14 Street Cars (And 1 Big Truck) That Burn Rubber Like Race Cars

There are many ways to project your authority and display dominance. As it relates to your car, it’s not as easy as puffing up your chest and mad-dogging everything around you. In this modern era of blisteringly fast communication and amazing car technology, we have more transparency in the high-performance automotive world than ever before. Thanks to the internet, you can see what guys are doing with their cars thousands of miles away seconds after it’s posted publically on social media. This large-scale network opens up the doors for fierce competition for those who aim to stand out; anybody and everybody thinking about doing something unique can probably find someone who’s already done it once as well as three others who’ve done it bigger and better since.

This is fortunate for all the rest of us "normal folks" who just like to sit back and enjoy the action. While they are slaving away at the strenuous task of fabricating the ultimate machine, or spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to one-up the next guy, we can wait for the dust to clear and subsequently get lost down a YouTube rabbit hole of footage to see the latest and greatest. One thing that is growing ever-more popular is the timeless burnout. Burnouts had to have been cool since the very first one; it’s an extension of the raw power contained beneath your hood translated into a visible display awe-inspiring beauty. Here listed below are some noteworthy street cars lighting tires up like they’re warming up for a pass. Enjoy.

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15 Falken Motorsports 350Z

via wallpapercraze

Dispatched for competition at premier events around the globe, the Falken Motorsports Version NISMO Type 380RS-Competition, as they like to call it, is just your average, run of the mill Nissan 350Z. That’s assuming your average 350Z was purpose-built to go heads-up with dozens of other cars in 24-hour endurance races.

The Nurburgring Nordschleife north loop is a 15.5 mile circuit that attracts more than 700 drivers and many factory race teams in the ultimate endurance competition.

The Falken team successfully raced this car many times before selling it. Unlike many of the other Falken Tire race cars this Z was never badly wrecked throughout its competition career.

14 1966 Ford Burnout Queen

via whichcar.com

The ’66 Ford Mustang is one of the most distinguishable vehicles on the road and an heirloom of the nostalgic muscle car era. Even your grandma could point out a Mustang. In other circles around the globe, it may not be a symbol of a the great era of high-power automobiles, but it still embodies high performance; this Mustang is actually a fan favorite in local burnout competitions and has made many appearances across two generations of drivers.

Gary Myers is a burnout legend in the area, and his youngest son, eager to follow in his father’s footsteps wasted no time getting his practice in; he was just 15 when he first jumped behind the wheel and has been racking up podium finishes almost ever since.

13 Cumulonimbus Generator

via whichcar.com

For those unfamiliar, a cumulonimbus is a type of cloud. More accurately, it’s those fluffy looking towering masses of storm clouds that ascend into the stratosphere. It’s a fitting description for this stout piece of Aussie muscle that can paint stripes down the road as easily as you gently accelerate from a light.

The Summernats is Australia’s biggest celebration of horsepower, and the most exciting event to attend at Summernats is, without a doubt, the burnout contests. Hosting not one, not two, but three burnout competitions means that Goodyear sees a sales increase during Summernats season and there’s never a shortage of slots for the many contenders.

12 Lowered “Inferno”

via whichcar

The FJ40 has been a shining example of Toyota’s excellence in utilitarian design and construction; the bulletproof Cruisers are tested, tried and true with a loyal following of dedicated enthusiasts who enjoy their capable off-road rigs with heaps of style to spare.

The style in this case is a rad rod themed build of sorts; it looks like you just drug it out of the same cave Doc Brown hid the DeLorean in. The Chevy-powered 510cid big block is crowned with a conspicuous blower to force copious amounts of air into the cylinders for horsepower well in excess of quadruple digits; 1,300hp to be more accurate.

11 R/T Charger Burnout

via wallpaperup.com

Pictured here is what likely was an everyday sight in the heyday of muscle mania. You can bet if I had a new Charger in the late ‘60s, I’d be burning through sets of tires faster than a championship NASCAR team, and you would too! The tires were low quality, car technology was rudimental and gas was cheap. It was the wild west of horsepower and when the craze started to proliferate, hot rodders just couldn’t get enough of it.

Flash forward 50 years where engine technology is honed to a razor-sharp edge and despite new-era horsepower, there is still nothing like an old Charger ravaging a set of tires for kicks.

10 Toyota FRS

via speedhunters

The joint-venture design is one of the coolest little modern cars you’re going to ever drive. Unfortunately the car was doomed with a powerplant unable to keep up with a minivan, giving folks mixed feelings about the car. (Yes, the FRS got beat by a Chrysler Pacifica in a drag race). That’s just embarrassing.

How to fix this issue? Rather than swap the naturally aspirated 2.0L flat-four with an STI motor as many would initially contemplate, Ryan Tuerck decided to think further outside the box; he opted for a 570hp 4.5L V-8 from a Ferrari 458.

Now the FRS can wind up to 9,000rmp and dump a load of smoke that would make Batman contemplate a trade-in.

9 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

via Car TV

Whether this bad boy is a race car or a street car is up for debate; the factory-equipped 840hp will lift the front wheels off the ground almost three feet and rocket you down the quarter-mile in nine and a half seconds at 140mph, but it’s a production car offered to the general public.

