15 Pictures Of Jeep Mods Their Owners Should Absolutely Regret

Formally defined, a jeep is "a sturdy motor vehicle with four-wheel drive, often used over rough ground and by the military." However, these days, jeeps are no longer limited to being used over rough terrain and by soldiers. In fact, most of the jeeps produced and sold these days are driven in city streets by ordinary people who'd probably die if they were forced to serve in the military.

The popularity of jeeps has risen steadily in the past few years. To illustrate, in 2017, automobile sales rose by 3 percent globally, but sales of SUVs, in particular, rose by 12 percent. Even more telling, traditional passenger-car sales went down 2 percent, signaling a clear consumer-preference shift from sedans to SUVs. Why people are choosing to buy jeeps over sedans is a mystery, though. While jeeps usually offer more storage space, they're also significantly more expensive and less fuel efficient than sedans. Perhaps, the best explanation for this is that "SUV" can also mean "Status Upgrade Vehicle."

Unfortunately, having money to spend on a jeep doesn't necessarily translate to having good taste or even possessing common sense. Many modified jeeps are absolute fails. Here are 18 of them:

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15 Without Batting an Eyelash

It's understandable that jeep owners would like their vehicles to look beautiful, but this probably isn't the type of "beauty" people should go for. Eyelashes on the headlights? Really?! If the owner of this jeep really wanted to get corny with his mod, he shouldn't have stopped with eyelashes. Why not shape the front bumper like lips and paint it red, too? Oh, in case you're reading this, Mr. Owner of This Wrangler With Eyelashes, I was only kidding. Please don't add red lips to your jeep. It's already awful enough as it is.

14 He Heard Me!!!

My goodness... I'm not all that sure, but I think the jeep above is the same one as the other jeep with eyelashes. Just look at the lashes - they look exactly the same. And while this version of the jeep doesn't have the bumper shaped like lips and painted red, as I jokingly suggested, it does have a smile painted on, the orange lights looking like dimples. And just for good measure, the jeep is painted neon green and pink, and the "Jeep" label is bookended by stencils to make it read "HAVE A Jeep DAY!" What's that supposed to mean, anyway? Jeepers...

13 External "Roll Your Eyes" Cage

Okay, I get that safety should be a priority - especially for jeeps that go on rough terrain. These vehicles have a significantly greater chance of rolling over than the average cars being driven on smooth city streets, and in the unfortunate event of a rollover, roll cages could spell the difference between escaping generally unharmed and tragically losing your life. But why would anyone make an external roll cage even more of an eyesore than it has to be? Neon green? Really?!

12 Seeing Double

Two for one is usually a great deal, but probably not when it comes to Jeep Wranglers. This double-wide Jeep Wrangler was constructed by a diplomat in Morocco because... actually, who knows? It's probably because he had the money to graft two separate Jeep Wranglers together - that's why. It's great that he can now comfortably fit in eight people instead of four into one jeep, but wouldn't it have been easier to keep the two Wranglers separate and have them driven separately? Maybe we shouldn't even try to understand the reason behind this monstrosity.

11 Jeephopper

I just wish there were a video of this Jeep being operated. I'm pretty sure that instead of rolling on its wheels like most (all, actually) jeeps do, this one bounces around like a grasshopper. Why else would it be lifted so high off the ground and fitted with that kind of a suspension system? And you know what, a hopping jeep might actually come in handy in some situations. It would be able to overtake other vehicles by hopping over them, and it would enable you to ignore stop lights because you would be able to hop over intersections. Pretty cool, huh?

10 Going Up!

For those wondering, no automobile manufacturer actually released something called "Highrider Sport" as the side of this jeep is labeled. I'd have to admit, though - it looks very well constructed. But why would you do this to a jeep? You can't even use this mod to overtake cars by passing over them. Perhaps, the best uses you can have for this "improvement" would be to see what's causing a traffic jam you're in (not that you can do anything about it) or to get an unobstructed view at a drive-in theater (not that we still have many of those, anyway).

9 Prince's Jeep

No, this isn't really Prince's (the late singer's) jeep, but it sure looks like it could've been. After all, Prince was well known for his tacky style and preference for purple and gold. But the thing about Prince is that he was clearly an artist, and he easily got away with his tackiness. If you aren't Prince, though (and you're clearly not), you're never going to be able to look good in this heavily modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. Its color would give any normal person a headache, and that patterned top looks like magma under cracked earth - which isn't a good thing, in case you were wondering.

