15 Supermodels And Their Beautiful Cars

There's a lot of money a person can make as a supermodel. Aside from keeping their good looks and sexy figures, which is already difficult on its own, supermodels have a lot of engagements that they have to travel to often in and out of the country. Therefore, to make sure that they don't miss any modeling engagement, most of these supermodels invest in a good car to bring them to wherever they need to be. Moreover, having a shiny new ride is also part of their persona to show that in their field, they've "arrived."

Supermodels often get multi-million dollar contracts not only from walking on the runway but also for having many endorsements. Oftentimes, these models earn a huge chunk of their salary from representing different brands. With social media becoming mainstream, it's become easier for brands to tap models to promote their products and services. This also means an additional stream of income for these hotshots.

To get to know what kind of cars these supermodels have spent their money on, we listed here 15 beautiful models along with their cars. Some of these supermodels are still so young, but they've already earned the capability to buy the car of their dreams, which are the envy of many.

Let's take a look if these supermodels have beautiful cars that complement how they look and how they live.

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15 Kendall Jenner

Via: cnn.com

Young, rich, and famous—these are the words that perfectly describes Kendall Jenner. The young supermodel is known to be very passionate about hot classic cars. Apparently, when it comes to four-wheel rides, Kendall can go vintage. Oftentimes, on the set of the reality TV show with her family Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall can be seen cruising in her classic cars.

She revealed in an interview that she has an addiction to vintage cars.

She appreciates them more than the newer cars around. Moreover, she's also very into dirt bikes and four-wheelers. A tomboy at heart, she doesn't mind driving an old car that usually suits bulky, old men. Actually, she likes them more because they've stood the test of time.

14 Tyra Banks

Via: youtube.com

Tyra Banks is a homegrown name when it comes to the supermodel world. From being a supermodel, she's transformed herself into an all-around media person in the US. She even has her own show where she grooms future supermodels, America's Next Top Model. Hence, aside from her gigs as a supermodel, she earns an even bigger paycheck from her show and other endorsements. One of Tyra's prized possessions is her Lexus SC430.

Although Tyra has a massive car collection, her Lexus SC430 is a standout, and she enjoys driving it often.

This sports car comes with a hard top that folds on its own with a push of a button. It also comes with a top-of-the-line Lexus navigation system for the supermodel's road-trip escapades.

13 Karlie Kloss

Via: youtube.com

Looks like the Range Rover is a favorite of supermodels among cars. Another top-earning supermodel of today who just learned how to drive and later on heated her back in this car is Karlie Kloss. Of course, the Range Rover is popular because it's huge, because it's reliable for any type of terrain driving, it's a very comfortable car to be in, and it promises a sensational drive every time.

For a supermodel like Karlie, she deserves nothing less than the Range Rover. She can go rough on it, and it'll still deliver. In case she wants to go super classy, she can still bring this car, although we feel she has other cars in her collection that will be perfect for a night around town.

12 Adriana Lima

Via: luxify.com

Another Victoria's Secret Angel who's into sexy cars is Adriana Lima. This Angel drives around a hot Porsche Panamera, which is both fast and pretty. The Porsche Panamera exudes a luxurious design with an eye-catching exterior and a lavish interior that truly suits Adriana. When you're a top model, you deserve nothing but the best in cars, and we all know that Porsche can deliver that kind of thing.

Adriana's Porsche is a beacon of glamour. It truly is an envy of many, and it makes heads turn towards her when she's driving it as if she were sashaying on the runway.

Though luxurious, the Porsche Panamera carries an eco-friendly engine that's fuel efficient. Therefore, even if the car costs a lot, it won't break the bank even if Adriana drives it every day to any fashion show.

11 Gigi Hadid

Via: carprousa.com

One of the most sought-after supermodels of today, Gigi Hadid is in almost every magazine and fashion show you can think of. The supermodel struts her beauty driving around different luxury cars. She also has professed strong feelings for classic cars that she takes for a spin every now and then.

One of her favorite cars is her blue BMW M2 Coupe. Gigi can be often seen around the city driving this sports coupe, possibly because it's reliable and easy to drive.

Even when going to parties or afterparties, Gigi has been spotted a lot of times in this blue BMW. Well, you can't blame her, as it looks truly stunning yet sporty at the same time.

10 Kim Kardashian

Via: topspeed.com

Even before Kim Kardashian was married to rapper Kanye West, she'd already made a name of her own in the modeling world. Then, she shifted to making herself popular in social media. Hence, with endorsements left and right, you just know that Kim is making a lot of cash that she can spend on almost anything she likes—including some of the most expensive cars in the world.

One of her most popular rides is her Range Rover. We all know that this car brand is trusted for its reliability even when driving it on the toughest of road conditions. Also, with a growing family, a spacious car such as this can make up for a comfortable ride even when her family has to do long-distance driving. Kim really knows how to wow with her luxurious car collection!

9 Kate Moss

Via: mirror.uk

For over 20 years now, Kate Moss has been on the top of the supermodel world. The fashion icon has been in countless fashion shows and numerous magazine covers since she was 14. She's been in the spotlight ever since, and we all know that since she started at a young age, she probably has saved a fortune from all her modeling stints. Now a mother but still busy in the fashion world, Kate knows that she deserves a car she can rely on.

Kate is known to drive a Land Rover Range Rover Sport because of its unmatched safety and huge cabin room fit for a mom.

