15 Pickup Mods Their Owners Should Regret (10 That Were A Pleasant Surprise)

Pickup trucks are rides that are popular throughout the automotive world for a myriad of reasons. They're practical and can haul just about any cargo through whatever weather Mother Nature throws your way. They can be used to travel almost anywhere, whether that is through snowy mountain roads or up a steep and rocky trail. Many of them are fast, and can even beat serious sports cars up to speed.

While most owners don't buy pickups for speed, it's an entertaining extra that many buyers happen to receive. More to the point of this article, people buy pickups for their looks. Most trucks are blocky, large, and intimidating. For many buyers, this alone is enough to close the deal for them, and they go home with something that looks like a true monstrosity.

Because pickup trucks are so common, their drivers will often make modifications to their vehicle to set it apart from the rest of the crowd. These mods can be done for a variety of reasons - making the truck faster, more capable off-road, or just to appear better looking.

Many of these attempts go great, and you'll see those throughout this article. But we'll also show you a few more owners who made mods that they certainly regret. Perhaps the mods made their trucks bad to look at, slow, or less capable. You'll see for yourself, so keep scrolling. Take the photos of failures as a warning when you begin to mod your truck, and perhaps the photos of success as inspiration.

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25 Regret - Houston, We've Gone Too Low!

via Reddit

This truck’s owner has taken the previous truck up a notch, or should we say down a notch. This is as low as a truck could possibly go, and the proportions look comical at best.

There is absolutely no clearance under the truck – you’d probably be able to scrape on a leaf. The tiny wheels don’t fill the arches at all, making the truck look severely out of proportion. If you’re trying to run away from this guy, just find a slight incline – you’ll be safe.

24 Surprise - Ice Road Truck

via Reddit

To some, this truck may be extreme. It has three rows of seats, which is a little excessive. It does have a big lift kit, and it does have big tires. However, what makes this crazy truck so great is that it is being used for what it was built for.

It’s being used to traverse a snowy landscape with confidence and ease, which is a refreshing change from seeing trucks built for off-road use but only being used to drive to work.

23 Regret - Green Thumb

via Reddit

This pickup really isn’t that bad compared to the rest of the trucks on this list, but it still has a serious problem. It’s obviously owned by someone young and oblivious because bright green wheels on an old, silver truck do not look good at all.

The truck itself is fine, but the tacky wheels throw the whole thing off. On the bright side, our eyes were spared because the owner didn’t go overboard with tasteless mods… let’s hope nothing changes.

22 Surprise - Exploring The Tundra

via Reddit

The Toyota Hilux is the truck that was famously used by the Top Gear trio, as well as others, to reach the North Pole. No other vehicle is up to the harsh conditions of the Arctic environment, but the Hilux laughs in their face.

Huge tires, extra fuel tanks, plenty of power, and lots of storage make this truck a fairly simple yet capable machine. There isn’t much besides this you’d want to take to such a place, and that speaks to the appeal of the Hilux.

21 Regret - Wheels Bigger Than Your Dreams

via Reddit

To be fair, this truck is built for running through troughs of mud in front of screaming onlookers. It may be good at that, but that’s about all it’s good for. Driving through a few dozen yards of mud is not what a truck should be built for.

This monstrosity is completely out of proportion – the wheels are taller than the actual body of the car. The tires are possibly the most expensive component on the truck, which is good because they could be used as tiny houses.

20 Surprise - Racetruck, Bro!

via Power Banks

Ordinarily, a racecar-inspired truck would make us angry. However, this one has been made so nicely that it’s hard to keep it off this list. Again, this truck is actually used for racing, and it looks pretty slick.

The lowered suspension, wide rear tires, and big spoiler are all functional modifications that aren’t done just for show. This is something that is truly performance oriented, shooting passed the other lowered trucks with ease. To top it off, the engine is likely packing some serious power.

