12 Supercars That Aren't As Cool As Everyone Thinks (And 13 Pickups That Are)

Let’s check out supercars that aren’t really all that cool and pickup trucks that are absolutely cool.

Supercars are just the natural evolution of the automotive industry. Once the automobile industry exploded, people began poking into the matters to see what they could do to make the situation better. It’s just like how things are in other aspects of life. You start with one thing, and over time, you start seeing ways to improve that thing. So one engine led to another, one transmission to the next, one exterior style to another, and that probably led to sports cars. After that, evolution continued, and people made supercars.

Supercars are at the top of the food chain. They have huge amounts of horsepower, extremely fast lap times, insanely expensive sticker price and head turning exteriors. They look amazing and give a superb performance on the tracks.

And then we have pickup trucks. Their evolution happened through the same process. One change after another and one idea after another over the years led to the current pickup trucks. Now, while supercars are all about performance, trucks are all about utility. The ability to do things is what matters, despite the fact that more than 50% of truck buyers are not using them for their intended use. Plus, the big tires, all-wheel drive and similar features all make trucks good for the wintertime. But just because they’re trucks doesn’t mean they’re not powerful. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, some trucks can easily beat a supercar, and most of the pickups can easily outrun a sedan.

So, let’s check out supercars that aren’t really cool and trucks that are cool.


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You have to realize that if it wasn’t for the movie, this car would not have been considered cool at all. Despite its gullwing doors, there’s nothing sporty about this car. First, it was made from food grade stainless steel, which is not what you’d want in a supercar.

On top of that, the engine was sourced from Volvo.

And you know that wasn’t going to lead to anything more than a V6. But I have to admire the guy who created this car and brought it into existence, despite all the trouble. While for you, it was the car’s result that mattered, for him it was the production that mattered.


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If you had difficulty pronouncing “Jalpa,” I’m right there with you. No one knows how to pronounce that, and the people who thought of this car are long gone. So you can call it “Jalpa” or “Jalpa,” as either would be correct! The car looked all fancy and cool.

Granted, no one thought it was a Lambo Countach, but still, people had high hopes for this car. The end result? Heavy steering. Doug DeMuro stated that it was the equivalent of driving a train off the tracks. Adding on to the insults was the fact that it didn’t have much power.


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There is—and if there’s not, there should—always be a sense of admiration when thinking of this car. The exterior is low slung with the upper half of the car being very sporty and low slung too. And then there’s the record-breaking top speed of 212.3 mph that happened in the ‘90s. And if all that wasn’t convincing enough for you, its then-$614K price tag probably convinced you it was one cool car.

There’s one problem though. It was designed to have a Jaguar V12, but by the time production started, it got a lowly V6 (turbocharged). Some people withdrew their deposit.


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Now, this is one good looking car. There aren’t many cars as sharp looking as the 720S. The front face is all McLaren like, the rear is exotic, and the sides have some of the most amazing curves. The powerplant is just awesome too.

The car has one troubling area though. It’s the interior. Unlike a lot of other $300K cars, this one's interior is very dull.

I mean that both in terms of design and the appearance of the material. It looks like it was built by cheap clothing. Sure, you can make it a little shinier by getting some leather options, but the design won’t change.


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This one looks like it’s a seemingly cool car, but don’t be fooled. The look might try to convey a sense of exoticness. There are vents everywhere to make these look good, but I’m not exactly sure how much that helps. There are quite a few problems, honestly.

One is that this so called supercar actually has seats in the back. Like, there is enough room to take your kids on a ride. And if my math is correct, I’d imagine that adds weight. And that it did. Its curb weight is 3,439 pounds. That’s a bit heavy for a supercar, no?


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The engine of this car is sound; it’s a 4.2L V8 that does decent things on the road. While it’s supposed to be a supercar with fancy gullwing doors, the car is just a bulky car with gullwing doors. And if you look at it from some bad angles, it just becomes a bit difficult to get that taste out of your mouth.

All said, we admire the manufacturer’s dream of trying to make this car capable of driving “on the roof of a tunnel at high speeds.” The company collapsed financially in 2013, but seems like it’s back in business now.


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When this car came out, teens were mentally asking if they would rather have the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT or this, the SLR. The answer was never clear. It was a fierce competition among the three, at least in the mind of kids. But once you moved to the real world, you saw the truth.

After a few years, the market just couldn’t digest the SLR. It’s worth as little as 15% of the value of an Enzo.