8 Striped Snorkel

We can't see the whole jeep in this photo, but what we do see is a sorry attempt at making the snorkel match the striped pattern on this jeep's body. It's bad enough that the stripes on the jeep are so roughly done, but that paint job on the snorkel is twice as bad. Spray paint without a stencil was obviously used to do it, which is a terrible idea for creating stripes. There's a lesson to be learned here, guys - if you're going to do a mod, especially on a paint job, make sure you do it well. Otherwise, you'll just end up looking like a fool driving around in a mess like this.

7 Guitar Bumpers

So, the owner of this jeep really likes guitars or music - I get that. In fact, the Jeep is displayed at some sort of Fender event. But when you're going to mod your vehicle to express your love for something, you have to make sure your design isn't going to look lame. This one looks extremely forced. In fact, if you look at the expression on the face of this Jeep, it seems to be crying out, "Oh no, what have you done to me?!" Okay, that's a bit forced as well, but the point is, you either do a mod stylishly or you don't do it at all. Simple enough, right?

6 Texan Wire Wheels

That's actually a pretty handsome-looking Jeep, but what ruins it are those Texan wire wheels, also known as "swangas," "elbows," or "pokes." You can see in the photo that the other vehicles behind the jeep also have those contraptions attached to them, and the sticker on the top of the jeep's windshield advertises a manufacturer. Really, how are those things even legal? They'll obviously ruin other vehicles that get close enough, but apparently, swangas haven't been made illegal. Anyway, even if they're legal, they certainly don't look good.

5 Your Grandmother's Floral Dress

Actually, it's an insult to liken the floral pattern on this Jeep to your grandma's dress because most grandmothers have good enough fashion sense not to put on a dress with such an ugly print. Just hideous... But apparently, the owner of this Jeep thought the pattern was so beautiful that she (I'm desperately hoping the owner's a "she") put it all over her Jeep. Hopefully, the reason why it's for sale is that the owner realized just how bad it turned out. Good luck finding a buyer for that.

4 What Are Those?!

Clearly, I'm missing out on something here. There must be a reason why this jeep was made to look the way it does. The surface of the Jeep sort of looks like a durian fruit, which is probably the ugliest-looking fruit I've seen (and let's not even talk about how the fruit smells), so that's saying something about how this Jeep looks. In fact, this Jeep looks even worse than a durian because the multi-colored "spikes" on it make the Jeep look like some sort of disgusting reptile. I'd certainly refuse to touch that Jeep. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Jeep's going to give me nightmares later.

3 All That Glitters...

Gold is a very expensive metal, and for that reason, lots of people think that gold-colored stuff is always elegant. However, that's clearly not always the case. This gold chrome Jeep is a perfect example. Do you think it looks classy? Well, you shouldn't - because this Jeep is Tacky (yes, with a capital "T"). It looks like the owner is trying far too hard to look rich, and when someone's trying too hard to look rich, that person just ends up looking pathetic. So, the lesson here is that you should think twice about owning gold-colored stuff - especially a gold-colored Jeep.

2 Barbie Jeep

No, this isn't really a Barbie-inspired Jeep - at least there's no evident indication that it is. But it might as well be a Barbie Jeep with its sickening combination of baby blue and pink. And you know what the worst part of the Jeep is? Those mag wheels with the circles outlined in pink. Don't those make you feel a little bit sick in the stomach? Actually, if the owner of this Jeep had actually gone all out and written the word "Barbie" in a flowery font - on the doors, maybe - this Jeep might be a little bit more acceptable. At least we'd know that it's a tribute to Barbie. Right now, all it is is a really ugly Jeep.

1 Exhausting Exhaust Pipe Tips

Actually, I don't think this jeep looks too bad, but why did the owner have to put five exhausts pipe tips on it? Overkill... Maybe the owner of this Jeep is obsessive-compulsive. I can imagine his thought process. "Why is there an exhaust pipe tip only on one side of the rear? I should add another one on the other side. Wait, there's an empty space in between! There, having five of them fixed it." Actually, we can't see the passenger side of the interior, but I wouldn't be surprised if he also put a steering wheel on there for symmetry.

Sources: kpel965.com; Google Images

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