19 Regret - (Not Quite) Blast From The Past

via Reddit

It’s great to see people restore old trucks and show them some love, but a lot of work has been invested in this truck for nothing.

The color is nice, as it looks to be accurate to the time period when the truck was originally built. The hood is what throws it off the most, as it has no flow or proportion to it. It looks like a big, bad mustache that needs to be trimmed. Better luck next time!

18 Surprise - Makes Ya Hum

via Reddit

Finally, we’re done looking at the bad trucks and we are on to the nicely modded ones! This is an old H1 Hummer that has been converted to a pickup truck, and it looks excellent.

The red is striking, and the iconic design language of the Hummer has been allowed to shine through. The wheels are just right – the black rims fit the style of the truck, and the thick tires communicate a sense of capability and confidence when driving.

17 Regret - Change It

via Reddit

This truck is the epitome of “bro” culture condensed into one vehicle. The lift seems to exist for the sole purpose of showing off the suspension components, which are made in a bad teal color.

This teal color is repeated in the rims and on parts of the side skirts. It was clearly built to be something that shows off, rather than something that is actually useful. It would be better if the suspension was a normal color, but in a dreamland, it would just drive away.

16 Surprise - Ready For Adventure

via YouTube

This big Ford is one of the most appealing trucks on this list. If you like to camp, adventure outdoors, or off-road, then this is the truck for you. The big camper means that you’ll be able to stay in nature for as long as you want, which is a wonderful thing.

A brush guard up front means you’ll protect the body and the engine, and chunky tires mean that you’ll never get stuck or stranded. This is the perfect truck for adventure.

15 Regret - Blue-Eyed Wonder

via Reddit

This old pickup has been modified to have the front bumper of a Jaguar, which is a complete abomination. The front of a sleek, refined British sedan does not belong anywhere near a truck’s body, nor do the tacky blue headlights.

The owner of this truck should just stick to two vehicles – a truck, for heavy lifting, and a sleek Jaguar for cruising down country roads. The owner is likely mechanically talented, and their talents could have been put to much better use.

14 Surprise - Clean, Classy

via Reddit

This is one clean Toyota Tacoma. Although it does not have any crazy off-road, purposeful mods, it still looks slick and desirable. The black paint is glossy and in great shape, which makes the truck look newer than it actually is.

The rims are simple, yet they take this truck to the next level. Although you would typically see these rims on a car, not a truck, the bronze metal works well with the black paint and the design meshes with the Tacoma.

13 Regret - Of Course It's From Texas

via Reddit

This pickup is so large and ostentatious that the Texas emblem on the grille should come as no surprise. Everything’s bigger in Texas, but in this case, that may not be a good thing.

The light blue accents do not do the black truck any favors, whether they are on the rims or on the suspension. The stickers covering the front bumper also look tacky, showing a lack of maturity and taste from the owner. Perhaps worst of all is the blue headlights.

12 Surprise - Off-Road Beast

via Reddit

This is a truck we can all get behind. It’s being used for what it was built for, which is gnarly off-roading. A snorkel, a winch, and a roll cage all show that the owner is serious about getting up any trail.

The suspension has been beefed up and the tires have thick tread, which the owner must love. It’s also nice to see a somewhat older truck running hard and appreciated, rather than left to rust in someone’s backyard.

11 Regret - Stay In The Desert

via Reddit

This GMC ought to stay in the desert. The blue accents, which seem to be popular amongst truck owners, look incredibly tacky. The lift isn’t actually too bad, it could be considered reasonable by many people.

However, the utility of the lift is called into question because of the suspension’s coloring. This would imply that it was lifted to show off the suspension, which isn’t a smart choice at all. The white paint looks good, and this truck really did have potential.

10 Surprise - Subtlety

via Reddit

This Chevy is tastefully modded. The black paint works so well with the black rims, and this truck looks both classy and refined. A subtle lift kit will give this truck an edge off-road or if it snows hard, making sure you can get to where you need to go.

