, this is a car that appears uninspiring at best on the outside and probably within, too. For this reason, a certain amount of props should be given to the driver of this auto to try and make it look a bit more vibrant. Yet, perhaps, the owner should've opted for something a little smoother, a color or design that makes it look a little more upmarket, instead of cartoonish? It's an epic fail to try to take something from boring to bizarre with just a little lunatic application of spray paint. Either the driver is a Smurfs superfan or he's driving around in this car as a dare. Who knows? But one thing's for sure: the color of a Smurf would be better for the car than pics of them, and Pinterest’s Custom Car Fails agrees!

22 Sick - Edgy But Epic!

Via Jalopnik

When a car like a Subaru or a Mitsubishi is made, they also seem made for the customizations many gearheads like to add. Just the seemingly simple addition of an oversized spoiler on the back of this motor can turn it into something resembling a Fast and Furious movie. Often, rides like a Subaru are a magnetic draw for the younger motorist because they can alter the appearance of an otherwise tasteful car into something that looks much faster. Street art regularly comes in the form of graffiti, made famous by people such as Banksy. And if a car with a plain shade isn't doing it for the owner, and that owner loves graffiti, why not marry the two with a brilliant graffiti-coated car. Such was the case with the owner who told Jalopnik he got 50 people to spray their Mitsubishi.

21 Weird - X-Ray Ride


The Mini Cooper is the Mini Cooper, a simple car for easy journeys that's a small runaround. It's ideal for young drivers or even older drivers as a vehicle that keeps them mobile. It's a rare beast that's a successful reboot of an iconic classic; the original Mini was an emblem of the cool 1960s British chic. Its comeback has now spawned Minis of various shapes and sizes, but those who wish to jazz up the exterior of a Mini Cooper may opt for a more unique choice. Many people want their rides to stand out, draw eyes, and make a statement, but this is a car that makes a statement that people can see right through (pun intended). EMGN also sees through the paintwork, calling it “kind of cool but completely unnecessary.

20 Sick - Rad Racecar Red!

Via Chotimevehiclewraps.com

There's something special about the pairing of a car and the color red, which may seem pretty obvious on the surface. Red is passionate, hot, warm-blooded, and pulsating—the vibrant tone of racing adrenaline pumping through the veins of a driver speeding down a highway.

Red is the perfect partner to a gutsy motor, to show the heart under the hood as well as that of the driver behind the wheel.

No car goes better with red than the legendary Italian Ferrari, even more so with their Scuderia racing brand, which is why the website chotimevehiclewraps.com uses it as an example. And which is also why this pic of a Scuderia in a dazzling red, gleaming with the wish to be sped to its limits, goes together like peas and carrots, to quote Forrest Gump.

19 Weird - Parked-Up Packaging

Via Shroomery.com

A torn-open, gaping wound in the hood of a car? Who would do such a monstrous thing to this vehicle? Well, it seems that the owner did this to his auto, as he was totally convinced that it gave the car an original appearance, which, in fairness, it does. But originality isn't always a good thing. The motif on the exterior seems to be going for some kind of void over the hood, looking like it's maybe missing an engine. Or perhaps, the driver was even going for a design that appears to look as though the car has been ripped open after being wrapped in packaging. While it's an innovative style for a car, it's a little too weird to be a good design, though courtesy of a site called Shroomery, it's obvious that it'll be weird!

18 Sick - Beauty in Brown

Via Onallcylinders.com

It's not often that the color brown is associated with being an overly nice shade, being the color of poop after all. However, there's always an exception to the rule with everything, even the color of… chocolate. This is a classic car anyway, so the paint job is a difficult terrain to negotiate. It needs to be something that's eye-catching but also has to remain sympathetic to the vehicle.

This one is a glowing brown, a light tone rather than a deep one, with a cream interior that onallcylinders.com shows as a perfect example of taking an unconventional shade to paint a car with.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and this edgy take is a sight for sore eyes.

17 Weird - Board Game Car

Via Schudio.co.uk

What's going on here? It looks like a gathering of confusion all thrown together or even appears to resemble the craziness of numerous signs that have collided in some odd game resembling Tetris, although these signs look like they're being put together on the exterior to broadcast some of the driver’s feelings of loneliness and daub those feelings on the door. Courtesy of schudio.co.uk, the vehicle seems to come from The Netherlands, Amsterdam, in fact, and is an attempt to make an unassuming Fiat car into something more. It's understandable that an unimpressive car may feel as though it needs a makeover, but this is just like some weird signage traffic jam or an out-of-control game of Snakes and Ladders.

16 Sick - Gutsy Green

Via Autoguide.com

On other things, this color may look as though it's gathered in a body of stagnating water or old trees and stones. Yes, the shade may resemble a dark version or a slimy version of some sort of algae or moss, but despite this off-putting tone, it works on this car. Adding a tint of gold to this color does make the green stand out and give the entire car a sense of class all over. It's somewhat muted when compared to other vehicles on show at SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association), but as they say, less is more, right? It was certainly good enough to make the grade on Autoguide.com’s list of best paint jobs at SEMA 2016, proving that greens this tone aren't just for pond life.

