14 Rules Celebs Must Follow When They Buy A Bugatti (And 5 That Broke The Rules)

Bugattis exist with celebrities in mind. It’s a brand less concerned with appealing to the masses that’s instead more interested in the opulent. It says something about the automaker that their base model, the Chiron, costs about $3 million. Then there’s the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which is the world’s most expensive new car.

The only people on the planet who can afford a car with that kind of price tag—let alone the maintenance costs—are the top one percent. Another important aspect of Bugattis is its built-in flashiness. Celebrities like when their cars pop and stand out. They also want something that feels unique, different from what everyone else owns. The Bugatti offers that level of exclusivity few other automakers can.

When celebrities see a Bugatti though, they see only the benefits. They haven’t considered well enough the other side of the coin; there are rules to owning a Bugatti and they aren’t all easy to follow.

The rich and famous may appear to have carefree lives, free of obligations and lacking in stress; a Bugatti seems like it would be the cherry on top. In reality, though, the Bugatti is a life-altering purchase for many celebs who soon discover that the car itself has its own profile and reputation that even they may have to compete with.

We’re going to look at all the rules celebrities have to follow when they take the plunge and put their millions down on a lavish Bugatti. Then there are the ones who decided to break the rules, either ignoring them outright or because they were clueless about them in the first place, that we’ll also cover.

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19 Rule - Have To Pay $300,000 Annually To Properly Maintain One

via The Richest

The roughly $3 million it takes to buy a Bugatti doesn’t mark the end of its expenses. If anything, it only signals the start. The rapper Birdman, who got his Bugatti after Lil Wayne’s recommendation, gives a word of warning to prospective Bugatti owners. As per Elite Traveler, the rapper said it costs $300,000 annually in maintenance costs alone. That doesn’t include gas and other modifications a celebrity will need to consider.

If celebs think about buying a Bugatti, they might have the money to meet the upfront cost but can’t make enough each year to pay for the maintenance.

18 Rule - Can’t Lease Or Borrow One

via DUB Magazine

Celebrities shouldn’t lease a Bugatti, or any another equally impressive car for that matter, on a long term basis. Not only can it be expensive, but also suggests they’re putting on an image that isn’t really genuine. If the public finds out that a celeb doesn’t really own a car they’re cruising around town in or featuring in their latest music video, they're going to feel hoodwinked.

People prefer celebs be authentic at all times. While not necessarily related to owning a Bugatti, that means borrowing one is off the table too for celebs. Even if the owner lets another fellow celeb borrow one, it looks like they’re pretending it’s theirs and just looks sad.

17 Rule - Have To Get it Customized, Make It Unique From Others

via Pinterest

Half the allure of owning a Bugatti is having a car few others will ever attain. Buying one immediately puts owners in an exclusive club that’s separate from the rest. When celebs buy one, however, they still have work to do. They have to take the vehicle a step further in making it stand out.

Getting the Bugatti modded is a vital rule for celebs to follow. The music producer Nigo, as per Elite Traveler, covered his Bugatti in a pink wrap that’s unlike any other car around. Not everyone will like the way it looks, but celebs fulfill one of the rules in doing so.

16 Rule - Real Celebs Get The Veyron

via Autofluence duPont REGISTRY

Only the most high-profile of celebs get a Bugatti. Not just any old model though, but specifically a Veyron. With all eyes on them, these figures can’t disappoint the masses when they go out in public. Behind the wheel of a Bugatti, they can command the respect and attention of crowds without saying a single word. A Bugatti elevates one’s status and reminds the world they’re still on top.

That’s why major TV personalities like Jay Leno and Simon Cowell got one, athletes Tom Brady and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and rappers T-Pain and Lil Wayne. The Veyron perfectly epitomizes these figures’ lifestyles.

15 Rule - Incorporate The Car Into Advertisements

via MSN

There’s an unspoken rule that once a celeb takes home a Bugatti, it starts to play a major role in their lifestyle. Take Cristiano Ronaldo’s white Veyron, for example, which he incorporated into a Nike advertisement. According to Sport Bible, the ad had Ronaldo running in a race against his incredible ride in a commercial that aired back in 2008.

It’s not exactly clear who came up with the idea, but Ronaldo certainly followed the rules when he included it. The only thing puzzling is how he managed to actually beat the Veyron, as the ad suggested. Then again, the car was racing in reverse.

