15 Surprising Facts About Keanu Reeves' ARCH Motorcycle Company

Join us as we take a deeper look into ARCH Motorcycle and find out what Keanu Reeves wants fans to know.

Love him or hate him, not everyone can match the popularity of Keanu Reeves, the uber-mega actor of such blockbuster films such as The Matrix, John Wick and over fifty other film and TV projects. We know this, and we are OK with it. Keanu is unique. If Reeves’ acting chops are anything to be considered, then sometimes being unique is a really big deal. You’d think someone as successful as himself would be satisfied, but that wouldn’t be true. Keanu has an even more powerful passion involving motorcycles. Currently, that passion is being put to excellent use with his interest in building and driving them.

Take ARCH Motorcycle for instance. The company, half-owned by Reeves, the other half by Gard Hollinger, takes a very unique approach to make sure its motorcycles are something to be remembered. The motorcycles have been described as part pieces of art, part fantasy transportation, as well as an act of pure love. Keanu Reeves ultimately wants its buyers, as well as its growing fanbase,  to know a thing (or 15) about the driving force and inspiration behind its wildly popular machines. Join us as we take a deeper look into ARCH Motorcycle and find out what Keanu Reeves wants fans to know.

15 It’s For “The One” - ARCH Motorcycles Caters To A Different Type of Customer

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Not everyone is easy to cater to. Some people want more. Someone who custom orders a Bugatti or a Rolls-Royce, would most likely not be seen purchasing something so bottom-of-the-barrel as say, a Chevy Camaro for instance. Likewise, motorcycle riders, or should we say serious motorcycle riders, are a demanding group. Their machine has to make a certain sound, it has to have a certain look and feel, and yet, it needs to serve a certain purpose. Reeves and fellow co-owner Gard Hollinger get that reasoning, which is why they formed ARCH Motorcycle. The bike-building experience is something their customers will not forget anytime soon.

14 Being Obsessed Is Healthy - Keanu Is Insanely Serious About His Motorcycles

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It’s fair to say that Keanu Reeves is obsessed with everything motorcycle. Ever since learning to ride one, Reeves has been an avid collector of them. He’s owned all types of bikes and maintains a rather massive collection, from a 1973 Norton Commando 850 MKA2, several Suzuki bikes to a 1084 Harley-Davidson Shovel-Head and many others. Naturally he owns the 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition (used in the movie) according to Boss Hunting, and of course, ARCH motorcycles. When talking about riding motorcycles, CNBC mentions that Reeves says “You’re completely present, and you disappear. Yet you are fully there.”

13 Where’s My Bike - Keanu Gets Ripped Off

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Bad things happen to everyone, even if your name happens to be Keanu. After learning to ride motorcycles while making a film in Germany, Reeves decided it’d be cool to own one while he was there so he could keep practicing his riding skills.

Motor 1 reports that Keanu purchased a Kawasaki KLR600 while overseas, but that the bike was stolen shortly afterward. Sometimes that just the way things go. Luckily, it didn’t take away his love of motorcycles. The obsession had started like wildfire and Reeves couldn’t wait to get back to Los Angeles to purchase another one.

12 What’s In A Name - The Matrix Star Builds His Bikes, Not Just Simply Brands Them

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We’re sure it would have been easier for Keanu to simply go out and buy some motorcycle shop for cheap and still sell wildly popular bikes with his name attached to them. But what fun would that be? It’s an absolute fact that Keanu has earned more than enough in his acting career to never have to think about making money ever again. Reeves has stated in many articles that he wanted to leave a legacy, something that real motorcycle collectors actually wanted to have. It certainly stands to reason that someone as bike crazy as Keanu would give his all to make that concept a reality.

11 Sweet Dreams - ARCH Motorcycle Designs Are Dreamed up (Literally)

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The three models of ARCH motorcycle were dreamed up and designed by Keanu and Gard. Admittedly, the KRGT-1 was heavily inspired by Keanu’s heavily customized Harley-Davidson. It takes a motorcycle freak to build a bike with a lot of freakiness to it.

During an interview with Robb Report, Reeves has mentioned in several publications that the initial design of his bikes come from his imagination and what he wants a motorcycle to be. Reeves says his company doesn’t necessarily take the easiest route, but that the end result is worth it.

10 Buy While Supplies Last - ARCH Motorcycles Are Not Mass Produced

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Don’t even think for a second that you’ll be able to walk into the ARCH motorcycle dealership and ride away with a new bike in an hour or so. These bikes are not the cookie-cutter type you see in some dealerships. And Keanu and Gard want it that way. They believe in quality over quantity.

ARCH builds only between 50-100 bikes a year says The Things in a recent interview with the company. That’s the way the company prefers it, giving each and every one of their creations plenty of attention to detail. It’s the true mark of a company that cares about what they put out.

9 Everything Has A Price - Better Pony Up The Bucks If You Want One

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OK, let’s just put this out there and get it over with: you’ll need at least $78,000 minimum to take home an ARCH motorcycle. Seriously. Yes, these bikes are expensive. Keanu knows it, Gard knows it too, so you might as well accept that fact and get over it. Sure, some might have the skills and knowledge required to build their own bike for far cheaper, and that’s great. But creating a dream takes more than talent.

