15 Images Captured By Drones That Are Simply Jaw-Dropping

Photography and videography using drones is the hype right now! That's why drones and its gears are selling like hotcakes. Every day, a new drone photographer is made. Since it's new, there are just a few laws that prohibit the flying of drones. Even if there are areas that are no-fly zones for drones, there are a lot of other places where hobbyists and professionals can fly their equipment.

With the growing number of drone users, a lot of drone photos and footages emerge online. Some of these images are amazing, as they give us a bird's eye view of places that we wouldn't have seen if drones hadn't existed. These shots wow us because they're just breathtaking. However, in some unfortunate cases, some drones take the sickest images by accident. Even if these aren't the things we usually try to capture, it might be helpful to know that these things exist.

Some of the sickest drone footages may have been taken from abandoned places or haunted locations. Some come from locations with creepy histories. There are some photographers who even claim that they capture paranormal activities with their drones.

Whether these images are true or not, they'll surely scare the hell out of you. Let's take a look some of the sickest images captured by drones. Don't forget to turn the lights off when reading the following list.

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15 Terrorist attack

Via: mirror.co.uk

One of the sickest images taken by a drone involves a car explosion. The footage is taken in a certain location in Libya. The terrifying incident happened when a car carrying explosives drove into a compound then went around a building to finally arrive at a parking lot where there were several passersby. When the people in the parking lot saw the speeding car, they quickly scattered around in search of a safe place. Although several people were able to escape, there are some who instantly got killed in the blast.

Sadly, terrorists are now using drones to improve their attacks and to spy on enemies. Rumor has it that this drone shot was uploaded by the ISIS. Whether as a threat or a warning, that sh*t is scary!

14 Is that black Cujo?

Via: youtube.com

If you've seen Cujo, you probably know what I mean after seeing this drone clip. It involves a dog running to catch a Frisbee. So, what's scary about that, right? Well, it was captured at the most unfortunate moment, right as the dog tries to catch the Frisbee with its sharp teeth. In a way, it looks like the dog is heading towards you and will soon bite your face off, but in reality, it's just trying to catch a Frisbee. However, if you have no idea of what the dog is trying to do, you'll really be scared of it.

For now, don't panic. This dog isn't Cujo, and it's not trying to kill you. So, calm down.

13 Killer whales

Via: nationalgeographic.com

We know that it's in the nature of Orcas to hunt and devour their food as is. These killer whales are some of the most terrifying creatures of the sea. However, we had no idea how terrifying they really were until we saw this drone footage of a group of killer whales devouring their prey. It's just chilling!

Upon seeing it, you might wonder how it is to be their prey. Don't go there. You'll never want to be a killer whale's lunch. After seeing this footage, you might even avoid going in the water even if you're 100% sure that it's just the shallow part and that it's totally Orca-free.

12 Vehicular explosion on the highway

Via: tribktia.wordpress.com

Accidents are inevitable. Sadly, high-speed accidents can be fatal. For instance, take a look at the images captured by a drone of a deadly vehicular accident in the Los Angeles Freeway. According to reports, the accident happened when a semi-trailer heading north crossed the divider and rammed into vehicles heading south. The accident resulted in a massive explosion, such that many expected a high death toll. One person died in the accident and 10 more were injured.

Due to the accident, the highway was closed to traffic for several hours that day. Authorities had to shut down the highway to clean up the debris and investigate on what really happened that day.

11 Deadly crash

Via: newsapi.com.au

A drone was right on time to capture a deadly crash between two semis and a car in Australia. In the footage, you can even see smoke blanketing the entire scene after the crash happened. Apparently, the crash started when a car hit a truck that was towing gravel. Driving towards them at that time was another truck carrying cattle. Although the driver of that truck tried to avoid the crash, it was already too late. The truck dove right into the crash and exploded.

Although there were no people who died, rescuers had to kill the cattle to put off the fire and clean the area. Apparently, it was one of the most terrifying accidents on that highway to date.

10 Not for the faint of heart

Via: youtube.com

This isn't for the faint of heart. You shouldn't do this on your own because it's just scary as hell. We don't know how this guy managed to climb up that gigantic wind turbine and spend the afternoon bathing in the sun. That's just so sick! Of course, a drone shot should be taken as proof of his brave feat.

Maybe the guy owns that turbine or works for the company who owns the turbine, but whichever it is, he has some huge balls to climb it and even spend some time basking under the sun. Not a lot of people can do that because most will probably be terrified of the thought of falling to their death.

9 Dead cat flying

Via: youtube.com

Seeing a dead cat is already sick, and seeing a flying dead cat as it gets captured by a drone is even sicker. A flying dead cat is one for the books. That's one of the sickest images captured using a drone right there. Apparently, the duo Bart Jansen and Arjen Beltman are fond of attaching dead animals to their drones. Then, they let their drones fly with the carcass on board. When you look up in the air and see a flying dead cat, it might be difficult not to puke.

