18 Cars No Man Should Ever Allow His Woman To Drive

If you're a guy and your woman is riding around one of these cars, come on, man - what is wrong with you? You've got to pull it together.

Having a woman in your life, just like having a nice car, is a privilege and not a right. We all know that the cars that guys drive are extensions of who they are as people. If you think of yourself as powerful and manly, then you're going to drive a car that's powerful and manly as well. If you think of yourself as someone who's energy conscious, good with money, and concerned about the environment, your car is going to be one that has a similar vibe. The same goes for what a lot of guys think about the cars that their wives or girlfriend drives. I know it isn't politically correct, but there are a lot of cars out there that no man would allow their woman to drive around, whether the dude is riding shotgun or not.

What follows are 20 rides that no man would allow his woman to drive. Some of them are just plain old lame, and some of them have zero personality, while others are trying too hard to be cool and totally failing. If you're a guy and your woman is riding around one of these cars, come on, man - what is wrong with you? You've got to pull it together.

18 Chevrolet HHR

This ride came out a few years back when carmakers thought that people might go nuts for a vehicle with a retro look. Well, this might've been true - to a certain extent anyway - if the car didn't come out looking totally stupid. The Chevrolet HHR is a total fail, and if you allow your woman to ride around in this car, then you're a total fail as a husband or a boyfriend, too. Come on... what kind of woman would drive a car like this, and what kind of guy is her boyfriend to allow her to do so? So very lame in pretty much every way...

17 Honda Element

One can sort of see why some people like the design of the Honda Element, but are those kinds of people the type that you want to go out with? The whole vibe of this car is that it's boxy and square. It has no sex appeal, it doesn't look cool, and it doesn't look fun to drive. In fact, it seems like they picked something that doesn't look fun to drive almost on purpose, like "Hey, look how boxy and square this is. Isn't it cool because it doesn't look cool at all"? The answer to that question is "no, it doesn't," which is why you should keep your woman far away from it.

16 Chrysler PT Cruiser

This is more than a little bit like the HHR in that Chrysler was definitely trying to go the retro route with this vehicle, but just like the HHR, it was a total fail. Guys, let alone women, don't even like this kind of car, so if you're with a woman who wants one of these, you need to tell her "no" in the most direct manner possible.  Some things in a relationship are just totally not negotiable, and this is one of them. If she insists on wanting this ride, then you're going to have to dump her. You just can't hang out with a woman who wants this.

15 Pontiac Aztek

Do I really even need to explain this one? The Pontiac Aztek is just an awful-looking car; the only worse thing than how it looks is the fail of the name that the marketing department came up with. Aztek? Are you kidding me? The most exotic location this car will ever go to is the local shopping mall. The fact that you can, in theory, hook up a tent to the back isn't that much of a cool thing either. As far as I know, tents can also go on the ground. If you're sleeping in your car, you're sleeping in your car - nothing cool about it. If your woman drives this, you should be ashamed.

14 Lincoln Town Car

Now, this car would be a totally cool ride for your woman to have, assuming that she's 70 years old. There isn't anything wrong with this car, really; it's more the fact that it says something about who your woman is, and what it says is that she likes to get the Early Bird surf and turf special and then go to bed at 9. You don't want your woman to be picking you up in this ride after you went out to the club with your buddy; everyone will be thinking that you're getting picked up by your mom, and you don't want that - not even a little bit.

13 Subaru Baja

This one is right up there with the Pontiac Aztek, except in some ways, it's even worse. The vibe of this car is that your woman is going to be this super cool surfer chick, but in reality, no one who's super cool, whether a surfer or otherwise, would be seen dead in something like this. Do you really want your woman driving a poor man's El Camino? There really is no point at all in the "half truck and half car" thing; this isn't capable of being used as a real truck and is too small to function well as a car. It's a fail no matter how you look at it.

12 Volkswagen New Beetle

There are certain types of women who roll around in this vehicle, and let's face it - all of them are super lame. Even worse are those who have the fake flowers on the dashboard. When this car first came out, all sorts of women were all over buying one, but men knew that the look was pretty lame. In reality, it's fine if your woman drives this car as long as she knows she has to park it around the corner from where you live and then walk the rest of the way to your place. You don't want people to know you're hanging with a chick that drives this ride.

11 Chevrolet SSR

Man, this car is just totally awful. It's so bad that I almost left it off the list because it's hard to imagine that a woman would actually want to drive it. In actuality, it's hard to imagine that anyone would want to drive it. This car is supposed to be half truck and half hot rod, but in reality, it's 100 percent fail. If your woman tells you that she wants one of these, I would suggest that you break up with her as soon as you possibly can because she's obviously totally insane. And you don't date insane women anymore, remember?

