15 Monster Trucks We Wish Were Street Legal

Everyone who sees a monster truck is either shocked or smitten by it because who doesn't love these massive beasts that can scare any regular vehicle and can drive on and topple over other cars? Monster trucks are the ultimate vehicles that can let the driver do almost anything they want, such as racing, bashing other cars and even the unpaved road, crawling on top of boulders, and bogging on mud. Hence, they're scary vehicles, but still, we love most of them.

Over the years, there has been an interesting evolution among monster trucks. There was a time when drivers and enthusiasts built their trucks from the base of a pick-up truck. Nowadays, they integrate more and more technologies into these trucks to make them safer without compromising their performance and durability. Actually, some of the technologies put into modern-day monster trucks are to make them tougher and stronger when battling other trucks in the arena.

With the improvements embedded in these amazing monster trucks, we just wish that these trucks were street legal, meaning we can drive them every day on the road like a regular truck. Heck, we would even want to drive them to work if they were street legal. Since this is still wishful thinking, we listed here 15 of the most amazing monster trucks we want to drive on a daily basis on the streets. Yeah, we know we'd be the talk of the town if we were seen driving these humongous, crazy, scary, yet spectacular monster trucks. Let's go!

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15 Zombie

Via: wikipedia.com

The Zombie monster truck is named as such because it literally looks like a truck that embodies a zombie! Created in 2013, this monster truck has been scaring humans and vehicles alike on the US Monster Jam Circuit for several years now. The Zombie monster truck is operated by driver Sean Duhon. Under the hood, it carries a huge 540 CI Merlin engine that delivers 1,500 horsepower. Duhon drives it well with a 2-speed transmission. A beast on the road, the Zombie has 66-inch Terra tires that can destroy anything that blocks its way. It may not eat your brains, but it will destroy anything that comes its way. It would've been amazing for this monster truck to be street legal and scare other cars away even if it isn't Halloween!

14 Tropical Thunder

Via: 4travel.jp

Tropical Thunder is a famous monster truck that's been on the Monster Truck circuit in the United States for a decade now. This amazing monster truck was born in 2007 and has been gaining popularity ever since. Clad in orange and yellow colors, this truck is easily recognizable as it bashes and runs over other vehicles on the circuit. Anyone who sees it, even those who aren't a fan, can easily spot Tropical Thunder on the dirt.

This monster truck gets power from its 540 CI Dart Motor engine rated at 1,500 horsepower. It's smooth to drive, thanks to its Coan 2-speed Powerglide transmission. Its capability to demolish anything that blocks its way is possible with its bulldozer chassis. This massive truck can surely scare away those unruly drivers you meet on the road if it were street legal.

13 Blue Thunder

Via: pinterest.com

Roaring blue on the USHRA Monster Jam circuit, Blue Thunder rallies on the dirt, carrying the same genes as the legendary Big Foot. Apparently, fans of Big Foot even thought that Blue Thunder would replace the epic monster truck. Born in the year 2000, this monster truck has already earned many accolades under its belt. Although it took a break in 2012, when its driver, Todd LeDuc, transferred to an alternative ride, it's still a highly celebrated monster truck.

In 2013, Blue Thunder made a huge comeback with an all-new crew. With its fame, it participates in over 20 big events annually. Under the hood, Blue Thunder has a powerful 540 ci Merlin, Blown & Injected engine, which lets it wreak havoc on the Monster Jam circuit.

12 Sudden Impact

Via: youtube.com

It lives up to its name because when it hits anything on the circuit, it causes a sudden impact and demolishes whatever blocks it. Sudden Impact has been on the Monster Truck circuit for as long as anyone can remember. Built in 1990, Sudden Impact has already made a great impact on the Monster Truck circuit, as it's been participating there for close to 30 years.

