13 Most Expensive Cop Cars Ever (And 12 Not Even Worth Stealing)

I have to say, for starters, that I know there are plenty of people reading this car-ticle who would much prefer that the cops not be out on the roads so that they could drive as wild as they wish. But we can't always get what we want, that's for sure. And it's also pretty sad when there are some places in the world where the cops have way better cars than anyone else on the road.

I mean...imagine speeding and a cop giving chase in a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. Imagine seeing a Lamborghini Aventador flying by to get to the scene of a crime! Sure, most of these cars just have to do with showing off wealth and having some degree of status and creating that feeling of intimidation, but that is hardly the point here. The main point is that there are some police departments that have cars worth more than all of the money I've ever spent in my entire life.

That being said, there is another side to this, and there are some police departments who have really skimped out on the spending for their cruisers. I mean, anyone who ends up driving a tiny Renault or a Smart Car as a cruiser has got some serious issues. I mean, good luck catching a criminal in one of those! Check out the most expensive and the cheapest cop cars out there!

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25 Lamborghini Murcielago - $380,000


I would not mind a car that could ride out with the power of 642 horses. That is not a bad addition to the police force. However, I think that having a Lambo on the force is more just for show than anything else. I mean, just shy of $400,000, this is not a car anyone wants to see dinged up in any way. So it's not like they are really going to use this car in a chase that involves any reckless driving. I wouldn't, anyway.

24 BMW i3 - $48,300 ($10 Million For LAPD)


So, 170 horsepower is not all that bad for a car that is this small with a BMW logo on it and a price tag of something just under 50k. However, the Los Angeles Police Department should have thought better of the use of these cars when they decided to lease 160 BMW i3s. Since they spent over $10 million on the lease and have barely used them, I somehow think that it was a bit of a waste. They must have realized electric cars don't beat crime.

23 Lotus Exige Cruiser - $84,000


Do you like 345 horsepower? Yes, I think so, thanks very much. It's actually amazing that this particular police force managed to get this car for only $84,000 because every single sports edition of this car goes for at least $135,000. I guess that is just part of the bundle of perks one gets when working as an officer. I wouldn't mind working my shift in one of these but I would never want to get into a chase and chance hurting it or myself.

22 Nissan Leaf - $30,000


I really do not understand—at all—what it is that's going on in the minds of the police departments of the world that they are getting in on the ground floor with these ridiculous electric cars. I mean, if they are going to bother with one, at least get a Tesla so that there is some power under the hood (even if it can only run at full tilt for a brief time before hours of charging). Cops should stick with gas until crooks run out of it.

21 Porsche Carrera 911 997 - $95,000


Well, I have to say that the Porsche 997 is no car to try and beat with a regular, everyday, normal car. All I'm saying is, don't get caught in a police chase against this machine that rides with the power of over 400 horses. To be fair, at the cost of this cop car, this is not the highest end of the 997 spectrum. That being said, though, I still would heed the previous warning and not get involved in a chase with this thing behind you.

20 Toyota Prius - $30,000


This...this is something that I wish was a joke. Sure, it is a pretty cheap car and it is a hybrid, but what good is that? This car can give chase at a pretty lousy speed until it runs out of gas and then it can switch to the electric motor and keep giving chase for another 30 minutes at an even lower speed? What is the point of that? Sure, it only costs about $30,000, but the cops are meant to be respected, not made fun of at every streetlight.

19 Lotus Evora S - $189,000


Riding with the power of 410 horses, the Lotus Evora S is not a car to get in trouble with. That being said, I do wonder just how a cop would then pull someone over even if they could beat a crook in a highspeed chase. I mean, it's nice to have a pretty and powerful car, but this is not the car to put in the way of someone who is willing to drive at ridiculous speeds to get away from the fuzz. At least, not in my opinion.

18 Ford Taurus Interceptor - $45,000


Ah, the Ford Taurus Interceptor. This is not all that pricey of a car and actually is typically cheaper than the price above. This price in the heading is actually more reflective of a top-end Taurus, with some leftovers for decking out this car in cop gear. There are actually quite a number of Ford Taurus Interceptors in my current city of North Bay. My hometown used to love the Crown Vic but have switched to the Taurus and Charger. It's a better car and it's still very cheap.

17 Nissan GT-R - $100,000


This is a car that could definitely run down any crook's car in a matter of seconds. How do I know that? Well, this car has the power of 592 horses jammed under the hood. Sure, it's not exactly a steal of a deal at $100,000 but it will certainly get the job done and make crooks think twice. Especially since it's equipped with those ram bars that most of the expensive cars in this car-ticle are just not equipped with.

16 Suzuki Jimny - $30,000


Ok, well, for the cheap and affordable cars, one gets some pretty lousy horsepower, that is for sure. Especially the Suzuki Jimny. I am not sure why this was chosen to be decked out for the police force but this thing rides with the power of only 80 horses. Sure, that would be a lot if the chase is someone on a pedal bike, or someone is running really fast like Usain Bolt. But beyond those two things, I don't know that many cars could be beaten by this one.

15 McLaren MP4-12 C - $335,000


With the power of 592 horses under the hood and a top speed of 207 mph, I really do not think that there will be many street punks who could outride this machine. That being said, if someone is not too worried about getting their car damaged while trying to escape from the cops, then they might have an easy job of damaging the McLaren before it can even pass their car in almost no time at all. I mean, this isn't exactly armored, by any means.

