13 Of The Sickest Cars In Curren$y's Collection (And 7 He Wants In His Garage)

If you're a fan of hip-hop music, you're probably well aware of the prolific rapper Curren$y. Also affectionately dubbed as “Spitta” by his fans, he's one of the best rappers of the modern rap genre. Like many rappers, his subject matter includes beautiful women, enjoying the company of his favourite plant, and of course... cars. LOTS of them.

What sets Curren$y apart from other rappers who claim to have an affinity for cars is the fact that he genuinely has a love for the hobby. While other rappers show off modern vehicles like the classic Dodge Challenger or the Rolls-Royce, Curren$y has a love for cars that goes beyond mere showmanship. Although that's definitely a part of the hobby and a huge aspect of “lowrider” culture, Curren$y is the type of guy who'll do research and buy parts for his cars on eBay. He's also bought used vehicles off of eBay for $10,000 and enjoys the process of fixing them up. He's even bought cars off of Instagram from friends who reach out to him just so he could have a specific car for his collection. While Curren$y does appreciate a good modern vehicle, he refers to himself as a vintage collector. Specifically, cars from 1980s, which is the period in which he grew up, are vehicles that hold a special place in the rapper’s heart.

Here are 13 classic vintage vehicles from Curren$y’s car collection, as well as 7 of his favourite vehicles that he appreciates (but would probably not purchase).

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20 1965 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport - In His Collection

via YouTube

In this photo, we can see one of Curren$y’s most prized possessions: a blue 1965 Chevy Impala Super Sport (or “SS”) that's been modified to look even cooler than it did initially. If you search for this car on classic-car websites, they're not likely to look like this. The vehicle was part of the fourth generation of cars from GM, and it was a really impactful addition to the company’s lineup. If you scan your mind for references in pop culture right now, chances are, you’ll see this image somewhere.

Not only did it look distinctly cooler than most cars around at the time; it also had a better performance than other cars from GM; the ‘65 SS had a V8 engine, and it was such an improved vehicle, it had to have the necessary suspension and engine modifications.

Rapping was always something of a background interest for Curren$y, but he says loving cars was always a top priority. He's mentioned this vehicle was a longtime dream for him since childhood, and he commented that this is the type of vehicle that's pictured on the covers of magazines covering lowrider culture.

19 1964 Chevy Impala - In His Collection

via YouTube

This is a great picture of Curren$y’s green ’64 Chevy Impala. If you look closely, you'll notice the car is putting its hydraulics, a mainstay in the lowrider hobby, to good use. He's customized the car completely to his liking: the interior is completely green, and it even has a custom paint job on the rear panels that looks like it would be on one of those vehicles pictured on a “Classic Oldies” compilation album. He's made it clear that when he puts time into his cars, he not only wants to collect them; he also wants to drive an automobile that looks like nothing else on the road.

The original 1964 Chevy Impala was another vehicle that was slightly redesigned when it was released. The differences aren't immediately noticeable, but if you're a big vintage car collector, you'll be able to see that the shape is a little different. One key change is that the rear of the vehicle has the Chevrolet logo displayed prominently on top of a trim-strip backdrop. The interior of the car is basically mostly the same (e.g. things like the drivetrain are the same), but the shape has more of a sleek design.

18 1950s Chevrolet Bel Air - In His Collection

via YouTube

This is a classic car that Curren$y actually purchased through Instagram after seeing it on his feed one day. It’s another classic vehicle that he always wanted; the Bel Air was one of the most influential designs on a GM car ever. It has one of the most memorable exteriors for a vehicle made in that era. The Chevrolet Bel Air has the look of cars that are associated with diners now and seems to be very ubiquitous in pop culture for a reason. It was one of the highest-selling cars of its time, and it was one of the most driven vehicles in the GM lineup.

At one point, it was available with a 5.7-liter engine with eight cylinders; the Bel Air looks like a more innocent car than it is. While it’s obviously not a high-performance sports car, it’s still surprisingly fast for an older car.

The first Bel Air was released in 1950, and GM continued manufacturing the car until the 1980s.