14 Rule - Go To ‘Doctor Bugatti’ To Buy One

via atlfmonline.com

There’s someone the celebs should go to if they want to buy a Bugatti—let alone any kind of exotic car—and goes by 'Doctor Bugatti.' Obi Okeke, according to the site Pulse, got Arnold a Bugatti Veyron and has worked with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for years.

He’s the owner of the company Doctor Bugatti, which helps secure rare cars for wealthy clients who are in the market for a Bugatti. If celebs want to get one, they need to hit up 'Doctor Bugatti’ for help securing one. He makes it easy for them to get their cars without the headaches.

13 Broke The Rules - Simon Cowell Left It In His Garage

via Irish Mirror

Known for TV shows like The X Factor and American Idol, Simon Cowell has made his millions from simply judging other people. Now it’s time to turn the tables on Cowell and recognize one of the rules he broke as a Bugatti owner.

According to Elite Traveler, the TV personality got a Smart ForTwo Coupe in 2011. That raises eyebrows considering he owned a Bugatti by that point. What’s more disheartening to discover though, as the same source points out, is he left it in his garage while driving the Smart ForTwo around. While this technically breaks a few rules, the most blatant infringement is leaving a Bugatti in the garage for an extended period of time.

12 Rule - Bring It To Movie Premieres

via USA Today

As an athlete or a movie star, there are opportunities to promote Bugatti. As detailed earlier, Ronaldo managed to bring his in for an ad with Nike. Major actors like Tom Cruise could always use it in ads and other promotional pieces, or they could just roll up to a premiere in one. Ranker reports that when Mission: Impossible III premiered, Cruise rolled up on the red carpet driving his Veyron.

It was a grand entrance that led to the star getting out and waving to the crowd before helping his then-girlfriend Katie Holmes out of the passenger seat.

11 Rule - Artists Have To Reference It In Songs

via PPcorn

A Bugatti becomes something of a muse for celebs during ownership. While they’ve often spent most of their lives working towards the goal of owning one, the experience of having it takes things to a whole new level. The car becomes a source of inspiration and creativity. Take rappers, for example, who have to give their Bugattis a proper shout-out. If they own one, they ought to acknowledge it in their music.

According to Elite Traveler, Lil Wayne mentions a chrome Bugatti on his No Ceilings mixtape. Having honored the rule with this referral, Lil Wayne proves he’s not one to break the Bugatti code.

10 Rule - Don’t Leave It In The Garage

via gtspirit.com

Bugattis may be expensive machines, but they’re not made to sit around all day. These cars come packed with performance that’s worthy of a race track. The Veyron, according to Bugatti’s official website, comes with a turbocharged engine capable of doing 1,200 hp.

This is a car no one should leave in the garage—not even a famous celeb. It does the vehicle a disservice and offends car enthusiasts by letting it collect dust all day. While it has to rest occasionally, it should never remain there for too long. Sadly, there’s a celebrity that broke this rule, which we reveal further down the list.

9 Broke The Rules - Birdman Holds Back

via Complex

Birdman goes easy on his Bugatti Veyron, even though it’s a car that’s capable of hitting what Top Speed confirms is a monstrous 257 mph. Birdman claims, as per Elite Traveler, that he doesn’t go faster than 160 mph. Granted, that’s a lot faster than conventional cars are even capable of going. Then again, it seems like Birdman’s Bugatti isn’t reaching its full potential.

He cites the costly maintenance costs as the reason for not pushing it harder. Whatever rational and perfectly reasonable justification Birdman has for not going above 160 mph though, it's still breaking the rules. If he wants to be a Bugatti rule-follower, he’ll take it to a race track and push it past 200 mph.

8 Rule - Convince Others To Buy One Too

via hiphopoverload.com

There are a few ways a brand markets its product. One of the best methods they can use is word of mouth. When someone gives a recommendation, especially when it comes from a trustworthy source, people are liable to buy one too.

Lil Wayne not only did Bugatti a solid when he recommended fellow rapper Birdman get one, but he honored one of the rules at the same time. It’s not enough for celebs to buy one and keep it all to themselves. They need to go the extra mile to promote the car, speak highly of it—and most of all—recommend others buy one too.

