15 Filthy Rich Celebrities Who Drive Garbage Cars

You may or may not be impressed by the cars that celebrities drive. Loaded celebrities can more than afford expensive cars, but just because a car is costly doesn't mean it's superior. A smart buyer will purchase a vehicle for practical use. A Lamborghini is probably not the ideal car to drive to work every day. Although many of the vehicles contained on this list are priced affordably, each of them is unique and has attractive qualities. They could be old cars which have a particular style, a type of vehicle that's no longer in production, or one that's new but is cost-efficient and has low fuel consumption.

Does the car a person drive reveal qualities of his or her personality? We think so. In the movies, although we see stars such as Christian Bale drive Lamborghinis and other high-priced vehicles, what actors ride in films are often entirely different from what they drive in their personal lives. And it's the vehicles that actors ride in real life that actually say a lot about who they really are.

We know celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Lawrence drive low-priced vehicles because they've been spotted and photographed while riding them. Stars are people, too, and they have to use cars to run errands throughout the day. They even have to go to gas stations such as Chevron to refuel.

Loaded celebs on this list can easily afford Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Porsches, or just about any luxury vehicle you could name. However, they instead choose to drive low-priced cars for various reasons. Here are 15 Loaded Celebs Who Drive Garbage Cars.

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15 Christian Bale- Toyota Tacoma


We've seen Christian Bale drive American muscle vehicles in The Machinist, an expensive Lamborghini in The Dark Knight, and of course, the Batmobile in all three Batman films. When Christian Bale isn't driving costly vehicles in movies, though, he's driving a rugged Toyota Tacoma.

There are many attractive truck alternatives to the Toyota Tacoma, but Christian Bale prefers this cheap truck. For some reason, he doesn't want to upgrade to a newer model. One's vehicle is often not something that you can put a price on. Like many truck owners, Christian Bale likely shares a bond with his truck and sees no reason to buy an expensive vehicle that he definitely can afford.

14 Tom Hanks-Fiat 126p


Oddly enough, a Polish town gifted Tom Hanks a Fiat 126p. During his travels in Hungary, Tom would jokingly approach Fiat 126ps and take photos of himself standing next to them while striking a similar pose. He would pretend as if the cars were his.

The town that manufactures this vehicle found out about the photos and must've been a fan of Tom Hanks because they gifted him one. In Poland, this car may have a regular appearance, but in North America, it's very unusual. The people who gifted the car to him even shipped it to Los Angeles for Tom. It's not quite the car we'd imagine Tom Hanks would drive, but then again, maybe it is.

13 Ron Artest- Hyundai Genesis "Lakers Edition"


This vehicle was gifted by talk show host George Lopez. Just in case you hadn't already guessed, the paint job is painted to reflect Artest's previous team, the Los Angeles Lakers. On the Los Angeles Lakers, Ron Artest played primarily as a small forward. Love or hate the look; you have to admire the creativity that went into designing it. The interior is equally fitting and has Lakers-colored seats and the Lakers logo as well.

Don't think that Ron immediately put this vehicle in the garage after it was gifted to him; Ron has been photographed driving this car on numerous occasions. You have to admire those yellow vents on the hood of the vehicle.

12 Jennifer Lawrence- Volkswagen Eos


The Volkswagen EOS is a vehicle almost any celebrity can afford. The car starts at less than $30,000, so there's no reason Jennifer Lawrence couldn't buy a pricier vehicle. Despite its low price tag, Jennifer Lawrence manages to make the vehicle look stunning in ice white.

Its folding hardtop makes it a convertible. With 200 hp and a turbo engine, it has about average specs. The Volkswagen EOS has front-wheel drive. Because of its mediocre specs, it's not highly desirable. With that said, each person has preferences in vehicles, and sometimes, a car fits certain people for whatever reason.

What do you think? Is Jennifer Lawrence rocking the look with the Volkswagen EOS?