10 Hummer H2

There isn't anything all that wrong with this ride, except for the fact that if your woman is driving this, then she might be the man in the family, if you know what I mean. It isn't that you need to be with a woman who's all dainty and ladylike, but if you hang with a woman who's driving this behemoth around, everyone is going to know who wears the pants in your relationship, and it isn't you. Be careful when you try to convince her that she doesn't need this ride, though. It's very possible that she might kick your butt if you don't do it correctly.

9 Nissan Cube 

The Nissan Cube certainly lives up to its name. The car is basically a cube, and if that doesn't sound particularly exciting, that's because it isn't. Your woman doesn't have to be the hottest woman out there, and she doesn't need to be particularly cool. What she does need to be is someone who doesn't drive around in a cube. Of course, you might be a geek or something like that, and don't get me wrong - I'm cool with that. But if that's the case, maybe you should be driving around in a Nissan Cube yourself instead of your woman.

8 Smart ForTwo

Do I really even need to explain this one? Just imagine you're chilling with your crew after a big night out and you decide to call it a night and feel like you've had a few too many, so you call your woman up for a ride, and she shows up in a Smart ForTwo. Personally, I'd way rather walk than be seen in something like this, and it would be bad enough if a friend of mine was driving it, let alone if my woman was driving it. It might be smart to drive a car like this, but it sure isn't smart to be hanging out with a chick that does.

7 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

This car is yet another vehicle that was supposed to be two things at once. You see, it's like an SUV but has a retractable roof like a convertible does. Isn't that the coolest thing ever? Oh yeah, wait a minute - in actuality, it's totally stupid. This is another one more about taste than anything else. If your woman drives around in something like this, everyone's going to know she has no taste at all, and that reflects badly on you. So, whatever you do, pull the plug on this idea if she ever brings it up as a car that she wants to own.

6 Geo Metro

I know... you barely see these on the road anymore, and the ones that you do see look like they're held together with bailing wire and duct tape, but I still had to include this one on the list purely because it's such a totally embarrassing car for your woman to drive. If your old lady is cruising around in one of these, for God's sake, either talk her into buying a new one or buy her one yourself even if you need to cosign for it. You just can't hang out with a chick who's driving a Geo Metro! That's simply not negotiable - don't let this happen.

5 Versa Sedan

Some of the cheapest new cars out there only really have one thing going for them, and that's that they come with a factory warranty. One of these is the Versa Sedan. You might not be ashamed to be seen with a woman who drives around in one of these, but it says something about her, and what it says isn't good. She's boring and is willing to sacrifice things that are interesting and fun for something that's boring and safe. And what does that really say about you? I have to tell you - it doesn't say a whole lot; that's for sure.

4 Mitsubishi Mirage

The only thing that's really a mirage when it comes to this car is if you imagined that it was cool in any way. This is very similar to the Versa Sedan; you really don't want your woman driving this unless, of course, you work for an insurance company and are on a strict budget that only allows you to go out to eat once a month and you have a change jar that you're using to save up for a weekend trip to Six Flags with your three kids. If that's the case, then by all means, you should probably let your wife drive a Mitsubishi Mirage.

3 Fiat 500L

This car is totally dull looking and handles very badly. And not only that - you can't see out of it well. It's the kind of car that dumb people buy and think that they're cool. Since your woman is depending on you to help her figure out what kind of car to buy, you don't want her to be riding around in something like this. It makes her seem stupid, and that makes you seem stupid, too. Get her in a better ride; she'll thank you for it eventually, and you won't look like a total idiot in front of your family and friends - the definition of a win-win.

2 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This car sounds kind of cool in theory, but a lot of things do. While an electric car sounds alright and, depending on your personality, might even sound awesome, this thing only goes around 60 miles before you have to charge her up again. And not only that - it looks ridiculous, too. Are you looking for something that isn't functional and looks bad, too? And when I say that, I'm not talking about your girlfriend; I'm talking about your car. This thing is a total disaster, and that's what people will think about your relationship if you let your woman drive this.

1 Chevrolet Aveo

This is sort of like the Geo Metro for modern-day times, which, in other words, means that it's pretty awful. Do you really want to be hanging out with some chick who's driving a Chevrolet Aveo? What does that say about you? That you're too cheap to buy your lady a decent car? Or does it say that you don't have enough going on that you can't find a woman who can afford a better car than this? Either way, you don't want to be seen driving this car, and you also don't want to be seen hanging out with a woman who's driving one.

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