A decorated monster truck, Sudden Impact has participated in four World Finals. Hence, it has its own fanbase that will definitely want to see this truck become street legal so they can drive it back home. A notable feature of this monster truck is that it's the first one to use a driveline blanket made using Kevlar, making it tougher than ever and ensuring safety because its parts won't leave the truck area in case they break down.

11 El Toro Loco

Via: wikipedia.com

El Toro Loco first saw daylight in 2001. Today, it's known as one of the most legendary monster trucks in the whole world. It's a scary sight for everyone with its body shell featuring teeth and sharp horns. It's like a raging bull that can easily tear down any vehicle that blocks its way. With high-speed performance on the circuit, anyone who accidentally falls along its path will run away scared just so they won't be torn down by El Toro Loco.

Behind the wheels of this monster truck is Lupe Soza. With his driving prowess complemented by this monster truck's capability, they've already won a world championship.

In 2013, El Toro Loco received a huge makeover to enhance its performance and looks. With its increasing popularity, they had to make seven copies of the truck to allow it to participate in as many circuits.

10 Towasaurus Wrex

Via: wikipedia.com

With three decades of existence, the Towasaurus Wrex is the first-ever monster truck that was made from a tow truck base rather than the conventional pick-up truck. It first came out in 1988, and they made it using a 1946 Chevrolet Tow Truck. When it first came out, a lot of monster truck aficionados were awestruck from its looks and performance in the playing field.

The Towasaurus Wrex is owned and driven by Jeff Bursey. He used to be very active in the monster circuit arena, but as time went on, he reduced his participation in it. Hence, the appearance of Towasaurus Wrex came with high anticipation from its fans. Spectators drooled over it whenever it showed up for an event. If this monster truck had been street legal, we bet a lot of excited fans would get one for their daily use.

9 Smart ForFun2

Via: markpascua.com

A little more than a decade old, the Smart ForFun2 is a unique monster truck. You may find it unusual to see a compact car get transformed into a monster machine, but they made it possible on the Smart ForFun 2. Moreover, it's one of the few smart cars that have taken on the challenge to become a dune-bashing and car-crashing monster machine.

Revealed in 2006, the Smart ForFun 2 was created by Greek 4×4 champion Steffan Attard in cooperation with Mercedes Benz Greece. It has a 5,675 cc OM 352 six-cylinder diesel engine rated at a total of 84 horsepower. Although it's one of the smallest monster trucks out there, that doesn't mean it cannot strike fear. Even with only 2 feet of ground clearance, it can still create some serious damage when in the monster truck circuit.

8 Cyborg

Via: allmonster.com

A monstrous robot on the circuit, Cyborg first competed in the early 1990s. After winning many competitions, it's become one of the most sought after monster trucks in the world. What makes Cyborg even more amazing is that it's the only 2-wheeled monster truck on the circuit, yet it's achieved so much since it's touched dirt in the pit. Apparently, the front wheels of this monster truck aren't powered and only the rear wheels can be maneuvered. Yet, the independent front suspension of the truck allows it to perform like any other monster truck.

Even with some sort of disadvantage, Cyborg has made a name in the circuit. We would love to see this become street legal and make heads turn as we drive it from home and back.

7 Batman

Via: offroaders.com

Just beam the "bat signal," and the Batman monster truck will come saving the day on the circuit. Due to its reference to the famous superhero, this monster truck is one of the most popular trucks competing in various US monster truck circuits. In 2008, Batman won a championship on the USHRA monster truck circuit. It's also participated in several Monster Jam championships.

The Batman monster truck is under license from DC Comics. Like the superhero, it's a powerful machine on the circuit with its 540 cubic inch Merlin Chevy engine. With its capability, it's proven time and again that it's a successful monster truck. If this truck were street legal, it would be more awesome to drive this around compared to the Batmobile. Or maybe not?