11 Ryan Gosling- Toyota Prius


One of the most popular vehicles driven by Hollywood celebs is the Toyota Prius. Ryan's black Toyota Prius is perhaps a statement that fuel economy is more important than fancy appearances. The Toyota Prius can switch to EV mode to make it run solely on electricity. It also has an Eco and a Power mode.

We've seen Ryan succeed as an actor for quite some time now. One of his most notable and earliest acting jobs was his appearance as Jamie Leary in "The Tale of Station 109.1" episode of Goosebumps. The episode was about a young child (Ryan Gosling) who discovers a radio station that broadcasts the afterlife. His recent acting roles include La La Land, Drive, and Blade Runner 2049. Even with all his talent and success, he continues to drive a Toyota Prius.

10 Larry David- Toyota Prius


Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David is an esteemed owner of the Toyota Prius. If a Hollywood celebrity is seen driving around town, they may want to opt for an environmentally friendly vehicle to improve their media image. Appearances are important in Hollywood, and Larry David has won us over with his car choice.

It may not be the vehicle choice for you, but it has many qualities that make it a smart choice. It's an enjoyable experience to ride in this vehicle despite its slow speed. The inside is quite spacious, and its infotainment will surely keep you at ease. The side mirror has a blind-spot detector to prevent avoidable accidents. The suspension is also quite advanced and will ensure a smooth ride.

9 Mel Gibson- Smart Car

A tremendously wealthy actor such as Mel Gibson could buy a luxury car, but instead, it seems as if Mel prefers the features of a Smart car. There's nothing wrong with a Smart car. Its small size results in lower fuel mileage, and many love the feel and appearance of the vehicle even if others would criticize it for its slow acceleration, slow top speed, and safety concerns.

Alcohol has played a significant role in Mel Gibson's life. Perhaps, Mel Gibson's Smart car, which has a price starting at $12,000, will help Mel Gibson to make smarter choices. We love Mel Gibson's movies such as The Passion of the Christ, Signs, Braveheart, Mad Max, and Payback, but we do believe safe driving is essential - even if you're a movie star.

8 Conan O'Brien- 1992 Ford Taurus SHO


Conan O'Brien has mentioned his love for his '92 Ford Taurus SHO on several occasions. He prefers the dull look of his vehicle over a luxurious or sporty one. For someone who's 1.93 meters tall, his vehicle choice is shocking. Production of the Ford Taurus was halted in 2004, but it was later resurrected due to popular demand. The website of cars.usnews.com ranked the Ford Taurus at #11 for large cars.

Hilariously, on one of his segments called "Fan Correction," a fan submitted a video of herself correcting one of Conan's mistakes on the show. She stated that Conan O'Brien owned a '92 and not a '93 as he had mistakenly said. Conan's reaction to being corrected by this fan was priceless. He attempted to blame the mistake on a voice impressionist who had said the wrong vehicle name.

7 Warren Buffett- 2014 Cadillac XTS


Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest and most philanthropic people in the world. In 2006, Warren Buffett was listed as the world's richest man, but this status was later given to Bill Gates. It's difficult to track how much he's donated to charities in total, but we do know it's in the billions. In a single day, Warren Buffett gave nearly $3.2 billion, setting a new personal record!

Before Warren Buffett owned the 2014 Cadillac XTS, he had a 2006 Cadillac DTS, which was similar in size and appearance. Perhaps, consistency is a contributing reason for his success. People can become accustomed to car brands, and this seems to be the case for Warren Buffet. The 2014 Cadillac XTS is by no means a terrible vehicle, but one of the most wealthy men in the world could afford better.

6 Mark Zuckerberg- Honda Fit


In this photo, we see Mark Zuckerberg hopping into his Honda Fit. The brilliance of Mark Zuckerberg extends to his vehicle, which is economical and has a low starting price. For those who are unaware, which is probably almost nobody, Mark is the founder of Facebook, one of the world's most popular websites and the most popular social-networking platform.

