15 Pictures Revealing How Conor McGregor Travels

After stepping into the boxing ring for the "money fight," Conor McGregor became a household name across the world. Although he lost against Floyd Mayweather, it's reported that McGregor made somewhere around $100 million from the fight—not bad for 10 rounds of running around a ring with your business partner, right? Never mind—it's all good. But both of them did just laugh all the way to the bank with that performance.

McGregor was born in Crumlin, Dublin in the Republic Of Ireland. Before all the money and fame, Conor was a nobody. He started training at a Boxing Club when he was 12 and considered professional fighting as the only way out of poverty.

In 2008, The Notorious Conor McGregor fought in his first professional MMA bout. It was the start of the most popular career in UFC history. His stardom grew with every noteworthy opponent that he defeated, and even when he lost, the fights were still must-see events. However, he won more than he lost, and in fact, throughout his career, he won multiple UFC titles along with World Championships in multiple styles of fighting.

With all of those M's in the bank, Conor is now known for lavish travel expenses and crazy parties around the world. The Notorious McGregor owns multiple exotic cars and exclusively flies private. But is $100 million enough to forget all that brain damage? Yes, I think $100 mil. sounds about right—hit me!

Conor has been celebrating life and making it rain all over the globe. Let's check out his progress on spending a fortune!

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15 Yachting In Ibiza, Spain

via dailymail.co.uk

McGregor may be notorious against his opponents in the ring, but he definitely treats his friends with class. Conor recently took his buddies on a week-long bender session (or just a "sesh," as they call it abroad) in Spain and the Bahamas. He hasn't been training, and no announcement for a 2018 fight has been made, so maybe it's a vacation year. But that doesn't mean he has a beer belly and an audition for WWE lined up—he's still shredded. And who knows? Maybe we can get a mega fight again in 2018. GSP, any thoughts? Back to McGregor's vacation, though, it was luxurious and pricey for sure! The group were spotted partying and enjoying champagne while aboard the huge vessel, which had to cost $100K/week. Ahh... the good old Yacht week, you know... just like you and your friends do it. Okay, well, at least you ordered his last PPV fight.

14 Jet-skiing Goes Well With Yachting

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When you have McGregor money, the yacht comes with jet-skis that pop out of the side. He rented the 100-foot "Abramovich-style" yacht for a week with no plans besides partying to celebrate his friend's wedding. By the way, if you know anything about the Russian oligarch Abramovich, you know that's 1%er type of spending right there. Conor is pretty wealthy now, but he's definitely not in the same tax bracket as Abramovich. (Abramovich is the owner of Chelsea F.C.) With a few more mega prize fights, maybe McGregor can climb the ranks and get near a billion, but even Mayweather is having trouble with that. It's hard to hold on to the money when all these toys and vacations are calling your name, though. Can't blame The Notorious One for splurging that hard-earned cash. His friends are certainly not complaining—just look at those smiles bouncing on the waves.

13 McGregor Flies Private—You Know This!

via instagram.com

According to McGregor's Instagram, this was on the way to Liverpool. Must be nice not having to check in your bag, right? It's dope that Conor is enjoying his money while also treating his friends. The local news media and tabloids have been covering McGregor's epic vacations and partying all over Europe. Conor is making his presence felt at all of the major events; he's definitely one of the most popular celebrities at the moment. He's probably used to the paparazzi by now, as TMZ followed him everywhere while he was in the States. It's worth mentioning, though, that he wasn't always traveling on private jets. But after the money fight, it's been G5s and more, baby! McGregor isn't a patron of LAX anymore, as you can tell from the photo—he just rolls up to a private runway and hops into the jet—"skip the TSA" and "no crying babies" type of money!

12 Jet Life: McGregor and Son

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The jet life must be nice. Just look at that lunch setup! Is that baby having a sushi sampler? What a boss! This photo was taken not long after the Mayweather fight. You can even still see some of McGregor's bruises. Even though he lost, the rewards are nice—hence the private jet. When Conor travels, everything is A-class; it's on a different level with his junior involved.

McGregor loves to spoil his newborn son. Besides sushi samplers on the private jet, the baby has some custom clothing, including a mini suit to match his daddy.