6 Monster Mutt

Via: wikipedia.com

The Monster Mutt monster truck is no cute pet, but it's a scary beast on the circuit. Maybe it can also be a cute pet, depending on how you take it. This monster truck looks like a giant dog with sharp teeth, a tongue that sticks out, big ears, and a tail that wags. Monster Mutt was built using a 1951 Mercury, and it's been one of the most famous monster trucks on the circuit since it was released.

Due to the popularity of this canine monster truck, the team behind it decided to add other variants, including Rottweiler and Dalmatian versions. Aside from its looks, the Monster Mutt boasts its performance. It's been a consistent participant in the World Finals since the first time it performed on the circuit. In 2010, the Monster Mutt won the "Advance Auto Parts NGK Spark Plugs Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship."

5 Maximum Destruction

Via: youtube.com

Maximum Destruction was originally known as "Goldberg" and was a product of the idea of creating monster trucks based on wrestlers. However, when the marketing agreement with Clear Channel (now Field Entertainment) and the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) lapsed, they had to change the name to something else. Hence, it became Maximum Destruction, which still creates the same impact as if it were a heavyweight wrestler.

Built in 2003, this monster truck came close to what the Grave Digger has achieved. Maximum Destruction is known to serve as the inspiration behind the first aerial backflip of a monster truck because it was able to land one successfully. Since its successful flip, backflips became a thing among monster trucks in the circuit.

4 Donkey Kong

Via: wikipedia.com

The biggest fans of the Nintendo game Donkey Kong were the biggest supporters when a monster truck version of the main character of the game came out. Launched in 2007, Donkey Kong was a big hit on the monster truck circuit even on day one. It was successful in embodying the looks of Donkey Kong, including the tuft of hair, the ginormous ears, and the red bow tie. To its fans, Donkey Kong was more fun rather than scary, but it was still one of the biggest performers on the circuit.

Donkey Kong wore 66-inch Terra tires, which allowed it to demolish any vehicle that blocked its way. It weighs about 10,000 pounds, so this heavyweight can do heavy damage on any vehicle it crashes. Due to its resemblance to the video-game character, this monster truck is also a hit, even with kids.

3 Grave Digger

One of the most admired monster trucks in the world, Grave Digger has a made a name in the US and even outside of it. Hence, it has a strong following in the monster truck arena. Grave Digger was born in 1981, and it was a creation of Dennis Anderson. He was also the first driver of Grave Digger, and together, they've competed in several events. In the monster truck scene, Anderson is known as one of the pioneers of the industry.

Due to the popularity of this monster truck, it's received several invitations to many monster truck events. To cater to a majority of the events, there are more than 30 Grave Diggers at present. This allows the truck to participate in multiple events at the same time.

2 Bear Foot

Via: blogspot.com

Bear Foot is one of the earliest monster trucks in the world. It was built in 1979, and it's started competing since. Due to its early appearance, it's a pioneer in the professional monster truck circuit. With many years of experience and exposure, Bear Foot is one of the epic monster trucks we have around.

Bear Foot is a brainchild of the partnership between Fred Shafer and Jack Wilman. They created it using a Chevrolet pick-up truck base. However, the present-day Bear Foot was built from a Dodge Ram. During the early days, Bear Foot was known as the tightest competitor of the legendary Big Foot monster truck. Their rivalry was one of the most exciting times in monster truck history.

1 Big Foot

Via: youtube.com

Dubbed as the original monster truck, Big Foot started it all. This monster truck was completed in 1975 and was revealed to the public in 1979. It's the first monster truck to be made known to the public, and it was the inspiration for the term "monster truck." At that time, the monster truck industry was still new to the public eye. It started getting traction when trucks like Big Foot started performing and wowing the crowd.

Big Foot is the first monster truck to be seen crashing other vehicles in the arena. At present, there are already 21 Big Foot trucks that join different monster truck events all over the world. There will probably be more Big Foots if the monster truck were street legal because a lot of fans and enthusiasts will definitely want to have one in their garage.

 Source: Wikipedia

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