14 Wild Motorcycle Concepts That May Or May Not Actually Happen

When it comes to life, it is important to note that things that make one happy are different from one person to another. While having diverse interests makes us special there are interests that we share and those that we don’t. Our interests often define us and classify us. Having a great machine that is reliable and outstanding is truly fulfilling.

While most people move around using cars, there are those that are looking for a more customized machine like a motorcycle. With a motorcycle one gets into a more specific individualized feeling. There are many motorcycle concepts that have been tossed around and are appealing to specific individuals and those that are more universal.

Having a reliable, durable, stable and quality motorcycle will often be the ultimate goal for enthusiasts. Enthusiasts are not the only group of people that own motorcycles there are those that feel comfortable riding motorcycles and are looking for a thrill so speed comes in as an important option. Having proper information on the kind of motorcycles on the market, the concept behind the design, how powerful the engine is, and the speed are a few of the factors to be considered while looking for a good ride.

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14 SIV Katana

via designboom.com

The Samurai concept is one of a kind. It’s an amazing concept that is not only futuristic but simply outstanding. If this motorcycle is ever to made available then this would be one that is recommended to everyone.

It has considerable performance capabilities with a design that is radical. Unfortunately this incredible looking metal and carbon fiber motorcycle, designed by Vladimir Panchenko and Artem Smirnov, may never actually see the light of production.

13 Harley Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle

via hdliveforum.com

This is more than a motorcycle; it is a brand that stands out made by an icon that is looking into the future providing the latest technology coupled with some aspects of the past into a modern electric motorcycle.

Since it is an electric version of a Harley, one will not experience their signature potato sound.

Still, this is a keeper for motorcycle enthusiasts as it has better performance in terms of speed and output, while still keeping the original feel and look. So much for the sound, but the concept is still something to look forward to.

12 Expemotion’s E-Raw

via cnet.com

The design concept of this futuristic motorcycle is one that has a seat that is made out of a wood that is laminated. This frame is simple and allows the rider to view that speedometer via an app.

The downside to this design is that the concept might not be realistic since it was not designed with a rider in mind.

With electric concepts available in the market what we are waiting to see is basically how the design will be made available for production since the passenger might find it hard to place their feet on it or grip anywhere. This definitely is a concept to avoid as much as possible unless the design is modified.

11 L-Concept by Bandit9

via pipeburn.com

This motorbike has a quirky look that is meant to resemble a spacecraft’s reactor. The bike has actually been handcrafted from a single aluminum piece that would later be polished. The L-Concept Bandit9 was designed by Darryl Villanueva believes that only time is separating the design from being a reality. The seat has Italian leather which gives maximum optimal comfort for a trekker. This is would require some modifications in order to be ready for production. It is a well-researched concept that the designer took to heart in the process.

10 Husqvarna Ampulex Compressa

via pinterest.com

Barbara Custom Motorcycles, a French designer, has actually outdone himself on this particular design. The motorcycle can be said to be simply beautiful. The design and that regal color scheme are also outstanding with chocolate handlebars coupled with matching seats made of leather on a white frame and some spots of jet black.

The Ampulex Compressa is a work of art that draws inspiration from other works by the designer.

The tail end of the bike stands out as it looks like a thorn of a bee stinger. It is such a memorable concept that is sure to leave a lot of tongues wagging especially the graphite black rims. A bike no one wants to mess with.

9 BMW C400 X

via visordown

This is a quality, innovative, sleek new BMW model bike concept that draws inspiration from fighter jets. It has been made even better by the sleek covers that the bike sports. For anyone looking for a good bike, this is actually a plus.

The twin-engine also compliments the outer finish of the bike

Having a single cylinder engine of 350cc, the motorcycle does offer up to 34 horsepower. A BMW emblem is adorned along the urban racer side panel finishing a great aesthetic. For anyone looking for a thrill, this will be it.

