16 Illegal Things People Did To Their Motorcycles

Owning a motorbike allows the rider to explore the roads at blistering speeds and circumvent the traffic. Riding a bike allows you to reach incredible speeds in seconds while maintaining fuel efficiency. Owning a motorbike bestows you with masculinity and shows the world that you're a daredevil that's not afraid to bend the rules. While I'm not a motorbike lover, I can understand the thrill that riders get from handling a big machine between their legs. Let's be honest—owning a bike isn't detrimental to your dating life. If anything, owning a bike can boost your chances of meeting a woman who's as adventurous as you. While the standard design of most bikes will appease the ordinary individual, certain individuals don't stand for the norm.

Those people go out of the way to create something eccentric and out of the ordinary. The problem with those people's efforts is that the results are sometimes catastrophic. To expose the madness of some bike owners' recreation, we've compiled a list of the most unconventional motorbikes that owners have put on the road. The owners of the bikes featured on our list have taken the standard design of a bike and turned it into an atrocity. Some of the bikes, we feel sorry for, while others make us roll on the floor from laughter.

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16 Hands Up

via Navalwiki

Some people, you cannot satisfy, no matter how hard you try. The standard design of having the handlebars by the fuel tank was too conventional for this owner, so he decided to make the ride more interesting. After the owner transformed the bike, most would find the journey unpleasant, as they have to stretch their arms to ride a machine that's inherently difficult to operate. The owner of this bike disagrees and is happy with his invention. It seems that this rider likes to get an arm workout while riding his bike.

15 Spoiler Alert

via Pinterest

We found another race junky that's unsatisfied with the speed that a motorbike delivers. To get the optimal performance out of the bike, the owner decided to install a spoiler. We feel that a spoiler looks good only on a Lamborghini Huracan, but this bike's owner disagrees.

He further modified the engine and installed several pipes and exhausts.

He moved the back seat and placed it beside the rider's seat and added an extra tire. Although the bike may have a stronger engine after the modification, it has a heavier frame that will slow it down.

14 Undecided

via Reddit

The biggest reason that most car owners buy a bike is to have variety in their modes of transport. Some are tired of the shape of a car and its inability to reach high speeds, so they opt for a motorbike. That's understandable. But what doesn't make sense is to combine the front of a motorbike with the rear of a car. By doing that, riders or drivers don't have the pleasure of traveling at blistering speeds or the luxury and safety that cars confer. Mixing and matching is a bad idea in most instances and applies in this instance.

13 Bigger Is Better

via Reddit

While bigger may be better and more is merrier, that's not always the case. Sometimes, leaving things as you found it tends to yield a more favorable result. The owner of this bike thought that replacing the rear tire would give him extra attention. He was right, as onlookers gawked at the atrocity he created. Not only does the bike look hideous, but he's also added an unnecessary expense. The rear is fitted with two big tires that look out of place. We feel the modification was unnecessary and ruinous, but who are we to judge?

12 Making A Point

via Bikeweb

Riding at blistering speeds requires that you avoid as much of the wind as possible to reach optimal speed. Not only did the rider of this bike adjust the windshield; he also decided to recreate the front of the bike. He attempted to take advantage of the wind and transform the front of his bike to have a point, thereby allowing the bike to circumvent the wind and not let the frame of the bike absorb it. The idea was clever, but the result is that the front of a bike looks like a rocket, and it doesn't make sense.

11 Motorplane

via Aprilia Forum

Some people are uncertain about what it is that they want. The owner of this bike is a lover of planes and motorbikes. So, he decided to combine the vehicles from both his passions.

The result is that he has a fuel tank that looks like the front of an airplane.

To make matters worse, he decided to change the rims by fitting a big star in his wheels as a symbol of his rock status. We understand that everybody has dreams, but combining your separate dreams into one may lead to a creation that'll make everyone, including the owner, confused.

10 Alice In Wonderland

via BBC

Living in the countryside has its perks. You avoid the bustle of the city and don't have to tolerate traffic. The other perk is that you can hide from most of society. That's necessary when you've transformed a well-designed machine to look like a vehicle that Alice would ride in Wonderland. The sad part of this story is that the owner didn't just transform the bike but felt the need to get a matching riding outfit. The bike looks ridiculous, and so does the rider. The bike must be slow since the rider wrote "patience" on the fuel tank to warn the horse-cart farmers.