14 Renault Zoe - $30,000


Ok, I am not even going to bother much with the stats on this car. I mean, sure, it is only $30,000 for one of these things, but there are bigger issues to consider. I mean, how long is a tiny little electric car going to be able to give chase before it needs to sit at a charging station for hours while the crooks get away? I hope they always have a backup Renault, just in case. Otherwise, what's the point?

13 Porsche Panamera - $175,000


The Panamera is no slouch of a car, that's for sure. Nor is it cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. And that might have something to do with the wonderful range of horsepower it could come with depending on the version purchased. This is likely a Turbo edition, given the price point, and that gives it at least 500 horses to play with, if not 550. Not a bad way to go about getting from crime scene to crime scene, that's for sure.

12 Smart Fortwo - $18,000


Alright, let us just assume, for the time being, that this Smart Fortwo is actually not one of the electric models. Let's just assume that so that we know there might actually be some power under the hood. There are full electric models and then there are some that still have the sense to use gas. Of course, any police department that gets one of these must either have very little money, or very little sense. I mean, 89 horsepower? Oh, please.

11 Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket - $580,000


Well, who is going to say no to 900 horsepower when signing on for a police cruiser. I mean, there is no way that the officer driving this car would ever be late to a meeting. And chances are they are going to make it to a crime scene before the crime is ever committed. They get a call about a potential crime, ignition, takeoff, 217-mph top speed, and they're already at the scene before anything happens.  It's a steep price to pay for that luxury, though.

10 Dodge Diplomat - $15,000


This just makes me smile. Look, I bumped up the cost of this car to $15,000 but the original cost of one of these when they first came out on the market was only $11,000. Why did I bump the price? Well, cop cars are always jacked up a bit more, so I feel like there must be a couple grand spent on it to make it better. That being said...it is a pretty cheap cop car in more than one way.

9 Lamborghini Gallardo - $248,000

via wikimedia.org

This car actually looks really nice as a cop car. And I can't even believe that I am saying that in the first place. That being said, spending $248,000 on one car, when Chargers or Mustangs could be bought in multiples for the same price, is a little silly. Especially since this 562-horsepower car is not likely one the cops will want to be in the line of fire. That is just my guess anyway. Poor Gallardo.

8 Ford Crown Victoria - $30,000


Here is one of the classic cop cars that I am used to from my youth. I mean, my small hometown's local police had these cruisers for a very long time. And they did their job. And they could really go, too. They're cheap and decent. Very economical, ultimately. But they were largely replaced with the Ford Taurus Interceptor. These are probably still more useful than a police Chiron. I mean, the Chiron can go faster than any other car, but the Crown Vic can take a lickin' and keep on kickin'!

7 Lamborghini Aventador - $450,000


With 740 horsepower pushing it ever onward (until it quickly runs out of gas), the Lamborghini Aventador is a pretty, and pretty pricey, machine to add to the police force, that is for sure. And there is something about that price, too...I think it has something to do with the fact that this typically goes for just under $400,000, but this particular car was purchased for $450,000. But hey, if a police department is going to have one of these, no matter how much they spend, it's pretty, but it's also a pretty big money sink.

6 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor - $46,000


Here is a very reasonable car for the police force; reasonable in terms of power and very reasonable in terms of price. This jacked Dodge Charger is a very handy car to have. It can take a lickin' and it can keep on tickin' and it will still be able to keep pace with pretty much most vehicles that it's put up against when in a chase. It's not as fast as a Lambo, but it can at least hit another car without being totaled with the lightest touch.

5 Ferrari 458 Spider - $300,000 (Free In Milan)


Yeah, this is typically a car that runs quite a bit over $300,000 and though it is a powerful and a pretty machine, it is pretty much out of the realm of reality in terms of the budget for most departments. However, the Milan police force ended up with a pretty sweet deal. They scored this very pricey car for free! How? Well, I guess they lucked out with a bust and when they took down a few members of the mafia, they inherited this car from them. That's not a bad day fighting crime.

4 Lada 2107 - $5,000


This actually makes me laugh out loud. I mean, there is no way that is couldn't. There is something about Soviet-made cars being used as cop cruisers that makes me smile. I mean, I guess it does have a low price going for it. These are cheap enough that they could very easily be around every corner for the cops to hop into and keep a chase going if one of their previous Ladas happens to fall apart or something like that.

3 Bugatti Veyron - $4 Million


Now, this is a real machine. The Bugatti Veyron is one of the nuttiest of the cars out there on the market, as well as out there on the police force. I don't know what the cops ever expect to do other than show off this machine as a status symbol, but I mean...1,200 horses riding with this thing is not a bad deal. What is a bad deal is that this car typically runs about $1.7 million and the Dubai police got their hands on one for $4 million. I mean, they clearly have the money, but they didn't need to throw that much away to get one.

2 Lada Niva - $5,000


Hey! This Lada looks like it might be able to handle a little bit of off-roading. What a concept for this machine! I think that is pretty exciting. Especially for the very (VERY) affordable price of $5,000. I mean, I could even afford one of these. I would rather spend five grand on a used Honda Civic, but that's not the point. At least it's easy to replenish police cars with a price like that. That's got to be a good selling point in Moscow.

1 Bugatti Chiron - $3 Million (Free For French Police)


Oh dear, oh dear. Or as the French might say, "Oh, Mon Dieu." Yeah, this is the Bugatti Chiron and it typically runs about $3 million. That is not a cheap car to put on any police force. This is a faster and better car than the Bugatti Veyron and it turns out that the Dubai police threw away their $4 million on the Veyron because the French did not pay a single cent for this $3 million car! And who gave them this car? Why, Bugatti, of course. It is a France-based company, after all.

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