As of the third quarter of 2017, Facebook had approximately 2.07 billion users. The Honda Fit has a mere starting price of $16,000. It's shocking how frugal Mark has been with his money. Perhaps, he prefers the appearance and handling of a Honda Fit. It's also possible it was gifted to him. What's sure is that he can afford a better car, but chooses not to.

5 Steve Ballmer- Ford Fusion Hybrid


There's a reason why Steve Ballmer was the former CEO of Microsoft. He makes smart decisions, and this vehicle is yet another. Steve Ballmer isn't the first wealthy celebrity to have purchased a cheap car. He's another example of a celebrity who chose to buy a vehicle that's low on gas and friendly to the environment over a luxurious one. Judging by the expression on Steve's face in this photo, he's thoroughly satisfied with his new car.

The choice of buying a Ford Fusion Hybrid is a smart choice environmentally. The website cars.usnews.com has complimented it for its upscale cabin, for its lower starting price than its hybrid rivals, and for being overall fun to drive for a hybrid. They did, however, criticize it for its limited rear-seat headroom and inferior infotainment system.

4 Kate Moss- MG Midget


Kate Moss is widely known for being a model and businesswoman. She's done modeling work with Calvin Klein and is a contributing editor at Vogue. Calvin Klein was possibly what made her a celebrity.

In this photo, Kate Moss is turning back to look at the cameras while cruising in her vintage MG Midget. A male friend of Kate Moss is sitting in the passenger seat while holding Kate's dog.

The MG Midget was produced from 1961-1979. It's a 2-door roadster sportscar with a weight of approximately 1,620 lbs. It has a low top speed of 87.9 mph, but it's more beautiful than it is superior performance-wise.

3 Clint Eastwood- GMC Typhoon


Many of us have seen Gran Torino, a film produced, directed, and starring Clint Eastwood. In this movie, he plays an American veteran who has a love for his 1972 Ford Gran Torino. The film accurately represents how a classic car enthusiast feels for his or her vehicle.

You may think Clint Eastwood drives a muscle car in real life, but you would be wrong. He rides a GMC Typhoon. Don't be fooled by its appearance, though; it's faster than an NSX and nearly as fast as a twin-turbocharged Toyota Supra. Amazingly, it's capable of going from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds.

There's no doubt the GMC Typhoon is fast in a 0-60 mph test, but it would be less impressive in circuit races. It's by no means a perfect vehicle, but for an SUV, it's one of a kind, and we have no trouble understanding why Clint Eastwood would drive this old vehicle.

2 Colin Farrell- Ford Bronco


It appears that Colin Farrell either just came back from an offroading trip or hasn't washed his car in weeks. Perhaps, it's a rough look that Colin Farrell is trying to rock; he's wearing a fedora after all. Maybe Colin should've purchased a white model so the dirt would be less visible.

The vehicle Colin Farrell is driving is a Ford Bronco. Many Ford Broncos were produced from 1966-1996, so they aren't expensive to buy, especially in their deteriorating state. Thankfully, due to popular demand, the Ford Bronco is set to make a return in 2020. Its appearance won't be the same as Colin Farrell's, hopefully, but Ford is sure to not disappoint in bringing back an American classic.

1 David Spade- 1987 Buick Grand National

Reports in September 1987 stated that David Spade was attempting to sell his beloved vehicle because he no longer has room for it. His vehicle, the 1987 Buick Grand National, would seem like either a piece of garbage or a gem to others. The television series Jay Leno's Garage featured David Spade's car in season 2's episode 6.

Aesthetically speaking, we can see why David Spade would want to drive this vehicle. It appears as if there may be a dent on the front door. The 1987 Buick Grand National is over 30 years old now, so depending on how well David Spade has maintained the condition of his vehicle, it may or may not be deteriorating in performance. David Spade, being the famous actor he is, can likely afford to buy new engines, suspensions, or whichever parts are necessary to keep it running.

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