Don't get it twisted, though—he wasn't always this boujee. Back in the day, McGregor used to fly like us regular people via commercial airlines, but that was before the biggest heist of the century aka the money fight. Can't blame him, though—we'd all hop in the ring to get that Money Mayweather paper.

11 Travels With Plenty Of Cash In Hand

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No matter the destination, when McGregor travels anywhere, he'll always bring a duffel bag full of money... you know... just in case. Do you think he tips the flight staff? Well, either way, the bathrooms must be so roomy on that jet!

As you can tell by now, Conor always flies private and makes sure he has plenty of spending money.

Also, seat belt rules don't apply when your net worth is over $30 million. But in the event of an emergency, he still has to put his mask on first before assisting others. From the looks of it, pajamas are the way to go for a private flight! By the way, how much do you think is in that bag? Probably a few hundred thousand, easily, but that's nothing for a fighter who just made millions for a half an hour of work. What's the first thing you'd buy after making that kind of money?

10 Rolls-Royce Is The Million-Dollar Choice

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If you're going to ride in the backseat of a car and be driven by a chauffeur, it has to be a Rolls-Royce. Don't ask why—just go with it. Besides owning multiple mansions and exotic cars, Conor is no stranger to renting jets and private cars in order to get around. Check out McGregor's suit game—it's proper as always. Here, he's riding in the Double R like a true boss. There's somewhere around $50K on his wrist, and it doesn't tick as time passes.

There's truly something special about being driven around town in a Rolls-Royce—that's some classy stuff.

The money isn't an issue for The Notorious One. In fact, he's signed endorsement deals with Anheuser Busch brewery and Beats by Dre—that's millions just for representing a few brands. Life is really good when you're good. Maybe it's time to start training—your 9-5 gig just won't cut it after reading this article.

9 Sometimes, You Just Have To Flex

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The cost of having fun shouldn't amount to the cost of a supercar's hood. In this picture, McGregor isn't really traveling per se; however, he's standing on top of a hood of a $500K Rolls-Royce, so that's something. McGregor has been known to say that he likes two things in life: whooping ass and looking good. He must've forgotten to mention partying like crazy, but it's worth mentioning. His garage is now stacked with these types of exotic cars. It must get boring, so why not find multiple uses for the rides? This must be Conor's attempt to test if the hood can also be used as a trampoline. My guess is there's no bounce to the hood, but hey... whatever floats your boat, Mr. Rich Guy.

8 Speeding Through The City

via tmz.com

When Conor drives, he's usually behind the wheel of an exotic car. Here's The Notorious One with his girlfriend, just cruising through Los Angeles in a Lamborghini and enjoying the good life. The car might've been rented for the trip, but Conor can always buy a couple Lambos in different colors if he wanted.

It looks like they're in a Lamborghini Huracan or an Aventador convertible, which sells for around $250K.

600 horsepower is all that's needed to tear it up from the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Hollywood in less than 10 minutes. Watch out for the LAPD; the tickets are pricey, but then again McGregor can just pay for it and keep it moving with no sweat. Conor and his girlfriend Dee were TMZ's naughty fantasy; they followed every move they made while in LA and documented it all with some pretty cool pictures.

7 Cycling Through The Nevada Desert

via mmaweekly.com

Las Vegas was like a second home for McGregor for the last 10 years. The majority of the big prize fights were hosted on the strip, so it makes sense to be where the money is.

Here he is cycling through the harsh Nevada desert, just outside of Las Vegas.

That bicycle probably costs like $10k, but whatever. The harsh conditions and dry air must be good for stamina and lung training. Either way, everything McGregor does seems to look super fun. Can't blame him for mixing it up and getting out of the gym in order to catch a sweat. McGregor has been all over the world both for fighting and vacationing, but whenever he's anywhere near the strip, it usually means business. The money from the Vegas fights is huge and The Notorious One doesn't gamble when it comes to cashing in on his knockouts—well, maybe on blackjack, he does.

6 Designated Chauffeur Type Of Money


With millions in the bank, Conor doesn't need to designate a sober driver when he parties. Instead, he can hire a chauffeur. Or that might just be a lucky Uber driver who probably can't wait for his tip. In this classic photo, McGregor can be seen living it up and celebrating all throughout Los Angeles like a true Hollywood A-lister. Dang... they even let him take a glass of alcohol with him into the car—must be nice. But that means it can't be an Uber; Ubers aren't that cool.

