11 Celebs Who Ruined Their Lambos (9 Who Showed Some Respect)

Lamborghini has a rich history, from way back in 1963 where the Lamborghini Automobili officially started, and its roots are from its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini. He was born in 1916 and was responsible for the company's early phases of its history, such that by the time he built a factory of luxury sports cars, he was already very wealthy. By the early 60s, the man and brand were both powerful and successful, and he knew what he wanted - to build a super sports car that would compete with the Ferrari.

Most people thought he was crazy at the time because constructing such a car seemed like a shot in the dark and overly extravagant - in fact they figured he'd squander his fortune and not make any profit. Well, decades later his cars are ruling the celebrity world, with the likes of Gallardo, Veneno, Murcielago and even the Huracan raking in sales from the world's wealthiest and most famous people. All his cars were absolute masterpieces, and each had a name that derived its meaning mostly from bulls. Like the Murcielago, which means "bat," Aventador takes its name from an award-winning bull from the Spanish Corrida, and the Veneno and Huracan too are named after the most powerful and courageous bulls with a strong sense of attack.

With such a rich heritage, there's got to be some level of respect accorded to this ride, at least to maintain its reputation and history. But there are celebrities who don't remember that what they own and drive is a work of art, sweat and brains, and those that do, hardly get the spotlight like their counterparts who don't. Here's a list of the celebs who ruined their Lambos and those that didn't.

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20 Respect: Kanye West

kanye west car
via: upscalehype.com

Kanye West is a well-known rapper and amazing entertainer with unique styles. He's got to be one of the luckiest men on the plane because on his birthday, his wife Kim Kardashian West bought him a super Lamborghini Aventador with double doors. This $750,000 car was designed by Filippo Perini, though production is ongoing, the flashy futurist looking Lamborghini comes with two doors, a 6.5 L engine under its hood, which produces 700 horsepower mated to a seven-speed transmission.

Kanye West enjoys one of the greatest cars in the world with both amazing acceleration rate and high speed. The car runs from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds.

Its proportions and body parts have been fitted in a way that they improve aerodynamics as much as possible with elements integrated into the body shell form. Its headlights are not just simple bulbs but a more exercise design, and turn signals in a Y-shaped light spread from the middle and different LED lights. More features include the sweeping strokes at the sides of the car which emphasizes the front wheel arch. From such features, it is clear that Kanye West's stylish life is also included in his choice of cars. This is the same car that Daily Mail reported was crunched by Kim's electric gates, and had deep scratches along the side panels and wheel arch.

19 Respect: 50 Cent

via Inautonews.com

50 Cent is commonly known as one of the richest musicians, besides being a producer, songwriter and actor. Big cars are like every celebrity thing and 50 Cent owns one of the sickest Lamborghinis costing about $750,000. This car model was first made available in North America and is fitted with luxurious features, besides being all-wheel drive with a central placed engine. This car's design and exceptional low slung body can’t go unnoticed while taking a ride around the city. The highest point in the Lamborghini is less than 4 feet above the ground and for more identity and distinction, this car is fitted with scissor doors, and powered by a V12 engine, while its rear differential is integrated within the engine along with viscous coupling differential.

It has a 6-speed manual transmission while its suspension uses an independent double-wishbone design. The bold bodywork has been done with carbon fiber, steel and aluminum parts. The car is runs from 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. According to Autosaur, Fiddy bought the car in 2005 to celebrate the release of his second album: The Massacre. The car's original color was charcoal grey, then he painted it chrome before this final metallic blue color.

18 Respect: Rihanna

via complex

Rihanna is one of the outspoken pop-stars thanks to her amazing singing talent that put her in the limelight, and made her successful and famous. Apart from singing, she is also a songwriter and one of the richest celebrities in the world. She has once been mentioned as one of the top hundred influential people in the world. With all the fame she enjoys, Rihanna maintains elegance from her beauty to the rides she spins around in. She owns one of the most expensive and luxurious Lamborghinis which has a price tag of $ 750,000.

Unlike Nicki Minaj's Lamborghini which is pink in color, Rihanna's is hot red and really good looking. The car is a beast, and oozes power and energy, with a price matches its ability. While taking a ride on this car you will definitely realize that its performance is strong, what with a 750 horsepower producing 6.5 liter V12 engine, plus it is an all-wheel drive car with a seven speed automated-manual transmission. Apparently, this car, as Chirkup reports, was a love gift from Chris Brown, and Rihanna graciously accepted it. Its price is similar to the one Kim Kardashian bought for her rapper husband Kanye West. Seems this one is for gifting.