The reason? Well, just look at it, and hopefully that helps you out. F1 inspired noses are never a good fit for production cars.


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A Lambo always has its fans. Lambos look sharp and stylish, and there’s always a sense of modernity in their cars. Young people always get a sense of connection with Lambos, as they look like what a car is supposed to look like in their brain. Fair enough, I don’t disagree.

But sometimes Lambo just overdoes it. While a part of me is amazed by the exterior styling, the other side of me is saying they overdid it. It’s just so sharp, so wedgy and so futuristic that its beauty either completely evades us or the uncomeliness becomes painfully apparent. Good thing only one was produced.


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I was a bit hesitant to place this car here because some people don’t really think it’s a cool car, hence it’d be moot to say it’s not a cool car. However, there are still plenty of people who think this is a cool car. Just check out the exterior styling; it looks a little bland, if we are being honest. It’s not a supercar, like not at all.

And then, of course, there’s the whole six-wheel thing. That idea was taken from an F1 car, and that generally doesn’t bode well for a production car. If that wasn’t enough, its claimed top speed hasn’t been substantiated.


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Check out the exterior of the car. The front fascia has a nose with vents on the hood, the sides carry a cone-like shape and the rear looks like it’s trying to pull a style off. These things were made to stay in Italy.

These cars were like Italian Kei cars (Kei cars are the smallest legal Japanese cars made to be maneuverable in the congested roads of Japan), meaning the engine had the smallest displacement possible—2L.

With such a small displacement, even eight cylinders could produce only 153 HP. Let me rephrase that: A V8 Ferrari made 183 ponies.


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There’s not much you can do if you already own a couple of Ferraris and want something more unique, unless you want to switch over to Lambo or something like that. Well, the 575 GTZ Zagato was built for a Japanese collector.

It was essentially a 575M that was designed to recall the 250 GT Berlinetta Zagato.

The GTZ Zagato was fully supported by Ferrari as a total of six were built, with two going to that Japanese collector, Yoshiyuki Hayashi. While everyone was excited about this car, I don’t think it’s necessary to make a comment about the result.


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James May liked this car, and to a certain extent, there’s something nice about this car despite the zipper like smiling front. The sides look beautiful and the top view looks gorgeous. The rear is somewhat shaky, as the spoilers back there look a little too serious and Lambo like for a car that’s smiling at the front. And maybe some people could have let go of all that.

But its truth would have remained with it: It was a 230 BHP Toyota V6. And guess what its inspiration was? The Honda NSX. Mitsuoka had to put in a lot more work to get to the Honda level.


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The current Tundra is aging. It hasn’t had a makeover since 2014 and is falling behind in the full size segment. The lack of the makeover also means the infotainment system is becoming outdated along with the towing capacity becoming weaker.

However, Toyota made a deal for some of its pickups to become equipped with superchargers. And that was a sweet deal, folks.

It was available on pickups of 2009-2015, and while the exterior of those looks just like any other Tundra, the interior is where the difference was. That supercharged Tundra was capable of churning out 504 ponies and greater than 500 lb-ft of torque.


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While Nissan is not doing well with its Frontier—that truck has a dated exterior and cabin—Nissan is doing somewhat better with the Titan. After getting an overhaul in 2017, the truck started looking more truck like with the dashing grille. The rest of the exterior also looks pretty rugged.

The standard Titan has 390 HP coming out of the V8; there are various configurations available for the bed. It provides a smooth and silky ride. While this is definitely the coolest truck available from Nissan, its price is a little higher than that of the rivals, which makes it an expensive choice.

11 2018 GMC SIERRA 1500

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GMC markets its trucks as “professional grade,” and while I’m not sure what that means, the matter of fact is that this truck is one good piece of machinery. GMC made sure to give it all it had, and that means the truck has a maximum towing capacity of 12.5K pounds.

Plus, it has corner steps as standard at the rear, which is extremely helpful. A backup camera also comes as standard in the Sierra 1500. The interior is capacious and luxurious. The exterior looks aggressive and rugged. Overall, there’s not much you can complain of about this $29K truck.


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Just like in real life a younger sibling tries to imitate the older sibling, Colorado does that in the truck life. It takes the corner steps, MyLink infotainment system and other features that the bigger Silverado has, and incorporates them at its level.

The basic Colorado has Bluetooth, rear-view camera, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, and some other similar goodies. As well equipped as the interior is, the exterior doesn’t fall short at all.