Throughout the years, the vehicle would go through many iterations, but the car pictured here is the most revered design. Curren$y has a great eye for eye-catching vintage vehicles; he's mentioned this car is so great already, it doesn’t require any modifications at all.

17 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS - In His Collection

via YouTube

Pictured here is a beautiful 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS from California that any lowrider collector would be proud to own. It's not just a great car; it’s a rare artifact from a different time. Curren$y is such an avid collector he even has the original 1963 Chevrolet manual that came with the vehicle it so that people can read about the history of the vehicle they're admiring.

The 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS was part of the third generation of the vehicles General Motors produced. It has the classic look the original 1958 model had, yet it was also an improvement in terms of design. One of the changes was subtle but cool nonetheless.

In the 1963 model, the tailfins extended outward (instead of upward like the original model). It’s not a drastic change but it gives the vehicle a more formidable, stronger look.

In addition, the wheelbase became just over an inch longer than the previous design. Everything about the car appeared to be a little bolder, and it became an instant piece of Americana and car culture in general. Curren$y has a pair of dice in his ’63; a nod to the era.

16 Yellow Chevy Impala - In His Collection

via YouTube

This is another vehicle Curren$y purchased. It was bought for $8,000 through a friend on Instagram. For a car this cool-looking, that's an amazing deal. He says one of the things that impressed him the most was the fact that it had air conditioning installed in the car, and it worked perfectly in the hot New Orleans weather the city is well known for. The Yellow Chevy Impala clearly has a striking look on the outside, but the interior is also beautiful. It’s all black, with leather seats that look almost brand new.

This model pictured appears to be one of the models from the later generation of Impalas made by GM; it’s another classic car that's powerfully built. It was available to purchase with a 5.7-liter engine with eight cylinders. In later models of the Impala, the exterior remained relatively unchanged. However, GM used a new type of metal for the cars in the production of these cars throughout the 1980s. As a result, it has that classic feel of an Impala with the same design, but it's also a unique look for the car (with the new metal giving the bodies a slight makeover).

15 Caprice Classic - In His Collection

via YouTube

The Caprice Classic has been referred to by Curren$y as his favourite car of all the cars he owns. He says it was the first vehicle he saw in a magazine about lowriders that he ever acquired. He's customized it with hydraulics, and in the picture, you can see the personalized paint job. It’s a unique-looking version of the Caprice Classic you don’t see everyday; the rapper has succeeded in making a car that looks nothing like others.

The car was another big hit for Chevrolet; in some circles, the Caprice is actually considered better than the Impala and the Bel Air, partly due to the success throughout its run. It was one of the highest-selling vehicles in the earlier eras, and it’s been a longstanding member of the Chevrolet family for decades now.

The last version of the Caprice was released as recently as last year; in May of 2017, the Chevrolet Caprice produced the last vehicle it will ever make for the Caprice lineup.

It was a great run that spanned just under five decades of creating a classic car. The Caprice will go down in history as being one of the greatest vintage cars ever.

14 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS - In His Collection

via YouTube

Out of all the cars in Curren$y’s vintage collection, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS is one of his flashiest vehicles. The green paint job pictured here is not how the car came originally; it was bought with white paint and needed a lot of work. It was taken apart and built back again by the rapper several times. One of the notable changes was the darker tinted windows we see in the photo. It’s a great contrast to the bright green; the dark windows make the car look a little tougher and mysterious than it is. It doesn’t look menacing, but it has an edge to it.

The Monte Carlo was intended to be a smaller two-door vehicle originally (in later years, the car would finally be created a little bigger). In the '80s the car really hit its stride; it became a bolder car with a 5-liter V8 engine. Curren$y has a soft spot for the 1980s era of automobiles, and when you look at the Monte Carlo, you can see why: it was easily the car’s best decade. A Monte Carlo SS looks like a classic car while simultaneously managing to look like a modern vehicle.

13 Chevrolet El Camino SS - In His Collection

via YouTube

The Chevrolet El Camino was a unique vehicle manufactured by General Motors because its design was taken from larger vehicles like the station wagon. As a result, it has a longer and roomier back. It's actually technically considered a pickup truck. Despite the fact that it probably couldn't handle the same exact weight as a traditional pickup truck from the same period would generally be able to, the El Camino was an interesting vehicle that was certainly innovative for the time.