17 Respect: Justin Bieber

via justjared

While Justin Bieber may not always have great taste in cars and their customization (look at his SmartforTwo and his leopard-print Audi R8) he still has some of the most luxurious and extremely gorgeous and powerful cars in the world. Among the dope cars in the Canadian musician's garage is this baby blue Lamborghini Aventador - yes, this is the one The Sun reported was spray painted with the words "Cash Only." The car is just amazing just from the exterior to interior, thanks to Bieber's hard work in the industry, that landed him this machine. One of the amazing features of this car is the dashboard which you would think was created out from the cockpit. The technology fitted in it is exceptional, with revolutionary gauges which function the same way as the jet plane instruments. Its instrumentation is put on a large LCD screen but a completely independent system and LCD screen take control of the stereo and its navigation duties. The car's press release work like a robot and can be called a Human-Machine Interface. The interior of Justin's Lamborghini is a full single color and the color tone for the interior is offered in a two style line. The exterior color is just one of a variety of colors offered by Lamborghini, but other colors that the car comes in are orange, white, yellow or green. It is a roadster machine and its speed and performance are super amazing.

16 Ruined: Travis Scott

via twitter

Travis Scott had his Lamborghini pimped in camo in shades of lavender, lilac, and white color. If you've seen Chris Brown's camo Lambo, then you'll understand that despite the the difference in color, the camo print still makes the car look ugly. According to Bossip, Travis had parked his Bape Lamborghini outside a shopping store at Maxfield where he was spotted pulling up in the supercar. Great cars need great treatment, and this car deserved anything else but this. Why in the world would he settle for such a bad print on a Lambo? Weren't there other options available?

Granted, Travis probably wanted an attention-grabbing design but this purple color looks drab on the car - it gives it a dull and ugly demeanor.

Even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Travis should have done something better with the car, without forgetting the fact that this is a Lamborghini -a car that everybody should admire as he spins it around town, or wherever else he goes. Lamborghini is not only an expensive car but a luxurious one, and its opulent nature should be seen first from its appearance before curiosity drives us to look into its soul. This car's extraordinary engine produces great power and also offers much comfort and enjoyable ride. Features and adjustments are put to provide top performance and safety when in high speed.

15 Ruined: Chris Brown


People build statues for legends, some draw tattoos of their idols on their bodies, everyone has that one crazy thing they'll do for whatever or whoever it is they adore. For Chris Brown, aka Chris Breezy, he chooses to customize his cars, and this is just one of the Lamborghinis this guy owns that he decided to play around with. Most of the time, Breezy chooses to go to West Coast Customs to get some unique mods and/or designs done to them. The strange thing though, is we're not sure why he decides to go with some of the designs he gets, I mean, don't they put it on paper first so he can make the decision? Or does he just leave it to them and say "wow me?"

Whatever the case might be, this wasn't one of the best designs they came up with, and Chris shouldn't be smiling about it. The car was clad in a custom camo paint job, which should actually not be on this car. Apparently, as Freshness magazine reports, the car was designed based on his Nikes to resemble Nike's Foamposite Fighter Jet, so he gave JC Customz the car with instructions to replicate the pattern on the Foams, paying $15,000 for the whole thing. An Aventador is an expensive car with some great features from the inside out, in fact, it costs about $400,000 or more. This car has an automated manual transmission with long pauses between the violent lurches. Within its upgrade is a dual-clutch gearbox though it lacks a wider transmission - such a cool car - but totally not good looking.

14 Ruined: Deadmau5's Nyanborghini Purracan

via youredm

To whom much is given, much more is required - but not everyone sticks to the last part of this popular saying. Included on the list of those who choose to do things their own way is Canadian DJ, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known professionally as Deadmau5. Lamborghini, as mentioned, is an expensive car, and it should be treated as such because the moment you drive onto the highway or just get into the town in this beauty, it turns heads, whether you notice it or not.

Deadmau5 couldn't have made heads turn faster when he decided to customize his own car with this Nyan-cat inspired wrap with the custom emblem of the Japanese internet meme.

This guy, by the way, was given a cease and desist by Ferrari, after he wrapped his 458 in the same wrap, and as HuffPo reports, he just had to get it undone, sadly.  There's so much more and a variety of options available if you want to enhance the beauty of a car, instead of demeaning it in this way. No wonder Ferrari had to take such a drastic measure to protect its own. He wins the award for worst dressed Lambo in this list - makes Breezy's Lambos look good.

