16 Pictures Of Drivers Who Got Stuck In Mud

Mud isn't exactly a very formidable obstacle for cars, not in the vast majority of cases. It's usually just an inconvenience because it gets all over everything—the doors, the side panels, the undercarriage—and it stays there forever. If we track it into our cars, it's even worse because then it gets ground into the carpet and will never come out. For a lot of cars, especially off-roaders and SUVs, mud is kind of their element. There's even a special community of people who modify their trucks—and yes, cars—to be able to power through insanely deep mud pits. It seems like a terrible mess but also an awful lot of fun.

Knowing the difference between a car that can get through a thick spot of mud, and a car that can't is a pretty easy task. It's just a matter of understanding how the car drives, its clearance, tires, and of course, reading the mud, at least a little bit. If you're unsure of whether or not your car can handle an area of mud, you're more than likely pretty far from where your car should be, and you should probably play it safe by turning around. Not everyone understands that, though, or the concept that certain cars just can't go certain places. Sometimes, that ends up in cars being stuck in mud mere feet from being able to get out, or it ends in cars being totally stranded. Here's a look at 16 pictures of female drivers who got stuck in mud.

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16 Red Hair And Red Mud

via carstuckgirls.com

No matter how much you like red, red mud is probably not your friend, especially when you're driving a very shiny, very new, bright-yellow Camaro. This female driver mustn't have known that because she drove right into a huge pit of deep mud—so deep, in fact, that large chunks of mud are spinning on top of her tires. And again with the foot! Apparently, it's just human nature to immediately dangle your feet out from an immovable car. I'm sure it was quite the job to eventually unearth this vehicle from the mud. We can only hope it actually came clean.

15 Not Prepared For A Lake

via carstuckgirls.com

How does someone accidentally drive directly into a marsh? The whole thing about marshes is that they're mostly water, plants, and dirt. And when you mix those three things, you get wet and sticky mud. Lots of it. So, it's generally not a very good idea to pull your car right up to the edge of a pond when you're already (questionably) driving on marsh grass and mud unless you like getting stuck and having to call someone to rescue you. But hey, at least she avoided having to personally swim through mud to escape.

14 Pushing Isn't Helping

via carstuckgirls.com

This Mustang is super stuck, and these two women are super dedicated to setting it free. Despite their best effort, this car probably won't be going anywhere... which isn't really surprising, considering how much mud the tires are spinning through. If you ask me, it takes an amazing amount of ignorance to drive into such an obvious puddle of mud. On the bright side, this photo is also a friendly reminder that responsibility calls at all times, even when you may not be properly dressed for it and lose your shoes in the process. They'll be late to their party.

13 Mud Splattered All The Way Up To The Roof

via carstuckgirls.com

This is quite the messy place to get stuck, but I honestly can't say that I blame her for it. After all, having a Jeep can deceive you into driving through all sorts of crazy things, including very, very deep mud. This huge wasteland of mud is enough to get almost any car stuck. That being said, I'm not sure what she thinks she's doing stepping out of the car. I highly doubt that getting yourself stuck in mud (along with your vehicle) can help in any scenario. Let's just say she liked where she was going but didn't like where she ended up.

12 Sports Cars And Mud Don't Mix

via carstuckgirls.com

These girls have absolutely no hope of getting out of this predicament. The mud isn't very deep, and the slope isn't very steep, but it's just enough to let the low front bumper dig into the mud, getting the car stuck even further. And those low-profile tires might as well be banana peels when it comes to grip. The saddest part is that I would wager almost any car besides a sports car—yes, even a sedan with all-season tires—could probably get out of this predicament, albeit with a bit of work and mudslinging.

11 A Rear-Wheel-Drive Hatchback?

via pantip.com

This must be some kind of BMW or something similar because most hatchbacks these days don't come standard with rear-wheel drive. It's kind of a shame, too, because if this station wagon had front-wheel drive, she might be able to swing her front end back around and out onto something with a bit more traction. Then again, she may be completely stranded in a vast area of thick, slippery mud, and she may be out of luck no matter what drive her car has, front- or rear-wheel drive. Props to her, though, because this car is a manual, and that's pretty cool.

10 Talk About A Bad Day

via theferkel.co.uk

Talk about having a bad day... Getting stuck in something like this would ruin anyone's day, and it's clear this girl isn't having any amount of fun trying to get her Jeep out of this surprisingly deep mud hole. Maybe she was driving just fine through a smaller amount of mud-laden road and came upon this deep spot completely by accident, without her knowing because it didn't look any different. That kind of thing happens all the time, and it's clear this girl, standing knee deep in the mud because her car is hopeless, has given up.