People who buy the most expensive cars in the world understand, much like the buyers of ARCH motorcycles, that it’s all about the experience and completing a personal journey that a lot of people give up on. What would the average person give to achieve their dream?

8 Check The Oil - What’s Under The Hood Of An ARCH Motorcycle?

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The KRGT-1 and 1s use custom-designed ARCH/SS 124ci V-Twin engines mated to six-speed transmissions. The setups are tailored for each model, and the rider will notice an immediate difference between them. The all-powerful Method 143 uses a specially tuned 143 cubic inch engine with a six-speed transmission. Since all the motorcycles are custom made and rely heavily on carbon fiber and aluminum, there’s a lot of room for individuality between them. The 1s has a shorter wheelbase than the other models, giving a sportier ride. The KRGT-1 is the true cruiser of the group while Method 143 is in a world of performance and luxury all its own, an aerodynamic masterpiece.

7 Third Time’s The Charm - The 3 ARCH Motorcycle Models

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There are three ARCH models: the original KRGT-1, joined by the 1s and the absolutely stunning Method 143. The KRGT-1 is considered to be a “Performance Cruiser”, a blend of cruiser bike that happens to be very comfortable but offers plenty of power when needed. The 1s is more of a cruiser with street sport capabilities. Method 143 is the most unique motorcycle offered by ARCH or any other bike manufacturer in recent memory. It’s a fully functional, very powerful “concept” bike. Only 23 examples will be created worldwide. It looks like a cross between a Flash Gordon-style spaceship and a Star Wars land cruiser. Stunning.

6 It’s In the Details - The Goodies You Get When Buying An ARCH Motorcycle

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Let’s face it, there’s no use in buying something really expensive and not getting any goodies, am I right? Why does anyone think all those celebrities show up to those ultra-posh events like the MET Gala Show in the first place? When you purchase an ARCH Motorcycle, besides belonging to an ultra-exclusive club, you’ll receive a fantastic ARCH Owner’s Case.

ARCH Motorcycle’s website says that each case is unique and personalized. Created from billet aluminum, the case contains a master key, personalized ID plate with the owner’s name as well as the date of manufacture and order number of the dream bike. Owners also receive personal invites to club events, etc.

5 More Than Skin Deep - Art Can Be Functional

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It’s easy to say that a piece of art is beautiful. It’s another thing to say that a piece of art is actually functional as well. Keanu wanted to make sure the company’s bikes were of course not only beautiful but highly useful machines at the same time. So far, the formula has worked.

The Los Angeles Times describes one model, the KRGT-1 as “a hand-crafted, 538-pound piece of motorcycle art.” One that happens to go at least 138 miles per hour. It takes an immense amount of effort to balance form and function. Much like any Rolls-Royce you see on the road, ARCH Motorcycle seems to have found the right balance in crafting their motorcycles.

4 Giving Back - Special Promotions For Charity

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When you are featured in the annual gift guide of the Neiman Marcus catalog guide, you better be prepared to bring it. Money that is. Keanu, Gard and ARCH Motorcycle featured in the famous guide’s 2015 edition, offering a two-day riding trip with Keanu and Gard along the California coast, plus your own custom made ARCH bike of course.

The lucky buyer was also allowed to bring along a guest. The package was created as part of a charity drive where Neiman Marcus donated $5000 to the buyer’s favorite charity. The cost? $150,000. The experience of a lifetime? Priceless.

3 Money Isn’t Everything - Keanu Sponsors Young Riders

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As a co-owner of ARCH Motorcycle, Keanu makes sure that along with all of his other philanthropic efforts, that other aspiring motorcycle riders get to share some of the love. In 2017, Damian Jigalov, who at 13 was already a well-seasoned motorcycle racer, was sponsored by ARCH Motorcycle at the Italian CIV Championship. Competing in any type of racing can get expensive pretty quickly, but ARCH Motorcycle was there to help support Damian and his family as he pursued his racing dream. According to Road Racing World, Keanu and Gard are heavily involved in the motorcycling community and are always out at different events, showing their support.

2 Not A Natural Born Rider - Keanu Learned To Ride Later In Life

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Learning to ride motorcycles at the age of 22 can’t be the easiest thing to do. That’s when Keanu learned it. He was filming in Munich, Germany when he saw a certain young lady riding around the studio on an Enduro motorbike.

According to the Cheat Sheet, Keanu asked the woman to teach him how to ride. The woman used to let Keanu ride her bike around between breaks and Keanu fell in love with riding them. He bought his own as soon as he got back to the States. According to Reeves, he’s been in a few motorcycle accidents and gotten his share of tickets, but it hasn’t stopped his love of riding them.

1 A Most Excellent Adventure - What Motorcycles Mean To Keanu

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Being a true motorcycle person means a lot of things to a lot of people. There’s a CNBC article that quotes Keanu talking about riding motorcycles. He says, “For me, riding is a kind of freedom. Just the sound, the feeling of it.”. When’s the last time anyone’s ever heard another bike rider say something like that? If you ride as much as Keanu does, you might feel the same way. As far as ARCH motorcycles, Reeves stated to Vanity Fair and Robb Report that “It’s a production bike, but it’s your bike.” Since they are all custom made, “no one else is going to have your bike.”

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