When you're rich, a chauffeur is a must-have because most events can turn into a wild all-day rager.

It's especially likely to happen when you're blowing money like McGregor. From the looks of it, Mayweather and McGregor are now locked in another battle—this time it's a spending-spree showdown. Who can blow more money and do it the flashiest?

5 When Business Calls... He's Back On The PJ

via Instagram.com

Conor has come up very quickly in the MMA world. It wasn't that long ago when he was just getting $50K knockout bonuses from the UFC. His popularity grew, and so did the prize purses of his fights. From $50K to $50 million, it was a wild and quick ride, but he talked the talk and backed it up with results.

McGregor has now won both the UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Championships.

There's still plenty of work left to be done, but McGregor has already quickly risen to fame as one of the best MMA fighters in the world. The rewards are great, as you can tell: McGregor now makes his business trips on a private jet (it's not exclusively for partying). You know he wants to get serious—just check out the tie and the serious face. Looks like it's time to go get more money for The Notorious One. Who will he fight next?

4 Boating Back Home In Ireland

via lovin.ie

After fighting professionally for only a few years, McGregor found himself on the Forbes list for Top 100 Highest-Paid Athletes—not bad for a random Irish guy who used to be a plumber. Besides enjoying spoiling his friends and family, Conor has admitted to being obsessed with money. His number one goal is financial security for his family. Can't blame the guy for playing the game—it's all about the Benjamins in the game of capitalism. You gotta spend the money to enjoy it, though, and McGregor certainly knows how to spend it. Sometimes. you can catch The Notorious Conor behind the wheel of a boat. Here he is at Dun Laoghaire Pier, continuing the week-long bender with his mates. McGregor and pals were sipping champagne by the bottle while cruising around the pier and snapping pics for social media. That champagne and boat life is where it's at.

3 Walking Around Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

via zimbio.com

Sometimes, even the millionaires take a break from the jets and the Lambos. Here's Conor walking around one of the most expensive and famous shopping districts in the world, Rodeo Drive. He definitely flew there on a private jet and probably just parked his Lambo, but still, there he is walking around like the rest of us, minus the millions, though. How much do you think that funky shirt costs?

It seems like McGregor has fully embraced the Hollywood celebrity life.

Although he doesn't spend a lot of time in LA, when he lands, the cameras are always on him. Conor is a charismatic guy in and out of the ring; he easily embraces the limelight and the fame. You can just see the swagger from the way he walks. It's also fairly surprising that he hasn't been caught up in any scandals. With so much attention, someone is bound to try and cash in. That's just how fame and celebrity work.

2 Money Type Of Views

via instagram.com

Some people saw McGregor as a real-life "Rocky" because of his humble roots and triumph. Even Sylvester Stallone likes the guy and was rooting for him to win his fights. And with every fight, the UFC makes millions of dollars; no wonder McGregor can continue to post pictures like this. What a way to start the day—a beautiful view of Los Angeles, even with the smog drifting off in the distance. Rubbing his hands together like Birdman, thinking about the next million dollar payday, McGregor has also accumulated a lot of ink, just like Birdman. Over the years, as his career has progressed, so has his tattoo collection. He said the pain is some of the worst he's ever felt, and that's coming from an MMA fighter! Having second thoughts about that neck tattoo yet? Back to the Instagram picture, those look like some expensive threads for a Wednesday afternoon.

1 Traveling For Good - Charity Event

via instagram.com

In recent years, Conor McGregor became very philanthropic. He's been advocating against bullying and often visits youth centers in order to speak to children about the negative impact of violence. In 2017, Conor and his significant other, Dee, flew to New York City for a charity gala put on by the Children’s Medical Research Foundation. The couple was joined by their friends as they celebrated Conor's charity efforts. The event raised over $800,000 and was a huge success, eclipsing the previous donation record by $200,000. Conor used to collect welfare himself before the big checks cleared, so he knows the importance of giving back and being charitable. Cheers to you and your philanthropic ways, Mr. McGregor! If you don't mind paying off student loans, shoot me an email sometime.

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