13 Ruined: Chris brown


Speaking of Chris Brown, no sooner had we spoken about the camo Lambo, than we landed on yet another one the musician ruined, and for what really? Don't you just ask yourself why celebrities with so much money at their disposal choose to change a beautiful car like this one to a Cruella version of the same, sometimes even completely changing it to a different car altogether? Well, as much as they can splurge on whatever they want, that doesn't mean they have to drive around in anything expensive despite its looks.

For this Lamborghini, Breezy, who is also one of the great celebrity dancers, lost the plot. This just goes to show, you can be good at some things, but not everything. This Lamborghini was decorated as if it was a P-51 fighter, and we cannot blame the designers, who Jalopnik says are from Georgia- since he had it done from his own free will and desire. Chris denied the public from enjoying the original version of his ride. Most of these celebrities turn their luxurious cars into their own custom design for identity and attention-grabbing. The Gallardo is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine with power output of 560 PS at 8000rpm. This car weighs about 1410 kilograms which enhances its performance. When it comes to speed, this car moves like a bullet, what with an acceleration rate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 325 km/h, plus it assures the driver of high safety characteristics.

12 Ruined: Nicki Minaj

via pinterest

If there's a car that will live to haunt Nicki Minaj for ages to come - because the internet never forgets - it's got to be this one. According to NY Daily News, Nicki, whose Lamborghini is among the most expensive and luxurious cars owned by a female artiste, rolled up to her Kmart clothing line launch in this pink Lamborghini Aventador. At first glance, you wouldn't even know what car it is, until you start to see the unmistakable features of a Lambo. Otherwise, the color and mags are already major turn-offs. Nicki went for a tampon-box pink wrap and matching mags, but you cannot blame her because that's her favorite color. Other colors she loves are orange and yellow, but such a pink hue on a Lamborghini? This one, she ruined completely!

This Lamborghini is one heck of an expensive car worth $400,000 and making it look like a toy car is even painful just to look at. Nicki might have got this crazy idea so that she would attract attention, but this shouldn't be an excuse because, even if she didn't, the car itself would still attract attention without adding colors. The car has a fantastic body design with high-quality bodywork materials not leaving out the fact that it is a speed monster with a top speed of 217 mph.

11 Ruined: Tyga

via precisearz

Tyga has had a lot of car issues. At one point he drove his Lamborghini into a ditch, then his car was impounded by the police. It is true that birds of the same feather flock together, because he and Chris Brown are good friends - lol. Friends usually have stuff in common, and for these two, its got to be the things they do to their Lamborghinis - wrapping them in strange colors and prints. Initially,

Tyga had this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster finished in rose gold color to match the color of his teeth, but he had second thoughts - or maybe a light bulb moment - and later changed it into Prince-Purple-Rain wrap.

Ever since he crushed his first Lamborghini, nowadays he spends more time on the passenger seat not to repeat the same mistake again. However, he denied us the chance to appreciate his ride after wrapping it in this way. The Roadster has a price tag of about $441,600 and is fitted with amazing features that matches its price and performance. This car can run from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and has a top speed is 217 mph. It also has a removable roof with two carbon fiber panels that require support from a rear pillar. Its v12 engine is covered with a unique cover design attached with wind deflectors for better cabin airflow. At least its still got a soul.

10 Ruined: Chris Brown...again!

via westcoastcustoms.com

Breezy is known for both good and not so good reasons, and he's been called many things by different people, which we won't even get into because they're unfit to print. As with any other rich celebrity, Chris is a huge fan of cool rides and some of his cars include this Lamborghini Gallardo that he customized with his own design. At first, you would think that he only interfered with the car's original design by changing its color, but the R&B sensational singer did this unique and rare thing - he changed a whole Lamborghini into an oversized matchbox model - Jalopnik calls it a "really big Hot Wheels for the road."

The car actually became bigger than the standard company size, and as if that wasn't enough, he added a retro 70s paint job, which made everything worse. The car became nothing less than an ugly supercar. The car's original features are fantastic, what with its lighter weight, since it is made of aluminum but stiffer structure. It also measures 4.34 meters in length, 1.90 meters in width and 1.16 meters high and has a weight of about 1410 kilogram. The materials used make use of space frame method of construction and the car can run the 0 to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds with a top flight of about 325 km/h in normal conditions. Why ruin such a good thing!

9 Ruined: Missy Elliot

via pinterest

Missy Elliot is not a secret car lover, she has bought so many, such that her mother warned of the habit, though she believes that if her mother warns her of something, then it means that she is doing something good. In her car collection, Missy Elliot has a Lamborghini Gallardo worth $247,305 according to Knownetworth, a very expensive ride but for the color - it's purple. Being a lady, purple is usually a favorite color, but that doesn't mean it will go well with everything, especially cars - and more so a Lamborghini.