7 Rule - Must-Have Millions Of Dollars To Buy One

via YouTube user INSFLX

What do Tom Cruise, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jay-Z all have in common aside from owning Bugattis? They all have millions of dollars. They’re able to buy a Bugatti without noticing a dent in their bank accounts. It’s perhaps the most basic rule on the list celebs have to follow if they want one of these cars all to themselves.

It’s going to cost a large sum up front and then further payments in maintenance over the course of ownership. For a breakdown of those maintenance costs, see strict rules Bugatti owners must follow and those the employees must abide by.

6 Broke The Rules - Flo Rida Drove When He Shouldn't Have

via Pinterest

CBS Miami reports that the rapper ended up driving his Bugatti after a night of fun. That wasn’t the only problem though. He happened to be driving with a suspended license at the time. That must’ve negatively affected his driving privileges for a time, which really puts a damper on even owning a Bugatti in the first place.

When a celeb puts their Bugatti in jeopardy, let alone their right to drive it, then they’re breaking the rules owners should follow. Otherwise, they should probably consider selling the Bugatti to a worthier owner.

5 Rule - Can’t Hold Back In Testing The Car’s Performance

via The Detroit Bureau

There’s no holding back when it comes to a Bugatti. Top Speed confirms that a Chiron can go as fast as 261 mph. Celebs aren’t exempt from going this fast—or at least attempting to on a race track. With a Bugatti, they have to drive as fast as the automaker intended these cars to go.

Anything less would be putting to waste all the time and care that went into making these unreal machines. There’s a particular celeb we reveal below who broke this rule and decided to take it easy on his Bugatti. While we can respect an owner wanting to take care of the car, we wonder why they chose a Bugatti in the first place?

4 Broke The Rules - Ace Hood Borrowed One For A Music Video

via BET.com

Who’s more guilty—the borrower or the borrowee? Here’s the story: rapper Ace Hood has a song called “Bugatti.” The only problem? He doesn’t actually have one and needed it for his video shoot, as per MTV. That’s where T-Pain comes in. He happened to have a Bugatti and was generous enough to lend it to Ace Hood. The problem here is it gives people the impression Ace Hood actually owns his own Bugatti.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have a song about one unless he owns one in real life. Regardless, it doesn’t look good for either artist. T-Pain should probably take his Bugatti ownership more seriously going forward.

3 Rule - Don’t Stop At One—Get Two Or More, Like Ronaldo and Mayweather

via nairaland.com

It isn’t enough to have just one Bugatti. For many of these celebs, they have a whole garage full of expensive and rare cars. Look no further than rides Shaq bought during his NBA fame and in retirementfor proof. The more cars a celeb has, the better they look.

One Bugatti just won’t cut it, at least for the most high-profile celebs. Elite Traveler notes that in addition to his white Bugatti he raced against in a Nike ad, Cristiano Ronaldo also got a black Veyron. World famous Floyd Mayweather Jr. also had multiple Bugattis at one time, including a Veyron Grand Sport.

2 Rule - Have To Flaunt It

via The Sun

No one should have to remind a celeb to flaunt their wealth, especially one who buys a Bugatti. Chances are if they’re getting a car that costs millions, they don’t need any advice about showing it off. It’s important to note, however, that parading the Bugatti around town is a rule celebs need to follow.

Regardless of what the public says or thinks about Tyga, he follows this rule down to a T. TMZ caught him driving around the 101 freeway in Los Angeles in his orange Bugatti. This is what celebs should do not just on the day they buy their Bugatti, but for years to come.

1 Broke The Rules - Jay-Z Didn’t Buy One, Got It As A Gift

via Motor Authority

It’s arguable whether this really breaks any rules to owning a Bugatti, but it still raises eyebrows in the least. Jay-Z owns a Bugatti, but he didn’t technically buy it; his wife Beyoncé did for his birthday. Since they’re married and have, what Forbes confirms, is a combined net worth of $900 million, it’s fair to say they share each other's fortunes. So really they used their money to buy one.

On the other hand, looking at things from a surface-level, Jay-Z didn’t buy a Bugatti and received it as a gift. Then again, if there are any two celebs on this list who could break the rules and get away with it, it’d have to be Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Sources: Ranker, Sport Bible, Pulse, Elite Traveler, Bugatti, Top Speed, TMZ, CBS Miami, Top Speed, MTV, Forbes

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