9 Harley Davidson

via HD Forums

The whole point of riding a Harley Davidson is to show the road users how macho you are by handling such a majestic machine between your legs.

Most Harley Davidson riders are proud to take the inherent risk of riding the motorbike to receive the status and respect of onlookers.

When you attach an extra set of tires as support for the bike, you expunge the masculinity that Harley Davidson is known for conferring to its riders. If you want the Harley without the muscle, then you should do what this bike owner did.

8 More Speed

via Jalopnik

Most bikes are extremely fast. A superbike can reach 60 mph from a standing position in just over 2 seconds. That's enough power and speed to satisfy most adrenaline junkies. Some riders feel that 2 seconds is too long and have modified their bikes to reach unprecedented speeds. The owner of this bike decided to add two huge exhausts and all kinds of electronics and to remove the back seat to make the bike compete with a rocket ship. We commend the effort, but the end product looks disastrous. Some things are best left alone, and a bike is fast enough without alterations.

7 Monkey Business

via Reddit

"The stranger, the better" seems to be the philosophy that some bike owners follow. They feel that they should use the bike as a tool to express their creativity. The only problem with that is the end product sometimes looks like a joke, which is the case with this bike.

After the owner completed the project, he got a bike that looks like there's a monkey sitting on his fuel tank.

To make the bike look uglier than it already did, the owner decided to paint it in lime green and brown. That was the nail in the coffin of this monkey business.

6 Huntigator

via Skinindustry.info

You would think that riding a bike is sufficient in terms of the masculinity that bike owners need. Nothing could be stranger or further from the truth for some bike owners. The rider of this machine wanted to convey his hunter personality to the world and transform the bike into an alligator. If he was going for the scary look, it worked—but not in a good way. The bike looks so bad that nobody would want to go near it, although the owner looks chuffed with his creation. Maybe the alligator will give him the masculinity that the bike couldn't provide.

5 Furry

via XR 1200 Owners Group

The winter brings cold periods that most of us cannot handle. We wear more clothing and stay indoors to prevent illnesses.

Some biker owners feel bad for the bikes during the winter and decide to cover the vehicle in a furry outfit to keep the engine warm.

While preserving the value of your vehicle is commendable, the effort may lead to an unconventional design. The furry outfit doesn't suit the vehicle, and the color is hideous. The good thing about the modification is that you can strip the outfit when selling the bike.

4 Back To The Future

via XR 1200 Owners Group

Owners of vehicles are always looking for ways to make their possessions look futuristic. The owner of this bike took it too far when he decided to cover the entire bike with a silver plate. He could've done it to protect the mechanical parts, but the end product looks terrible. The bike looks like a flying saucer that would fit into an episode of Star Trek. The best thing when it comes to this bike is that it doesn't have a passenger seat. After all, who would want to get on such a bike and be ridiculed by bystanders?

3 Carnival

via XR 1200 Owners Group

With some bikes, it makes sense to ride them only on certain occasions. The owner of this vehicle went beyond the regular modifications of a bike and created a monster. The result is a bike that should be ridden during a parade where equally eccentric people show off their unusual behavior. The backseat has horns, and the seats are covered in fur. The bike has so many gadgets that we lost count and stopped wondering after the second gadget why the owner would do this to his precious ride. The best use we could think of for this vehicle is for the owner to donate it to a museum.

2 Green With Envy

via Youtube

Wrapping a vehicle can add tremendous value to its aesthetics. After all, that's the whole point of wrapping a vehicle. The owners of the bikes featured on our list weren't listed for that reason, though. And here, we have a product that would not make anyone green—but certainly not with envy. The bike looked bad before the wrapping; then, the owner decided to make it look worse by wrapping the fuel tank and the back in a green color. This is one of the ugliest bikes we've seen, and we wonder how he decided on the atrocious color.

1 Monster Bike

via Pediski.site

It seems that in the redneck community, they like to have monster trucks and bikes. The owner of this bike decided to fit a tractor tire on a motorbike. We don't understand the modification, and we didn't bother wrecking our brains trying to figure out the reason. The whole point of a bike is to ride at a fast speed, but that's not possible with this bike. I found it difficult to believe that it's easy to maneuver the bike on the road. Some people are adamant about making life more difficult than it is already.

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