This is a midsized engine car and the first one to have a speed exceeding 200 miles per hour, plus a top speed of 312km/h.

It is powered by a 5.7L (348 cu in), 48-valve 12V having cams and computer-controlled multi-point fuel injection producing power of 492PS (362 kW; 485 hp) and 580 N.m(428lb.ft) of torque. Its acceleration rate is superb as it does the 0 to 100km/h sprint in 4.5 seconds. For better balancing, Diablo has its rear-wheel drive and engine fitted in the middle. The car comes with fully adjustable seats and steering wheel, electronic window, alpine stereo system. This is not a car that you have to spruce up to look more attractive, it comes with its beauty and elegance from the design to the interior features.

8 Ruined: Xzibit

via topspeed

Well, if it isn't the auto-pimp himself! Isn't it strange that Xzibit, even after hosting Pimp My Ride, may not have all the taste in the world to get it right with his own car? What happened to this one? Topspeed reported that the car was put up for sale, I can only imagine what the person who buys this one will do first - get the ugly print off the body - plain black will do just fine really. Xzibit might have got it well with rapping, TV hosting, record producing or even with radio, but with this one, he got it wrong.

The American star wrapped his Lamborghini Gallardo with a branded Adidas design that made it look ugly. This wrap gives a wrong impression of what the car really is like. So the car now has a black film with Adidas/Gumball design in gold and chrome-gold. The interior of the car is fitted with black and red bi-color leather seats. For a more comfortable ride, the car has an air conditioning feature and a sound system with CD-changer. That said, it is still in good condition and has a top speed of 320 Km/h.

7 Ruined: Taylor Caniff

via celebritycarsblog

Being rich and young can sometimes be confusing and make you do some crazy things, like what Justin Bieber did to his Audi R8 with the leopard print. Taylor Caniff, the social media developer who created his YouTube account back in 2012, had his Lamborghini Gallardo wrapped in an ugly looking galaxy print. He even posted a pic of the car on social media where he has a large following. Apparently, as CelebrityCars reports, Caniff had the car customized at West Coast Customs - you may have your reservations about these guys, but he made his choice either way.

However, the finish lacked in taste and made the car look cheap.

Lamborghini Gallardos usually attract people's attention for their performance and outward beauty, but this one sort of repels that attraction the moment you look at it - there's no head turning with this one. There are so many options available for paint jobs and customized wraps, with a variety of color choices that one would choose from like Arancio Borealis, Balloon White, Bianco Canopus Matt Finish, Bianco Cygnus to make a car more attractive - not bringing the galaxy down to Earth for all and sundry. And for someone who rules the social media space, he should really know better, or he could've just asked his followers for ideas.

6 Ruined: Chris Brown

via pinsdaddy

Celebrities are known to have some of the most classic cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes, etc. Chris Brown is not left out among them, he has a fetish for Lamborghinis but just needs some guidance on how to customize them - without leaving it to the customization designers. This particular Lamborghini, which he was selling for about $90,000, got a hand painted job which Chris enlisted a tattoo artist to paint Tupac lyrics on the car's body. It's a crazy idea, but the execution was bland.

According to TMZ, this process is believed to have taken a total of 16 hours, but one thing is for sure, this work was absurd and a waste of time. This even affects the image of Lamborghini and thankfully the company didn't react with a cease and desist like they did for Deadmau5. Either way, the car retained its interior design and features. Most of Breezy's cars come with enhancements, and for this particular one, he got an MB Quart custom sound system, a suede covered interior, custom body kit, and 20 inch Asanti wheels, matte black color. If the exterior is a turn-off, then the interior will definitely wow you.

5 Respect: Jon Olsson

via car1208

Swedish freeskier and alpine racer and YouTube star Jon Olsson definitely knows how to keep a car looking great! This is his dope Lamborghini Huracan, a good choice that he wrapped in winter-inspired camo but that's not the only good thing about this car. The car has 800 base horsepower produced by its 5.2-liter V10 engine. Additionally, it is all-wheel-drive, giving Olsson better control of the car and more confidence to drive it al the time. The interior is world class fitted with 12.3-inch resolution TFT screen providing information right before the driver's eyes, plus it is customizable.

Alcantara has been used to wrap the other parts of the cabin that's aso fully customizable with a wide range of accessories and contrast colors to choose from. According to The Drive, this Lamborghini 610-4 is equipped with an aerodynamically-optimized ski box on top, but the Internet star and Gumball 3000 staple has made a few other tweaks. These include stock carbon-ceramic brake discs swapped for steel ones for better handling in winter driving, a little lowering, and an Akrapovic exhaust. Also, it has a custom-made supercharger setup, enough to send the car from 62 to124 miles per hour in a flat five seconds.