8 BMW’s Vision Next 100

via robbreport.com

Designed as a bike for the future, the BMW vision next 100 is the ultimate ride. This bike is a culmination of the BMW motorcycles of the past while incorporating the future of the two-wheeler. This a pure electric motorcycle that cannot tip over, though it still spots two wheels with the engine in between. The whole concept is designed to give one a great experience while still providing one with an outstanding design.

For the four-wheeler enthusiasts, it will definitely give you a thrill. The bike design allows it to remain standing without the use of a side stand. Another outstanding feature is that it has a very firm grip on both wet and dry surfaces. It'll be pricey though.

7 Yamaha Motoroid

via carscoops.com

An innovative design that was completed in 2016, the Yamaha Motoroid is a one of a kind design and concept that took the best minds to come up with. The collaborative efforts that were put into the design allowed the team of experts from Yamaha to think outside the box for the concept.

The Motoroid is an outstanding concept that incorporates artificial intelligence and an autonomous technology that can recognize the owner's face. This is one great design.

6 Huge Moto Mono Racr

via oronave.com

While Huge Moto is the true definition of a humble shop, it is run by a handful of engineers and bike enthusiasts that think modern and will combine retro aesthetics with modern concepts in design. The design sports a single mainframe and swing-arm carbon fiber design that allows saves on weight and the general performance.

With an interest in racing, the bike has a Honda 1000cc 4 cylinder engine that is exceptional for great performance. A bike for the future with a handy design top speed, the bike is the real deal, reducing weight and increasing performance and overall output.

5 BMW Titan

via behance

BMW has for the longest time been a great designer of motorcycles but they outdid themselves with this amazing concept that was done by the great designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem. The designer envisioned a concept that would actually revolutionize motorcycles designs.

It's a shark-inspired concept that is not only hydrodynamic but also aerodynamic.

The design has placed the engine in the swing arm making the concept a sharper design that is just amazing cutting through air with great speeds of up to 357mp making it a must-have for anyone looking for a thrill. The design also places the engine and the front wheel covered with the signature BMW logo on the side.

4 BMW Urban Racer

via motor1.com

This bike is for the future as it is exceptionally designed. Charles Bombardier seems to be the man that is credited with an outstanding design.

Best known for creating a camera that was able to detect license plates while being able to recognize faces, Charles has moved on to bigger and better things like the Interceptor; this is actually a self-driving motorcycle for the police able to issue tickets and even citations. The concept allows an officer to be on standby to monitor motorbike drones. As a result, it reduces substantial running costs although the initial cost is high. The project has undergone changes in terms of technology to improve the interceptor with a more retro-feeling as envisioned by the founders.


via freshnessmag.com

A completely electric bike is what the KTM ION concept was looking to accomplish with that design. The bike is capable of being charged directly through the socket of any house just like a cellphone. With this concept that was accomplished.

It also works as a regular bicycle. It has been designed with the concept of an urban dweller making it an awesome design that is capable of being a hit in the future. It spots a 260V battery coupled with a KTM electric engine for power. Bike enthusiasts are watching with bated breath for this concept.

2 Honda CB4 Interceptor

via autoconception.com

This is a design that envisions a café style that is sure to be a great hit. Since the unveiling of the design back in 2015, it has undergone some modifications while still keeping most of the details it had.

Technology has also played a big role on the bike both in design and integration.

For long the predecessors have been better known as gas guzzlers and there is little improvement on that, though it sports an LED headlight that uses kinetic energy to provide lighting to the electronics parts and accessories of the bike. It is a motorcycle that we may soon have on the market.

1 Kawasaki’s J-Concept

via wikimedia.org

The J concept is a three-wheeled bike that can communicate effectively with the person riding it adapting to his characteristics. The three-wheel bike concept has been pushed since 2013. The shape-shifting concept was designed as a concept of the future with communication and adaptation as the benchmark.

Another important aspect of the three-wheeler is the ability to take up different modes giving the bike a great advantage.

While the same concept has been brought up for an electric version, nothing much has been done to actualize its production.

Sources: tuvie.com, designboom.com

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