15 Weird - Princess Putrid?

Via YouTube

Pink is always a hit-and-miss color and not often one that's associated with a car. The last major pink car that any viewer has seen would be something like Lady Penelope’s car on Thunderbirds or the Barbie Girl music video. However, a bright and lurid pink doesn't always come across well, as it can easily become an assault on the eyes like it does with this car that's not in place to have a bright color. This owner of the car in question–a Dodge Charger–came in and ASKED for this paint job via John’s Restoration Autobody & Paint’s YouTube channel, as he wanted his car to have a Betty Boop makeover. The license plate reads: "DDDY GRL," and daddy may be a little pink-cheeked (red-faced) at this car.

14 Sick - Budgie-Colored BMW

Via Autobyte.com

BMWs are legends of the automotive world. A German powerhouse that rolls out luxury cars that almost everyone desires to own, they're the epitome of awesome engineering, driveability, and luxuriousness. The German brand produces a range of cars, from small hatches, sedans, SUVs, coupes, to convertibles, all of which are beautiful and somewhat pricey, though if most people had all of the money they could spend, they'd indulge in a sports car, a supercar, and why not add a super color, too?

Autobyte.com’s Best Paint Jobs at SEMA 2014 shows this BMW kitted out in lurid tiger stripes, so imagine the car driving at speed, like a Cheetah with superpowers!

It's for certain that seeing this motor in action would certainly be a sight!

13 Weird - Jester Jalopy

Via Flickr

Court jesters were one of the luckiest people in a Medieval court, as they were the only people who could poke fun at the king and get away with it (to a certain extent). The jesters were some of the pioneers of comedy, and maybe, the driver of this car wanted to make a nod to the legacy of the historical court jester. Jesters' clothing was traditionally colored green and red to highlight their ridiculousness, but what's funny–strange and humorous–and cringe-worthy, too, is the slapdash work of this paint job. A reference to this vehicle appears on alfabb.com’s forum, the owner portrayed as someone who seems to think he needs a $6,000 paint job to repair this damage… what a joke worthy of a court jester!

12 Sick - Carbon-Fiber Cool

Via Caranddriver.com

Vehicles like this are often considered to be the reason why gearheads love their rides. This vehicle is a carbon-fiber miracle that sits in splendor amid the resplendent glamor in Geneva, Switzerland. This car was situated among a huge room full of others at the prestigious Geneva Auto Show in 2014, although the site featuring this ride, caranddriver.com, dubbed this car as ‘one of the 10 worst supercars of all time.’ Gumpert’s Apollo car is a short-lived German brand of supercar, and with reviews like the one above, it’s easy to see why. Not only did the car have to enter a crowded market (German supercars), but wider society also doesn’t really know of the brand. Nevertheless, this car does look epic.

11 Weird - In for a Penny…

Via Vorply.com

There truly is no limit to a human being’s imagination, and this can be a good thing or a terribly cringey, epic fail of a bad thing! Just like the boundaries of human imagination, the range of design possibilities is also nearly as broad in scope. But just because something can be done doesn't mean that that thing necessarily should be done. One of the reasons for a car’s appeal is that it's a status symbol of wealth, but when a driver literally sticks that wealth to a vehicle’s exterior, it proves only madness! Thanks to vorply.com, the entire planet can see for themselves the embarrassing attempt of the driver of this ride while he thinks he has some serious bank to his name. All the lucky pennies in the world won’t change it, so stop sticking them onto your car!

10 Sick - Tron Turn

Via Pinterest

In the movie Wrong Turn, the name insinuates that the cast made a dreadful mistake in choosing their direction. Well, this car couldn’t be more opposite to that.

A Lamborghini is the pinnacle of supercar brilliance—powerful, lustful, energetic, and with a vibrant engine.

So, of course, the Italian hyperactive stallion brand of cars do come in a range of vibrant colors, a rainbow celebrating the barely tamed energy inside. But the paint job on this motor goes way above and beyond, to a greatness of neon awesomeness, like it's been summoned out of the set of the movie Tron. The Pinterest showing the range of crazily painted cars certainly are right in saying it’s crazy, but there's a thin line between craziness and genius.

9 Weird - Amphibious Auto

Via Pinterest

And no, it's not the cool kind of amphibious vehicle used by the military or the supercar in the James Bond movies, the one that turns into a submarine. This is the kind of amphibious vehicle that's, well, literally trying to look like a cold-blooded reptile or amphibian. Thankfully, the days of crocodile-skin or snakeskin clothing and accessories are long gone because, otherwise, this car might've been coated in the real thing! Lizards, snakes, and many other of that genus of creatures can either camouflage themselves or need to bask in the sunlight. Now, thanks to these Pinterest images of this Audi TT, it'll bask in everyone’s shock with no camouflage! Thankfully, cars can get new paint jobs like salamanders can regrow limbs.

8 Sick - Paint-Streaked Perfection

Via JOOL Blog

Normally, streaks of paint thrown everywhere over a vehicle are things that represent pure chaos. Or they're an indication of something far more sinister, like someone vandalizing your car, for instance. But who would've thought that with the right amount of tinkering, a car would actually look great when it's in a frenzy of chaotic colors.