Since it's roomy, it provides a comfortable driving and riding space for her family. Moreover, since it's a Land Rover, you can expect it to give a smooth driving experience every day. Driving it to work or to do mommy errands is easy and convenient.

8 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Via: www.networthq.com

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Audi Q7 might not be the most expensive luxury car in the lot, but it ranks very high when it comes to form and function. Apparently, the hot supermodel chooses to get a practical ride without sacrificing the appearance of the car. Moreover, Rosie really proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a car that commands attention while proving to be reliable on the road.

The Audi Q7 is the automaker's first SUV. The car was first launched in 2005, and it's been popular with car enthusiasts since then.

At first look, the car may seem like just any regular SUV, but upon closer inspection, the Audi Q7 boasts high-tech functions, such as Side Assist, which makes up for easier maneuvering when driving.

7 Jasmine Tookes

Via: pinterest.com

Jasmine Tookes became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2015. She first walked the Victoria's Secret Runway in 2012. It took her three years to earn supermodel status, but the wait was probably worth it. In 2016, Jasmine earned the right to wear the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra in a fashion show. The $3-million bra has allowed her to make a mark on the runway, and it made her more popular than she already was. Later on, she also landed many gigs, and one of these is becoming, along with her boyfriend Tobias Sorensen, the face of Calvin Klein.

Jasmine was born and bred in California, which is where she enjoys staying most of the time and driving around in her awesome top-down sports car.

6 Taylor Hill

Via: frankupdates.com

At 21, Taylor Hill is one of the youngest supermodels out there. She's known as the "girl next door from Colorado" who became a cover girl for Vogue at a young age. She also represented Topshop's AW16 campaign in 2016, which drastically increased her fanbase, especially on social media. In 2014, Taylor walked on the Victoria's Secret runway for the first time. Then, in 2015. she became one of Victoria's Secret angels. Now, Taylor is one of the richest supermodels out there.

With her massive earnings, rumor has it that Taylor bought herself a custom Black Edition Range Rover Evoque.

The massive car has a price tag of about $70,000. Apparently, the Range Rover is her own birthday gift. Well, it was well deserved!

5 Isabeli Fontana

via pinterest

Isabeli Fontana really knows how to show off her supermodel achievements. When she got the Lamborghini Gallardo, she knew that this was a symbol of luxury, style, and sophistication. And this aided her in her career, as this sports car was what the rich and famous used to show off their achievements in a four-wheel configuration.

Apparently, the Lamborghini Gallardo is the carmaker's best-selling variant. Isabeli made sure that she was able to get her hands on one, which sent the signal that she was one of the chosen few who were able to drive this around.

Under the hood, this sports car commands power, thanks to its roaring V12 engine. It's really fast, flashy, and furious.

4 Lily Aldridge

Via: instagram.com

Lily Aldridge is a Victoria's Secret Model who earned her wings in 2010. She first walked on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a year before that. Aside from being a Victoria's Secret Angel, Lily often graces the cover of print media such as Sports Illustrated. One of her most iconic covers on Sports Illustrated was for the magazine's 50th anniversary. She modeled with Chrissy Teigen and Nina Agdal.

As a supermodel, Lily knows that she deserves nothing but the best, even on cars.

One of her sweetest rides is from luxury brand Mercedes-Benz.

She even posted about this car on her Instagram. The car was from 2015, but still, luxury lasts a long time, so we bet she's still driving in this from time to time.

3 Gisele Bündchen

via popsugar

One of the most adored supermodels in the world, Gisele Bündchen is also known to be one of the top-earning supermodels. With her huge paycheck, she spends it in style, especially when she got herself a Rolls-Royce Ghost, one of the most lavish cars on the market. The Brazilian beauty drives in this British legendary car that only the rich and famous can afford.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost may be a step behind the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but it's still one of the most epic cars out there.

Just like the supermodel, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is exquisite. Its interior is delicately made with details so personal and intimate. Aside from the looks, the car gives one amazing driving experience perfect for a supermodel like Gisele.

2 Miranda Kerr

Via: moejackson.com

Miranda Kerr is the hot model from down under. When in the big city, she drives around her luxurious Jaguar XJL. This beautiful sedan is the ultimate symbol of glitz and glamour in the supermodel world. We bet she looks stunning when driving in this car. Moreover, she'd look even more rad if she drove around with her babe, Orlando Bloom.

Miranda's car is stylish in its own right. This Jaguar XJL has an automatic sunroof when she wants to bask under the sun while on the road. The car was fully customized according to Miranda's liking, and it includes high-end Nappa leather for the car's interior. It also has a one-of-a-kind piano black wood trim to make the car truly stand out.

1 Gal Gadot

Via: autoevolution.com

Gal Gadot isn't Wonder Woman for nothing. The Israeli supermodel turned actress loves her cars fast, and she loves them to make a statement. One of her most beloved rides is the Jaguar F-Type. We all know that Jaguar is a classic car brand known for its luxurious fleet that offers speed and agility. Hence, we believe that Gal and her Jaguar are a match made in heaven.

It wasn't enough that Wonder Woman got a fast car—she got it in bright red. Therefore, you can be sure that people will take more than a second look when she's seen driving this car. It's just a perfect car for such an amazing woman.

Sources: complex.com; luxify.com

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