15 Old Supercars And Sports Cars You Totally Forgot Existed

This list contains some of the greatest supercars and sports cars to have graced our planet, yet they have been forgotten in one way or another.

There is something very special about the sportscar and supercar. Knowing that man can design and engineer machines that push the very limits of performance and technology is an awe-inspiring feeling.

Over the years, we have been treated to many classics from these classes. Cars that defy what we thought a car could actually do.

And those cars remain with us forever. Perhaps not literally, as much as we’d like them to be ours. But figuratively, we remember them and can point to them as truly classic machines.

However, some of these great cars can be forgotten. Not because they weren’t actually that good, but because they’ve simply slipped from our minds. Maybe other cars by the same company overshadowed them, or they were not in production long?

This list contains some of the greatest supercars and sports cars to have graced our planet, yet they have been forgotten in one way or another.

15 Honda S2000

via Haggerty

Whilst regarded as one of Honda’s best ever cars, the S2000 does often seem to be forgotten. Why? Because of its main rival. The Mazda MX-5 has stayed in production for many years, whilst the S2000’s run ended in 2009. Despite this though, many consider the S2000 to be a better car and the fact that it is rarer adds to its appeal. What’s more, it is better looking than the MX-5 too.

14 Bugatti EB110

via We Are Curated

When people think of Bugatti’s they often think of the Veyron or Chiron. Not many think of the EB110 despite its insane performance. A 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 216 mph was pure craziness back in the 1990s.

Maybe not the most attractive car in the world, but certainly one of the best performing.

13 Jaguar XJ220

via Motoring Research

The Jaguar XJ220 is another forgotten 1990s classic. It didn’t quite deliver on its promise, as the V12 intended for it became a twin-turbocharged V6. But it is insanely good looking, and perhaps one of the best cars that Jaguar has ever made, being up there with the fabled E-Type. Together with the EB110, they raised the supercar game in the ‘90s.

12 Mazda RX-7

via JDM Expo

Another classic that seems to be overlooked for some reason, the RX-7 is probably overshadowed by more modern equivalents. But you can’t beat the looks of the RX-7.

It featured a silky smooth, twin-rotor 1.3-liter engine which was a bit of a party piece for the car. What’s more, it earned the biggest plaudit of them all. Being called a drivers car.

11 Jaguar E-Type

via Supercars

Perhaps not quite as forgotten as some cars, but the Jaguar E-Type is getting older and older now and will probably be spoken about in more hushed tones. Forgetting performance, you only have to look at an E-Type to fall insanely in love with it. There are hardly any cars, if any, that can hold a candle to this car's beauty.

10 Lancia 037

via Car Scoops

Lancia is one of the most interesting car companies to have ever existed. Now, little more than a sub-brand of the Fiat empire they produced some nutty cars. The 037 earned immortality in the World Rally Championship in the gorgeous Martini colors, in the height of the Group B era. It won the world title for Lancia in 1983, the only world title for Lancia in Group B.

9 Lancia Stratos

via Car Scoops

The Stratos. A bullet on wheels. A wild animal. An absolute classic. Like the 037, it earned immortality in the World Rally Championship. It swept to the title in 1974, ’75 and ’76 and is the car many think of when they hear the words ‘Lancia’ and ‘rally’ together. It is so well-loved that a new model has been built by Pininfarina. Its legacy lives on.

8 Alfa Romeo Spider

via Automobile Mag

For some reason, despite being hailed as a classic the Alfa Romeo Spider, the originals, don’t get much attention anymore.

This 1962 Giulietta Spider perhaps symbolizing the model's golden era, when the car had some of the most gorgeous stylings of any vehicle in production. Modern spiders didn’t quite capture the glorious looks of the originals.

7 Acura Integra Type-R

via Automobile Mag

The Honda NSX is an insanely good car. But it does overshadow its very impressive sibling, the Acura Integra Type-R. Insane handling, a VTEC assisted 8,500 RPM redline and styling that would make you salivate in an instant, the Integra deserves as much recognition as the NSX. Simple lines, clean lines, and perfect driving experience.

6 Ford RS200

via Performance Drive

Feel a familiar vibe here? The RS200 is another Group B rally monster. Alongside the 037, Stratos and fabled Audi Quattro, the RS200 was part of rallying’s monster era. Up to 450 bhp could be chucked out of it at its ultimate level, the road version chucking out a very respectable 250 bhp. Sadly, Group B was cut short thanks to a horrific crash, involving an RS200.

5 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

via GT Nissan Skyline

Forgotten? The Skyline? Well, perhaps the modern ‘Godzilla’, the new GTR, has taken some of the attention away from the original. Because it is just as good as the original. But not quite. You can’t replicate that ‘90’s styling, and the R34 perhaps being the pinnacle of the original Skyline bunch. Its 2.6-liter RB26DETT engine and amazing styling earned it global plaudits.

4 Lotus Esprit

via Bring a Trailer

Lotus was not that well known for reliable cars at a time, but that should not detract from how good a car the Esprit was. The first of Giorgetto Giugiaro's “folded paper” designs, the Esprit boasted smooth and sleek lines, as well as some very good performance to go with it. These days, a good one can fetch good sums at auction and they are quite desirable.

3 Early Porsche 911

via YouTube

Whilst we regard the 911 as one of the greatest cars ever made, the passing of time does tend to make us forget about the earlier versions of the car. Modern 911’s look a bit bulky and awkward now despite being the same style as the early versions. Back then though, most cars just looked right and the first 911’s definitely, looked right.

2 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

via Historics

There is something rather quirky about the Dolomite Sprint. It is a shame then that not many people seem to talk about it. The Dolomite Sprint was a very refined successor to the original Dolomite although sadly, competitors such as the BMW 2002 did have a performance advantage. That does make the “Doly Sprint” quite a rarity now and quite the classic.

1 Jensen Interceptor

via Hemmings

We love this car just for the name. The Jensen Interceptor is one of the coolest sounding cars we have ever heard of. Multiple versions were spawned from it including the FF Four Wheel Drive and a convertible. A modern version, the Interceptor R, uses modern components in the original Interceptor’s to create a more up to date version of the car.

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