We have no idea why they do this. Maybe they want to troll people so that when bystanders see their flying drones, they'll be completely puzzled why there's a cat flying up in the air. Then, the puzzled spectators will find out that it's already dead. There should be laws against this, don't you think?

8 Scary statue

Via: youtube.com

On a regular day, seeing a massive statue may not be scary. However, if you see a giant statue that's starting to break apart in the middle of almost nowhere, that's a different case. A drone enthusiast in Virginia was able to capture a footage of statues that are starting to break down in the President's Park in Williamsburg. Since the park has been closed in 2010, no one was left to care for and maintain the park. Hence, the statues and other things in the park have started to wither away.

I can just imagine how pissed off George Washington is. The drone was able to capture George's massive statue on the verge of absolute destruction. Who wouldn't be pissed off, right?

7 Shark is so close

Via: facebook.com

The ocean is a place that has a lot of scary creatures. Also, a lot of accidents can happen when you're in this huge body of water. If you're not convinced, take a look at the footage of a shark getting super close to a kitesurfer in Australia. The kitesurfer has no idea what danger lurks beneath, but we bet that once he saw the footage, it sent chills down his spine.

Just when you thought sharks are only scary in movies... One wrong move from the kitesurfer could've led to a serious injury, or worse, it could've been fatal. Seeing this, the kitesurfer might think twice setting foot in the water again.

6 Crop circles

Via: weather.gov

Crop circles are no newcomer when it comes to creepy things that you can take photos of from up above. Even before drones arrived, we've already seen lots of stories that talk about crop circles. However, back then, people needed to get on a helicopter and bring a camera on board in order to take images of such weird phenomena.

Today, crop circles make frequent appearances among drone enthusiasts, especially if they fly their gears over large farmlands. There have been rumors that crop circles are creations of aliens who are probably observing us. Some say that these crop circles are products of the spaceships landing on fields where they won't be noticed.

5 Ghost ship

Via: youtube.com

We all have heard stories about ghost ships floating mindlessly in the middle of the ocean somewhere. However, it never made us feel terrified about them until proof of such emerged. With the use of drones, people were able to capture images of ghost ships. In this case, it might just be a regular abandoned ship, but the reason why it's floating on its own in the middle of the sea and the stories behind it certainly give chills down the spine of anyone who sees it.

The good thing about the footage taken of the ghost ship is that people can take a virtual tour of the abandoned vessel. Still, it's scary to watch!

4 Terrifying history

Via: independent.co.uk

A drone took a terrifying look at history. This drone took shots of Auschwitz, which is a camp where suffering to thousands and thousands of Jews was inflicted. Some of the suffering led to the death of these people. Although it's been decades since it happened, a look at the camp still brings chills down the spines of many people.

The drone's footage was used to commemorate the 70th year of the liberation of Auschwitz. The drone took images and clips of about 40 square kilometers around the camp.

In history, a single camp in Auschwitz imprisoned up to 1,000 people at a time. For five years that the camp was operational, over a million people died there.

3 Supernatural portal to where?

Via: inspiremore.com

At first look, this image isn't that sick. It just looks like a mixture of paint arranged in a circular manner. It looks like someone mixed a tub of paint in a circular motion. "What's scary about that?" you ask. However, once you learn about what it is, you'll definitely be terrified of it.

This is a drone shot of Lake Berryessa Glory Hole. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a supernatural portal that leads somewhere else. Just by looking at it, you might feel like it's going to suck you into another dimension of the unknown. The scary thought of being brought to another dimension where you might find creatures that can harm or kill you is downright scary. Please, no.

2 Tornado aftermath

Via: dailymail.co.uk

We all know that tornadoes can be deadly. They can also be very destructive and can flatten any town they pass through. They can cause millions in damages that can be very difficult to bounce back from.

Apparently, drones are now used to assess tornado damage. A certain drone took off the air and captured sick images of a tornado aftermath in Arkansas. In the footage, it can be seen that the town was completely under rubble due to buildings and houses that were torn apart by the tornado. During that fateful incident, 16 people died and hundreds were injured. When a tornado is on the way, it's extremely difficult to escape the havoc that it brings.

1 "Me" time up the roof

Via: strangevehicles.com

Another sick shot from a drone is taken of a woman who seems to be just trying to have a relaxing time under the sun. The woman who appears to be in her bathing suit is having a quiet time under the sun on top of a rooftop somewhere. This shows how drones can easily invade your personal space without you knowing about it.

In the footage, it can be seen that the woman notices the drone. Right at that time, she covers herself. Pissed off, she tries to go after the drone. However, she wasn't able to run after it, and the drone returns to its owner.

Source: lifebuzz.com; thethings.com; wikipedia.com

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