The 15 Longest Cars People Can Actually Buy (And 10 Of The Smallest)

The size of a car matters, doesn’t it? Sometimes, you take a big car because you have a big family; other times, you take it to tow big loads. Other times, you spend a bomb on that extra-large, extra-long, and extra-powered car to rub in that status of yours. For some, spending a lot on a big, long car is done just because you adore large muscle cars. The eco-lover in you might head towards a small, low-emission car, or you might do so because parking a small car is far more convenient than trying to park that mini-truck of yours.

There are cars for every kind of size-minded buyer out there. From ridiculously long limos to luxury sedans that could house multiple small cars to tiny cars that elicit titters wherever you drive them – the world of vehicles is as bohemian as the world of humans. And since one size never fits all, carmakers will keep on introducing bigger and better models as well as smaller and swankier ones to please various demands from customers because the customer is king at all car dealerships even if they aren’t king at the mechanic shop. And if car brands weren’t working hard enough, there's more to be imagined at the chop-shops and the mod-kings. Such imagination often leads to works of art that are incredible — and not just in size. So, we've collected a list of 25 cars that are ginormous, big, small, and minuscule. Are you tickled silly by any of these?

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25 The World’s Most Ridiculously Long Limo

Via jalopnik.com

So, how long do you think the longest limo could be? 30 feet? 70 feet? The longest limo ever was the American Dream, so made by Jay Ohrberg. You’ve already seen or heard of his work – he’s the guy behind the iconic screen cars like Knight Rider's KITT, General Lee (the 1969 Dodge Charger from Dukes Of Hazzard), and multiple Batmobiles as well. According to Auto Trader, “The American Dream was a 100-foot limo, hinged in the middle, with 26 wheels, a helipad, a Jacuzzi, and multiple interior rooms,” and it needed two drivers to be safely driven. It now lies wasting away in a parking lot despite a Guinness World Record.

24 In Contrast, The Tiniest Thing On Wheels

Via autocar.com

The Peel P50 was the world’s tiniest car at just 4.5 ft long and some 3.4 ft wide with three wheels, made by Peel Engineering Company between 1962 and 65. Production stopped then, but in 2010, it resumed with some adjustments made to the suspension and the drivetrain and the inclusion of a reverse gear to make it a street-legal vehicle.

It's only a single-seat car and basically can be thought off as a moped with a car frame.

If you like it, it’s yours for some $16,000, which is more than the comparatively ginormous Smart ForTwo!

23 Did You Hear About The Longest Grand Prix Limo?

Via Motor1.com

No, we're not kidding. There's an actual street-legal vehicle that can ferry you around at top speeds. The GP Limo is known to be the world’s fastest street-legal Grand Prix Limousine that's been designed by Canadian inventor Michael Pettipas – to probably scare people out of their wits. Since it can go as fast as 300 mph and is an open top, won’t it basically tip the passengers out? Apparently not, and while there's no luxury involved, it can seat six passengers and a GP driver.

22 Would You Save The Environment In An Electric Limousine?

Via pinterest.com

KAZ aka the Keio Advanced Zero-Emissions vehicle is an Italian-Japanese venture to make an electric limousine. We don't know its dimensions, but considering it's the only electric limousine, it's basically the world’s shortest and the world’s longest electric limousine for now.

Building it cost $4 million and some five years, but it's an ecological and technical marvel.

6 electric engines powering six wheels with 75 horsepower each, with a top speed of 193.3 km/h, it can go from 0-60 in 7 seconds.

21 What If I Want Both A Truck Turned Limo & A Camper?

Via automobilexyz.com

There might be a redneck joke in this picture somewhere, but we're not supposed to be talking about that much. Instead, we’ll just talk about this Dodge Ram-fashioned stretch limo that also has a slide-in camper.

This is for those who want to travel in both luxury and comfort and probably plan to stay on the road for the rest of their lives. It’s definitely one very different limousine and one very different camper, and it does seem almost 40 feet long, if not more.

20 A Two-Seater Car May Not Be Better Than A Scooter

Via autocar.co.uk

This “car” isn’t even 8 ft long; it’s just less than 3.9 ft in width. And it's basically the tiniest two-seater available for anyone wanting to upgrade from a two-wheeler. It's also the narrowest because the seats are one behind the other.

It’s also the world’s smallest electric car, though comfort is definitely not its first, middle, or last name. It has no side doors (or windows), and the interiors can probably best be described as spartan, if easy to clean.

19 The World’s Second-Biggest Limo, Biggest On The Road

Via ridingmode.com

This limo makes a Hummer look like a toy; in fact, it even makes the Pink Panther Hummer Limo look like a toy. It also holds the Guinness record for the heaviest limo, considering it weighs a whopping 22,933 kgs.

Length-wise, it’s just 30 ft less than the American Dream at 70 ft long and 13 ft wide.

The name "Midnight Rider" comes because the horn of this awesome truck-powered limo that's 6 ft high has a horn that plays the theme song from the film Midnight Rider.