The El Camino is such a favourite of Curren$y’s, he made a whole song and video dedicated to the vehicle. In the video, we get some great views of the car as the song announces, “Cruising down south in the El Camino.”

It’s a classic car to drive around with; in an unprecedented move by Chevrolet, the 350 (5.7-liter) V8 engine was used in later editions of the Camino. In addition, the car also available with 396 or 454 engines for a brief period. We can see why Curren$y would have so much respect for this car: even today, it seems to have an enduring appeal with an appearance that could match that of a modern car.

12 Dodge Ram SRT-10 - In His Collection

via YouTube

It's immediately noticeable that this vehicle is clearly a lot different than the ones explored on this list so far. That’s because this is one of the vehicles Curren$y had before he started getting heavily into collecting vintage cars and modifying them. Wiz Khalifa, at one point, was interested in purchasing the vehicle because of Curren$y’s appreciation for older vehicles. As Wiz Khalifa states, “That truck right there is a new modern truck. He don't drive it anyway, it's just sitting in New Orleans. When I went down to visit him, that's what I was driving.”

Even though this vehicle may be a bit too “modern” for its owner, the Dodge Viper is a powerful pickup truck that's the preference for many pickup truck enthusiasts. The truck clearly doesn't have the look of a high-performance sports car, but it’s arguably built like one; it’s a gas guzzler available with an 8.3-liter V10 engine. Those ten cylinders really give the Dodge Viper some life; this vehicle isn't as slow as it may appear to be. The Dodge Ram SRT-10 was in production for about only two years, but it made a name for itself as a great pickup truck.

11 Ferrari 360 Spider - In His Collection

via rides-mag.com

This is obviously another example of a vehicle that's not part of Curren$y’s “vintage car collection.” Although he's said he prefers older cars, the rapper has also mentioned he wanted to purchase the Ferrari because he had wanted one since he was a child. As a kid, he grew up with a poster of the Ferrari Testarossa on his wall. Even though he has a great Ferrari, Curren$y says he doesn’t drive it as much as the options in his vintage collection.

The 360 Spider was another classic offering from Ferrari that lasted six years of production ranging from 1999 to 2005. It’s a well-built sports car designed for fast driving and with a sunroof that only makes it look cooler.

The Spider can go from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of just over four seconds. It’s an accomplishment of Italian engineering that rivals other sports cars produced in the same period (most notably, some of the Porsches created in the early 2000s were challenged when Ferrari’s Spider was unveiled).

Curren$y may not like “newer” cars, but there’s a reason why he picked this one: you can’t go wrong with a Ferrari.

10 1984 Caprice - In His Collection

via YouTube

Here we have the classic 1984 Caprice that holds a very special place in lowrider culture. As we've already discussed, the Caprice is one of Curren$y’s favorite cars from his collection. It says a lot about a car when the owner of a Ferrari would prefer to drive a vehicle produced more than three decades ago. That's a clear sign that the people at Chevrolet did something right: the ’84 Caprice was a great addition to their lineup of one of their more popular vehicles.

The ’84 Caprice was one of the first major times GM introduced changes after experimenting with making their vehicles a little smaller in the late '70s. The car was also partly a reaction to changes in how Americans were looking at fuel consumption at the time; the famous Crisis of Confidence speech by Jimmy Carter in 1979 (regarding the oil crisis in America, among other things) had many effects, and one of the areas President Carter’s influence was felt may have been changes in car production. The ’84 Caprice wasn’t really a great way to save energy, but Chevrolet consistently tried to improve fuel efficiency over the years.

9 Corvette C4 - In His Collection

via corvetteforum.com

Another great vehicle that's definitely not a part of lowrider culture but is in Curren$y’s stunning car collection is the gorgeous Corvette C4. This is one of the few “modern” vehicles that the rapper says he allows himself to drive a little more often in. He's mentioned that he'll take his Ferrari around 100 but says, “Now, the ’Vette or the Monte Carlo, I’ll take those faster than the Ferrari.” He's even gone as far as naming a song after the beloved vehicle, the song being called “Corvette Doors.”

The Corvette C4 was a high-performance sports car that spanned twelve years of production from 1984 to 1996.