From the frantic mess of sound comes a symphony, and this is exactly what this car has achieved.

Streaks of yellow, blue, red, and black fuse together to give this car an extra impression of aggressive speed! The car that looks like Lamborghini is a beautiful concoction of shades that the JOOL blog thankfully brought to all of our attention. With a blend of tones like this, it'll be hard not to pay attention to this vehicle.

7 Weird - Candy Car

Via Sprayingkitchencabinets.com

A mismatched puzzle? A dare gone wrong? Or just someone with very scant ideas on what constitutes good taste? It looks like a dessert topped with custard or a handful of sweets from a candy shop overcooking the kookiness of an already quirky auto. The Volkswagen Beetle (or Bug) is–like the Mini Cooper–another car that's made a success of having a reboot. Made famous by the Herbie movies, it seems as though whoever designed this car maybe lacked a mind of his own, or perhaps, it's Herbie but it's gone a little mad with its paint? Weirdly exhibited on “Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets,” this example of car wrapping is more like candy wrapping or kids' birthday wrapping paper!

6 Sick - Classic Cool

Via Reddit

Vintage cars are beautiful even when they're left in a wrecked state (okay, perhaps not when they're wrecked), although vintage vehicles hail back to the days when piloting an automobile was more of a pastime and less of a chore. Many of these cars are kept as mementos or used for commercial purposes, like carriages for weddings. However, it would take a very out-there bride to want to rock up at the church in this classic. Yet for the more unconventional person, it's exactly the kind of perfect “marriage” (sorry) between old-fashioned autos and modern customizations. Showing up on a Grand Theft Auto subreddit, this is the kind of old-school ride that would be very at home in a GTA game.

5 Weird - Not A T-Rex But An Auto Wrecks!

Via Audiworld.com

Audi is yet another legendary German brand of car that, with its small hatches up to its beasts like the R8 Spyder, caters to all tastes.

Even used and older models of these cars need a coat of paint that's sympathetic to the legacy of Audi’s excellence.

Also legendary is the movie Jurassic Park, where an island theme park that brings dinosaurs back to life goes horribly wrong. Something's gone horribly wrong with the owner of this classic Audi S4, too—he's forgotten that promos for this movie’s release went out of style over 25 years ago! Spotted by AudiWorld.com, this is a car that deserves to get chased by a T-Rex in an action-packed car chase, as in Jurassic Park… and get caught, crunched between the monster’s jaws!

4 Sick - Combustible Camaro

Via TheAA.com

A Chevy Camaro is the ultimate American muscle car, and to show off the legacy of this brutally uncompromising vehicle, an equally epic paint job is needed. Gas powers cars, and this is a combustible material. Something that flammable bursts into flames, and there's no better example of a fire producer than a dragon! The mythical winged, fire-breathing reptile has had a wing of popularity from movies like The Hobbit and shows like Game of Thrones, so dragons are in now. Courtesy of the AA’s website, this hot take on a car hood is as attention-grabbing and as legendary as the car it’s painted on. One might imagine that if Westeros had cars, then this one would be driven be Daenerys Targaryen! Just try not to get Drogon in the back!

3 Weird - Why “Wood” Someone Do This?


Wood has its place, its rightful place in furniture, in housing, on trees, and even in the nicely finished veneer of cars' interiors. So, yes, everyone likes a nice bit of wood (no pun intended), but not on the outside of a car—unless it's in the trunk or piled in the back of a pickup truck. It's more likely that this vehicle is designed with a wood effect than actual timber because cladding a car in planks would be hard as well as dangerous should one board come loose at speed. However, even though this wood is painted on, it's made a list of 11 ugly, absurd and distracting paint jobs on EMGN.com. If a tree falls in the woods and crushes this truck, people will pretend not to hear it!

2 Sick - Mega-Tron Mustang!

Via Autoexpress.co.uk

Ever wanted a car that resembles something from the Transformers movies? It's likely that many people do want this, just not one that morphs into an ancient, giant robot intent on waging war! Perhaps there are those who wish for that, too, but for the rest of us non-maniacs, it's just a paint job away. Some cars are great on their own merit, and some need a bit of work to make them stand out. Combine those two, and this is the result. Autoexpress.co.uk offers up this jewel of a Ford Mustang from SEMA 2015, which is a mixture of beautiful touches combining deep black with electric-blue piping. This is such a stunning piece of paintwork that it would get Autobots and Decepticons fighting for it.

1 Weird - Passionless Paint Job

Via Corvette Online

No one usually likes chores, and in all honesty, despite it being like a hobby to some, a paint job on a car is a long, drawn-out chore. It's often thankless work and it's time-consuming getting every corner of the motor covered. But there's no explanation for this. To leave a Chevy Corvette in this woeful state is quite unforgiveable, and the website Corvette Online agrees. Covered in a boring, faded shade of brown, the sides aren't only daubed in an equally unimpressive beige but seemingly also home to weird drawings that make no sense! This car is in need of some sorely tender-loving care to get it back up to the standards a Chevy Corvette rightfully deserves.

Sources: autoexpress.co.uk; jalopnik.com; caranddriver.com

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