9 Way Too Deep

via theferkel.co.uk

I'm pretty surprised that this little Golf has gotten as far as it has on this muddy road because by the looks of it, it's been deep, wet, and slippery for a long time. A tiny hatchback doesn't have much hope of getting through any significant amount of mud, but it does fare better than slick, low-down, low-profile-tired sports cars. And if any sports car was on this road, it wouldn't have fared nearly as well. But since it's only a sub-compact, it can only do so much. At least she has someone helping her out.

8 The Wetter, The Worse

via onlybmw.vn

This is some seriously saturated mud, and the more water there is, the sloppier, messier, and less grippy it gets. This little beamer hatchback has no hope of breaking free, not with the state of the mud it's in. And she's got no hope of getting out of that mess without also getting out of the car. And it looks like she, with heels on, is on her way to work. So, she'll be coming into work caked in mud. Or calling in sick. That's what I'd do: call in sick and then go all out and start playing in the mud.

7 How'd They Get So Far Off The Road?

via carstuckgirls.com

It's pretty comical to see the perfectly dry road right there behind the car, within five feet of where they're completely stuck. That silly silver sports car has absolutely no hope of driving in a straight line in that mud, let alone powering up that steep incline back to the road. Even though the road is so close, it might as well be a million miles away with how stuck this silver convertible is. They'll definitely be calling a tow truck. And unless those girls have super strength, there's no way pushing is helping anything.

6 At Least She Brought Her Mud Boots

via hubnut.org

This is some icky, sticky black thick mud. I don't know where this road could possibly lead to that this girl felt compelled to drive down it at all because even if she had a 4x4 off-roader, it'd still be a nightmare to get all that black stuff off of your car after you drive down it. Yet, it looks like she's driving some kind of old vintage Fiat or something, and I can't figure out why she'd need to do that in this car. Just take the long way. Or don't go. It obviously won't be working out.

5 A Lake Bed Of Mud

via carstuckgirls.com

I don't know if this is some kind of riverbed or lakebed, but neither of those options can explain why this girl is out in the middle of it in her convertible sports car. Did she get lost? Did she really think it was the road? Maybe she was using GPS and wasn't paying attention when it clearly routed her in the very wrong direction. You'd think common sense would kick in at some point well before this happened. At least she's calling for help, it looks like, so she can get a tow out of there.

4 Wrong Place For A Beetle

via carstuckgirls.com

It's obviously not the wrong place for all the beetles that live in the forest around the muddy track this girl is very, very stuck in, but it's definitely the wrong place for that cute pink convertible retro treasure of a car. This kind of car deserves to be driving down a coastal highway somewhere in the summer and with the top down and blasting music as the driver drinks a glass bottle of cola. Not this. This is just a tragedy—for the car and for the girl. I can't believe she got as far as she did, honestly. It'll be a nightmare to get this car out.

3 Jeeps Can't Go Everywhere

via carstuckgirls.com

Looking at the landscape all around this Jeep Wrangler, I'd wager to say that it could drive through it easily as if it were a regular road. The plants in front, the hill in the back, the ridgeline, even the trees in the background—I'm sure this Jeep could handle it. Yet, these girls managed to drive it straight into the only spot of thick sludge in the picture. It's not even big enough of a spot to get the back tires in deep. Just the front—and it's just steep enough to get them really really stuck. Nice.

2 The Camaro Was A Bad Choice

via imgur.com

Road conditions are always variable, and you can't always count on things being ideal or even passable. Sometimes, we have to drive when we're really not comfortable with the conditions—because we have to. This is not a case of that, though, because if you were planning on driving down a road like this one, with thick red mud everywhere, you should plan on leaving the Camaro at home. Use your other car or just find a different way—a way that involves pavement, not mud. I don't think pushing is going to help this car very much, that mud is deep.

1 She May Not Actually Be Stuck

via fiveprime.com

It sure looks like she's stuck—or about to be very stuck. But then again, her face shows no signs of fear or worry, and her arm is just casually set on the window as if she didn't have a care in the world, as if her car wasn't buried in two feet of mud. It looks like her truck is pretty modded out, too, or at the least well used, so she's experienced enough to know what she's doing, at least. Her front tires look worryingly stationary, though, especially in relation to her back tires spinning, so she may actually be stuck.

Sources: carstuckgirls.com, theferkel.co.uk, hubnut.org

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