Although the Corvette C4 Curren$y owns is from the late '80s, the car would eventually go on to break records by the '90s. Chevrolet created one of its fastest-running vehicles of all time, and the Corvette C4 even made its way to racing in Le Mans in the late '90s.

Aside from the intensity of the vehicle’s engine and speed, the car is just simply cool to look at. It can be seen prominently in the rapper’s video for “Michael Knight,” a reference to Knight Rider. Although the car on the show was a Pontiac Trans Am, the Corvette C4 has a similar look.

8 Bentley Continental Flying Spur - In His Collection

via wikipedia

In his song “Sunroof,” the rapper has a line where he mentions his friend’s Mercedes-Benz and calls that type of car too modern because he’s a “vintage” collector. However, in the same song, he also says, “Bought a British automobile, ‘cause I watch Layer Cake too many times.” This Bentley Continental Flying Spur is the car he’s referring to. It has a reputation for being one of the coolest cars ever; the name alone is enough to turn heads.

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur was first introduced in 2005 and has been going strong now for over a decade, with cars still being manufactured in 2018. One aspect that's particularly noteworthy about this car is its assembly: it has a similar build to other revered cars (specifically, when looking at the the powertrain) like the Audi A8.

For a classic car collector like Curren$y, it's easy to see the appeal in the Bentley; it’s considered a “modern” car, but it has something of a vintage look reminiscent of the long Chevrolet vehicles from the '80s. As a side note, it's also worth noting that this is another vehicle the endlessly prolific rapper has made music about.

7 1996 Impala SS - In His Collection

via YouTube

The 1996 Chevy Impala seen here is a hip-hop classic. Most notably, the vehicle can be seen in Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’” video. Like so many of the cars from the Chevrolet lineup, what they bring to the table is only half of the fun. What's really fun about a vehicle like this is it allows the owner to make it personalized. This might be offensively tacky to some people, but for others, that's the whole point of getting a late-'90s-era Impala.

The '90s was a successful decade for Chevrolet’s Impala; it was the seventh generation for the model, and GM kept certain aspects of the car (e.g. the shape of the frame was the same), but remodeled other things (the engine was a little stronger than before).

Curren$y has managed to make the vehicle all his by customizing it with 22-inch staggered Forgiato Curva rims. They elevate the car’s style and add another dimension to the vehicle’s appearance. His ’96 Impala doesn’t have some of the flashier paintwork his other cars are known for having, but this vehicle is so cool naturally, it doesn’t need a lot of mods.

6 Rolls-Royce Wraith - Not in His Collection

via thedailyloud.com

The Rolls-Royce is another classic automobile loved by many successful rappers who can afford to get one. Rick Ross, Drake, and Jay-Z are a few who've been known to appreciate the luxury that's a British automobile. While Curren$y himself doesn't have a Rolls-Royce, this is another car that has a vintage feel to it. It makes sense that a vintage collector would show appreciation for this vehicle; it’s a timeless vehicle that's known for its high quality. The price tag alone for a Rolls-Royce Wraith is enough to let you know what type of vehicle you’re dealing with; it'll set you back about $462,000, with several customizable options available.

The Wraith is a marvel of British engineering that can easily go from 0 to 100 km/h in just over four seconds. With 12 cylinders and a 6.6-liter engine, this car is a force to be reckoned with. It's quite a heavy car, weighing 2.5 tonnes, and you'd never know it because of how high performing it is. The Rolls-Royce Wraith is the closest thing there is to a perfect car.

5 McLaren 720S - Not in His Collection

via Web Luxo

The McLaren 720S is another high-performance sports car that's adored by many car lovers. This latest offering from McLaren is worth $300,000 and it's an absolute beast. The McLaren 720S is another case where we can’t simply call it a “sports car.” Like we can expect from cars in the McLaren lineup, the 720s is clearly another powerhouse that should be called a “performance car.”

The car is the first in McLaren’s collection to make use of the new M840T engine (an improved V8 version of McLaren’s earlier 3.8-liter engine).