It only comes equipped with one seat, the rest being omitted for weight-reduction but you can actually order the passenger and rear seats if you want, for $1 each!

So what does it take to lift the front wheels off the ground in a factory build? A 2.7L supercharger perched upon a 6.2L engine with a fuel system that’s rated to deliver almost as much fuel flow as your bathroom showerhead delivers water. That seems to do the trick.

8 Hoonicorn II

via autoevolution

To be different in today’s competitive car-scape you have to push the boundaries of engineering, performance and logical thought to produce something unique; everything else has been done before. So when Ken Block needed a new Hoonicorn, the question was how to push those boundaries?

The original, all-wheel drive Hoonicorn Mustang shattered our beliefs of what a car was capable of doing, so living up to that was going to be a challenge in itself.

The answer is more power, more motor; more smoke! Hoonicorn II pumps 1,400hp to the crank of the 6.4L, twin-turbo Rouch Yates V-8 near doubling the original Hoonicorn’s 845hp figure. Methanol injection and 21lbs of boost complete the equation for thrills on thrills.

7 LSX Willy

via hotrodsclassicscustoms.com

The LSX is a top-tier engine in the LS family designed for four-figure horsepower numbers. Justin Miller lovingly injected this LSX power into a childhood memory of a Jeep like one he used to play in as a kid.

Later in life, when he had his own Willys, a friend joked that it should be a race car, and long story short, that’s what he turned it into. This Jeep can not only hook up so hard it’ll pull the front end toward the clouds; it will make you and your ZR-1 Corvette look foolish for stepping up if you should be so brave. Pro Tip: save yourself the embarrassment.

6 Built Ford Buff

via good-guys.com

Summernats Burnout Masters is known as one of the wildest horsepower extravaganzas you’ll find abroad; it’s a celebration of what happens when more motor than the one man ever really needs meets the pavement through a rubber medium that stands no chance at transmitting all the torque.

The 30 year anniversary of the Summernats was a milestone event being the nice, round number that it is; competition was as fierce as ever to make it through the eliminations to the final four. Contenders have even resorted to adding flavor to their performances by using special tires that produce colored smoke when being roasted at the back axle.

5 Heavy Duty Chevy

via pinterest.com

Local talent was spotted at the Summernats 30 in a fitting show of traction-defiance with one of the most unholy drag kings you’ve ever seen. It’s a replica of the original Farmtruck, the ultimate sleeper truck that’s got the skin of a ’70 farmyard hay hauler with the heart of a Pro Street drag racer.

Its two stage, nitrous oxide-injected, supercharged, big block V-8 has taken many an unsuspecting challenger by surprise with its 11.34 second quarter mile time at 118mph.

Unfortunately, the replica Farmtruck suffered mechanical difficulties at the show and wasn’t’ able to compete to full capacity, but made a lasting impression nonetheless.

4 Burnout Master

via whichcar.com

Danny Smith is known at Summernats as the Burnout Master. I’ve always believed that your true title is the one that others bestow upon you rather than the self-proclaimed one you choose for yourself, so being the "Burnout Master" of Summernats is quite the title. With a super generic name like Danny Smith, being a first-page Google result when your name is Googled is mildly impressive in itself. The real impressive magic happens when he pushes his C10 "SOLID" to the maximum of its blown performance until things like radiator hoses burst to the delight of his adoring fans. Chevy: like a SOLID rock.

3 Civic Duty

via superstreet

The Honda Civic has served as a staple of stance-life tuners and hangs steady among the imported greats such as the NSX, Prelude and Supra. Surely nothing special to look at nowadays, back in the day they were the rage at street races and still are great little cars. I’ve never had the pleasure of owning one because the demand inflates the price much higher than I’d ever care to pay for a 20 year old car.

To those that feel it’s worth it, they get to enjoy stuff like this; just pull up to the spot, yank the emergency brake handle up through the headliner, have friends sit on your trunk, pop it in first and dump the clutch at redline to choke out all nearby pedestrians.

2 Cloud-Makin’ Freight Shaker

via trucktrend.com

You know you have arrived in your racing career when one of two things happen; your name is the same name as a professional race team; and/or diesel kingpin Banks Power asks you to team up with them to create something very special. Mike Ryan of Mike Ryan Motorsports could then be said to have arrived in his racing career.

The project was a class-8 Freightliner Cascadia day cab that was decked out to own the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado Springs.

The 14.7L Detroit 60 Series is outfitted with an 8.3L supercharger that pumps air into a 110mm Borg Warner turbo in a combination theoretically capable of 180psi of boost at sea level making your 16lbs seem laughable.

1 ZR-1 Corvette Quarter-Mile Burn

via hotrod.com

Hailed by Car and Driver as “…the fastest and most expensive production Corvette Ever,” the Chevrolet ZR-1 Corvette is surely something to behold. Even almost a decade old, the C6 is still ready to lay it down and take names; it has helped pave the way for the Z06 and the ZR1 variants. High horsepower and torque numbers built into cars like this help propel the modern muscle car era into new realms of possibility, but what good are they if you don’t use them?

While some men buy the Corvette to hide away in the garage and feel good about being able to say they have one, others are not content without a display of raw power and showmanship. Cheers to you, destroyer of tires!

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