18 If Speed Is Your Need, Try The Tiny Goggomobil Dart

Via pinterest.com

A 10 ft long sports convertible that weighs next to nothing? That was the Goggomobil Dart, a “microcar” that was on sale from 1959 to 1961. Some 700 cars were produced in all, and there still are plenty fans of the same. On the street, it was considered closer to an amusement park than an actual car, though all fans call it a very fun ride indeed. As cute as it was, it wasn't so bad on power – it came in two variants, a rear-mounted twin-cylinder two-stroke motor in both 300 ccs and 400 ccs. And it even had a small luggage compartment built into the nose.

17 The Limo That Was Once A Plane, For The Hi-Fliers

Via limobob.com

Airplane scraps are reusable for many a thing – think to make a home or even a themed café. But ever thought to make a limousine out of a Boeing?

This particular limousine was fashioned out of a Boeing 727 Jet and also a Mercedes-Benz bus, and it can be bought for $1 million or rented out for $100k a month.

It’s a cool 23 ft in length and can seat up to 50 people, perfect for that family reunion – in luxury.

16 A Very, Very Expensive Single-Seater Car

Via downshiftautos.com

Have more than a $100k to splurge on something that'll definitely get you double takes? Try the 8.5 ft long and the 2.8 ft wide Commuters Cars Tango – no wider than an average bike.

Perfect for roads where space is a premium, it has a decent range of 240 miles as well.

It has two electric motors that give you more torque than Dodge Viper V10s! So, it'll do 0-60 in an astounding 3.2 seconds – this is one tiny car you'll miss if you blink.

15 Want The Longest Pickup? Look At Ford

Via autoguide.com

In case you want to buy the world’s longest pickup truck, you'd have to look at Ford. Formally known as the "Ford F-Series Super Duty," it was introduced as a 1999 model from 1998. Basically, they replaced the F-450 and the F-550 Super Chassis trucks. Measurements-wise, the Ford Super Duty is an impressive 263 inches long, standing at 6.68 m. The next truck in line is the Ram 3500 HD (earlier known as the "Dodge RAM") that stands at 259.4 inches at 6.59 m. The third-longest pickup truck is the Chevy Silverado or its fraternal twin, the GMC Sierra at 6.58 m or 259.1 inches.

14 What About The Mammoth F650 Limo?

Via fivestarlimonv.com

The Ford 650 is a big, big truck and is basically used in commercial towing and for industrial use. This isn't a vehicle you'd associate with luxury or park in your driveway.

However, the F650 Limo is another kind of vehicle altogether.

Five Star Limos has it on its rolls and calls it a massive but elegant giant, and while it doesn’t give out actual measurements, it can comfortably seat 30 people, which makes it about as large as a bus!

13 Hummer Fans Can Go For A Pink Panther

Via wtglimo.com

If Ford isn’t your favorite brand of vehicle, and you're more of a Hummer girl (we doubt most guys would like so much pink!), then this one is for you.

Called the "Pink Panther Hummer Limo," it’s not very big, but it's very pink.

It can seat up to 16 and has three TVs, laser lights, strobes, and a 1,800-watt sound system sure to affect your hearing for a few days. Oh, and you can also request the chauffeur to wear a pink shirt and tie.

12 How About A Gigantic Camping Vehicle For You?

Via acidcow.com

According to News Atlas, the largest RV is basically the size of a small house. The Snakeliner President-Suite is a mobile house that comfortably sits on a semi-trailer, and anyone who buys it can enjoy some 969 sq ft of space – while traveling to his favorite camping spot! It's 59 ft long and 8.2 ft wide.

Once parked, both the sides can be extended another 3.7 ft, making the width some 16.4 ft.

If you're on the road all the time and prefer a mobile house, this can be yours for a cool million dollars.

11 Lone Traveling? Try A Teensy-Tiny Camper For One

Via treehugger.com

The QTvan is a single-person RV that's been designed by the ETA – UK’s Environmental Transport Association – such that it can be pulled by bikes and electric scooters.

So, you save the environment while you camp in your little camp. It's 6.5 ft long and 2.4 ft wide and comes equipped with a 19” TV, radio, alarm clocks, and shelves. It's considered to be the smallest RV for sale in the market for now, and costs less than $10,000!

10 Here’s The Longest Crossover Vehicle For You

Via mamboautomotive.com.jpg

Crossover vehicles are the ones that can function as awesome city and highway cars but are equally at ease when it comes to light-to-medium off-roading, mostly because of an independent rear suspension.

While there are plenty full-size crossovers and plenty compact crossovers, the biggest and longest you can find in the market is the Ford Excursion that stands long and proud at 18.9 ft.

And again, if Ford isn't your favorite brand, go for the 18.7 ft Chevy Suburban (or the GMC Yukon) or the 18.68 ft Cadillac Escalade.