The performance badging on the grille would indicate that this sleek truck has a seriously powerful engine, meaning that you’ll be able to dominate both on and off the road.

9 Regret - Bolt Away From This Truck

via Reddit

This truck looks like it is supposed to be some sort of driving billboard for this company, but it serves as a warning to drivers that these guys will ruin your pickup. The rims are not that great – they look thin, which doesn’t mesh with the rest of the truck’s big, bulky exterior.

The writing on the doors is tacky, as is the copious amount of blue found all over the truck. These things, coupled with the unnecessarily high suspension, make for something that is totally unappealing.

8 Surprise - Let's Go Off-Road

via Reddit

Here we have another nicely modded Toyota Tacoma, which is a favorite of the truck community. Bronze rims that are appropriately sized fit well with the Tacoma’s black paint, which makes for a great combo.

A tow hitch and a rooftop cargo basket add a sense of uniqueness to the truck, which sets it apart from the crowd. It’s nice to see a good-looking truck that is able to set itself apart, yet not go so crazy and over the top with mods.

7 Regret - The Hulk?

via Reddit

Is the owner of this car Bruce Banner? It must be since it seems as though they are trying to communicate their love for the Hulk with all of this green.

The green in the wheels drives this point home, as the driver has tried to get all the green that they can onto the car. The coloring is tacky, and the lift kit is way too extravagant for what the owner is using it for, which appears to be driving on grass.

6 Surprise - Now THIS Is The Hulk

via Reddit

You saw a big green pickup truck that seemed to have been inspired by the Hulk. However, this truck is the real Hulk. This truck is modern, intimidating, and refined. While it communicates a sense of brutish strength, it does so in a subtle way by relying less on body kit pieces and more on functional components, like tires and suspension.

The guard and light bar indicate that this Ford is ready for whatever the trails throw at it.

5 Regret - Is It Because The Passengers Weigh Too Much?

via Reddit

Up until now you’ve seen a lot of trucks that are lifted way too high, but this owner has seen this problem and severely overcorrected.

This truck is way too low for what trucks are supposed to be used for. The owner won’t be able to carry cargo or tow a trailer without the rear bumper being completely shredded by the concrete. All it seems to be good for now is for serving as an expensive couch for all of your friends.

4 Regret - Stick To The Showroom

via Reddit

This Ford F-250 looks like something straight out of SEMA, but we just hope it stays in the showroom and off of the roads. It is beefed up with a body kit, which is a good idea in theory, but this one makes the truck look far too low.

Added onto this, the wheels on this truck are something really bad. The red and black spirals look like a children’s pinwheel, not like something that belongs on a capable and aggressive truck.

3  Regret - Spiky Mess

via Reddit

Does it surprise you at all that this guy is parked in a handicap spot? The owner’s truck looks like a total tool, as you can tell from the modifications.

The first problem is that the truck is too low. It no longer is able to serve its purpose as a cargo hauler or an off-roader. Perhaps even worse than the low suspension are the wheels – the spikes that have replaced the lug nuts look bad and immature, and are the worst offense on this truck.

2 Regret - Never Skip Leg Day

via Reddit

When you work out, you’re supposed to exercise all of your muscles so that your body grows in proportion, and the same principle applies to modding vehicles. This owner clearly did not take this into consideration when he bought these wheels, as they are extremely small and make the truck look goofy.

The raised suspension makes the wheels look even smaller, due to the increased space in between the tires and the fenders. This truck looks so unsteady that taking a corner too fast would send it rolling over.

1 Regret - Keep This Off-Roader Off The Road

via Reddit

This truck is seriously out of proportion. The owner was trying to make a big off-roader, but they probably regret the mods they’ve made. The lift kit is extreme, and there’s enough space for a small child to sit on the tire before their head hits the fender.

It looks like a toy truck with those exaggerated wheels and wild suspension lift, not like something that inspires a ton of confidence off-road. The owner likely regrets wasting so much money modifying this truck.

Sources: Reddit

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