Some trim levels are exceptionally rugged and dashing. Talking about trim levels, this one offers numerous. The ZR2 is the most aggressive of them, meaning it’s perfectly suitable for off-roading.


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While the Sierra might have been the bigger sibling of Canyon, the Canyon is not shy of making the best of itself. The very nature of its compactness makes it very nimble. The exterior looks dashing, and unlike the playfulness associated with some of its cousins (Chevy), this one looks a little more stern and formal.

There are various trims available here. The SLE and Denali both get luxury appointments, but the SLE is better because it costs a little less and has nearly the same features. The interior looks good too; the layout is well received by the public.


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The pickup looks a little fancier than some of the others. It’s not that it’s any less aesthetically pleasing, just that it looks pretty more than it looks rugged. The beauty of this truck is its posh interior.

And when you’re inside the posh cabin, you’ll realize the ride quality is just excellent. On top of that, it is equipped with some of the latest safety tech.

Considering that Honda doesn’t offer any other pickup to customers, this is a good deal from Honda. However, it should be noted that the towing capacity of it is less than that of its rivals.


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Here we are with the range-topping Silverado. The cabin is beautiful to look at and, when on the highways, it’s comfortable to be in. There are various trims and various engine options. Should you decide to get a V8, you’ll likely enjoy the quick acceleration and the remarkable towing capacity.

The front seat is comfortable for drivers of all types. You might think this one is a little heavier to drive compared to its rivals, which is a valid downside, although it’s so subtle that it’s hard to tell. There’s also a hybrid system that is available, which doesn’t add power, but does keep your wallet full.


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While the platform may be a little old, the interior of the Tacoma is top notch. This is the only truck that provides active driver assistance features as standard. The beauty of this beast is that these features are essentially a set of little features that make driving much easier.

Some of those features are forward collision warning, lane departure warning, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control. If you get the help of the TRD, you should get an even livelier experience. This is also one of those trucks whose grille looks pretty good and somewhat mean. It’s a nice truck to have overall.

5 2018 FORD F-150

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And here’s the best selling pickup truck itself. People are going bananas over this truck, and rightfully so. If you check out any website, any reviews and online forums, you’ll note how it always received excellent feedback.

You can check out the roads, and you’ll see an army of F-150s at any time.

It’s just a popular car. Ford didn’t exactly have a secret formula or anything like that. It’s just that they kept producing and improving, producing and improving over time, and now Ford F-150 dominates the market like no other truck with its rugged exterior, posh interior, and magical towing capacity.

4 2019 RAM 1500

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Back in the days (decades ago), Dodge used to produce some of the coolest special edition pickups. They would come around an occasion or event and would feature some things that would just leave the public speechless. Sometimes they weren’t even special editions; Ram just produced good trucks.

While the Ram hasn’t been the best in the pickup market, all that has changed with the 2019 Ram 1500. It’s one good looking truck—check out that “RAM” logo on the grille—that offers a posh interior with numerous features and a solid engine. Plus, it has a good towing capability at 12.7K lbs.


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Since we are on the topic of cool, here’s another truck that should be mentioned. GM was itching for some high-performance engine back in the mid ‘80s, and that’s when it got a 4.3L turbo V6, which was outfitted in the Buick Grand National. While the engine was performance giving, at some point the Grand National had to go.

So GM thought, why not create a truck that would be able to complement the engine? They might as well change its name to “Ferrari Beater,” so people know exactly what it was capable of, although they wouldn’t know it didn’t have much pickup abilities.


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Somewhere in this article, I mentioned how Dodge used to produce crazy trucks randomly every once in a while. Well, here’s one of them.

Seeing that the Mustang was becoming infirm and Camaro not even existent, Dodge decided to give the horsepower junkie a taste of something that’d last for a while. And that’s how the SRT-10 came about.

With horsepower and torque in the 500-plus range, the beast was an exceptionally fast truck. In fact, Dodge had one of the NASCAR racing drivers test its limit, and it came out to be the fastest production truck, and remains so.


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If your heart was fluttering for this pickup, here it is. It’s a top notch pickup on the market currently. It’s not that a lot of other trucks don’t offer what this truck offers; it’s just that this truck has a legacy of its own. When it came out back in 2010, it was a macho off-roader that couldn’t be beaten by anything. It had plenty of horses and plenty of torque. The off-roading features looked solid and, of course, the truck looked gorgeous. You could get lost in its world. With this second iteration, all that has just amplified.

Sources: emgn.com, carthrottle.com

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