This is another vehicle that Curren$y doesn't have, but it's not difficult to see why a classic collector might not be willing to take the plunge: it's simply too powerful. It doesn't have the same feeling of cruising lowrider cars are associated with; the McLaren 720S is more for the driver with racing in mind. It's also unnecessary to modify; Curren$y enjoys the art of fixing up cars, but the McLaren is almost untouchable. Nevertheless, in his video for, “In the Lot,” a McLaren can be pictured (among other fantastic-looking vehicles).

4 BMW 4 Series Coupe - Not in His Collection

via cars.co.za

Curren$y has a song called “442” where he mentions “rollin’ past that BMW” because they look nice, but they don’t “move” as well as the vintage vehicles he's more in favour of. Despite this reference and sounding like he might actually dislike the BMW, the company might have something in common with the type of cars he usually goes for: they have years of integrity behind them like Chevrolet. When you buy a luxury vehicle like the BMW 4 Series Coupe (valued at over $40,000), you know you're buying from a company that has a solid reputation based on years of renowned German engineering.

At just over 100 years old of production, BMW has consistently produced high-performance vehicles that have a history of participating in motorsport (including Le Mans, Formula One, and The Isle of Man TT). This might be a turnoff to the classic car collector who wants to cruise lightly and doesn't want to drive fast, but the fact remains: BMW is still one of the most reliable, high-quality car manufacturers you can buy from.

3 Audi A8 - Not in His Collection

via caranddriver.com

Earlier in this list, we looked at one of the few times Curren$y was willing to buy a modern vehicle, stepping out of the habit of collecting lowrider cars for a brief period: he owns a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. The Audi A8 is another car the rapper would appreciate; it has similarities with the Bentley. The powertrain parts are the same, and the two cars have a very similar look.

The Audi A8 has had years of production and time to perfect. It was first introduced in the early 1990s and has gone through years of rigorous development.

This is a car that a classic collector like Curren$y might be able to appreciate; its simplicity is reminiscent of the ’96 Impala he has. The Audi A8 is another car that's so well made already, customization isn't something that's really necessary. The factory performance states that the vehicle can go from 0 to 100km/hr in a matter of just over five seconds, and it sounds beautiful while doing so. It’s a high-performance sports car that has the look of a classier vehicle.

2 Mercedes-Benz SLS - Not in His Collection

via caranddriver.com

Mercedes-Benz is another luxury automobile manufacturer a car lover like Curren$y would be able to appreciate even if he wouldn't purchase the car for himself. This is also another company who has a vehicle prominently featured in the rapper’s video for the song “In the Lot.” As we've already mentioned, the Benz is a vehicle the rapper has actually namechecked on songs as being the type of car that would be too new for his preferences.

However, the rapper also has another song where he mentions the “Mercedes Benz SL5.” It's a great two-seater that plays its role very well as a fast sports car. The German assembly of this vehicle is so excellent, it may be in competition with even some of the offerings from McLaren; it’s got a 7-speed transmission, and a 6.2-liter V8 M156 engine. Eight cylinders may not be impressive when compared to other sports cars, but the M156 engine was the first engine produced specifically by Mercedes-AMG. Simply put, this car has a special amount of attention paid to it in terms of its production.

1 Lamborghini Urus - Not in His Collection

via MOTORI - Quotidiano di Puglia.it

The Lamborghini is another one of the many cool luxury vehicles seen in Curren$y’s videos. It's also another car he's named a song after (it’s called “Lambo Dreams”). The song was released in 2010, and it's now been made abundantly clear that the rapper has since labelled himself a vintage collector. But it makes sense that the Lamborghini was a vehicle mentioned in an earlier song: the song is partly about dreaming about success and the things that come with it. The Lamborghini is the perfect representation of one of those things a kid might dream about having one day.

One of the newest models to be unveiled by the renowned company is the Lamborghini Urus, intended to be more of a luxury SUV.

The vehicle has been in the works for years and was actually first shown in 2012. Since that time, the manufacturers have been developing a powerful SUV on par with several of the other companies known for making stylish yet effective SUV vehicles.

The Urus has a 5.2-liter V10 engine; it's another highly powerful vehicle that may look heavy and slow, but it's just the opposite.

Sources: caranddriver.com, cars.usnews.com, autocar.co.uk.

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