4 Respect: Chris Brown

via stylebistro

Now this is one Lamborghini that Chris Brown got right! This Aventador, however, like most of his rides, does not miss a story behind it. Initially, it was thought to be owned by his brown Vietnamese girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, as she was seen on several occasions driving the car. He even got Karrueche to pose by the Aventador, as Autoevolution reported, while they were enjoying a flash weekend of celebrations to mark Independence Day with her as they drove around in the supercar in Malibu. The 700 horsepower car is the same one Breezy was running within the Fine China video, and it has impeccable abilities, features, and powerful performance.

The car is fitted with modern technology in it such as monocoque technology. This car comes from a standstill to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds.

One would wonder why Chris Brown buys such an expensive with a price tag of $387,000, this car has an extreme design, compromising standards and technology and unmistakably in its style and perfection. This is the car that later became "The Dark Knight" as Dupont Registry described its before and after mods. The LP700-4's original orange color and its entire structure were modified courtesy of DH Wraps who gave it a matte black appearance. Furthermore, Misha Designs' body kit made it more fierce than it looked here, with Savini Wheels in 18 karat gold forged SV59-D wheels with the support of Pirelli tires, while JC Customz assembled the final product.

3 Respect: Floyd Mayweather

via 1616.ir

Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers who won most if not all of his fights. He is also known for living a flashy lifestyle, what with his jets, big houses and amazing cars with modern technology. He owns a Lamborghini which is fitted with luxurious features, and exceptional and unquestionable comfort. It is also built with materials that provide stability during high speed and takes the shortest time possible to reach its top speed. On the track, this car never disappoints, as it acquires a very high speed of about 325 km/h in approximation.

Mayweather owns a Lamborghini Murcielago - one of the greatest Lamborghini models, whose weight is placed in such a way that it enhances its performance.

Compared to the earlier models this one's much lighter. Under the hood is a V10 engine that produces lots of energy allowing the car to attain much more speed. The former boxer might have also put the safety characteristics in his mind before buying this car, plus its advanced electric devices provide the driver with efficient and accurate information. According to The Sun, Floyd's fleet of supercars are worth over £3.3m which includes luxury Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Ferrari, probably after a massive payday from his Conor McGregor win.

2 Respect: Reggie Bush

via pinterest

Reggie Bush is a former American football running back, who also made a name and wealth for himself from that career. It is from this that he bought this hot supercar, a Lamborghini Aventador, which you'll only find with the rich and famous of this world. Reggie's Lamborghini Aventador is worth $450,000 and it definitely is worth every dollar spent on it. It comes with unique features ranging from its exterior design to the interior and the lighter bodywork materials.

Lamborghini has continuously made sure that this car is available for its customers, with over 600 Aventadors produced, and it has never lacked demand - it's a masterpiece in aesthetics, power, and elegance - all at once. Besides this Lambo, the former USC and NFL star bought a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which he spruced up with over $800,000 in work going into making it a true work of art, as CheatSheet reports. Bush, who used to date Kim Kardashian too, seems to know something about speed and HyperActivz says he prefers cars with the ability to hustle, not just those that bring him joy. For him, it's a hobby to buy and sell cars after restoring and building them. He also owns a Ferrari and Bentley.

1 Respect: Joe Haden

via autoinfo

Joe Haden is an American footballer who played for University of Florida and also plays for Pittsburg Steelers of National Football League. He owns a Lamborghini worth $1.1 million - the Aventador model. As always this car has the most amazing features and is attention-grabbing so anyone can easily notice it as you drive across the street. Have you noticed that there are a number of celebrities who like this model of Lamborghini? Interestingly, if you go through the features of this car, you'll discover that it is these that make it sell, despite the fact that has a high price.

It is fitted with more advanced technology to improves its performance, and, with the help of its V10 engine, the car can achieve a top speed of 324 km/h (approximately).

The safety features are exceptional making the passengers drive without stress, or without straining to view the road ahead. It also comes fitted with cameras within the car that help the driver get a better view by providing efficient and accurate traffic information. Besides the Aventador, TMZ reports that Haden added a Lamborghini Murcielago to his fleet of cars, which also includes a Range Rover SV Autobiography, Rolls Royce Wraith, and a 2017 Rolls Royce Ghost, which collectively are worth a whopping $1.2 million at the very least.

Sources: Daily Mail, Autoevolution.com, Cheatsheet.com, Hyperactivz.com, Jalopnik.com, Bossip.com, Huffington Post

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