9 When In A Jam, The Tiniest Sedan Can Seat Four

Via youtube.com

Okay, so calling this a sedan is like calling a cat a panther. This isn't a sedan, but the Toyota iQ or the Scion iQ is the world’s smallest 4-seater. The American-targeted Scion stood at 10 ft long, while the Japanese Toyota was even smaller at 9.8 ft.

It's basically a 3-seater, but if everyone doesn’t mind their insides being squeezed, a fourth passenger can sit behind the driver. But it's a very tight fit in there. It can be bought for less than $13,000 and has a mileage of 37 mpg.

8 Looking for a 20+ ft Sedan? Try the Maybach S600

Via guideautoweb.com

More than 21 ft long, the Maybach 600 comes fitted with the best of the best when it comes to luxury – Emperor-class executive rear seats, an audio system so tuned for the pleasure of the buyer, and even Magic Chauffeur Control – a glass partition that turns clear and opaque at the touch of a button.

The wheelbase is some 173.9 inches, while the engine is a powerful 6.0-liter V-12 with dual turbochargers that generate 523 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque. Price starts at $169,995.

7 The Myers Sparrow Should Actually Be Called A Duck

Via pinterest.com

The Sparrow is possibly the smallest lithium-powered, single-passenger, three-wheeled vehicle. It was so designed for city use and initially made by Corbin Motors before they sold it off to Myers.

It’s exactly 8 ft by 4 ft – in two body styles: one-door coupe and two-door hatchback.

An interesting fact: the two-door Sparrow was called the "Pizza Butt" because Dominoes used it as a fleet delivery vehicle, while the one-door coupe was dubbed the "Jelly Bean." In case you want a phrase to describe the Sparrow, it’s a Daffy Duck Skull.

6 One More High-Speed Limo With A Carbon-Fiber Body

Via pinterest.com

The Superbus is an almost 50 ft long electric vehicle that looks like the unholy union of the Batmobile and a stretch limo. Designed as a prototype by the TU Delft University in the Netherlands, it’s made of super-light carbon-fiber materials.

It doesn’t work on fuel and is powered by an electric motor running on lithium polymer batteries.

The design is pretty aerodynamic and not just in looks – it comes with sixteen gullwing doors and very spacious, luxurious interiors that can seat 23 passengers and run at speeds of 250 kph.

5 The World’s Longest Sports Coupe Comes At A Price

Via webautos.com

18.4 ft in length and 6.5 ft in breadth, this is what you get with the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé. The 6.75-liter V12 engine produces some 453 horsepower with 531 lb-ft of torque.

In its segment, it leads in fuel economy because of its modern application of direct injection, variable valve, and camshaft control.

It’s capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds and can go up to 249 km/h. It could be yours for $450,000-plus. FYI, the second-longest coupe is the Dodge Challenger at 16.5 ft long.

4 Need A Spacious But Tiny Four-Seater Car?

Via suzukiqld.com.au

At 11.8 ft long and 3.2 ft wide, the Suzuki Celerio is still very spacious on the inside and can easily seat four adults. The boot is a remarkable 254 liters that can increase to 725 liters if you fold down the rear seats.

It also has a tight 9.4 m turning circle, perfect for clogged streets. However, the engine is just a weak 1-liter than can only give you city driving at best. The mileage is a decent 65.7 mpg, which goes down if you drive in busy cities.

3 A Three-Seater Electric Vehicle Only In Norway

Via auta5p.com

If you want a car that’s electric and charges much like the RC car you played with as kids, go to Norway and get yourself a Buddy Cab. With a range of 37 miles and a recharge time of six hours, the Buddy Cab comes equipped with one bench seat that can seat three people, including the driver.

(Remember the old Fiats and the Mercury Grand Marquis?) It’s 8 ft long and 4.69 ft wide and comes in two versions: Buddy and Buddy Cab in a folding-roof version.

2 When You Want To Share A Ferrari With Your Friends

Via americancoachlimousine.com

Costing some $312,476 to build, this ridiculous bright-red Ferrari 360 Modena stretch limo was designed by Dan Cawley, who himself called it "the craziest vehicle ever." Why? Because Cawley thought all people and their friends want to ride a Ferrari, so he made this possible by creating the ultimate Ferrari experience. It can seat the driver with seven more friends and cruise them at speeds of 260 km/h – and till the GP limo came to be, it was the fastest limo, period. The cost? $400,000.

1 A Really, Really Smart Car For Two

Via caranddriver.com

It’s a tiny, tiny car – not longer than 9 ft in length and 5.5 ft in breadth. It’s a rear-engine rear-wheel drive available in some 46 countries. The name doesn’t come from the fact that its small and ergonomic but from the collaboration of Swatch and Mercedes – Swatch Mercedes ART – thus, Smart!

All cars come with a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and spacious interiors. The boot may not be very big but is sufficient for a little car made for two that gives smart city driving.

Sources: CarAndDriver.com, AutoCar.co.uk, NewsAtlas.com, Jalopnik.com

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